Couple time

You see what happens when you give Hope a day off? You make everyone so happy:




Today was a really nice break from all the drama and doom and gloom. I am not much of a Thrady fan but they were cute today. But surely when someone says on a soap that everything is going right, she has a great job, a beautiful baby, and a wonderful man, that is a cue that something is about to go very wrong? I hope so, because it sticks in my craw that of all characters on the show, Theresa is the one who is “sitting pretty.” I think some angst and suffering is definitely in order.

I think I saw sparks between Belle and nuPhilip, and I definitely felt that they had a history (not always easy to convey with a recast). John Paul was more at ease in these scenes than he was earlier in the week.  I liked the way they sparred over the basketball game, and we found out a little about Belle’s state of mind — she’s feeling bitter and at loose ends — and a very, very little about Phillip’s.

Finally, some really magical scenes with Chad and Abby. I love how Billy Flynn played Chad’s protectiveness and care, fussing over her and touching her like he couldn’t help himself:


I loved the kisses in the hotel room:


but I also loved how he pulled away and said this isn’t right, it’s too soon. His bedtime story was so adorably awkward at first, and I loved Abby needling him about the details (“with magic beans, you don’t have to plant them”). When she told him that he never gave up on her … and that moment when he held her and cried — I teared up too.


And we got an end-of-the-episode music montage. My 80’s-loving heart went pitter-pat!

Then, finally, it’s the dawn of a new day. Thanks, JJabi! They apparently made the sun come up with their adorableness.


Did all these people stay up until dawn? I guess explains a little why this day lasted so damn long.

14 thoughts on “Couple time

  1. Part of my recording was interrupted by a news event in LA, but what I saw of JJABI, and CHABBY were great. I really like these pairings. JJABI were refreshing in it really seemed like two people just starting to date and get to know each other. JJ being honest about how he loved Paige, then hurt her so badly. Actually taking responsibility for his actions. I’m sorry that Gabi isn’t staying because I really like these two together.

    Then there’s CHABBY. I don’t know much back story with Chad, but JJ reference that he was a sleaze. I really like him. I like how he stopped them and he talked about needing to take care of her and realizing she just had a baby like it was only two days ago since Salem days go forever. But I like his story telling and of course the tears. Sigh. Just great scenes.

    THRADY and PHELLE just not into. I like Brady by himself and in family relations, but not with Theresa. Still not feeling her. I can’t believe that Shane and Kim’s daughter would do the things she did. But on a whole enjoying the show even when Steve and Kayla weren’t on. Amazing!!!

    • Is Gabi leaving? I haven’t heard that.

      Agree that JJ and Gabi are actually acting like normal young people on a date. Its refreshing. I wouldn’t want all the couples to be like that, though – I’m too fond of the contrived, opposites-attract supercouple situations. 🙂

      I agree with you on Thrady but I’m surprisingly intrigued by this version of Phelle. I’m kind of dreading Brandon Beemer’s Shawn coming back though. I desperately hope they do something different this time with them.

  2. I thought I read somewhere that she was only back for a limited time. Hopefully I’m wrong. I, too, like the opposite attracts too. Brandon Beemer was sooo bad last time. Please do not revisit the triangle again. Let’s hope for something new this time.

    • I really hated Shawn last time, but I’m hoping most of it was the writing, and his lack of chemistry with Belle. I heard that Brandon Beemer did well on another soap after Days, so fingers crossed.

  3. I think Camila Banus said that she’s back for at least a year.

    This was an interesting episode, to see all of the major younger couples featured together… almost like the show saying, “See, we haven’t forgotten about our demo!” For the first time I felt some genuine heat between Thrady… I just wish the story and characterizations made more sense. I like where JJabi and Chabby seem to be headed. The jury is still out for me on Phelle… liking the characters more in their other interactions than together so far, but it’s just one day.

