Giving thanks

Hope you all had a happier Thanksgiving than the Salemites did.


I know we’ve talked about it before, but the timing issue continues to be mind-boggling! So screwy! It’s now very clearly on the second day after Hope’s wedding, which was on the Salem bicentennial. Lest we forget:


November 9! And now it’s Thanksgiving!

I’m guessing this is all for the sake of the Abby storyline. It has to be believable that her family isn’t raising the alarm. Personally, I’m not sure it’s worth it. I think they could have snuck in a few more scenes of Jen and JJ fretting about Abby, even going to the police. Ben could keep sending text messages, or force Abby to call them and say everything is fine.

They also could have moved everything so her labor started the beginning of this week, without losing much in the way of suspense. As it was we watched her labor begin, then took a big break while everything went down with Bo. Someone who has a Salem day’s worth of time on their hands should go back to when she first found out she was pregnant, and actually count the Salem days until she had her baby. It’s gotta be only about three months – and frankly I think that’s a generous estimate!

I enjoyed Wednesday’s episode. I thought it was funny that the only people who got anything to eat was Salem’s homeless population – and I saw more people serving than I saw people eating.

TPTB obviously shelled out the bucks — almost the entire cast was on. I love holiday episodes that blend the ongoing stories with the plot-free holiday elements. They had a good balance in this episode. We found out that Eduardo went to Winterthorne academy, which will bring him into that story. The coincidences surrounding Eduardo are pretty funny. The two families he abandoned both happened to move to Salem, and now this. And did Paul describe Eduardo as his roommate’s “father”? That means either than Dario was his roommate, or Eduardo has another family somewhere! Hey, why not?

I just have to say, Wally Kurth and Kassie de Paiva have killer chemistry. How I wish Eve weren’t leaving! A triangle with Justin, Eve, and Eddy would be fantastic. And I also have to say that someone in the costume department loves Kassie:


(Look at Eddy, smoldering through the crack in the doorway. Mmm.)

I like this pissed off Hope, kicking ass and taking names.


I loved her reaming out Steve for not being willing to drop everything and chase the bad guys all over the world. I like believable conflict between the good guys. Kudos to Steve for not taking the bait, since it would break his promise to Kayla. I have a feeling he might cave, but for now, I am glad to see him put Kayla first. I also like ghost Bo:


It’s such a great twist to have him be semi-evil (and what’s with his hair? Apparently the afterlife is lacking in hair products!), encouraging Hope’s risky choices. I hope they don’t overuse him – when it comes to ghosts, a little goes a long way.

Belle’s back!


I hope I can like Belle this time around. I grew to loathe the character back in 2006-7. Back during the TWoP glory days, we coined the term GHH, for “glittery hoo-ha,” to explain a certain type of Days heroine who has no particular personality, no life goals or defining interests, and yet usually has two or men pining after her. She seems perfectly content to waffle back and forth between the two men without feeling she is being unfair. And that any man would be lucky to have even a few crumbs of affection from her. All that would be bad enough, but everyone else in Salem seemed to feel the same way, and acted like glitter came out of her … well, you know.

Despite my loathing for Belle, I always saw potential in Martha Madison. I genuinely liked her in her scenes with her family, and I remember writing on this blog more than once that if they gave her something to do besides wonder which man she should be with, I think I could get into the character. I am definitely excited to see her with her brothers Brady and Eric. It’s a good sign that they are splitting up Shawn and Belle — but I know a recast Phillip is coming back, and the last thing I want to see is Shellip, redux. This team pays more attention to jobs and careers, which I really like. She became a nurse right before she left last time, so they could do something with that. They could also throw her into the Basic Black storyline, since it is her father’s former company. Maybe she’ll try to wrest back control of it. Anyway, here’s hoping!




