Love – amour – amore – amor

Aw, and I was worried Josh Griffith couldn’t do romance.

I enjoyed Steve’s proposal — well, duh, of course I did. But I especially enjoyed how the multiple languages nodded to Steve’s cosmopolitan past. (How I would have swooned if he had thrown some Swedish in there!) It was one of the first ways they added layers to the lower-class bad boy back when they were developing his character.

In contrast, back in 2006, when Steve was still Nick Stockton, Kayla made him a fancy dinner and he said he was more of a meat and potatoes guy. Whereas we all know that Steve is a gourmand and has a much broader palette than Kayla (remember the lobster?).

All right, so I sound like Comic Book Guy here. (Worst. Dinner party. Ever.) But it was one of the ways 2006 Days flattened these characters and showed they had just a surface understanding of their love story. On the surface, it was opposites attract – good girl/bad boy, middle class/lower class. But they played with the stereotypes in ways that defied expectations. The low class bad boy had traveled the world. The sheltered good girl was the sexual aggressor. The sexy bad boy was a mushy romantic.

Speaking of sexy and romantic:


Adorable and charming, indeed. It warms my heart to see how happy Kayla is. It shows that all she really needed to make her happy was some time with little Steve.

Ha ha! No, that’s offensive. But sex was important to their original love story, and I think it was especially important to Kayla. And Steve knew that. Remember that scene when Kayla was married to Jack, when Steve asked if she was “satisfied” and told her she had “a lot of passion” in her? Of course, he was asking because he was going out of his mind with jealousy, but what he said was true. And since we know that Silent Bob didn’t get a chance to “satisfy” her, well, let’s just say it’s been awhile.

I love that Steve is wooing her, and I love seeing how much she’s enjoying it. “It’s going to backfire on you, mister.”

I also loved the Chad and Abby scenes.  Chad buying — no, preordering — a milkshake for her was just about the cutest thing ever, and this look that he was giving her while she drank it —


Well, let’s just say that it would have helped me bounce back from being held captive by a psychopathic serial killer, no problem.

But I like that they are not rushing them back together, and we get to see Abby wrestling with the events of the last few months and weeks (days?). It’s natural that her insistence on staying with Ben would make her question her judgment, but I also liked when she said she knew she was strong and Ben couldn’t take that away from her.


And finally, they did a good job walking back Rafe’s declaration of love to Hope. I thought it was too soon anyway, but I what I liked most is that Rafe realized that telling her he loves her would just add another complication to someone who desperately needs fewer complications in her life.

And Rafe questioning her priorities, reminding her that her quest for vengeance is costing Ciara — and then that cliffhanger? Yowza!


13 thoughts on “Love – amour – amore – amor

  1. I just have to say that Steven Earl Johnson is really back. Touchy, mushy, romantic Steve. I just loved Thursday and Friday’s episodes. They were perfect. The dialogue, the emotions, and the honesty of Steve and Kayla were wonderful to watch. Seeing Kayla smile was great. I also loved that Steve called Joey out. Steve does have the instincts. He knows Joey had a partner. I loved that he grounded him too. Punishment is Joey having to witness his parents’ mushiness. What every teenager hates!!

    Ava is just creepy. Pretending to be sick. I bet she tries to get them to take care of her too. Ugh!! I’m glad we had these moments before the ugliness starts.

    Chad and Abby were wonderful too. Chad is just soooo sweet. Being a rock for her with no expectations, true soap hero there. And I’m still enjoying the whole show. Wow.

    • Mykleraus pointed out on his blog that Kayla said she was going for a “consult ” with a new patient, and that might be Ava. That could be a different twist than the usual “Steve keeps a secret” story.

      I agree, it’s so great to have mushy romantic Steve and active, determined Kayla. They really get these characters!

