That was one of the most harrowing hours of television I have ever watched.


This final shot …

When Ben started arranging those pillows around the baby, all my mom-senses started activating. And then when he walked out and closed the door, I actually said, “NO BEN YOU ARE NOT LEAVING THAT BABY ALONE.” (Yes, this definitely calls for all caps.)

When Ben and Lani showed up in Salem, I thought, this means an hour has gone by (they said last week Mammoth Falls is an hour from Salem). Then when Abby and Chad arrived too, I thought, there’s another hour. A newborn, a preemie, alone that long! I was so jumpy I could hardly concentrate on the other storylines.

I’m worried that by the time they find out where Ben left the baby, someone else will have taken him. I can’t imagine the baby will die (Days has been dark, but that would be really dark), but I can definitely see someone else finding the baby in the meantime and taking him away. I hope that doesn’t happen.

I did manage to focus on this very brief, but very welcome, Chabby moment:


I’m glad JJ got to be the one to capture Ben. I wish it had been Rafe with him instead of Lani. Maybe they decided to make it Lani, the rookie cop, to help explain bringing Ben back to Salem without finding out where Abby and the baby were. But then I have to remember nobody knew that Ben was really much of a threat at all; it was supposed to be routine “check-in” (come to think of it, what charge was Lani arresting him for? Breaking into the midwife’s office?)

I am honestly in awe of how skillfully the show wrought my nerves up to to fever pitch. The clock ticking for the baby all alone, coupled with Ben’s apparent craziness, means there is no easy, straightforward resolution in store for us. I was honestly weeping at Abby’s distress, and then doubly so at how she pulled herself together to go talk to him. Her baby’s life depends on her being able to get through to a crazy person. Or an evil person feigning being crazy. Or a bit of both.


(Who wanted Hope there channeling her craziness into this interrogation?)

Screencaps: Forever SAFE


7 thoughts on “Alone

  1. It was a very intense episode. I was confused about why they were all heading back to Salem. Abby needed to go to the hospital and of course they need to find the baby but I guess Lani was already heading back to Salem with Ben before JJ got to Abby and Chad and found out she had already had the baby. I thought it would have worked better to have Rafe go to Mammoth Falls instead of the others coming back to Salem but I guess he needed to be in Salem because of Hope. Anyway I really have no clue how they are going to play out the rest of the story with finding the baby but I don’t feel like he is going to die. Of course we still need to find out who the father is.

    • I was a little jarred by all the running back to Salem too. I guess they wanted to use those sets instead of having to make new sets for Mammoth falls hospital, police station, etc. LOL.

      I was thinking all of this would lead to the baby being kidnapped, and then when they finally found him there would be a health crisis that would lead to the baby’s paternity coming out. But now I think they will let the paternity question rest for a bit while Abby wrestles with her baby having a serial killer father.

  2. I don’t even have kids and my uterus was screaming. That was really intense. I too kind of wish it had been Rafe with JJ, but really only because I don’t think the actress who plays Lani is very good. I thought Galen would have brought more to the action, but I did like the fact that JJ was there, and got in a good punch too!

    RSW, KM and BF continue to be a great team in this storyline. Crazy, dissociated Ben, desperate brave Abby, and Hero Chad! Loved it. Were there even any other stories on yesterday? LOL.

    I don’t think the baby will die either, but I’m not sure if they draw this out and have someone else come in and take the baby, or they find him right away and he has complications that eventually lead us to find out that Chad is the father. I’m thinking 50/50 either way. I could see Days having the baby returned as a “Christmas miracle,” but I’m not sure I can stand it as a viewer. I’m hoping they find him.

    On another note, is Chase going to be a little jealous psycho, or did someone else send Theo that mean text? I have a young cousin with autism, and that struck me to the bone. The scenes prior were so sweet, with both Ciara and Chase (he totally has a crush) and Ciara and Theo (ditto). I’m thinking it wasn’t really Chase, but he will be accused.

    Hope? I dunno. I’m getting a little tired of her psycho act at this point. I think I’d rather see some real grieving, but that’s just me…

    • I wonder about Chase. I kind of think he will be unfairly suspected of harassing Theo. Part of the whole “is he bad like his father” story. But it will turn out to be someone else. And yes, that was awful. I agree it looks like both Theo and Chase will have crushes on Ciara. Theo is a little cutie – I already know who I’m rooting for, LOL.

  3. I was so stressed out by the end of the hour. That was very well done. At first I thought it was cheap that Chad and Abigail escaped so quickly, but it made sense to move on to more gut-wrenching drama. We knew they weren’t going to burn to death in that bed. Someone HAS to find that baby in there, right…?

    • I think they could have drawn out the escape from the fire and still done the baby part of the story. But maybe I just like being tortured. 🙂 The baby being alone was such gut-wrenching drama. I thought it was really creative too. I don’t remember ever seeing that particular “baby in jeopardy” scenario.

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