    • I felt a little heat between Brady and Theresa in this episode too, but it is irking me how she now has everything she ever wanted without paying for any of her misdeeds. I can’t imagine it will last, but she’s the one character where it is most annoying to not have her suffering even one bit. (Victor insulting her doesn’t count.) Meanwhile poor Abby …

      I agree it was funny to see so many 20-30somethings in one episode (except Brady, ahem). I think they are a pretty good group overall. I still can’t believe they threw so many of the existing couples out the window, and started from scratch. But I am willing to be won over. 🙂

  4. Love your recaps as always. Yes, Salem is a happier place with Hope under wraps for a day. (And I even love the Vengeful Hope storyline! But give her a rest!) I’ve decided that Team Thrady should be represented in the comments here, so I’m adding my two cents. 🙂 I love their pairing! The whole chemistry thing is a great mystery to me, as I’m one of the minority who fail to see any electricity between Chad and Abby (I’ve tried so hard!), but I’ve always gotten a tingle from Brady and Theresa. I just love them together.

    I’m not sure I agree that suffering is required before a redeemed soap character can be happy. For me, acknowledgment of misdeeds and expressions of regret go a long way if the regret is sincere, and the writers have been having Theresa express regret for her old way of life on a fairly regular basis. Even if I did require suffering, though, I’d argue that Victor’s insults DO count :), and also that Theresa in her “bad girl” incarnation was kind of suffering on a regular basis, since her schemes and evil acts were born out of great emptiness and a desperation for love and security. She never felt all that loved and secure — at least that’s the story the writers sold us in that conversation with Brady in the Kiriakis living room, and I bought it hook, line and sinker. (Also, she WAS deprived of enjoying her pregnancy and birth of her son!)

    Anyway, I think I like them because they’re kind of a goofball, imperfect couple and they were so darn cute raiding Marlena’s kitchen and eating fondue on the living room floor. He’s the guy who’s never stood up to his grandfather or made a wise decision about a woman before, and she’s the woman who never met a money-making scheme she didn’t like, but it’s like they both figured this out, and they have a certain amount of sardonic humor about themselves, but also hope for themselves. Like, they think maybe they could pull it together and both do the right thing, and they’re encouraging each other. I thought it was lovely when Theresa suggested Brady go back to Titan and Victor’s house because she could tell it was eating at him to have lost his job. I want them to be in this for the long haul. I totally want them to be Doug and Julie in 40 years.

    • Susanna, thank you for making me feel like I’m not alone in how I feel. I like Theresa and Brady together and I think it’s more because of Jen Lilley’s acting than anything. Her Theresa can be vulnerable and yes, she can be vindictive sometimes, but you see the range with her. Theresa and Brady together seem hot, but also like they are falling in love with each other after all the crap in the past. I loved them raiding John and Marlena’s kitchen and the fondue scene. It may not last, but they make a great couple in my opinion, and I hope that they do, as you said I would like them to be Doug and Julie in 40 years. Thanks to Theresa, Brady seems to be standing on his own more now (and I just starting re-watching this summer, so I don’t know all his past history). I think Theresa has more than paid for her past deeds. I also think Victor’s insults count because as much as I love Victor, he can be a mean ol’ coot (trying to keep it clean) sometimes, especially with the Brady women, except for Caroline. I also don’t see what the big deal is with Chad and Abby and believe me after being on this board and how gung-ho the Chabby group is, I have tried (and tried and tried), but personally I don’t get it. I wish I did because I really do want to like them together, but I don’t see the “everlasting love” that others seem to see between them.

      • Lisa, so glad to hear I’m not alone either! 🙂 You touched on something I really like about Brady/Theresa, which is that they’re realizing almost to their surprise that they actually really love each other — it wasn’t just a drug haze, and it’s not just that she’s “the mother of my child,” as Brady keeps calling her. They enjoy being together. I know there will be the inevitable ups and downs (this is a soap after all), but I hope the writers let them be a long-term couple, and that difficulties between come more from outside forces than inside forces. I like seeing them be a team and able to trust each other, and I don’t want either one (Theresa especially) to blow it and ruin that trust.

        My theory about Chabby is that part of what their fans see in them is their whole history. There’s a lot of sentimental feeling about Chad being Abby’s first true love, and how they keep coming back together despite everything. Since I didn’t see their relationship from the beginning (and like you, just started watching again this past summer), I don’t have their history in my head — if I did, that might really infuse their pairing with lots of swoony, tingly feelings and make up for the lack of chemistry they have in my eyes. I want to like them, too!

