Are you happy now?

Well, that was pretty damn amazing.


I loved that she gave him a key to her house, I loved that he proposed (though I think she’s going to say no — or “not yet”), and of course I loved that they did it. (Hee! I feel like a teenbopper again.) But, in the end, what I appreciate most is their conversation. How incredible was the dialogue? And most of all, how much did Stephen and Mary Beth take that dialogue and run with it?

When Steve said, “Do you know how much I love you?” and Kayla got such a vulnerable look, and shook her head — that set the tone for the whole scene. She’s starting to believe he loves her, but she still doesn’t trust it to last. She doesn’t think she can count on it, yet.

I liked that Steve actually asked about how she was during their time apart, and acknowledged he hasn’t asked her enough. I also liked that Kayla was reluctant to admit how much she missed him, and she put on a brave front. It was really smart to use her forays into internet dating, which we saw on the show, to give Steve a moment of jealousy. It’s not nearly as much as I want, but it was something. Hope’s had three men in love with her, but at least Kayla got Silent Bob!


My heart broke for her when she finally said it was a lie that she wasn’t pining. And that was the only man for her and always has been.  I loved her rueful laugh: “Are you happy now?” And his response: “Am I happy?” The expression on his face!


No joke, it makes me want to cry, feeling that Josh Griffith (I’m not giving Dena any credit here, sorry) actually gets these characters — especially Kayla, who hasn’t been written well in decades.

(And God, I hope Steve is telling the truth about there not being a woman while they were apart! Or at the very least, it wasn’t Ava!)

In other news, we saw the new Phillip today. I’ve been reading pessimistic predictions for months about John Paul Lavoisier, but I thought he did fine — and he definitely has the right look. (Get a haircut, though.) He was an asshole, but we need a young asshole on the show, and I think a foil for Brady is a great idea (what’s the over/under on Phillip trying to seduce Theresa?).  And of course his interest in this serum will connect his story to Hope and her search for Bo’s captors. So all in all, I’m feeling good about all of this.




12 thoughts on “Are you happy now?

  1. I thought the new Phillip’s acting was off. He seemed to over exaggerate the beats in every scene.
    Love, love, love the dialogue for Steve and Kayla today too.

    • He did seem to overact in spots, but he did fine overall. We’ll see if he calms down and is more natural, or if it persists. I really did like JKJ – we’ll see how JPL turns out!

  2. That was such a great scene for Steve and Kayla. An actual sincere conversation between them. About feelings! I had to laugh when Steve said “I never thought I deserved you.” And Kayla replied that he had never told her that. His response was awesome “I think I did.,” because of course that was the basis of the entire first run LOL. I think JG really does GET Steve and Kayla because this really feels like them. And I agree that Kayla hasn’t been written this well in ages. I’m afraid, however, that we are going to find out that there WAS something between Steve and Ava in his absence (perhaps not a sexual relationship, but something), and it’s going to cause TROUBLE. I just don’t see any other reason why she is so pissed. Maybe he was with her again briefly (due to his assignment) and then left to return to his family?

    Ava’s scenes with Joey today were good I thought. There was just enough “touching” to be uncomfortable and creepy, and to play an innocent young man. Well done. I hope they don’t “go there.” I’m thinking not. I see more her using her sexuality to coerce him, but not going full seduction (fingers crossed).

    And we saw a key today! Which means there is a house and it’s coming. Finally we can see them somewhere besides her office or his hotel room.

    No way Kayla says yes to that proposal yet. At least I don’t think so. She may say yes, however, and then run straight into Ava, but I hope we get a little more “honeymoon” before things blow up.

    I thought JPL did pretty well today. It must be hard to be thrown right into a character with so much history, and the try to make it your own. I’m waiting to see what kind of chemistry he has with Theresa. That could be an interesting triangle. Of course there is also Belle to consider, but it seems like she may be thrown into the Chabby storyline. We’ll see.

    I love the idea of throwing Ann into the Basic Black storyline!

    • ETA: couple of other things that made me love JG today: “I never had any confidence until I met you.” and “You are so much your own person.” “I am now.” “You always were.” Yes!!! I wanted to marry that dialogue. Great job.

    • I’m hoping that Phillip makes a play for Theresa because that storyline desperately needs some juicing up. I could see Theresa having to face whether she has really “changed” or if she was just currying favor with Brady. Could be good internal conflict for her, as well as good conflict between the Kiriakis men.

      The dialogue was so spot-on. I loved too the “you always were” (your own person). It’s true, and I love that we’re seeing that characteristic stubbornness and strength from Kayla. And yet she’s vulneralbe too, where Steve is concerned.

      And I had to laugh too at the line when Kayla said he never told her he didn’t deserve her. Pretty sure I remember him saying that many times, LOL. And yet I believed she wouldn’t remember, because she never believed it. Great stuff.

  3. This was a day I did not fast forward through anything and I loved it.

    JPL was OK. His hair kept distracting me but other than that I’m trying to figure him out. I missed Phillip before so I have nothing to base my opinions on. I don’t want to see Victor get hurt by his son.

