Own it

So, um, are we happy today?


What a welcome break from all the doom and gloom! It was an inspired choice to have Kayla (and Steve) get “woozy” from the chemicals, so they had a reason to be silly. Steve’s “scientific” explanation of the air sticking to the ceiling, his singing and harmonica playing, her dancing … eeee!

I loved when he was being so protective and preventing her from helping him clean the spilled chemicals, and he pushed her over the wall and called it the “Kayla zone.”


I especially loved their body language. Even at the beginning, the way they were passing the packages of paper back and forth showed them working together naturally as a team. Later, I loved the way Kayla shied away at first when Steve tried to put his jacket around her, but then softened and obviously enjoyed his touch. All that led very naturally into their kiss. I loved the starry-eyed look on her face right before their kiss.


They managed to throw in some meaty dialogue too, amidst the silliness. When Kayla told Steve he was a good harmonica player, and he said he had something to “fall back on,” that was the perfect opening for Kayla to needle him about his job. When he told her about Blackpatch, I loved the way she burst out laughing. And when she corrected him that it’s the “three” amigos, not two, and made him think of Bo, it was a jolting reminder of all the tragedy and sadness.

Outside, it was cute how he reassured her about the orderly and told her to “own it,” which is what she told him earlier about his harmonica playing. I love how they are showing the ice gradually melting between them, and how Stephen and Mary Beth are showing not only the tenderness but the happiness, the joy of being together.

We also saw that Joey is working with someone, and it’s gotta be Ava. I figured she was involved in all this somehow, but that was a possibility I hadn’t considered. I think it’s going to be interesting to see Ava using Joey. Didn’t Ava threaten Joey right after he was born? I know she was bitter about Kayla’s pregnancy. And now he’s sixteen and she won’t look a day older. Ha.

Let’s see, I guess there were some other storylines on today. JJ and Gabi were very cute, and actually had a normal young-person type conversation, instead of talking about their parents’ love lives.


I’m not sure what the conflict will be between them, but I think they have chemistry and I’m excited to see where it’s going. Brady was being a jerk haranguing Victor about Theresa when Victor was obviously grieving over Bo. Yes, Victor treated Theresa horribly, but Brady should have skipped the confrontation for another day.

He also seemed not a bit bothered by Bo’s death. He only brought up Bo to say that Bo would have been nicer to Theresa. Oh, and he mentioned that Bo was Theresa’s uncle, but neglected to mention that he was also his (Brady’s) uncle. Ew!


18 thoughts on “Own it

  1. I wished it didn’t have to be chopped up so much into so many segments, but it was still super good. I liked when he said something about a partner and she said “besides me” and the look he gave her. I’m not sure I understood the end of that segment when Steve hit fists with the orderly and slapped him on the shoulder. It looks like it was supposed to mean something, but I don’t really think so. It looks like Joey has cooked up more with Ava. That will be interesting.
    Victor has no heart at all. Now Brady is out of the house as well as Theresa and soon the baby. I’m not sure why Maggie loves that man. He certainly is not like Mickey was.

    • I agree with Denise that Steve was just being a guy, giving a fist bump because he was getting action in the supply closet. LOL. I think Stephen played it as Steve being just really happy, so it didn’t come off as smarmy. Just cute.

      I agree about Victor. It’s over the top. He should see he is just pushing Brady away. I would like to see the stakes raised a little bit. Brady is possibly being fired, but he has plenty of money for a townhouse. Theresa is being thrown out and doesn’t have a place to stay … for a few days, and then she has a big townhouse to move into. Let them actually have to scrape by for a bit — that would be funny. And we’d see how much Theresa still loves Brady when he’s not a meal ticket.

  2. I loved the S&K scenes. After all the sorrow and sadness for the past few weeks, it was nice to see them smiling and laughing (and making me laugh as well). Also, you can tell SN & MBE are such good friends off screen as well and that they enjoy working together.

    • Yes, they did so well with the humor but also made it feel real, it wasn’t too over the top (though it got close in spots). And yes, it’s so cute to see them bantering together in real life and in interviews. They make a great team.

  3. It’s so hard for me to care about any of the other stories when the writers focus on Steve and Kayla. I had to force myself not to ff through the other stuff! Flashbacks to drunk Kayla today yay! She is so damned cute. It was a welcome break today from all the grief, but I’m glad they did touch on it briefly in the Steve and Kayla scenes, because it felt very true. When you are grieving, any moment of lightness and laughter is so welcome. I liked that Kayla thanked Steve for that at the end. Very appropriate. I think the fist bumb was about Kayla being hot and Steve scoring in the closet LOL! Men.

