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It’s been a long time since I’ve done a Jack and Jennifer post, so how about this short, adorable scene:

They have just been foiled in their plan to sneak a peek at Jo’s folder at the police station. (This is after she was arrested for killing Nick.) Jennifer says that she didn’t think the plan would work, but she saw it was important to Jack that they try.

She tells him that’s how it is when you love someone, and she does love him. But, he can’t say it back. I love Jennifer’s reaction to this, her confidence. She’s spent the better part of the last two years breaking down his walls, but his inability to tell her he loves her doesn’t trigger any insecurity. She knows he does. One thing I love about Jack and Jennifer is how she obviously enjoys his indirection, his tendency to talk around things. It doesn’t mean he’s trying to hide anything.

Then, my favorite part:  she says “You love me, Jack,” and he says, “Well, yes.” Matt Ashford makes me melt with his little smile there.

I also like, though, that he practices, later, saying “I love you” in front of the mirror. Jennifer might not care whether he says it, but he wants to step up and say it, for her.

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ETA: It has just been announced that Matt Ashford is coming back for a short stint – five episodes! I’m guessing he’ll be a ghost or vision.

ETA 2: And Greg Vaughan is leaving. Days giveth and Days taketh away. Damn.


17 thoughts on “Speechless

  1. I always loved these cute little scenes with Janck and Jennifer – they have quite a few. Where other couples were longer romantic speeches Jack and Jennifer had many of these cute moments. Worked perfect for their dynamic. Plus when they did do longer romantic declaration it really stood out and worked. Plus of course is Matt Ashford neon so cute with his little smile – loved it. I heard about the 5 episodes with Jack but not about Greg Vaughn leaving. Hmm

    • I agree, their bantery chemistry is perfect for scenes like this. I like the serious scenes too, when Jack lets his guard down like in the cave. The show doesn’t give us too many moments like that for them, though. What I don’t care for is the silly, more slapstick humor.

      I hope these five episodes will give him something interesting to do. If he’s a ghost, that might limit who he gets to appear with. Really want to see him with Steve!

  2. Wait, what?!!! Matt’s only coming back for a short stint. I really wanted to have him brought back even if it would just be soooo crazy. I thought that Greg Vaughn had just signed a contract.

    • I’m disappointed in it just being 5 days too, Kathy. I hope it leads into something more.

      Yes, Greg signed a contract but apparently it was a contract extension, not a renewal. He never said how long it was for. We all hoped it was a year, but apparently it wasn’t. So sad about this. 😦

  3. I know that you have to pretty much view each recast of Jack as a separate character but I need to go back and watch how Jack was with Kayla. I seem to remember it being more about him wanting to have her rather than loving her but I feel certain that if he had had this much trouble expressing his feelings I would have noticed it when I re-watched that storyline back in the summer. I know the character went through a lot from the time he married Kayla until this point but it seems a bit odd that he would suddenly develop this inability to express his emotions. And it wasn’t just that he couldn’t tell Jennifer that he loved her, he couldn’t tell Jo either so it seems like this layer was just added to the character when Matthew Ashford took over. I still have a soft spot for Jack #1 though and I can’t help but try to imagine how he and Jennifer might have been together.

    This is an example of the type of scene that worked beautifully for Melissa and Matthew. As I have said before I always felt like Melissa was not quite up to the challenge of some of their heavier scenes early on especially with the rape storyline. I enjoy their bantering chemistry and the pairing of Jack and Jennifer works as a very fun pairing but not overtly “romantic” (at least not in a classic sense of the word.) It’s one of the things that made them unique as a couple.

    I would like to see Brady and Teresa take on a bit of the bantery vibe that Jack and Jennifer had. I think Jen Lilly could shine if they did that and I really want to see her stop throwing herself at him but also I want to see Brady lighten up.

    I had not seen the announcements about Matthew Ashford or Greg Vaughan. So much for trying to stay spoiler free. 😉 I thought when Greg re-signed a few months ago it was a one year extension so does this mean he doesn’t stay the full year? I don’t really like the idea of a 5 episode return for Matthew Ashford as some kind of vision or ghost but I guess I will take it. I would rather see him back for good so we could have more scenes with Steve and Jack. Last time around Steve didn’t even remember who he was until after Jack had already left but since this writing team seems to have no idea that the JOHNSON FAMILY exists I guess that doesn’t matter anyway.

    • Sorry about the casting spoilers, Shea. Eek!!

      I think you do have to treat Jack before the rape and after as separate characters. Jack at first was affable and sweet, with no demons. It’s not even the recast to MA, because it took awhile to get the character to a dark place even after he was cast.

      They established pretty clearly, when they started redeeming Jack, that he was pretty bottled up and had a hard time telling people how he felt. So I like this a lot.

      Jack #1 and Jennifer would be quite the golden couple. Funny to think about that!

      I really, really want Steve and Jack to interact. I am not a fan of ghost appearances in general, which as I said above is what I am thinking will happen. But I’ll take Steve/Jack any way I can get it.

      • I love this scene. That cute little “yes, well…” makes my heart putter.

        I have no idea how to feel about a “brief” return for MA. I think he should have been brought back for the 50th, if that was how they were going to use him (as a ghost). We’ll see. Maybe Abby will have a vision of her Dad.

        I’m so bummed about Greg Vaughn. I wonder if GH could scoop him up – he was my favorite Lucky Spencer recast, and they could really use all the help they can get right now.

