Chicken Little

Run, Wendy, run!


It broke my heart that what brought her down is her concern for Abby. Several times could have made a run for it, but she lingered, and that was her downfall. Abby’s helplessness is so painful to watch. That, plus her worry about the baby. Every time Ben took the baby from her, I could see the panic in her eyes. And I was holding my breath too – we know that Ben could justify anything to himself at this point. “I didn’t want to kill the baby, but I had to teach you a lesson, Abby.”

Meanwhile, Chad finally got “half his memory” back. I was hoping Chad would find a map in the apartment, helpfully marked with a red X and labelled “kidnapping cabin.” Alas, that wasn’t the case. I loved how persuasive Chad had to be with Rafe. His story does sound crazy, the delusional ravings of a jealous ex. But Chad pushed all the right buttons, playing on Rafe’s doubts about Aiden and convincing him that Ben had the best motive to frame Chad.

I hope we get another ghost Bo showing up later, telling her that the first ghost Bo was full of shit. But they made it clear (very, very clear, since Bo said, “This isn’t me, it’s you” – thanks for spelling it out, Days!) that this is not a real ghost, it’s Hope’s subconscious giving her something to focus on to distract her from her grief. And I’m all for that. And enlisting Steve in the fight could be a source of conflict for Steve and Kayla.

I’m glad we got to see so many people reacting to the news of Bo’s death.


I’m not one that makes a big fuss about that in general (“we didn’t see so-and-so find out”), but it was really effective seeing Steve breaking the news to Victor and Maggie, Kayla breaking the news to Roman, Shawn D, and Caroline, and then seeing them all watch through the window as Shawn D broke the news to Ciara. I also loved the hug between Caroline and Victor, mourning their son.


I think I haven’t had enough to worry about with Steve and Kayla lately. I spent the whole episode fretting that something horrible is going to happen.  I think it was because this was the first time Kayla reached out to Steve, and he declined to take her call in favor of drinking alone on a park bench. His statement that he didn’t want to burden her made all my spidey-senses activate — he is going to hide something from Kayla “for her own good” and it will blow up in his face! I could be totally wrong about this, and usually I’m not such a Chicken Little (instead, I’m the opposite: an insane optimist against all odds). But I admit to a feeling of dread that when Steve finds out Ava is sending the notes, his new openness will disappear, and he won’t tell Kayla about it. For her own good, of course.


11 thoughts on “Chicken Little

  1. I think my favorite part of this episode was the very end, when Hope went to Steve for help finding the men who kidnapped Bo. When she smacked him and said “snap out of it” it was like the old days. I pray that this is the end of sloppy Hope, and we’re going to get kick-ass Hope back. Please. I also Hope this gives us Steve, Kayla and Hope (along with either John or Rafe, or both!) back in another adventure. Though Steve has his own problems right now, it would be great to see another ensemble story! I long for something even slightly resembling Stockholm.

    • Yes,yes,yes as far as Steve and Kayla together with Hope and John. It seems like it should be Rafe, since Bo asked Rafe to look after Hope. I’m not sure Rafe has got the news yet. If Steve does not include Kayla I will not be happy with him as he always puts everyone else ahead Kayla and his marriage like he doesn’t know how to solve his personal needs as far as family? That probably leads back to the old days when he put everyone else ahead of himself (kind of like a punishment in his mind) Here is hoping for another Stockholm.

    • I would love another umbrella story. I am hoping that Hope’s quest will overlap with whatever is going on with Ava, and with Steve and John and the ISA. And I want it to be more than just the guys – Hope will be kicking ass, clearly. Let’s get Kayla and Marlena involved too!

    • I am surprised he did not take her up on it. I was proud of him for going to Kayla telling her about it. It is about time he put her first and not last, like he did when he decided to go look for Bo. I wish he would tell Kayla about the threat he got on text. There is still hope for him. ( But I am not going to hold my breath.)

  2. I’ve watched a lot of different soap operas on a semi-regular basis in my lifetime and I’ve never seen a character as violent as Ben. Sure, there have been other evil characters (pretty much everyone ever played by Roscoe Born), but their crimes are usually either off-screen, thwarted at the last minute, or over-the-top campy. Ben’s murder of Wendy today was genuinely shocking for a genre that would usually forebode danger, but ultimately let the potential victim escape.

