Not long enough

Isn’t it nice when a good writing team can come in and rectify omissions from seven years ago? It was very gratifying to me to hear Kayla chewing Ava out by telling her everything Ava did her last run. Kayla’s point of view, and justifiable anger, was something we got far too little of last time, when it was all about poor widdle Ava. Some good lines:

“It’s been a long time.” “Not long enough.”

“Hate isn’t a strong enough word.”

“My name is Kayla Johnson. You killed my father. Prepare to die.”

Okay, maybe not that last one. Close, though!


Anyway, it all served as a nice refresher for those who forgot about, or never saw, Ava’s first run. Nicely done, Days!

I wonder, though, if it would have been better for the show not to tip its hand that Ava is evil. She told Joey she wanted to help Steve and Kayla to make up for what she did in the past. She told Kayla today she was dying and consequently trying to make amends. What if that’s all we saw, and we didn’t see any of those mirror scenes, the makeup, the secret smiles to the camera? We’d probably all assume she was up to no good, but it might have been interesting to introduce some doubt. After all, the character wasn’t particularly evil when we last saw her. Why not make us wonder a bit? Her collapse at the end of the show Friday could have been genuine. As it is, we know it’s all a big fake.

I liked Steve wandering around town interacting with different people. But is it paranoid to feel they just gave us Johnson family fans a big middle finger in that scene where Steve told Justin about his conversation with Adrienne? Why can’t we see them have even one scene?

I am surprised by how much I enjoyed the Eduardo and John scenes, and this latest iteration of John’s past.


The show is actually working in details from the past (Forrest Alamain, Petrov, John as a pawn/assassin), and the cleverness of it all is making me a bit giddy. I love the idea that Eduardo and John were both orphans, both plucked from the student body at Winterthorne and trained to be assassins. And that something happened in John’s case that led to them wiping out his memory and handing him over to Stefano. This is all great setup, and I look forward to seeing this story unfold.

Regarding this Chabby brainwashing plot, I might be able to get into it. Maybe. I’ll have to see how it plays out. But I would like to address one complaint I’ve seen on the boards — that all of this comes too closely on the heels of their last crisis. After everything they’ve just gone through, why can’t they be happy for awhile first? I agree with that in terms of viewer preference, but sometimes it’s more believable that something like this could break them up when they haven’t been together and solid for very long. I know Steve and Kayla are my reference for everything, but it was a smart (if painful) decision to have Steve and Kayla’s breakup over Jack happen after they had just gotten together, before Steve proposed, and after a separation (when Steve was in DC). If they had been happy and together for several months, it wouldn’t have worked (some people say it didn’t work anyway, though I disagree).

At any rate, what makes this story difficult to swallow is that it comes on the heels of a truly excellent story — soapy to be sure, but somehow more realistic and grounded, at least to me. Ben’s turn to the dark side and framing of Chad, Abby’s belief in Chad against the odds, her kidnapping and labor, Chad’s lone-wolf rescue — all of it was crazy, soapy, and dramatic, but somehow it all worked. I am having a hard time suspending my disbelief that a single brainwashing session could turn Chad on Abby and towards Belle. Those are some powerful kittens.


All that being said, I kind of fully expect that Billy Flynn is going to sell me on this, along with Martha Madison and this snippy, bitchy version of Belle (I’ve seen lots of complaints about Belle’s newfound hard edge, but I love it!). I loved that she didn’t take any shit from him and snarked about the merits of his “case.” Of course, she’s going to end up taking it, and I look forward to more sparring like we saw on Friday. At the same time, it looks like Abby won’t be fooled for long, and it should be interesting to see her digging around in the Dimera’s business.



12 thoughts on “Not long enough

  1. I guess I can’t exactly complain since I have been saying that I at least wanted some indication that Steve and Adrienne had been in contact since his return but I agree it did feel a bit like the middle finger the way it played out.

    I finally caught up on watching the week even though I watched Thursday and Friday before I went back to catch up on the earlier part of the week. Overall it was a bit of a slow week considering the rate at which things had been happening but for the most part I am enjoying it.

    Like I said earlier, the hypnosis stuff is like the most basic form of psychological manipulation out there so I can’t really see it working very well…plus I am not sure Belle would fall for it. Her interactions with Phillip this week seemed to indicate she is smarter than she used to be. I will say that Phillip’s obsession with this drug paired by his shifty eyes and the fact that he seemed a little less than honest with Victor almost made me suspect that he could have been involved in what happened to Bo. It does make me curious about what he has been up to before returning to Salem and if he could have somehow been working to try to steal the drug from Victor? I found his scenes with Kate to just be weird. She almost came across as flirty with him and it seemed creepy. But as much as I hate to say it, I did see some chemistry between Phillip and Belle.

    I still find the new Ciara to be a bit annoying. The new Chase and new Theo are both much stronger actors and it just makes her scenes with them feel off. I keep hoping she will loosen up or I will just get used to it but so far it just isn’t happening.

    I think I am on board for the Rafe/Hope pairing but I really need it to come together slowly. I am still amazed that I love Rafe as much as I do now.

    I finally saw the Brady/Theresa scenes from earlier in the week and I still don’t really feel any spark there but there were a couple of sweet moments.

    I loved Kayla’s response to seeing Ava and I am glad Steve came home and saw her there. I think you are right about her and the writers probably shouldn’t have let us see her evil side yet but I still just dread the whole damn thing. If you are right and there is a child then I would assume that this means Steve was with her at some point after the divorce and I just REALLY do not want to go there.