        I wonder if this means Nicole goes for the new slimy doc, or if they go back to Nicole/Brady.

        I wonder how they are going to write Greg’s exit. Not another death I hope!!!!

      • Denise, I didn’t mention it here but back in October GH had a casting call out for a gorgeous leading manin his late 30s. I think it may have been the recast for Patrick since Jason Thompson is out but GV was immediately who I thought of. Since it was already apparent that Days was wasting him I thought that might be a good gig for him. I think as Eric GV comes off a little too reserved but I seem to remember him having more charisma when he was playing Lucky.

      • I remember GV as being pretty sexy as Lucky. I’d totally take him as a Patrick recast as well, though I’m not sure that Patrick won’t be going off with Robin for good (I’d hate to lose Emma!). I’d take him as Lucky as well, since Genie Francis is back, and he would fit right into the current storyline. Think TPTB over at GH have enough brains?

        It’s a shame that Days really wasted the character of Eric, who was interesting to me, since he was so much more the “girl” than any other leading man (in a good way). I always love a reverse bad girl/good boy story. But I think they let things with Eric and Nicole fizzle for too long, without any tension. I almost think they are going to throw Nicole back at Brady. They DO have good chemistry, and I’m still not sold on Thrady, though I’m willing to feel it, if they’d just give me something. I still see a better option being having Theresa “in love” with Brady, but also having feelings for a “bad boy.” I wish they had kept Xander, because I totally could have seen that!

  4. Having been away from this site or message boards for a few days, I feel kinda like Han Solo coming out of the carbonite. “I’m out of it for a little while and everyone gets delusions of grandeur.” Well, maybe not quite delusions of grandeur, but kinda. Matt Ashford back! Joy! Yay! Five episodes? Boo! Hiss! I would say it’s better than nothing, but after watching this last Jennifer (and then Jack) return, I can tell you I would have preferred nothing to having Jennifer’s character and Jack and Jennifer’s love story so utterly shat upon. It’s not that I need JnJ to be on the show all the time, I just want some repair to the damage, so I hope we’ll at least get something on that score before being subjected to another Jennifer pairing, which I will have to fast forward, because I just can’t with yet another guy for Jennifer. If Steve and Kayla weren’t on, and if Chad weren’t awesome, I could just not watch, darn them! Well, if Eric’s in the cards for Jennifer, I guess it won’t be for long. I didn’t even see most of the Eric/Nicole stuff, but I can see that something is there. So strange to waste it. Like Denise, I love the kind of role reversal they could have with Eric as the leading man. Sympathies, Ericole fans.

    A Jack and Jennifer scene! Yay! Thanks, MP. This, folks, is why Jack and Jennifer are my favorite. On a more shallow note, I love Jack’s look when he saunter slouches with his hands in his pockets wearing a suit. If I were the sort of person to say “swoon,” I’d say it. I agree with MP that it wasn’t the recast but rape/disillusionment that changed Jack. Ashford’s Jack was very demonstrative in his affection for Kayla. He was downright pathetic with it being unrequited. That being said, I don’t think Jack 1 could have pulled of the change. He was good in the role he played, but I don’t think we would have seen the kind of layered and multifaceted Jack we got from MA. Wouldn’t Jennifer and Jack 1 been kinda like Jennifer and Frankie? I think the change in Jack is believable and played such to make it so. Jack had quite the combination of self loathing and disillusionment going on. He needed shields to protect himself from ever letting his emotions get the better of him again and to protect the potential object of his affection. He got himself so entrenched in putting up those protections that even when he finally had a love that he could believe, he couldn’t get past how he’d trained himself.

    Now I gotta get caught up with the show. I think it’ll be some exciting stuff.

    • I hope that Jack’s return will repair some of the damage, too.

      I am guessing it will be a ghost or hallucination, but I am hoping they give us a little teaser that Jack is maybe alive. Like, a little scene of him at the end of his run, where we see him in a room by himself or something. I think that would be a great way to pave the way for a future return — kind of like the coffin switch for Steve or Kristen injecting EJ’s dead body.

      When I think too much about Ericole not happening, it makes me mad — and I find myself thinking things like “Thrady but not Ericole? WTF?” And that’s not how I like to be. It’s not a competition. So, I’m trying to just accept it, enjoy what looks to be a meaty story for Eric/Greg Vaughan, and hope for a future return.

      I agree that Jack #1 and Jennifer would be a totally different type of story, probably, as you say, more like Frankie and Jen. Not so many layers. There’s a scene from Jack #1’s run where Frankie and Jen interview him for their school paper. I should post it – very funny in retrospect!

  5. I have so enjoyed reading the comments/analysis of Jack and Jennifer. I have rewatched the early years and there is a lot of sexual innenuendo that I never noticed the first time through. For example, in the scene above where Jack says , “I like to believe that I have a very large vocabulary,” he paused before saying vocabulary. At this point Jennifer raises her eyebrows. From a delivery standpoint I wondered why he decided to pause before saying vocabulary. I now realize the joke was in that Jack could have substituted a different word there. That only happens in the early years. It is so subtle. The Cruise is Deception had a lot of this type of humor as well and is so satisfying when you see it because you missed it the first few times.

    • I think I remember that moment! Good catch. I do love that for Jack and Jen, their verbal back and forth is like their foreplay. And I agree that they really worked to get the most out of the dialogue. They brought so much to the words on the page. Definitely is rewarding to re-watch, and discover new things.

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