Saved by the bell

Last weekend we looked at a cute scene for JnJ, how about one for Steve and Kayla?

This actually marks the beginning of one of my favorite stretches for Steve and Kayla, from the end of Stockholm to New Years Eve. A little bit of angst, a little bit of plot, but mostly two people growing closer and enjoying getting to know each other better.

And being sexy. Did I mention sexy?

Saved by the bell

What really makes this scene is Stephen and Mary Beth and the way they play off of one another. Simple lines like “I guess they don’t heat the hallway, huh?” and “Is that what you wanted to ask me?” become flirtatious banter.

What I love most, of course, is the exchange about the towel. The look on Kayla’s face after she says, “Do whatever you want” — how she’s daring him.  But later, when he goes to answer the phone, the look drops away, and we see she was a little overwhelmed. Steve’s line, “Saved by the bell, baby,” shows that he knew it too.

On a side note, Roman and Marlena are really cute in the next scene. “Lousy timing is about four and a half minutes ago.” Hee!


9 thoughts on “Saved by the bell

  1. From Stockholm to New Years Eve was my favorite time for S&K. These were the episodes I kept and watched over and over. After months of one step forward-two steps back we finally started gaining some forward momentum. They were finally at a point of really beginning to trust each other and it gives them both a little more confidence so we see more overt flirting from both of them.

    • I love it too, and its such a relief sometimes to get a break from the angst. I love angst, though, don’t get me wrong. 🙂 But I am looking forward to revisiting this time.

  2. Ah what they do best! I love this scene! And this period is my favorite as well. This is more like pull/pull than push/pull. They’re starting to realize that this actually maybe BE something (even Steve who has always been the more resistant one), but now they start to test the boundaries and move closer (achingly slowly). MBE is at her cute best here, flirty and adorable, and Stephen overtly sexy and playful with her in a way he hadn’t been until now. This build up to their first “stand alone’ story was probably the golden time for Steve and Kayla, still discovering each other and falling in love. And so much more goodness to come!

    • Agree it’s what they do best. I heard recently (I think at the brunch) that a Days producer from the 80’s told them that “It’s not what you’re saying, it’s the connection between the characters” and I see that everywhere in their performances. Of course the writing is there too, but they make the most of even the more mundane dialogue.

  3. I love this part of the story. Steve and Kayla are getting to know each other and just having fun spending time together. I love my angst, but this was very nice because it seemed more like real-life dating instead of “Salem dating.”

  4. […] Last year I started a rewatch of Steve and Kayla’s first run, and then I let it slip through the cracks. I think now is a perfect time to pick up that thread again. I left them in Stockholm with the omelet dinner and what happened afterwards. My last post was on this adorable scene. […]

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