      • Yay! Team Thrady represent!

        I am glad to hear from people who like them. It is kind of mysterious what makes a couple click for one person and not for another. I feel like I generally can see chemistry even if I don’t, personally, like the couple (like John and Marlena), But, obviously it’s not always the case!

        I like the idea that they are both flawed people that have found something that works, against all odds. I have been feeling a little more heat between them lately, as I said above, and I no longer feel he looks way too old for her. So maybe I’m coming around. 🙂 I’d like to like them, just like you guys say for Chabby. I can’t get rid of this feeling that they need to “earn” it a little bit more — so I hope whatever story is coming their way gives them a chance to rise to the occasion, to show they really have changed.

        Regarding Chad and Abby, like Shea says below I am probably more of Chad fan than an Abby fan, though I do like both of them. I guess I “ship” them, because part of what I love about Chad is his love for Abby, and I want to see him win the woman he loves. But I don’t ship them to the point where I suffer if they are apart, and if they split them up at some point I would be open to seeing them with others. I just started watching this summer too, and I immediately fell for Ericole (sob), but with Chabby I’m more just along for the ride, happy to watch a good story with a couple that is working (for me).

        It might be just as well, shipping couples can actually be a painful experience! 🙂

  5. Camila Banus said in an interview on that was posted just before her return that she will be around for a year at least. Plus over the past couple of weeks she has posted pictures on her twitter and Instagram at the studio (including an especially cute one where she’s sharing cookies with Sydnee Udall one of the twins who play Arianna). Since we know they film five months in advance she’s going to be around. I don’t know where this “Limited time” came from but I actually saw people almost have arguments about whether she was short term or on contract. LOL

  6. I’m glad to hear that she will be around. I didn’t know her character from before since I left the show when S&K left in 2009 and just came back when Steve came back. I’m enjoying JABI and them hanging out together. I’m willing to see where this goes.

  7. I am a bit out of the loop since I only saw half of Monday’s show and haven’t had a chance to watch anything since. But I just wanted to comment on some of the characters and their chemistry.

    First of all I have to say that Eric Martsolf is a bit of an anomaly to me. I find him to be very handsome (maybe too handsome and that could be part of the problem) but I really don’t find him to be sexy AT ALL. Like I said, maybe he is too pretty but he just comes up a bit flat to me. I think that leads to me having difficulty feeling any chemistry in his pairings on screen. I like him and I want to feel something but I have a hard time finding it. This doesn’t mean I don’t like the character it just means I don’t get too caught up in his storylines. In fact, I usually find I am most interested in him when he is spiraling out of control. I do love Jen Lilley but unfortunately I think there is probably another actor out there that could provide a little more spark with her than Eric Martsolf can. I am still trying to keep an open mind and I can appreciate some of their sweeter moments together but as a couple I just don’t think they are going to excite me that much.

    I have also had a hard time liking the Abby character. I returned to full time viewing just in time to see her hook up with Chad then get engaged to Ben. I never saw the previous Chad and have no clue about their pairing. For the most part I have been screaming at Abby for how stupid she has been when it comes to Ben and Chad. I want to like her and I think I am getting closer but so far it isn’t there. I do like Chad and Billy Flynn is great. I have especially enjoyed his scenes with Stefano, Andre and Rafe but I have seen some nice moments with Abby as well. I feel like I could really get behind this pairing if I could just make myself like Abby a bit more.

    So far JJ and Gabi have a sweet chemistry together and I hope that I can see that continue to build into something more but I do have a fear that they are both too nice to make a great pairing. Again I am keeping an open mind and I will just have to wait and see.

    • Shea, I have a similar reaction to Eric Martsolf — he’s handsome but there’s somehow a lack of heat. (I find Billy Flynn, on the other hand, less handsome but way hotter!) However, unlike you, I feel like Theresa brings the heat out of Brady; that’s part of why I like them. There’s a playfulness to her that’s refreshing among the female characters on the show. He’s more interesting to me with her in his orbit.

      I think I have the same dilemma you do re: Chad and Abby — it’s partly my lukewarm reaction to Abby that keeps me from loving them together. But I’m trying, too! I want to be able to enjoy them since they’re front and center now and will likely be in the coming months.

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