I don’t have much to say about Monday’s episode (still Hope’d out), but I did really enjoy the Brady/Belle scenes.


This is what I want for Brady, some definition outside of his love life. Developing his sibling relationships is one great way to do that. And the same goes for Belle. She really had no particular identity in her last run other than “golden girl.” This time, she has an edge, but it’s not over the top. I liked how she made a snippy comment about Sami, and then apologized and said that was bitchy.

I also enjoyed the brief reference to Paul, just because it was so casual. Oh, I’ve got a new brother. Huh.

(And hey, I heard a rumor that these two had yet another brother in town. Wow, it would be cool to see him too!)

I liked that Belle mentioned Will, and Sami’s loss, finally. I have come to the conclusion that it was a bad idea to kill off Will. As far as I can see, there is no particular fallout from his death that couldn’t have been accomplished in other ways. Sami’s quest for revenge didn’t have anything to do with Will, because it wasn’t Stefano who killed him. Sami could have come back for Bo’s funeral and had the exact same story. As it is, it was clearly just a way to get rid of a bad recast, and that could have been done by sending him out of town. Heck, since Freddie was leaving too, give Will and Sonny a happy ending and send them off together.

So, as was rumored, it looks like Phelle are getting a revisit. I am open to this, I think. So far nuPhillip is pretty one-note, but I hope to hear more about why he’s turned into such a raging asshole. John Paul Lavoisier has a way of randomly hitting a WORD really HARD when he’s speaking. But I like his look:


And Belle seems to like it too:


I liked her bitter comment that he’s had 63 girlfriends since their divorce. I always like a love story that starts with a bit of conflict, and between Belle’s newfound bitchiness and Phillip’s calculating greed, there seems to be plenty of opportunity for it. I am going to guess that Phillip will also be bitter about how Belle strung him along for years (he certainly has reason to be!)

With Brandon Beemer coming back next month, I have been dreading “Shellip” round 1000, but these are encouraging signs.

7 thoughts on “Tink

  1. Philip has had two children taken away from him. Plus two wives cheated on him. Plus he had to be married to Melanie. Plus he was forced to live with Maggie. I’d say he has plenty of reason to be bitter.

    I’m interested for Phelle. The only time Martha Madison had any spark during her original run was with JKJ. I’m curious to see how she’ll be with this Philip.

    • I totally agree Phillip has many reasons to be bitter, after Belle and Chloe and Melanie (hee!). I hope to see him throw a lot of shade at Belle. I think that would be interesting.

      I thought Martha and Jay had chemistry too, though I was pretty anti-Belle by the end of her last run. I’m interested in what will happen with Martha and JPL. I know they worked together on Winterthorne and they seem to like working together — we’ll see how that translates onscreen.

  2. This episode made me long for the days of the elephant statue.

    I have had more than enough Hope; the only reason I’m still interested in her story at all is Rafe, and he’s starting to wear on me. Here’s hoping they find a way to keep him and Chad in each other’s orbits. Ciara is doing nothing for me.

    Agreed that the Brady-Belle sibling relationship was the highlight of the episode. Maybe these two can team up on some kind of business venture with Belle’s newfound millions. A rival for Basic Black, perhaps? Brady and Theresa as business antagonists could potentially make their personal relationship more interesting.

    • Elephant statue — bite your tongue! 🙂

      They are definitely hinting that Belle has a specific idea of what she would use the money for — can’t wait to see what it is. I thought it might be related to Basic Black — for instance, if she decided she wanted to take it over as her birthright. Teenage Belle wanted to be a designer, but now that she’s a lawyer they probably aren’t going that way. I like your idea of her going in with Brady and being a rival for Basic Black instead!

      • What’s the story with Titan? What do they DO exactly? Could Brady and Belle team up against Victor and Philip? That would certainly bring some tension. Although, the biggest smack n the face to Stefano would be to do something totally charitable with all that money!

        Loved the Brady/Belle interaction. They write really well for siblings. I’m interested in Belle/Phillip as an idea. I’ve never seen any of the Belle/Shawn/Phillip stuff, so no bias here about the actors or recasts, etc.

        I need a break from the Hope drama! I kind of want to smack her.

      • I have no idea what Titan does. Apparently a little bit of everything, the way Phillip was talking about it.

        Maybe they should give Stefano’s money to the Paige Larson music scholarship fund. 🙂

        Brady and Belle just have a really nice sibling vibe. I really enjoy them. I would also enjoy seeing them with their brother Eric!

  3. Both Belle and Phillip are new to me (until Kate walked in I didn’t even know he was Kate and Victor’s son :))
    so I have no opinion (yet!)

    I definitely like the brother / sister relationships and really all family dynamics. I haven’t really seen where Days has done a good job with the outside relationships (um Steve and Adrienne still have not been in a scene together!) But I feel like everyone is so intertwined I keep having to remind myself who is related to who, cousin, Aunt, half sibling etc!

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