Primary colors

Steve and Kayla need to stop being so darn cute. I’m having trouble coming up with synonyms for “adorable.” Look at Kayla like a teenager excited for her date with the prom king:


And Steve’s dorky smile on the doorstep:


Won’t someone think of the bloggers?

I love the colors in these scenes. They really pop, as they say on HGTV. Kayla’s vivid blue dress, the red of the poinsettia, the green Christmas tree. (Of course, what would really complement the color scheme are some yellow roses. Hint, hint.)

Speaking of adorable, what about Steve’s snowman pin, complete with patch?



Of course, no soap couple is this happy unless everything is about to go to shit. Hello, Ava.

In other news, the scenes of brainwashed Chad were really, extremely dorky. But, I kind of loved them. It made me laugh to think of someone on the Days directing team assembling that stock footage. Explosions, fires, a beetle scuttling across the ground, lions fighting … all interspersed with pictures of Abby and the baby. And then, along with Belle:  blue skies, plates of spaghetti (hey, they are Italian!), cakes, and this:


Now that I know you can brainwash people with cat videos, the internet makes a lot more sense.


9 thoughts on “Primary colors

  1. I love Steve and Kayla’s house so much. If this had taken place a year ago, they probably would have had to fit the Christmas tree in their Salem Inn hotel room.

    I wasn’t watching the show when Ava was on before, but like a lot of others, I really liked TB as Carly on General Hospital. So far, the crazy mirror stuff isn’t doing much for me, so I’m looking forward to some actual dialogue with Kayla today.

    The kittens, just….I can’t even. Surely, it was intentionally be laugh out loud funny, right? I am all for some more Chabby angst, even when it’s this farcical. So far, Billy Flynn has had chemistry with everyone he’s worked with (maybe excepting Chrishelle Stause’s Jordan), so I’m ready to see him try to charm Belle. I’m also ready for Andre to take the Dimera evil reigns. Joe Mascolo was obviously reading cue cards yesterday. He’s brought so much to the show, but it’s time for a grand Stefano send-off.

    • I am willing to watch Chad try to charm Belle, and I think that part will be interesting. My attitude is always to look at the execution of a story, not so much the premise. Some pretty unbelievable things have led to some good stories if you can accept the premise.

      That said, the setup to this one is making me cringe.

  2. I love these happy times for Steve and Kayla (and the house is awesome).

    But with Chad’s brainwashing, Revenge!Hope, and Ava’s return, I feel like it’s deja vu with Higley. It’s like she decided to re-run her greatest “hits” (PawnJohn, Nighttime Hope, and Ava) because they were all so awesome the first time. I’m half expected a baby switch to show up except that nobody is actually pregnant at the moment.

    Luckily, we know that Dena’s “leave of absence” started sometime in the next couple of months, so hopefully not permanent damage is done in the time being. But I’m buckling myself in for a bumpy ride (and taking some anti-nausea medication, just in case). 🙂

    • Excellent point this is Dena’s greatest hits. Looking at all three together it definitely adds up to Dena across the board. And of course Ava herself is a recycle of Marina from 89-90, which Dena was a part of. Sigh.

      I am curious about her leave of absence too. There was a pic of a holiday card or something up on twitter, signed by some producers, directors, and Josh — but not Dena. I wonder how much of a presence she is in what is being written now. Is it wrong of me to hope … not much?

  3. Well at least one of the writers took psychology 101. This “brainwashing” is simply classic conditioning. It’s the Pavlovian method of pairing stimuli. Pairing visuals of apocalyptic explosions and bugs with thoughts of Abby and the baby while pairing visuals of blue skies, kittens and cake with thoughts of Belle. I guess it’s better than EJ’s torture methods he used to brainwash Steve but it doesn’t seem near as effective.

    Steve and Kayla were just too damn cute! The snowman pin is classic Steve! I have to admit that I have no clue what the plan is with Ava so it is a bit refreshing that I can’t see exactly what she is up to. But I still dread the whole thing.

    • Psych 101 is about right! We got more of those flashes on Friday’s show. I don’t know whether to laugh or cringe. I’m trying to go with it, but I’m still cringing.

      I’m baffled about Ava too, because now both Steve and Kayla have seen her so there is no “secret” that one is keeping from the other (that’s usually a part of storylines like these). I’m starting to think of a child maybe … I don’t know.

  4. You laughed during those brainwashing images, right, marypickford? I know I did. I mean, kittens? Cake?

    Too funny!

    I continue to love Steve and Kayla’s story this time around. I’ve always loved THEM, but the 2006-2009 stories left a LOT to be desired. This time, however, I can barely wait to get home to watch and see what’s going on for them.

    Now that Ava’s around to throw her monkey wrench into the works (and you just KNOW she will), I hope the story maintains the connection between Steve and Kayla, and gives us those “moments” between them, even if there’s tension because of Ava’s scheming. If the scriptwriters give us gold as they’ve been doing, I’ll put up with Ava. I just hope we don’t find out Steve was involved with her during his absence after 2009. It would be one thing if there’s a child born during those years when he had amnesia and another thing if there was a child born during Steve and Kayla’s most recent 4 year long separation.

    I believed Steve when he said that there was a woman during the time after he left Africa, and the woman was Kayla.

    I hope he was telling the whole truth.

    • I still can’t believe those brainwashing montages. The maggots, the smoking skulls, the cake, the spaghetti, the kittens! Yes, I definitely laughed. 🙂

      I am worried that Steve will say, “Oh, I meant I there was no woman I really cared about …” or something weaselly like that. I really hope not. Even though they were divorced, it would be such a betrayal to get involved with Ava of all people.

      An teenager from when he was with her before, I could live with. However, I don’t really like these long lost children stories, because they rarely lead to really great drama, IMO. Either it’s like “Cool! Welcome to the family!” (like Paul) or “I really want my mommy and daddy together” (Eve in 1988). We’ll see what happens.

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