Safe and sound



I really loved the fakeout with the shadow ominously appearing over the baby, and then this happy reunion! Look at the expression on the baby’s face! “Mommy!” Give that little guy an Emmy.

(I kind of wanted Abby run off to breastfeed the baby, like, right now. It’s been how many hours? But I suppose that would have been a little too much realism for Days. I’m actually amazed that they mentioned breastfeeding at all. When Abby was pleading for her life because she was the only one who could feed the baby … yup, that still gets me where I live.)

This episode was good but felt a little bit too jam-packed. I would have liked to see Abby’s statement about the murders put off for tomorrow. Regardless, it was very satisfying to have the truth come out and see the officers reacting. I particularly liked when Abby said, “Didn’t I tell you?” about Ben’s motives. She is really at the end of her rope.

It was a curious moment when Abby said she “always” knew there was something off about Ben. I guess we started to see it as time went on, but as you all know I spent a lot of time complaining about how happy she was with him.

This shot:


put me in mind of this famous final shot, from Psycho:


Complete with the blanket! Deliberate or not?

Cute guys with babies — can never get enough of this:


I haven’t commented on Hope the past few days, mostly because I think I need a break. I think she has been on every day for about four weeks. I loved the set (or location?) where she brought Dr. Malcolm, and I kind of love how the actor looks like a bit of a schlub. Nice casting against type. I liked how he was taunting her for moving on, which of course is why she is so hellbent on this revenge kick. But I’m kind of ready for her to dial it down a little. She seems to be headed for something worse than a breakdown, and I’m not sure what.

Chase and Ciara: I am warming up to both of them, but I feel they too, have been on every day or nearly every day. I didn’t feel anything particularly new happened today, so I would rather have used the airtime to check in with a different story.

I knew Eduardo’s “international security” business was going to turn into something! This has to be connected to the ISA, or at least John’s story, in some way. Excited to see where it goes.

I’m going to pretend that Kate and Eddy aren’t happening. Such an awkward conversation … did you know your grandaughter is my great-granddaughter? Oh, and your son and I had a … connection. Nope. No thank you.



12 thoughts on “Safe and sound

  1. I loved how cute Chad looked holding that baby. Then when him and JJ laughed when the baby smile, cute boys. I too was happy that the baby was found quickly.

    I was never a big fan of Rafe, but since I’ve started watching again I have loved him. I didn’t like him with Sami and that maybe more about Sami than Rafe. He was really good with Chase today. He’s been the cop with the brain for the Neck Tie murders and the sane partner for Hope. I didn’t see any of his other pairing which I’m glad about now. I kinda of would be ok with Hope with him, but they need to take it slow. They need to let Hope grieve, not just go through vengeance then be ok, but really grieve for Bo.

    Also, I love A Martinez, but I really don’t like Kate and her “love” life. I feel she’s the town mattress. I don’t want A with her. Not sure who I would like him with, but not Kate, but I guess that’s the way they seem to be going. Oh well, It’s good to watch him though. I always enjoy him in anything he does.

    • I am becoming more open to the idea of Rope too. I just want them to slow down a little. And I don’t want them to make Rafe all about Hope, either. They’ve been doing a good job up until now showcasing him as an investigator and showing him with his family. Let’s keep that up.

      I am excited to watch A no matter what, but I’d much rather see him reconnect with Eve than see him with Kate. I sometimes enjoy Kate as the smart businesswoman who doesn’t take any crap, but I don’t really want to see any stories about her love life.

  2. That last shot of Ben was a total Psycho homage (or rip-off LOL). I immediately thought the same thing. Nice job by RSW playing “dissociated” Ben. Fake out? I’m thinking maybe. Setting himself up for an “insanity defense.” Maybe Belle can represent him! I actually thought that shot should have been the ending shot of the episode, right after the baby/mama reunion.

    Did they purposely not tell Abby they had the baby, so they could “surprise” her at the hospital? I would have killed them! Good drama though. πŸ™‚

    I’m so glad they went the “finding the baby” route. What a relief, and a beautiful moment for JJ, Chad and especially Abby. Great job by KM playing that moment. And beautiful bably (though by no means a premie!)

    I need a break from Hope right now too. It’s been such a whirlwind. Getting married, getting attacked, getting Bo back, losing Bo, psycho Hope. Whew. I get that this is leading us into another story, and possibly into Rope, but it’s getting to be a bit much all at once. Looks like we are in for more as well. I think Kristen has been on every day for a month!

    A Martinez is such a star! HIs acting his effortless as always. I too don’t like the idea of him with Kate (will someone cut that green streak out of her hair!!!), but I’ll take A any way I can get him. I’m totally thinking ISA too. We know they aren’t afraid to threaten their own people to force them into doing their bidding. It sort of gives an explanation for the broken families too. I’m hoping throwing him into John’s story will make John’s “searching for my past (again!)” more interesting. And as I’ve said before, I need to see him and SN in some scenes together.

    Not much movement other than finding the baby. I loved Rafe’s scene with Chase. And Chase trying to kiss Ciara and her being SO taken aback was kind of humorous in a very teenage way. I’m interested to see where they go with the kids, but I’d like it if they bring more of them into it. I’m sure that’s coming.

    I’m jonesing for some Steve and Kayla! They were on every day last week. Hopefully tomorrow. I still think the way they distribute the stories could be better. I think the balance is a little off there, but overall I’m really excited to watch every day.

    • LOL at them purposefully not telling Abby so they could surprise her — in real life, they get a smack on the side of the head for that. In soap world, it’s all good. πŸ™‚

      I liked Rafe’s scenes with Chase too. Rafe was always really sweet to Will when Will was a teenager.

