Cloud nine

Steve and Kayla were delightful today.



I loved the banter, when he teased her that she’s been on cloud nine since he’s been back, and she described all of his faults, winding up with how they could stage a fight and she would call him “a smug, arrogant son of a bitch.” It was a good choice by Stephen and Mary Beth to laugh all through it. It could easily have come off as too harsh.

It gave me warm fuzzies that Steve was following her as she was working. It reminded me of their dynamic at the old Emergency Center. But my absolute favorite line was when Steve told Kayla it was all right if she fell apart. That’s what I’ve been wanting to see — Steve being there for Kayla and putting her first.

It’s an interesting twist revealing Joey as the stalker, instead of Ava. That was a good fakeout. I am not sure it was all Joey (would he drug himself?), but we’ll see. Maybe he saw how the mysterious messages were bringing them closer and decided to jump on the bandwagon.

I think I might like bitchy Belle.


She was throwing shade at Sami for interrupting her conversation with a text. And surely she should be sympathizing with Sami who just lost her son? But I kind of loved it. I think it is just as logical for Belle to resent Sami for sucking up all the oxygen in the room, as it was for Sami to hate Belle (mostly Carrie, but Belle too) for being the perfect princess. And I was struck by the choice to show that Belle cheated on Shawn. They might be a sign they are picking up the “tarnished Belle” element from right before she left — when she cheated on Shawn with Phillip and was finally getting called out on her behavior.

I was on the edge of my seat with Abby and Ben, as usual, but I am more than ready for Chad to find her. Hurry, Chad!

A quick note on timing, always an amusing subject nowadays: it looked like people  were wearing the same clothes as on Thanksgiving. Kayla and Steve talked about his hangover from last night. But it didn’t seem to be Thanksgiving. Rafe was at work, the Brady pub was open for business again. I’m so confused!


16 thoughts on “Cloud nine

  1. Stephen and Marybeth continue to delight me. I loved their almost-bantery scene today. What was so fun, was the undercurrent there. Kayla does feel all those bad things about Steve, but Steve is correct, she is also really glad he’s back. They played the nuances of those emotions really well. Keeping it light, and almost flirty was a great way to go. I also love how he keeps getting in her way, trying to fluster her. I dig that Joey is behind trying to set them up, but I also think he’s not alone in this. I have a feeling we’ll discover that this week.

    I know almost nothing about the character of Belle, but I did like MM today in all of her scenes. She was really good with John and Marlena, and especially with Thaoo. There was almost a sexual tension to that scene that was creepy.

    I confess that I’m ready for Abby to be rescued. Both KM and RSW are really selling the material, but it’s time to add Chad into the mix. Ben has finally gone totally bananas (taking a baby out into a snow storm – and a woman who literally just gave birth!) and it’s time to get Abby the hell out of there.

    • Good point that Kayla does believe those things about Steve, but she’s on cloud nine too. Great dialogue there.

      I think that scene with Andre must be foreshadowing something. Maybe he thinks he can use Belle to get Sami to give up the money. I am open to Belle tangling with the Dimeras.

      All signs point to Chad finding Abby this week. I am sooo ready for that to happen!

  2. I guess Salem decided Thanksgiving is just a half day. Once again I don’t understand why they didn’t just change some clothes and Steve’s one line about being hungover and it could have been a new day. The Abby storyline is really the only reason not to do that. The Abby stuff while being edge of your seat suspenseful is in a way dragging the rest of the show down right now because of it. It’s the only reason we can’t let time pass the way it should and it’s driving me nuts. Even with it still being Thanksgiving I think Jennifer should have contacted Rafe to sound the alarm about Abby not being in touch. Let him open his scene on the show with a phone call from Jen (where we don’t even have to see or hear her) and magically she is a competent parent again. I feel like I had to see Abby chained to that bed for far too long and I am ready for it to be over with.

    When bitchy Belle came out my only thought was PLEASE do not try to turn her into Sami. They already tried to make Will into Sami and it failed miserably and basically got the character killed off of the show. I’m trying to keep an open mind about what will happen with Shawn and Belle but throwing Phillip back into the mix just seems like a mistake to me….just like bringing Ava back doesn’t feel right to me. Again, I am trying to keep an open mind…

    Steve and Kayla were great yesterday. I too got a flashback to the Emergency Center days when Steve was following her to the supply closet to get paper! It’s kinda cute that it was Joey locking them in the supply closet but it doesn’t bode well for Steve’s PI skills that his teenage son is pulling this off now does it?

    So with last week’s reveal that Paul’s old roommate’s father is Eduardo Hernandez, I guess Rafe’s brother Dario was Paul’s roommate. I don’t know anything about Dario except that he has been recast and is coming back. What are the chances that he is gay when he returns to Salem and that he and Paul have a bit of a history?

    • I hope they give Paul a romance with Dario! The only thing I know about him is that he and Melanie were being set up as a couple, but it was cut short and he left town.