      • I didn’t think about the consult being with Ava, but that makes sense. My first thought was a consult? Isn’t it midnight by now?? This is still the same day of Bo’s funeral. Wouldn’t Kayla take this VERY long day off? At least they talked about breakfast so a new day (hopefully with new clothes!) is dawning.
        I really, really, really hope they will keep Steve and Kayla working together as a team. The most successful story lines are when they work together i.e. on the run rather than Steve playing God and keeping secrets. I truly want to see that Steve has matured in that area, but I am SO glad that romantic Steve is here. The dialogue has been amazing and so true to the characters,

      • Ha ha, the timeline issue is so ridiculous. Earlier in the week Brady said the nanny was at the park with Tate, and it was dark out. Because it makes so much sense to take a baby to Murder Park at night in the middle of winter!

  2. Ha! I was wondering what you thought, mp! I couldn’t watch til late last night so wasn’t part of the excitement of watching live or in the early evening when everyone’s commenting like crazy in different places, but after I watched (and I loved it!) I wondered what everyone thought of THAT!

    Steve proposing in three languages…and then when she turned him down because it was too soon and she wanted every step forward for them to be a confident one…he said something like, “Okay. I didn’t hear a no in there, so I think I’m still in the running for a yes.” Kayla comments on his relentlessness, and he says, “I’m in love…I’m in the sea of love.” So corny. Yet, the emotion is shining in his voice. So, I had to love it, LOL!

    Kayla still hasn’t mentioned the big L herself in terms of her feelings for Steve. Is she holding back? Or does she simply think she’s already told him, just without the actual words?

    Kayla “What do you think? I’ve been pining for you? I dated.”
    Steve: “Who?”
    Kayla: “Bob. He’s not from around here. He’s no one you’d know.”
    Steve: “Where’s he from?”
    Kayla: “I don’t know. He was quiet.”
    Steve: “So he didn’t take you back to his place?”
    Kayla: “No!
    Steve: “Why not?”
    Kayla: “It was my choice. I told you, he was QUIET.”

    Silent Bob.

    But she lied. She’s been pining. Yep. He’s the only man for her, and he always has been. (the expression of the Big L without actually saying it? Or do we have that treat still to come?

    He didn’t actually DESERVE that devotion for a while there, IMO…but she felt in nonetheless.

    My favorite part had to be the door scenes. We have pool for kisses. We have beer with egg. We have Drunk Kayla. We have “You’re IT for me, Sweetness. You always have been.” We have high on pot donuts Kayla. We have intoxicated on fumes Kayla. We have fence kiss. And now we have door scenes.

    Kayla: “See you later….at home.” And she says it with such happiness. It’s like, zinging through her. You can see it in her body movements. Then we have Steve. “Oh yeah. He pulls out his harp. “I’m coming home, Sweetness!”

    I love that we’re getting more moments. Can you BELIEVE we’re getting moments? That we’re getting these in depth conversations? That Kayla is being treated like a real character with a point of view of her own?


  3. That’s what I can’t believe, that we’re finally seeing Kayla written well – I thank Josh Griffith for it every time they have a scene, lol. Especially this week! I didn’t get to watch until late last night either, so I missed the initial excitement. But I think we’re all still excited today. 🙂

    I loved the dialogue you mention – so much good stuff that is right there with their original run. Amazing! I also liked when he said “Don’t you get tired of being smart all the time?” Hee!

  4. I agree with everyone’s comments about how amazing it is to see that Josh Griffith gets Steve and Kayla and is writing them so well. I guess that should make me feel better about this crap with Ava but it doesn’t. The look on Kayla’s face when she said I’ll see you at home was the same look she got right before Christmas in 1986 after Steve told her he couldn’t fight her anymore and he asked her if she was proud of herself.

    Comparing how S&K are being written right now compared to the second run is like night and day. I know I was trying to watch what I could of the second run before it all disappeared on YouTube just so that I would be able to understand more of the history and who these characters are now but I think I would have been fine even if I hadn’t seen any of the second run. Of course I wouldn’t know where Joey came from or understand who Ava is and I guess whatever is about to happen will play into that part of the history pretty closely so I’m glad I saw a good bit of it even thought there was big gaps.

    Now if they would just let me know that Steve and Adrienne have been in touch I would be a happy camper. I don’t have to see them together (although I really want to) I would be satisfied if I just know there were talking on the phone or mentioned seeing each other at some point. With Christmas coming up maybe we will get something but I am not going to hold my breath.

