Words fail

“I rented an SUV, in case anyone needs a ride to the … ”


Whoever wrote and directed today’s episode did a wonderful job allowing scenes to unfold silently, letting actors do their work without any dialogue. This was most noticeable in Bo’s funeral scenes, which I thought were lovely. There has been a lot of talk about Bo over the last few weeks. Today not much needed to be said. We could look into their faces and see exactly how they felt  – especially Hope. Her silent exchange of looks with ghost Bo, followed by that almost diabolical stare at the camera (complete with a little eyebrow raise) told us everything we needed to know.


Another scene that needed very few words was the moment with Steve and Kayla by Bo’s grave. We saw how they felt — their sadness, their comfort in each other’s presence — before they spoke. But their words sealed their reconciliation, with just a simple exchange: I’m on my own. You don’t have to be.


My heart melted, too, in their earlier scene when Steve said “I need you today.” Ah, I love these two. They do so much with so little.

I’m intrigued by what Hope is going to find in her investigation. When Rafe came in and started playing good cop, it was so perfect I thought at first it was pre-arranged. But I love that it wasn’t. We could already guess that Hope’s thirst for vengeance would cost her family. What’s interesting is that she’s also getting in her own way. Rafe was far more effective with Claudia than she was, and I liked how Kristian played that awareness even though there was nothing in the dialogue.

The Abby/Ben scenes were extremely effective ratcheting up of tension through visual details like Ben holding the gun along with the baby. I particularly liked his discussion of why he liked the name “Colin” – so classy! The show (and Rob Wilson) are doing such a good job making Ben recognizably human, with little quirks and preferences, as well as a chillingly believable murderer. It makes him scarier.

Then, just as Ben was ready to kill Abby … Chad burst in, finally! Another scene with no words …


…but this look on Abby’s face! She was so happy to see him. So am I, Abby, so am I!


11 thoughts on “Words fail

  1. This episode was oddly lacking in must-have characters. No Doug/Julie, Jennifer and whatever of her family are in town ,ie JJ, um, nephew Eric, really, we could not get Kim and Shane for one day? Um, cousin Justin and oh Steve’s sister? I read Kurth and Evans have been removed from contract..also odd to me at this time with Steve just returning. Tossing in three extras in the role of nameless cops is not a substitute. That being said, the S&K scenes were wonderful. Thank God Chad showed up, I’m beyond over the repetitive dialogue between Abby and Psycho Ben. End this.

    • I agree that it makes sense for those people to be there, and it’s too bad they can’t have everyone. I just can’t get too worked up about those things, because I know it’s a money issue. It doesn’t make sense for the show to pay everyone to sit there and say nothing. Now, you can take that too far and it becomes silly and pathetic, but I think the show has struck a decent balance for the most part.

      I agree it would have been nice to see Kim. Patsy Pease is obviously open to doing short returns and this would have been a good time for it. I’m glad they at least mentioned her.

      Wally Kurth tweeted that he’s still in town and still the DA, just recurring now instead of contract. I hope Judi Evans is the same. Still waiting for that Steve/Adrienne scene …

  2. To me, it made perfect sense that the moment of reconciliation for Steve & Kayla came here. Not out of any danger or tension, but out of the recognition (in grief) that they love and need each other. Bravo. I’m sure there is plenty of trouble to come, but I loved that moment by Bo’s grave. I love how Steve is so unrestrained in his emotion,in his tears. It’s why I fell in love with him in the first place. I wonder if the reconciliation means Kayla finally gets a house :).

    Despite any missing cast, I thought Bo’s funeral was just enough – I didn’t need to see a long dragged out thing. Highlighting just the family, then Hope, at Bo’s coffin was perfect for me. We’ve had so much grief lately. This was just the cap on what was a great ending for a great character. And our last glimpse of Bo, I believe. I wish I had that eyebrow thing Kristian has going – can’t do it to save my life.

    I also liked the scene with Chase and Ciara by Aiden’s grave. Nice moment between the two of them. I liked Chase’s reluctance to attend the funeral (for obvious reasons) and his capitulation finally to support Ciara. I could seen a teen romance developing between them – but we’ll see.

    Caroline doing the shot was a lot of fun. I love her. I loved the line about Bo living his life like he wanted to, and that it should be celebrated. I also like that Rafe called Hope out on not attending the wake, and the fact that her family is worried about her. I assume that Rafe is going to go along with Hope on this ride to vengence, and continue to try and be the voice of reason. I hope so at least. I’m warming to the idea of an eventual romance between them. IF they take it slowly.