      LOL at Steve’s PI skills. Joey got lucky with his “plan,” though, such as it was. He should have swiped Steve’s phone. He was lucky it was out of juice.

      I am leery about Ava’s return as well. Everything has been so good lately (and overall) for S&K, so I guess I’ll hope for the best.

  3. I too loved yesterday’s show. It was like the old days. Him hanging around her at her work and getting into her space. The banter, the flirting–good stuff. I also loved when they were walking he says to her that she’s suppose to walk next to him. You could tell Kayla loved him trailing behind her like he use to.

    It was very interesting when Steve said to her that she could break down if she wanted and she pulled back saying nobody has to feel sorry for her. It reminded me of when in 2006 when Steve got his memory back but she didn’t believe him and her saying nobody has to worry about her. Kayla is sooo use to being everyone’s caregiver she’s forgotten how well Steve use to take care of her. This too is what I want to see, Steve taking care of Kayla like he use to. It seems these writers do get who Steve and Kayla are at their core. I’m excited to see today’s episode. I’m actually watching the whole episode and not fast forwarding through other story lines. Go figure.

    • I loved that line too, when Kayla said no one has to worry about her. That felt very true to the character of Kayla, how she’s always been the caretaker for other people. It’s great to see Steve worrying about her and being there for her.

      Oh, and the moment where he said she should walk next to him totally reminded me of “I’m not following you, I’m accompanying you.” LOL!

  4. Steve and Kayla were on top of their game Monday and I’m anxious for Tuesday. This is the kind of scenes I love to see them in. Their discussion that someone must know them well enough to know where and what is going on in their lives. Talk about being detectives, I could not believe each of them at the same time would not come up with Joey. We all know they have intertwined Joey and Ava’s actions to confuse thinks, but Ava is able to influence Joey even though she has ulterior motives.
    Ben and Abby: I sure wish Chad would show up in a hurry.
    Hope: I cannot believe she would think about leaving town before Bo’s funeral. And what was she going to do with Ciara, poor kid. I am glad and can’t believe she was not able to talk Steve into going with her. Steve better stick by Kayla’s side or take her with him. Then what would they do with Joey?

    • I’m worried that Hope will eventually prevail on Steve to go with her to avenge Bo. I’m just glad Steve is keeping Kayla in the loop. Let’s hope that continues!

      I can’t believe Hope was going to take off before Bo’s funeral, but I prefer seeing vengeful Hope to shellshocked, grieving Hope. I’m curious where this will lead – it’s gotta be the Dimeras, somehow! And thenHope will find out Aiden was working for them, as well.

  5. The other thing I forgot to point out is the when Steve said that she is on cloud nine because he’s back, Kayla didn’t deny it. I thought that was huge. I just love watching these two.

    • Honestly, their (SN & MBE) acting is so good, that sometimes it makes the surrounding scenes seem weaker by comparison. You can tell who the pros are.

  6. It was still Thanksgiving, but they sure as hell weren’t acting like it! Everyone was in the same clothes, Belle’s conversation with J&M picked up, etc. But it’s still light out! This is driving me insane. There’s no reason this couldn’t have been the next morning (or a few days later).

    • And then on today’s show which is STILL Thanksgiving Kayla supposedly had a meeting scheduled with some hospital donors? WTH is going on? Just let people change their clothes…hell I don’t care if characters wear the same 10 outfits over and over but at least make it look like it’s a different day. I still say the only reason to have all of this take place over a couple of days is because of the Abby storyline but honestly I don’t care if he has had her chained up for 2 days or 2 weeks!

      • Yeah, WTF is wrong with these people? Kayla was like, “Oh, it’s the Admin wing, no one is here” — because they are NORMAL PEOPLE who don’t go to work on Thanksgiving!!!

    • Frankly, I think I’ve finally given up and given in with the time warp stuff. It’s so bizarre as to be almost incomprehensible, when just a few lines and costume changes could fix it! I wonder if this is a symptom of shooting so far in advance, that the timing gets all wonky when they are editing it together? I never seem to have this problem when I’m watching GH for example, but DOOL is so much better than GH right now that I guess I can forgive it. I’m going to be zen and just go with it. Salem exits in a black hole, outside of time and space as we know it.

      • It doesn’t bother me that much in terms of the story, but it is funny. I really don’t get why they are so reluctant to let a day go by. All right, I understand Abby in this case, but I’m not sure it’s worth it. Just add a scene of Jen saying she’s worried sick, or someone reporting that she’s worried. We could suspend disbelief about it. As it is we have to believe that all of these people are going to work or going on dates the evening of Thanksgiving. It makes no sense!

      • I think you’ve got the right attitude. It’s just so mind-blowingly weird to me. It probably does make it easier to do the block-shooting if they can keep two actors in the same clothes the entire day, even if those scenes are taking place over like four weeks’ of airdates.

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