    • They are definitely setting up Phillip as being unethical. It would be interesting to know if he heard about it or knew about it before. I don’t think he would be involved with the torture-Bo folks because it seems like anything he would want to know he could just ask Victor. But we’ll see.

      The child could also be older, from when Steve and Ava knew each other when Steve lost his memory. And the child was taken from her and she just found him/her recently. I don’t know, just speculating here! I’m trying to figure out what conflict she can bring. SN and MBE said the next few months will be a roller coaster so it’s got to be pretty big.

      I saw chemistry between Phillip and Belle too. I think I could get into them if they do it right. I just really don’t want more iterations of Shelle vs Phelle. It was just announced Chloe is coming back on a permanent basis, so they can throw her into the mix too.

  2. OMG, I don’t watch the show anymore but I always read your blog because you’re MaryPickford and I had to come in here and say Mary Beth Evans looks fantastic in that photograph.

  3. You have said everything so well lately, I haven’t had much to say. Just keep up the great work and have Merry “Stayla” Christmas and A Happy “SK” New Year!

  4. I don’t know how I feel about the brainwashing bit – I feel as others that it is such an easy lazy way to break them up. I will like it if Abby doesn’t believe it and tries to find out why he has changed. That could be interesting. Does anyone else think it was strange that Marlena who defended and believed in Chad all of a sudden would think he set her up to have her knocked out? Seemed a stretch thatvshe completely believed he would do that. I kind of think it would be a good idea if her and Abby worked together to figure out what is wrong with him. Or at least have Marlena as a sounding houses for Abby, she souls go to her and ask if anything happened at the last session and they could piece it together. Plus Marlena knows how much Chad lives Abby. I would like to still she her on his side. Since she was already working with him to recover his memories, and she obviously has experience with the brainwashing thing from John, would be nice to see her work with Abby to “save” Chad.

    I have no reference for Phillip and belle ore Shawn since I didn’t watch the show then.

    I did love Kayla telling Ava off, it helped me with the history I never saw and gave me some strong Kayla who would let people have it when she was mad. I think the writers are gonna do well by her.

    Shea / completely agree about Ciarra!

    • I’ve been hoping Ciara will grow on me. She did well in her emotional scenes with Bo. PR seemed to bring out the best in her! Unfortunately, he’s not here anymore.

      Marlena’s attitude towards Chad was of a piece with JJ badmouthing him and Jennifer seeming to disapprove when Abby was talking about being a family with Chad. They are clearly trying to set up everyone judging Chad, to put more pressure on Abby to give up on him. I am all for that, but it doesn’t make sense. He just saved Abby’s life, and her baby’s life! For Marlena, I can see her being suspicious. But for JJ and Jennifer? At least wait until he starts romancing Belle before saying he’s a “sleaze.” Grr. The setup to this story is annoying me.

  5. I agree with all of you about new Ciarra. She is not very strong actress and talks funny- like there is something wrong with her jaw. I am also not a fan of the actress playing Lani. I also have no reference for Belle and Phillip as I did not watch Days at all in the 2000’s, but I kind of like them so far.
    Kayla looked gorgeous in that blue dress. Simply stunning. I’m glad she is not falling for Ava’s sob story and I hope that continues. I was so stressed watching this episode because I was worried Ava would do something to Kayla and Steve was not there. I know I am crazy when I talk to the TV, but I still do it- I was telling Steve to forget about the damn Christmas tree and stop talking to Hope and GET HOME! I was relieved when he walked in the door. I truly hope they keep Kayla and Steve working together as a team during this story line. As we have discussed before those are the most successful stories to me. I am, however, very disappointed that we did not get to actually see Steve and Adrienne interact though I am glad they at least referenced it. I also would like to know more about the “threat” that caused Steve to leave Kayla in Africa. I am still not satisfied with the info we have heard.
    MP- LOVE your blog. Look forward to reading it after every episode!

    • LOL, my mom and I talk out loud to the TV when we watch together.

      I wanted Steve to get home too. It didn’t occur to me that Ava might attack Kayla, but I thought Ava might convince Kayla to meet her secretly, later, to treat her. I just really don’t want them keeping secrets from each other! Now, whatever happens next, they are at least on the same page. I agree with you I want them working together on this one. I love angst, but after getting back together so recently, let’s not get too angsty again right away. Probably wishful thinking, but hey.

      I was sure that the threat Steve referenced would become a part of this story, and so far it hasn’t. I agree I want to hear more about it.

  6. It does seem like it would be better drama not to let us in on Ava’s deception already. Her motives were all over the place in the last run, though, so I’m kind of glad that they’re setting up her villainy so clearly, if that’s the direction they’re taking her. I don’t think I would have enjoyed this week so much if it was Kayla coming off like a bitch to a “dying” woman.

    I really enjoyed the Steve and Justin scene — it added some energy to part of the canvas that’s been neglected. The Belle/Brady scenes were what made me a little sore this week about the lack of Steve/Adrienne, but my theory is that they downplayed it to make the loss of Steve’s “brother” Bo have maximum impact.

    • I hadn’t thought of that, that they wanted all the focus on the Bo/Steve relationship. But now that he’s gone, we can get our Adrienne/Steve scene, right? πŸ™‚

      You make a good point that it would undercut Kayla’s righteous anger if we didn’t know Ava was faking. And I certainly wouldn’t want that! Ava’s motivation was definitely all over the place last time. The whole “the drugs made me do it” was such an annoying cop-out. Dena sure likes those stories, since she did three of them – Nick, Hope, Ava. (This brainwashing thing with Chad is similar.) I see that Ava is taking some drugs herself this time, presumably to mimic illness. Let’s hope they don’t get trotted out as an excuse!

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