Today was nice. I feel like I got to take a breath, enjoy some happy scenes, and get some other storylines going. Deranged Hope was still on, of course, but I am going to ignore that. It was refreshing today that everyone was active, doing something, or making plans to do something. One of my pet peeves about soaps is that there is so much passive suffering, or (more common) boneheaded stupidity. More often than not, it doesn’t seem like people really want anything, they just react. Except the bad guys, of course.

Of course Steve and Kayla’s kiss made me melt, but my favorite part was actually the opening scene. Kayla’s strength was always an active strength — she’s not one for patient endurance. So  it was perfect the way she showed up, said she had a plan, and then immediately put it into action.

Steve says, “Don’t you want to think that over, come up with a strategy … ” “Nope!” Hee!


Give up, Steve. Just go along with it. And maybe smolder a little …


… ah, there you go.

But Steve had his chance to shine, when he figured out that Joey was not working alone. His private detective skills have been redeemed (a little). Aaaaand we got our first look at Ava. I have no clue what she could possibly have to gain by helping Steve and Kayla get back together. Is she just trying to win Joey’s trust? Is she going to sleep with Joey, joining the “Kate club” of father/son diddlers? (Pretty much guaranteed, I’m afraid).

I’m intrigued by the new developments in our stories today. Will John and Eduardo work together? Is Winterthorne some super sekrit ISA-training academy? Did Eduardo just get an assignment to kill John? Is Dario connected to this? What does Belle want to “build for herself”? Can we stop talking about Sami now? Is Andre really going to try to get Chad to woo Belle? (NO NO NO)

Speaking of Chad, I loved his reaction when Stefano told him about the missing 250 million dollars. “We’ll just live like normal people.” Ha! Good one, Chad.


But surely Abby has that land in Ireland still coming to her, right? Which Stefano can now get his hands on? Or don’t we care about that anymore?

Abby took a shower! Changed her clothes! Brushed her hair!


Seriously, this made me so happy. To see her smiling, talking with her mother and Chad, naming her baby (“Thomas Jack” – now that’s a baby name. Take note, Theresa and Brady!). I appreciated Jen thanking Chad, and hugging him.

And of course Chad’s final words: I love you, I will always love you.  Sigh. Happiness. It’s fleeting on soaps, so let’s grab it while we can.




6 thoughts on “Plans

  1. I still hate Ava with a thousand suns!!!! Not sure of all people why bring her back. I’m just heart sick with the thought that Joey and her will hook up. Eeww!!! I’m going to take your advice and enjoy the fleeing moments of happiness that we have. Steve was so Steve today. Loved the neck kiss, and the little smile when she ran. He knew what spot would make her cave. He’s enjoying the dance. And them talking and sharing information. Yes, they do work better as a team.

    I enjoyed the other stories too. I wish Rafe hadn’t said that he loved Hope. Toooo soon, this is the same day as Bo’s funeral. But at last this is what soaps do too, move on to the next couple. I’m actually ok with them, but down the road a little. Rafe has been all kinds of good lately too.

    I loved how Abby named the baby after Tom and Jack. That is soooo in character for Abby who was raised by Jen who did the same thing. I remember when Jen was pregnant and right before her and Jack got stranded in the cabin where Abby was born, she was reading the family bible to pick out a name for Abby. Abby knows how important Tom was to her and of course Jack. Very fitting. And Chad–sigh. Just love him. True soap hero, loves the baby because Abby’s the mother, doesn’t matter who his father is. I love when she said Uncle Chad. His face lite up. And his honest admission-I love you, always will. Aaah!!! His reaction to Stephano’s delima was so cute. He was so happy you would think he just became a father. Oh that’s right, switched paternity test results. Maybe he did. I kinda want the baby to be Ben’s. I’m not ready for Stephano going after another Dimera grandchild. We’ll see. Enjoying the whole show still. Go figure. That didn’t even happen with S&K’s second run!

    • Ugh, Ava. Just seeing her face brings back some not-so-pleasant memories.

      You make an interesting point about Chad being the father. It’s not really necessary. He obviously is prepared, without reservation, to love the baby because it’s Abby’s. So finding out he’s the father wouldn’t really add anything — plus it takes away a potential source of angst for Abby, which could be interesting. Well, they’ll probably play out those beats and maybe have Ben scheming to get the baby away from Abby. We’ll see where it goes!

      I’m going to pretend Rafe didn’t say he loved Hope. Obviously it wasn’t exactly a heartwarming moment, so if they treat it as an obstacle I could be on board with that. I wish they would slow down a little with all of this! Thank goodness Hope wasn’t on today. I needed the break.

  2. This was an nice breather wasn’t it (despite Hope’s stuff)? We had some nice Steve and Kayla moments, and they weren’t fooled by Joey (guess Steve had the Salem brain yesterday). I’m fearful that Joey will be led down an ewwwww path by Ava. Nice set ups for John and Eddy (total ISA hit-man).

    We also had a lovely moment for Abby and Chad. Such a sweet sweet scene. And I too loved how Jennifer hugged Chad and thanked him (the guy did save her daughter, AND was labeled a serial killer by the whole town – he deserves some of Alice’s donuts at least!).

    You know this stuff is totally a calm before the next storm, but it was nice movement toward setting up the next round of stories.

    I’m afraid that Chad will be forced to romance Belle, that Steve was “with” Ava while he was away from his family, and Ava is going to pull an “Eve” with young Joe, and that we will once again have to hear that version of Beautiful Dreamer (it totally creeped me out – sorry Kassie). I was also a little taken aback by Rafe blurting out he loves Hope (yikes – a little too soon guy), but hey I’m still glued to my seat!

    • Yes, you know the storms are brewing. 🙂 I agree with you, I’m glued to my seat! I don’t agree with all the decisions they are making but I do love that they obviously have a clear plan and are executing it with conviction. Last week I was worrying that after the Bo story wrapped up there really wasn’t much to take its place, but they have already got me intrigued with some new stuff. So that’s reassuring.

      LOL, agree Chad deserves one of Alice’s donuts!

  3. I was disappointed with the whole Ava thing and was also wondering if they were trying to pair Joey with her. They keep reminding us he is only 16 so that is not only eww, but illegal! I can see her bringing Steve and Kayla back together just to make it more devasting when she drops the inevitable bombshell, whatever that may be, that will cause them to separate again. Something that I am sure our beloved Patch did and felt it best to not tell his Sweetness in order to protect her, which ALWAYS gets him in trouble!! The whole Ava thing was already done last time around. I thought that the only reason Ava was that crazy was because her father was medicating her? If her father is dead, then what’s making her crazy all over again?? I would have much rather have seen them bring back Britta! I mean, especially with mentioning her name and having Claudia pretend to be her daughter to help capture Bo. It would have been interesting to see that this all ties in somehow. And speaking of Bo, I hope that they fill us in on what Bo meant when he told Steve ” in the end, you know what to do.” Was that supposed to mean about getting his family back?? Nevertheless, I am loving the Steve and Kayla reunion!!

    • I am pretty worried that she will go to Steve for help and he won’t tell Kayla because he doesn’t want to “worry” her. Ugh.

      I hope Ava’s plan, whatever it is, is more interesting than her just wanting Steve back. Sigh. I don’t know. I’m trying to just enjoy the good but I admit I’m feeling a strong sense of dread at the same time.

      I’ve seen people suggest that a child by Britta from the early 80s would be a decent long lost child story. But that’s obviously not in the offing (which is fine!). I will be upset if Ava has a child. I’ve seen some speculation in that direction. I hope that’s not the case.

      I think Bo meant be there for Kayla, but I’m not 100% sure.

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