      I’m excited to see Eduardo interacting with John too!

  3. I am very glad that the baby was found. I was afraid we were going to have some stranger find the baby and spend months looking for him and it gave me flashbacks to Kim and Shane searching for Andrew. I need to go back and check but it seemed like that kid was gone for nearly a year. I guess Chad found the baby? I was hoping it would be JJ. Since the baby wasn’t screaming I am going to guess someone gave that kid some formula and he is no longer starving to death.

    I loved Rafe today. He was great with Chase but shouldn’t he have told Chase that Aiden wasn’t the necktie killer after all? I think that might make the kid feel a little better. I think I could use a little break from Hope and Ciara. I think it was too soon for Chase to try to kiss Ciara too. He should have just taken her hand and held it and then they could have let us see she was viewing it one way while he was reading more into it. I am not sure if Chase sent Theo that text or if maybe it was Claire. I guess it could also be somehow related to Ava setting up Joey or something. It also hit me that Lani might not be as sweet as she appears and she might be responsible but seeing everything she was involved in around the time of the text that wouldn’t seem likely.

    I hope the show starts to balance out storylines now that they seem to be setting up more of them. But I am not sure I am ready for Eddy and Kate. I think the pairing of AM and LK should work …but I just can’t stomach Kate. I am somehow hoping when it comes out that Ben was the necktie killer she will somehow feel responsible given her role with Clyde and Jordan is probably what led to Ben still living in Salem. Maybe she will hit rock bottom and somehow reform herself…but I doubt it. When she said her son had a room upstairs was that a reference to Phillip? Lucas doesn’t live at a hotel does he?

    • Baby Andrew was gone waaaay too long in my opinion. I don’t think it was quite a year but it felt like it. πŸ™‚

      I was assuming it was JJ who found the baby, but I suppose it could have been either. I’m glad they were both there to see Abby get her baby back. Such a sweet scene.

      I am hoping that there will be a big scene where Rafe will tell Chase and Hope that Aiden was not the necktie killer. When he talked to Chase the first time he had no details, so I can kind of understand holding off. But if they just brush by this important detail I’ll be very upset.

      I thought she was talking about Lucas but who knows? I too hope that we get to see her reaction to finding out Ben is the necktie killer. I want this to be big news.

  4. I surprised myself when I got chills during the scene in the hospital with Abby reuniting with the baby. I’m with you, the baby alone hit me hard and I got that phantom boob pain that comes from hearing a hungry baby cry. πŸ™‚ The male actors have gotten a lot of the credit for the story, but Kate Mansi playing a new mom desperate to protect her baby has been a knock-out.

    I keep hoping that they tie all the big bad guy stories together–whomever kidnapped Bo is in league with Ava in some way and is connected to John’s past (with the obvious culprit being Andre.) The best part of Bo coming back was him teaming up with Steve. I need more of that, as opposed to Hope as vigilante. And if they put Rafe in that mix, I wouldn’t be disappointed. Maybe I’ll never be able to break myself of the 80s story structure when every clue was carefully placed to set up a big adventure, but I hate it when things are resolved quickly or not at all.

    nuCiara grew on me a bit during her scenes with Bo and Theo, but her reaction to Chase kissing her yesterday was just terrible. It seems like Chase may have some shades of his dad in him. I think I’m in for that.

    • “Phantom boob pain” — LOL, Andrea!

      I am hoping that all this ISA stuff is going to tie together too, maybe with Ava and the Dimera story too. I have learned to keep my expectations low in terms of mystery/adventure stories, regarding the plot elements. Even back in the 80’s-90’s these stories didn’t make a whole lot of sense. Alamania, Cruise of Deception … Stockholm is a gold standard, and even that had its holes and inconsistencies. But this team has raised my expectations a bit, by doing a good job with the serial killer story.

      I think they just need to back off a little with nuCiara and stop having her on every day. They did a really good job with Joey, introducing him but keeping him as a supporting player. Ciara has been asked to carry scenes a lot and I don’t think she’s quite ready.

  5. I caught the Psycho thing, too. Felt deliberate and interesting, and honestly not like something Days often takes the time to bother with. Very chilling.

    I’m really glad they resolved the baby thing. It would’ve been torturous to watch. I suspected they’d go for a touching Christmas reunion, but I’m FINE with this!

  6. I know we have been laughing at the giant premature baby, but the reality is, there is no way they could have used a real premature baby in these scenes. Giving “birth” to and then holding an an obvious fake “baby” just looks so silly and decreases the emotional impact – remember when Hope had Ciara? I would rather the show uses a real baby than a fake one any day.

    I am getting very tired of this Manic Hope, even though I do think KA is knocking it out of the park. It is just too much violence and anger, while her child is left alone to try to figure out how to cope with her loss. It it December even in Salem – I know her arms are awesome, but how about a shirt with sleeves? Just saying…

    As for Eduardo, I do love A Martinez and hope that Kate is not in his future. Perhaps Eduardo has worked with Steve in the ISA? We need more Steve! Sorry – I’m a little light headed in anticipation of tomorrow’s episode πŸ™‚ S&K 4ever

    • I am fine with the huge baby. πŸ™‚ I agree that a small bundle of rags has nowhere near the same impact, and in fact would have detracted from the suspense. I was so aware all through this that the baby was there and could be hurt. It kept me on the edge of my seat.

      Hope’s shirtsleeves are bugging me too. Someone needs to wrap a metallic blanket around her, like they finally did with Abby. πŸ™‚

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