Call the midwife

I’ve read some comments, here and there, that people feel a bit numb to all the death and destruction. That Bo’s death is just throwing another one on the pile.


For myself, I wouldn’t go that far, but it’s true I didn’t cry much on Friday’s episode – even though I thought it was excellent. Today, though, the scene of Hope, Steve, and Kayla kneeling around Bo’s body really got to me.


There’s something so iconic about the “Fab Four” – even though all four haven’t really shared that many years on the show! – and seeing three of them mourning the fourth marked the end of an era somehow. When Steve took off his jacket and pulled it up over Bo’s face, I lost it.

And when Hope was crying that this was her punishment, and then the final shot of her sliding to the floor inside her dark, empty house, made me cringe for her. How much can one woman be expected to take?

I was happy to welcome back some other stories today, even if none of them are what you could call happy. (It’s all relative, these days.) There wasn’t a lot of movement in the Chad/Abby story, But this is the one I am most excited about right now. Even though I know it’s only supposed to be a day, it feels like Abby has been in labor for over a week. Poor girl!

I am liking this midwife, and how she distracted Ben while Abby tried to text Chad. Abby’s message was absurdly long, though. A series of short texts would have been better. “Help.” “Cabin near Salem.” “Trapped.” She could add more information as she had time. And it would have been smarter to text her mom or JJ. But I kind of love that she texted Chad.

And I love the suspense of it all. I was on tenterhooks when Ben took the phone, stomped on it and then told her (as she screamed in pain) that she brought this on herself. As the midwife looked on, appalled.


I like how Abby has been trying her hardest to connect to Ben about the baby’s safety. It’s one of his only vulnerable points, a genuinely human feeling, and she is smart to try to reach him on that score.

But after today, Abby will be expendable as soon as that baby is out of her body.

Chad needs to get there pronto.




14 thoughts on “Call the midwife

  1. I felt the same way about Friday’s show. The way Bo died was actually quite beautiful. Today, seeing the four together made me very nostalgic. They had such a depth of friendship between them all the way back to Steve offering to be there for Hope when she was pregnant with Shawn D. I have also always loved the relationship between Bo and Steve which had its ups and downs. Male friendships such as these are sorely lacking in today’s entertainment world. A little off topic, but George and Orry’s friendship is one of my favorite things about North and South. Steve and Bo shared that kind if deep bond. They have both risked their lives fir each other over the years with the latest example being Steve finding Bo, of course.
    The part that got me was when Steve got down with Bo to say goodbye and kissed him on the forehead. By the time he put his jacket over him, I was a mess! Poor Hope. I hope they allow her to grieve and sort things out emotionally before they get her romantically involved with Rafe.
    This is the longest Salem day EVER- make it end! I also like the suspense of Abby’s story, but I’m ready for some movement and to get her out if that cabin!

    • Aw, George and Orry. I loved that book and that mini-series. James Read! 🙂

      I love the attention that Steve and Bo’s friendship got on the show, and of course also the brotherly relationship between Steve and Jack!

      Based on today, I wonder if we still have some of this day left to play out … I wonder what the record is for most episodes taking place in a single day. I know JER was famous for his “monthdays.” But we must be getting close – this day started before I went to Day of Days!

  2. I get folks’ grief fatigue, but, for me, it’s been all about the performances. Everyone on Days is bringing their A game right now, and it’s so amazing (not fun to watch at times, but good drama). Soaps always seem to be 90% angst and tragedy, and 10% joy, and it’s getting to that joy that is the fun part.

    What I truly appreciate from the new team is that they seem to respect the history of the show, and (mostly) the sensibility of the fans. After coming off of GH’s shabby farewell to Tony Geary, this Bo send-off has been almost a joy to watch (through tears, admittedly), and very respectful of the characters of Bo and Hope and their legacy.

    Not much movement in this episode, but a needed moment. Allowing those final moments to be amongst Bo, Hope, Steve and Kayla was so fitting! I love the physical affection that they all showed for each other, especially Steve kissing Bo’s head, and his obvious, tearful grief. How often do we see that kind of true affection between men depicted, when it’s not of a sexual nature? Days always did friendship almost as well as romance, and I hope they keep that tradition going.

    Poor Abby. Still clutching her stomach and moaning LOL. At least now we know her water broke, so the end must be somewhat near! Maybe once Abby gives birth it can be tomorrow finally! Ben has finally flipped his lid! C’mon Chad hurry!!!!

    And BTW, MaryBeth is still killing me. I have to have a tissue box next to me whenever she is on screen lately! How does she make that grief seem so real???!

    • I agree I love the sendoff they are giving Bo. Letting us see people finding out, playing the beats with everyone. It’s a tribute to the character and how important he has been to the show.

      There was just something really special about it being just the four of them – Hope, Kayla, Steve, and Bo – right after he died. So great.

  3. I didn’t cry watching Friday’s show and I thought I might be getting numb to it all. The most crying I have done was earlier last week with the Bo/Kayla, Steve/Kayla and Steve/Bo scenes when they were just finding out he was going to die. Yesterday I teared up when Steve covered Bo’s head and again when Kayla walked into the pub and started to fret over that wadded up tissue. I guess I am more numb to Hope at this point.

    To be completely honest, I found Abby’s scenes yesterday annoying. I am tired of seeing her in labor and begging that monster to help her baby so yesterday just felt like more of the same.

  4. I didn’t think I’d cry, but when Steve and Kayla showed up, by dang, I cried. Steve/Bo is a beautiful friendship, and I love how Steve has always been such a softie with people he loves. He’s the mushiest tough guy ever, and I love him for it.

    • I think Steve’s mushy core is what made every girl (including Kayla!) fall in love with him back in the 80’s. I know he got me from those first ugly tears!

      • UGLY TEARS?

        What are you talking about? Are you saying Steve is an ugly crier? LOL

        Back in the summer when I re-watching all of those 80s S&K playlists on YouTube, my husband walked by my laptop and saw Steve on the screen and said “Is he CRYING?” I told him he probably cried more than any other man ever has on a soap opera…LOL.

      • Well they weren’t pretty LOL!!! I actually loved him before the tears. That patch removal scene probably ruined me for any other man! Don’t tell my BF though. Shhhh.

  5. That is why I fell in love with Steve—his mushiness and his romantic side. That’s what soften his tough guy exterior. Kayla was the first to see how truly vulnerable he was as well as how he would do anything for those he loved. He showed it again by the lengths he went to to get Bo back. I’m going to miss the Fab Four.

  6. I agree that it was Steve’s mushy side that really drew me in — the combination of his toughness and swagger on the outside and mushy romanticism inside. Sigh.

    I agree he cried more than any other man on the show. Hee! Love that. I can’t agree about the ugly cry thing either! Now, Ali Sweeney – she has an ugly cry.

    • To clarify, I mean emotionally ugly, not physically. Hee. I doubt Stephen could do Ugly if he tried, and they tried to “beast” him up with the patch and scar and attitude! I wonder if there was ever a reverse story on soaps. A scarred or wounded heroine and beautiful man? I can’t remember.

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