Oh, dear

Well, this has Dena Higley written all over it:


Remember in 2008 when Stefano erased John’s memories and downloaded them onto a disk?


Good times, good times.

All right, it’s Dimera-stupid. Unnecessarily elaborate, scientifically dubious … but, it doesn’t mean it won’t be a decent story. (Hey, you know I’m always optimistic.) It might give Abby a chance to be the rescuer, the one who figures out what’s going on, the one to never give up. And it should give Billy Flynn a chance to play something new and different. I hope we’ll see him be torn between what his brainwashing is telling him (to romance Belle) and his love for Abby. That it won’t be a black/white, flip the switch kind of thing. I’m doubtful, but with Josh Griffith’s influence, it might be interesting.


Smoosh name: BAD!

Now I understand why JJ said that Chad was “a sleaze with daddy’s money,” and why Jen looked dismayed when Abby was talking so glowingly about Chad yesterday. It’s clearly to set up JJ and Jennifer telling Abby that Chad is a player and doesn’t really care about her.

By the way, I meant to post this earlier but we had a mini-emergency in our house when Buster ate a box of See’s Candy (thankfully, a small box), and we had to take him to the vet. But he’s very, very sorry and promises not to do it again:




7 thoughts on “Oh, dear

  1. I had to spend 3 hours at the ER vet yesterday because Axel decided to eat a piece of purple plastic something. Luckily it appears he’s okay, but these fur-babies can be a pain.

    Oh and, as always, love the blog!!

    • Yeah, we are usually much more careful. We had ordered a bunch of See’s candy from my daughter’s school for a fundraiser, and my daughter wanted one of her own which she put in her room. Bad idea. Thankfully it was one of the little samplers, only 4 pieces!

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