Home sweet home

I am ridiculously excited that Doug and Julie are buying the Martin house and turning it into a B&B. Finally, Doug and Julie will have a place to live! And, we’ll have a place for visitors to stay other than the Salem Inn. And best of all, we’ll get to keep the Martin house set!


Only one guest, and the police haul him away. I hope Julie got payment up front!

I want to be interested in this plot of Sami stealing all of Stefano’s money. Right now it’s too much about someone who is not on the canvas, but I think I’ll get interested in it as others get involved, like Belle today. I am cautiously liking bitchy Belle.


Did I mishear? Did Belle say to the CPA lady she might be “disbarred”? Is she a lawyer now?

I don’t know if I’ve ever seen someone on a soap have extended flashbacks to herself worrying about someone, like Jen did today. That was … strange.

I am still loving Chad/Ben/Abby.


Poor Chad lost his second fight with Ben. I am fine with Abby’s caution about confronting or attacking Ben directly, since she just gave birth and has the baby to worry about (and what a cute baby!):


But she better knock Ben on the head tomorrow.

Go, JJ and Lani!





8 thoughts on “Home sweet home

  1. I was shocked to hear Belle say she could be disbarred. She was last on screen in 2010? I don’t even think she had been to college. But I guess when all your days are a million hours long and your kid has a rapidly aging syndrome that 5 years is long enough to go to college and law school. It does fill a void with Aiden dead and Justin becoming the DA. Now I am curious to see what Shawn Douglas does for a living. And I don’t know who the CPA lady was but she is supposed to be an old friend of Sami’s so I am glad she mentioned Jamie. (Jamie was Sami’s best friend when she was a bratty teen. And the actress who played her is the one Robert Kelker Kelly got involved with. He was almost 40 and she was 18…maybe even younger when it started…lol.) I just like it when they mention old, long forgotten characters and plots. It shows someone has done their homework.

    They are going to need to shift the focus off of Sami very soon if they want me to care about any this. And I wonder if there will ever be another mention of Abby’s old nanny or Abby inheriting that land Stefano was so eager to get his hands on?

    Why on earth did Chad go after Abby and Ben without a gun? He knows Ben is the killer and that Ben beat him into a coma last time he confronted him! He is definitely not ready for the hero role.

    Doug and Julie opening the Bed and Breakfast in the mansion seems like a good fit for Salem but wow that happened fast. I guess that is why they missed Bo’s funeral.

    • That’s very cool that Jamie was really Sami’s best friend. I love those name checks and specific history references.

      I had heard about the scandal with RKK and a young actress. They got married, didn’t they?

      All I can say about Chad is maybe all the talk about how there’s nothing to worry about got to him, so he underestimated the danger. But it does make him look a bit dumb. It would have been better if he’d brought a gun, but in a struggle with Ben he dropped it and it slid under the bed or something.

      LOL at Belle’s schooling. Yes, I think that sums it up. SORASed college and law school. 🙂

  2. The thing about Belle being disbarred was so random. Wasn’t she in nursing school when she left Salem? Let’s see if she can manage to be a worse lawyer than Sami’s other sister…

    I really wish Abby had put the baby down and conked Ben over the head with a frying pan or something. She had ample opportunity.

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