13 thoughts on “Giving thanks

  1. Thank you Mary Pickford..I think Hope’s vengeful ghost of “Bo” is a reflection of her dark thoughts of revenge..”Bo”. Won’t be at Peace until she replaces that darkness with Love. Hopefully Steve can help her heal.πŸ’›

    • It’s such a great twist on an old soap standard to have the “ghost” giving her bad advice! I loved the conspiratorial smile between Hope and ghost Bo at the end of the episode.

  2. I am telling you the entire month of November was 4-5 Days days long! It’s just insane. Abby was the only reason all of this crap had to happen in a 48 hour span and I think if they had worked harder they could have worked around it. I have said it a thousand times…let characters change clothes once in a while and stop saying things like yesterday and tomorrow and it would just flow right along as if time were passing. It just makes no sense.

    Caroline seemed to have it a bit more together than I expected her to after losing her favorite child.

    I like the idea of Belle being a nurse. I don’t like the idea of more of that Phillip/Belle/Shawn triangle crap.

    I think we need a couple of more Salemites actually working at the hospital. I don’t think this is a true spoiler but I saw on one of the interviews from Day of Days that Jen Lilly said Anne would be working with her Basic Black, and we know Daniel is leaving and well Abby “works” at the hospital but she is never really at the hospital working anymore so Kayla and that Aussie doctor are going to need a few more people working at the hospital. Where is Maxine? I know Aloma Wright was at Day of Days but the woman hasn’t appeared onscreen in months.

    And is Shawn still a cop? We’re kinda heavy on cops in Salem, aren’t we?

    Caroline needs help at the pub especially since it is the full pub and not the one booth anymore…;-) Didn’t Shawn work there before?

    • I forgot that Shawn was a cop too! I agree that it seems like too many. Hope, Abe, Rafe, JJ, Lani, now Shawn. Not to mention John and Steve, ex-cops who still investigate stuff. I think they need to shuffle some of these people into different roles.

      I was reading up on Belle and she initially wanted to be a designer. So there is justification if they want to throw her into the Basic Black story. But I kind of agree, it would be nice to have more people working at the hospital. The whole idea of so many characters working in PR for a hospital is stupid, IMO. Get Abby and Jen into something else (the Spectator! Eric could work there too!)

      Shawn at the Brady Pub is a fine idea. I think you’re right that he worked there once before.

  3. I’ve never seen any of the Belle/Philip/Shawn stuff. Anyone game for a quick recap? (if such a thing exists in the soap-world).

    At least it’s GOT to be tomorrow now, right? LOL. We had Thanksgiving, and I expect Bo’s funeral will be this week, so maybe even a couple of days. Wow!

    I’m really looking forward to Chad finding Abby and some movement in the Steve/Kayla business, so I hope the funeral doesn’t take all week. BTW, what did they do with Aiden? Dump him in the harbor?

    • Ha! about Aiden’s body. What an awkward funeral that would be.

      Ah, someone asking for a storyline recap! Music to my ears! Shawn and Belle were teenage sweethearts, but they never slept together. They had their usual share of crazy stories, including Shawn being locked in a cage for months on end by a crazy girl, Jan, who was obsessed with him. Belle thought he had left her and started dating Phillip.

      Shawn escaped but got into an accident and had amnesia and thought he was really with Jan. I’m a little confused about the timing here, but Shawn got his memory back, but it was too late – Belle married Philip. But somewhere in here Belle and Shawn had an encounter when they were stranded together. They both forgot it, though, since they were delirious from hypothermia or something. (Leading to much snark on the boards about how unmemorable the sex was.)

      This led to Claire’s conception, but since neither of them remembered having sex of course Belle thought the baby was Phillip’s. Phillip went off to war and lost a leg (which has since grown back! Hee!) There was much back and forth about different people finding out the baby was Shawn’s and keeping it secret. Kate, a girl named Mimi who was in love with Shawn. Shawn married Mimi but they broke up after the truth came out. (Of course Claire had a medical crisis.) There was also a complicated plot about Belle and Mimi both having babies via implantation and the embryos were switched so Phillip was the father of Mimi’s baby and Shawn, Belle’s. Keep in mind that Shawn and Belle had never really even had sex at this point, just the delirious hypothermia-sex! And they have two children! This is around the time there was a writing switch, and the new team changed direction on this story. Mimi and Phillip’s baby was born and was part of a different story, but Belle miscarried.