    And FINALLY CHAD!!!! Great cliff-hanger to the ep. RSW was totally freaking me out today with the baby and the gun. I’m glad Chad found them, but it’s going to push Ben right over the edge. Abby is holding on to her life by a thread (when was the last time breast-feeding saved someone!), and now that Chad has showed, I’m sure Ben is going to decide he doesn’t need her after all (just get some formula man!). I thought both KM and RSW were the best they’ve been today. Every time Ben called Abby a slut or a whore I flinched. I’m going to be sorry to see him go (and I never thought I would say that when I first tuned back in). I think he could get an Emmy nod for this.

    • I loved Caroline’s speech, which I forgot to mention in my post. It had more impact because we didn’t have ten other “this is what Bo meant to me” speeches. Those can be good, but with all the funerals we’ve had lately, I’m glad they skipped it.

      Abby pleading for her life based on breastfeeding was really heart-wrenching to me. It felt so real. I know this stuff has been dragged out a bit, but I am really invested in it. I was so excited when Chad burst in, though as Shea says below, why, oh, why didn’t he bring a weapon? Regardless, I’m beyond excited for today. This is great soap, the best.

      I liked Chase and Ciara’s conversation too. They are doing a good job using Aiden’s death to help us get to know nuChase. I am mostly excited about what we might find out about Aiden’s wife, and how that will affect Chase.

  3. Confession: Steve and Kayla were never my favorite couple. I remember liking parts of their first run, but I preferred Roman and Diana at the time. I realize that I’m in an extremely small minority there. I have to say that over the past few weeks, they have been one of my absolute favorite parts of the show. I love the way that the show is slowly bringing them back together, I love the balance of banter and really heavy emotional scenes, and I love how natural the actors are together.

    Another surprise for me over the past few weeks is how much I’ve enjoyed Jason Cook as Shawn. I remember enjoying him and KIrsten Storms together, but he’s really matured into a great actor. He has such natural chemistry with his costars. I’ll be sad to see him go as I’ve never been particularly impressed with Brandon Beemer.

    And finally, I’m with Denise and her enthusiasm for the return of Chad. I’m ready for him to be frontburner again.

    • No worries about Steve and Kayla — hey, we all have our favorites! 🙂 And I agree that the writing has been so much better for them, especially compared to 2006 – it makes me want to weep with gratitude. For me, a good story will make me enjoy any couple or character, whether I’ve liked them in the past or not.

      I liked Jason Cook this time around too (I loved his beard, too, so Bo-like), and I’m sad that it looks like Brandon Beemer is coming back. He thought he was really wooden and one-dimensional in his last run (it doesn’t help that he reminds me of Jack #2). But I heard he did a good job on another soap he was on, so maybe he’ll be better with better writing.

  4. Joey was also missing from the funeral and it felt weird since all the other teens were there.

    There was one moment that I felt was strange and it just screamed contractual obligation! That was when Marlena commented to Victor about how sweet the service was and gave her condolences. It totally felt like they were required to give her a line but I don’t get wasting it on Victor. Have her comforting Roman! Roman is the new Kayla….back in the day she had no one worrying about and taking care of her so Steve stepped up…now Roman has nobody and it would have made perfect sense to have his ex-wife trying to offer some support. Unless they are afraid the John and Marlena crazies would flip out…hell give her her one line of dialogue with John and have her tell him that the two of them should check on Roman and show them go over to him in the background! Why give her a throw away line and waste it on Victor? I know I am nitpicking again but those little things are just glaring omissions to me….like not giving Steve and Adrienne some kind of interaction!

    They did so many things beautifully yesterday. What we saw of Bo’s service was simple and understated but clearly shows the characters grieving. The scene with Chase at Aiden’s grave was a great addition and of course Steve and Kayla reconnecting over Bo’s death was incredible.

    I am so glad Chad finally showed up. Ben was creepier than ever yesterday! The visual of him holding the baby and the gun was almost too much. Of course I don’t suppose Chad took the time to pick up a weapon anywhere along the way…amateur move. I am ready for Ben to die and that is all their is too it but I don’t think I will being my wish anytime soon.

    I am not sure I am going to enjoy watching what happens with Hope. It feels like it is heading to a really dark place and I am not sure if I am up for more of that right now.

    • I didn’t really notice that was Marlena’s only line (in fact, at the end of the episode I was wondering if she had any lines at all), but now that you mention it, it’s strange. Roman would have been a much better person for her to talk to.

      LOL at Chad’s amateur move. Let’s hope he can get Abby out of there. I am having a sinking feeling that Ben will get away with the baby. I hope I’m wrong.

      I am enjoying seeing Hope be angry and kickass (compared to the alternative) but I agree a big breakdown is probably inevitable. I also agree that it’s been hard, emotionally. There have been five deaths in two months and I am deathed out. Let’s take a break for awhile!

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