    The fact that this is the night of Bo’s funeral is just irritating. Why even mention that and make it obvious? Don’t mention it and we will all pretend that time passes and it’s fine.

    I am actually looking forward to watching Rafe and Hope together but I am going to need to see some signs that he is able to get through to her. I would rather see them work together to avenge Bo’s death that to see her go off the rails to do it. I’m not saying I want it be romantic yet but I want to see that they have a connection and that he can ground her when she needs it. Because right now, she clearly needs it.

    I think Abby needs some time to bond with her baby and reset a bit before we really get a true Chad and Abby reunion and it does look like they are lining things up for the Andre and Stefano to push Chad into getting close to Belle.

    • I’d like Abby to take a bit of a breather too, but I wouldn’t mind seeing more of her leaning on Chad like she did on Friday. Those were such sweet scenes. And I liked her “Why didn’t I see it?” dialogue better than what she said at the police station: “I knew there was something wrong with him.”

      I like how Rafe is so solid and grounded, which is a good contrast to Hope. It’s just Hope is a little too intense for me right now. This doesn’t have to be happening at five hundred miles an hour. She can still be determined to get revenge, in an unhealthy way, without it looking like she’s about to have a psychotic break.

      The ever elusive Steve Adrienne scene … it’s getting to be comical at this point!

  5. Loved the Steve and Kayla scenes! They were always the best at conveying emotions with just a look or a smile and I really felt that they were back to that. And Steve playing the harmonica at the end was so cute. How could you not love and smile when they are together?

    I didn’t watch the second run so I have no idea (other then what people have wrote here) about Ava and her connection to Steve and Kayla, but I agree keep them together thru whatever storyline is next.

    Loved Chad, as always he (like Steve) can get you with just a look. And those baby blues speak volumes!

    Shea – so funny I noticed Brady’s comment about the nanny taking Tate to the park, umm mat night in the cold OK. The timing is driving me crazy, I forgot it was still the same day of Bo’s funeral until they mentioned it. I hope they can get time moving or at least make it less obvious when the day takes weeks to cover across multiple storylines.

    I liked the Theresa and Ann scenes, I can see that being a funny comic turn with Kate, Ann, Theresa and Nicole together. Brandy and Theresa I keep getting the urge to fast forward thru, but I am fighting that urge – same with Hope and the torture scenes, I wanted to fast forward those. Rafe is a nice balance against Hopes craziness – I hope that doesn’t last forever!

    • I think Anne being at Basic Black will be fun, too. I hope this will be a good business storyline. I tend to only like the business-centered stories if they feature a relationship — two people working together who are growing closer — rather than people jockeying for power. But Anne will be a nice addition to the mix, I think.

      Regarding this Ava story, I just really want Steve to step up the plate in terms of being open and honest, and not playing God. He says he knows he was stupid before to leave Kayla without telling her what was going on, let’s see him put his money where his mouth is now.

  6. It was cute that all three of Steve’s languages were “romance” languages. I liked that the proposal was romantic and heartfelt, but at the same time just a touch desperate and over the top. Steve seems like he wants to take every inch that Kayla will give him, and I feel like we may not know all the reasons why just yet. It made the scene seem like more than a romantic interlude. And I loved that Kayla is ready to take a leap of faith, but she’s not giving way entirely.

    I adored the Chad and Abby scenes. Just beautifully, beautifully acted. The best work I remember seeing between them, and some of the best I’ve seen from anyone this year.

    • Iska, I agree about the CHABBY scenes. True soapy goodness. Since I started watching this summer I have loved Chad and been so impressed with BF acting. He’s just wonderful to watch. Very expressive and sincere in his acting. How Chad was with Abby was just what she needed. Showing that he’s there for her, but allowing her to be strong too.

      • Kathy, I am the same way. Started watching again at the end of the summer when Steve returned and I keep watching for Chad and Abby – now that they have slowed down a bit, I want to see some pick up on the other stories to keep me interested. As much as I love watching S&K back together, lets see where the story goes.

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