      Finally Belle asked Phillip for a divorce. Phillip went away and came back, recast and more evil. He schemed to take Claire away from Belle and Shawn, so they went on the run. They all worked it out eventually and Phillip gave up on taking Claire. But, right before Belle and Shawn got married, she slept with Phillip. But then there was another writing change (to Higley), and Belle and Shawn were quickly given a happy ending and written out, sailing off like (a pale imitation of) Bo and Hope.

      In 2006-07, “Shellip” just totally dominated the show. Probably before that too, but that’s when I started watching again. It was so annoying watching Belle waffling between the two men with no sense she was being unfair. And I just didn’t see anything very appealing about her, to explain why they wanted to be with her so much. And everyone in town going on about Shelle’s “true love” ad nauseam. Ugh.

      But, let us now hope for better things. πŸ™‚

  4. I love your recaps MP. I couldn’t understand the appeal of Belle either. She’s like vanilla. Just bland. Jennifer was a goody-goody back in the day, but when they paired her with Jack her spunk came out. Speaking of Jennifer, please give her a good story line and her spunk back.

    I too liked that Steve told Kayla about Hope’s plan even if we didn’t get to see it. I love that Hope understood that Kayla knew even though Kayla didn’t say it out right to her. I want Steve to put her first and by sharing things with her is the first step. I am not looking forward to Ava returning and being in Joey’s orbit. I have horrible thoughts of them doing JJ& Eve duex by having them sleep together. At least Eve never slept with Jack, but JJ did sleep with mother and daughter. Ugh!!! But I am enjoying this run a lot better than 2006. I just want him to be more touchy feely with Kayla. I get that she’s putting off the don’t touch vibe, but that never stopped him before. He’s getting there though- this past week he was a little more hands on and next Tuesday’s episode should be a good touchy feely moment!!!

    • I agree about putting Kayla first. It is long past time for Steve to do that, and I have my fingers and toes all crossed. I am worried about Joey sleeping with Ava too. But I will take it as the lesser of two evils, as long as Joey doesn’t know that she is Steve’s ex.

  5. I hated Belle by the time she left. H-A-T-E-D. She was seriously the Daniel of the 2000s. An inordinate amount of time was spent on people talking about how wonderful she was, fretting about how Belle would react to events (even Alice Horton’s “murder”!), etc. I remember people on TWoP wanting the show to reveal that the baby returned to Marlena and John after Sami kidnapped her was actually a different baby, so this pain-in-the-ass wouldn’t be their real kid and they could get a fresh start with a more appealing character as the “real” Belle.

    That said, I’ve always seen the value in her as a character, and I like Martha Madison well enough. I think it’s a good sign that they’re bringing her and Shawn back as their marriage falls apart. Now split them up and move them into separate stories. This is one instance where I think it’d be wise to do what they did with Brady and Chloe in 2008 — they come on, they’re exes, and they go onto new things. (It didn’t make sense for me with Broe, but it’s necessary for Shelle.)

    • I’m with you. The “Twu wuv” thing with Shelle become a running joke, and LOL at her being the 2000’s Daniel. I always saw potential with Martha Madison, though, in her scenes with family. I’m excited to see her with her brothers this time around — she only had Sami last time I was watching. I also liked her more the few times we got to see her be a bitch (MM can do intensity well), and before the story was cut short it was refreshing to see her get called out, a little, for her affair with Philip.

      Martha Madison said in an interview that she didn’t like Belle much either, which speaks well of her judgment. πŸ™‚ We’ll see what they give her to play this time. I’m hopeful that her character will be given more definition (and less mindless propping).

      At Day of Days, when she showed up on the monitor during the promo, a huge cheer went up in the crowd. Clearly Belle has some fans. πŸ™‚ And I was glad for Martha.

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