    I’m not really a Thrady shipper, but I do love Teresa. If Jen Lilley didn’t play Teresa as vulnerable sometimes I wouldn’t feel that way. I want Jen Lilley to get a storyline where Teresa isn’t scheming or being devious and I think they are heading this direction. I think this new team of writers are trying to make Teresa more likable, but because so many people don’t like Teresa, they have a long way to go. I am glad Teresa showed up for Ann today. Unfortunately I’ve had friends who dumped me when they got a new boyfriend, then expected me to be there when they needed someone. But Teresa does need a friend and it looks like Ann is the only one. But what time was it because Brady said that Emma was at the park with Tate. I thought it was nighttime.

    Now to Steve and Kayla. JG really, really, really gets these characters. Their conversation had me flashing back to their wedding vows. I do wish we had gotten more of a love scene than what we did (we did for Hope/Aiden, why not Steve/Kayla). I had forgotten about quiet Bob, so it was nice to see the writers remembered him. Kayla trying to make it seem like she had been dating, but them admitting internet dating isn’t all that (which I agree 100%). I wonder how long Kayla has been walking around with that key just waiting for the right moment to give it to Steve. Steve proposing to her also seemed a callback to their first time when Steve bought the engagement ring soon afterwards.

    One other thing, I know we’re in a Salem time zone, but when Maggie told Phillip they had buried Bo earlier today, I thought what?!?! I’m ready for a new day.

    • There is no reason this should be the same day as Bo’s funeral. In fact, I assumed it wasn’t, and was wondering why Kayla was dressed in all black.

      So now Hope has married Aiden, slept with him, fought off his attack, reunited with Bo, slept with him, buried him, and gotten a declaration of love from another man — in three days? That’s what it seems like! And celebrated Thanksgiving and gotten suspended from her job. Busy, busy.

      I wouldn’t be surprised if it turned out Mary Beth didn’t want a more explicit love scene. Just a guess based on jokes she’s made, like how she wants to do love scenes in a turtleneck.

      Aw, sweet to think Kayla has been carrying that extra key around. I’m excited to see their house!

  4. OMG. I LOVED this episode. MP, you are so right about the dialogue. It was so true to their characters. When Steve asked if they should pretend Joey’s plan to get them together was not working or should they stop fighting it- I melted. Sigh. I agree with Lisa- my only quibble is that we really didn’t have a love scene. They kissed and then it was over. They could have done a tasteful love scene- for example, something like the love scene after Steve remembers during the second run. SN and MBE have always been great with loves scenes and even though they are older now they still have it!!
    SN and MBE capture these characters so perfectly. The vulnerability Kayla has is so touching. I laughed when Steve said he never thought he deserved her and she sad he had never said that. Um . . . that was the whole reason it took them so long to get together in the first place!! But I loved quiet Bob and the pining away. This is the stuff romance is made of. I said early on I really hope Steve has not spent the intervening years hooking up with other women so my heart was very happy today when he said he had not. Like MP, I hope he is telling the truth also!!
    Ava’s scenes with Joey were good though it creeped me out when she had her hand on his thigh. I really hope they don’t go there with a sexual relationship with them. I hope Denise is right about them!
    Between yesterday’s episode and this one I am a happy fan in the Steve and Kayla and Chad and Abby department! Keep it up DOOL!

    • I think — I hope — that Ava won’t actually sleep with Joey. But they’ll tease us with it, and she’ll play on his naivete. Ugh, I’m really wondering how this will play out.

      I was very glad to hear him say that he hasn’t been with other women. I mean, they were divorced and all so it’s not that I think it would be wrong or unforgiveable. It’s just after establishing that Kayla hasn’t been with anyone (except Silent Bob, hee!) I wouldn’t like it story-wise. Besides we’ve gone down the “other woman from Steve’s past” road so many times, and I am hoping against hope that this Ava story is going to be a different spin on what we’ve seen before …

      Sigh. Regardless, I am determined to enjoy these happy moment while we can!

  5. Wednesday was such a hectic day for me that I didn’t get to watch the show so I settled in last night to watch Wednesday’s and Thursday’s shows back to back after already having consumed way too much dessert at a Christmas party. I was so excited that I couldn’t even sleep afterward! If my husband hadn’t been here I would watched yesterday’s S&K scenes 10 times!

    I agree with with everyone about the dialogue and I would have been just as thrilled if we had just gotten that but the fact they were together was a bonus.

    I hope Steve wasn’t lying about about not being with other women and I can’t even go there with thinking he was with Ava…

    I still just dread this whole storyline but I will admit watching Ava manipulate Joey was a bit intriguing.

    I think new Phillip had a bit too much on his plate for his first episode. Some scenes worked but some felt a little off so I will have to wait and see. But he seems like a slime ball is I thought the haircut fit him.

    • I rewatched the S&K scenes, not 10 times but give me a couple more days, LOL.

      Whatever the threat was that made him leave has to come back somehow. He has referred to that person as a “he”, hasn’t he? But that person might be connected to Ava somehow. Anyway, that’s what I’m betting on.

      I have heard speculation that she will have a child, but LA LA LA I can’t hear you.

      They are definitely setting up Phillip as a bit of a slimeball, so we’ll see where that goes. All the talk of profiting off the serum made me think of that billionaire asshole who jacked up the price of that drug. Don’t know if Days was trying to be topical of not. Anyway, I’m at least mildly intrigued. I’m curious to see him with Belle too.

  6. I agree S&K could have had a more affectionate and moving love scene. They do them very well. It’s like they had it during a commercial and we missed all of it. I did like the dialogue they had though. I hope the love making is not supposed to reflect this evolving of there life and they are now older etc. you hear so much about from interviews.

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