    Kate Mansi is really selling these scenes and I agree that her concern for the baby is really hard to watch. And of course, the “preemie” was huge. Maybe it’s Ben’s baby after all? 😉

    I’m all in for Steve and Hope teaming up. They were always one of my favorite friendships on the show.

    • This probably won’t happen but I would love to see Kayla come along for the ride, after all she is a doctor and someone is bound to need one. They always did just like when she came to Stockholm when Steve was shot.
      I love Steve and Kayla together and that will never change for me. I could watch them the whole hour without any of the others. They are so good together and so funny, once Kayla can start looking happy again

      • Andrea, I agree about Ben. He is much more intense and scary than soap villains usually are. The only character remotely similar is Lawrence Alamain, and he was still much smoother on the surface. It was mostly Michael Sabatino’s performance that made me feel the menace always underneath.

        Barb, right on about Kayla. A doctor will surely be needed in these adventures, right? Let’s get her in on the action! 🙂

  3. I think you are right and Steve will revert back to hiding things from Kayla but right now I think it is “somewhat” justified. She has her own grief to deal with and he doesn’t feel like he should burden her with his grief too. Although I think it would be best to see them share their grief and to see him spend this time grieving with the Brady family, I understand the instinct to want to wallow in his own grief especially since he and Kayla aren’t together right now. Still, instead of hitting the bottle, I would have preferred he go have a talk with his sister Adrienne since he feels like he just lost his “brother”….and given the fact that she is having her own health issues that he seems to know nothing about, it would have been perfect!

    Poor Wendy! I knew her time was running out as soon as she stepped foot in that cabin. I think Andrea Ledger is right. Ben’s level of violence seems like a new level for daytime. I think the decision to let us find out who the necktie killer is was a brilliant move but showing us the brutality of his attacks has been jarring. It is definitely darker than what we are used to from a soap but I have enjoyed it. Having said that, I am still not sure how much more I can take so I am going to need someone to arrest him (or kill him) pretty soon.

    • LOL, Shea, I can’t believe how long it’s been and we haven’t gotten a single Adrienne/Steve scene. I’m not sure that the show really gets Adrienne’s character or how to use her effectively. Show her with Steve, with JJ and Abby, use those Johnson family ties! We only see her with Lucas and Justin.

      I need him to be arrested or killed soon too. I have always assumed that that’s where this storyline was going, but I actually haven’t seen definitely that Rob Wilson has left the show. But where could they take the character after this?

  4. My husband walked in, saw Abby in labor, and said, “Looks like they SORASed that fetus,” and as Andrea noted, it sure looks that way from the size of him when he came out. I really hated the midwife being killed. If Ben would kill Will for suspecting though, he would surely kill the midwife. I know Abby can’t be blamed, but it makes me wish she hadn’t insisted on getting help. I guess she was hoping for help and for escape/rescue, but of course it ended with a dead midwife. Alas, my prediction of Chad delivering the baby was off. I think we all know this baby will turn out to be Chad’s, but I kinda wish it wouldn’t. He can still love Abby, she can still love him, and they can both still love the baby if it’s Ben’s, and I think that would be a better message than that of course it’s not the bad guy’s kid. And, yes, Ben is a more chilling bad guy than DAYS’ usual cartoonish Stefano brand.

    I thought all of the fallout of Bo’s death was very well done. And we got a Jack mention and we can go along with pretending that Jennifer mourned him.

    Yes, Hope getting her mojo back was good to see. Vengeance isn’t maybe the healthiest thing, but still.

    Happy Thanksgiving, friends!

    • Ha! Your hubby knows the lingo. They definitely SORASed the fetus, and the pregnancy too. I’m just glad they had a real baby. I remember when Ciara was born, it was so obvious it was just a bundle of rags. It was so funny seeing Bo and Hope coo over it.

      I would fine too with keeping the baby Ben’s. It gets a bit tiresome that every baby has to be first thought to be the “wrong” guy’s baby and then later there is some medical emergency that shows the blood type isn’t compatible, etc. Shake it up a little!

      I was glad for the Jack mention too, and ouch about pretending Jen mourned him. 😦

      Happy thanksgiving to you too, and to all my dear readers!

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