    The thing about Joey working with Ava could be kind of brilliant. It depends on how they play it out. Is Ava really the one who scared Steve out of Africa? Is there any way she could be trying to help? Doesn’t she owe Kayla bigtime somehow? I didn’t see that part of the last run, so someone fill me in. I know she was being drugged right? If they handle it the right way, this could lead into a bigger story that really has nothing to do with Ava. We’ll see.

    I like JJ and Gabi’s chemistry. I think it’s great they are pulling Paul into the BB story as well. He’s charming. Give him something else to do besides hang around John and Marlena’s apartment.

    I liked the little scenes with Brady and Theresa at the end. Brady is very cute in teasing mode. Maybe we need some more of that build-up. I wish they hadn’t leapt back into bed together already. I feel like Victor and Anne were simply used as plot points today to throw Thrady together. I love Anne though. Wish they’d invest in her character a little bit more because she’s always terrific. Couldn’t we get her a romance?

    Daniel, Nicole and Finn – total snorefest. I hate him already. I don’t like smarmy. They need to show me another side of him STAT because my first impression is not good.

    • I was going to mention, but I forgot, that I have taken an instant dislike to Fynn. I’ve seen people calling him the “new Daniel” and I see it. At least Fynn is owning his womanizing ways, I suppose. I’ll try to keep an open mind, but something about him rubs me the wrong way. I’m seeing him put with Nicole, temporarily, and I’m not very happy about that.

      Personally, I think Anne is lesbian, in the closet and in love with Theresa. It might be a good story to have her come out. I could see an out lesbian character being added to the canvas, who calls Anne on her feelings for Theresa, and Anne finally admits it, and then finds love with the new character. I’d watch that. 🙂 But I wouldn’t want it to detract from her wisecracking ways.

      It would be interesting to have Ava not be evil this time, but I don’t see what the conflict is if she’s not. It’s true that she was semi-reformed by the time she left last time – her bad behavior was all explained by “IT WAS THE DRUGS!” When her return was first announced, I hoped it was just to beef up the females in that age group. But it sure looks like she’s back to cause trouble for Steve and Kayla, so she almost has to be at least a little bit evil. We’ll see.

  4. Yes, Steve and Kayla were completely over the top silly and the locked in the closet routine is a total cliche but I loved every bit of it! It worked perfectly as a lighthearted, sweet moment and the show has seriously been lacking in lighthearted, sweet moments lately. The line about the 3 amigos was perfect to show us that even in this silly little situation they had not forgotten about Bo’s death. That along with Kayla thanking Steve at the end helped to balance things out a bit. I have no clue how or why Ava would be involved with helping Joey get his parents back together so i admit I am slightly intrigued but I still have this sense of dread about the who thing.

    Brady and Teresa had a light fun moment too and that is exactly what I want to see from them. Give them more banter and let things be playful for a bit. Brady’s way to serious most of the time so she could balance him out a bit if they give us this bantering and fun vibe for a while.

    Is it just me or is Victor just a hell of a lot meaner than usual? Yes, Brady is being an idiot but Victor is really grating on my nerves with this mean and hateful act. I wish they would use Maggie to balance him out a bit. I would like to see it be a bit like on GH…the Quartermaine family is a dysfunctional mess but eons ago when Alan cheated on Monica for the hundredth time he tried to make things up to her by giving her the house. So Monica (who is generally the most sane and stable member of the family) owns the mansion and whenever one of the many people living there would get out of line she would use the fact that it was HER house to get them back in line. I would like to see Maggie have a bit of that dynamic to keep Victor from acting like such an ass.

    It also occurs to me that instead of using Bo’s death to prop up Teresa to Victor, Brady should have been reminding Victor that Teresa is Caroline’s granddaughter and Caroline would not like the way Victor is treating Teresa. Also instead of declaring how much Teresa has changed he should just be giving her credit for staying sober and working to get her life back on track and talking about how important second chances are. I think more people would be willing to give Thrady a chance if they were taking that approach instead.

    Yes the pacing is still driving me nuts but the other issue plaguing the show is lack of balance. Tuesday felt like fluff in the middle of everything else we have been seeing. I don’t get why they could break up some of this stuff instead of giving us a full day of fluff. Let the S&K closet stuff air with the Abby and Ben stuff and let the Basic Black and JJ and Gabi stuff air on the same day we see Hope falling apart. I hope this issue gets better because they are getting so many other things right!

    I can see some fast forwarding in my future with Daniel/Nicole and Finn….yawn.

    • I feel a lot of dread too about what Ava is up to. I am guessing that she is helping him with this to gain his trust so he can keep using him to interfere with Steve and Kayla in other, not so nice ways. It would be ambiguous enough so Joey wouldn’t know what he was doing, of course. Or, she just plans to kidnap him or something. Anyway, I see Joey being a big player in this, which I wasn’t expecting and I admit, is intriguing.

      You make an excellent point that Caroline would be a much better person to bring up. She was close with Theresa (I don’t think Bo knows her at all!), and obviously Victor cares for Caroline very much. Besides it would dodge the whole “double uncle” thing. 🙂

      The balance issue is a problem because we haven’t seen some of the “C” stories enough to get invested in them. They needed to showcase Basic Black a little bit more through October and November, so there was a bigger thread to pick up. It feels now that they are starting with a situation, not a story. Hopefully it will be a story soon. I admit my own enthusiasm for it has gone way down now that I don’t think Eric will be working there. But, I still think it has potential.

  5. Well I got my 13 year old daughter to start watching and she watched it without me yesterday and then deleted from the DVR! So glad I got the recap but would have loved to see silly and cute S&K

    And she likes JJ and Gabi and the Abby/Ben/Chad story but doesn’t care about anyone else!!

    • Dawn, I’ll email you a link to the scenes on YouTube. 🙂

      So funny about your daughter! I think my 10 year old would be a total shipper if I let her watch. She walked in once and saw Eric and said “Is he the one in love with Nicole or the one in love with Abby?” She likes the handsomest men and wants them to get their women!

  6. >Didn’t Ava threaten Joey right after he was born? I know she was bitter about Kayla’s pregnancy.

    Ava kidnapped Hope thinking she was Kayla, and she was going to keep her until she gave birth so she (Ava) could steal Steve’s baby. But by the time Joey was born, she had detoxed from the crazy pills and was no longer a threat to him. I’m hoping that the history comes into play a little!

    Loooved yesterday! I think they are doing a great job right now of showing Steve and Kayla genuinely reconnecting without fixing every single thing between them first. It seems like a good way to go with a veteran couple.

    I totally agree about Anne being in love with Theresa… it’s the only explanation I can see for how she acts. I have mixed feelings about seeing it play out, because she’s pretty awful and it plays into some tropes about lesbians that Days would probably be better staying away from. But I’ve been thinking that for a while, too!

    • You know, the lesbian angle didn’t even occur to me, but it makes perfect sense. I’d love to see a lesbian couple on the show. I don’t even know if there is one on daytime (?) I’m also wondering if they will invest in a love interest for Paul. Since he mentioned Dario the other day, though not by name, I wondered about that. They were roommates. Maybe there was something there? We need someone for Paul, too. I think having a gay son would be an interesting thing for A. Martinez’s character to play out, and throwing Dario and Paul together would put A. in John’s realm. I also wonder if Eddie, with his background in Security, might end up as a part of “Black Patch.” I would love to see A. and Stephen working together!

      • I posted on here a while ago that I thought Anne and Kate needed to hook up. Kate’s been through every man in town so if they want me to care about her at all then they need to try something new.

        I brought up the Dario/Paul possibility a day or two ago but because I have never seen Dario on the show I had no clue what the previous character was like. This is a recast so I guess anything is possible.

        I can’t wait to see more of A Martinez and I would rather see him interacting with Steve and John than with Kate. I am also excited about Vincent Irizarry coming on board. I understand he is going to be evil and that could be fun.

    • Anne does play into some stereotypes about lesbians. What she reminds me of more than anything are the wisecracking female sidekick characters from old 40’s movies, often played by Eve Arden. Lots of jokes about being desperate to find a man, but awfully attached to the heroine of the movie. In queer film studies they tag these types of women as coded lesbians. I think they could do good a coming out story for Anne, but chances are it would get short shrift since she’s not a major player. So it’s probably better they don’t attempt it.

  7. I actually can think of one for JJ & Gabi. Gabi is basically as single mother with her considering Sonny as much of Ari’s father was Will. JJ is a couple of years younger then Gabi, Both have said they don’t want anything serious yet but with the involvement of two year old Ari, in the long run, serious might be hard to avoid. JJ’s struggled with drugs in the past, Gabi’s dealing with just getting out of prison and to deal with the fact that she committed a crime in self defense.

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