Hello Goodbye

Did those of you who read spoilers know that Bo would only be in town for one Salem day?

I’m not sure how I feel about it. I can understand people being mad. All that buildup, the big rescue, and bam, he dies. In the bigger picture, the destruction of Aiden and Haiden seems doubly unnecessary. And for those who didn’t know that Peter was coming back only to “close out Bo’s story,” I’m guessing it was a rude shock.

But on the other hand, I’m a little bit … relieved. Knowing he was slated to die, I already knew his days were numbered. I admit to feeling grateful that the dread of waiting for his inevitable death has been cut short.

It was quite a sendoff today.


Really a beautiful tribute to Bo and Hope and their love story. I really enjoyed the flashbacks. Their first meeting, their first kiss, the motorcycle rescue from Larry Welch, their first wedding.

I loved that Bo put on a red t-shirt and leather jacket to refer back to their first meeting, and gave her the tickets like he did at the kissing booth.


I would have been really impressed if he had come up with that pink hat he wore then! 🙂

And there were some lovely moments for Steve and Kayla as well. (I can’t believe they were on all five days this week! I’m not complaining about that, but it does point to the balance issues that the show continues to have.)

My favorite moment was when Kayla told Steve she didn’t want him to get the wrong idea, that what happened didn’t mean anything. And Steve agreeing:  “You didn’t want to kiss me … you don’t have feelings for me.”



What I love is that it is a perfect role reversal from their early story. Steve breaks down and kisses Kayla in a moment of weakness, then tries to push her away again. She knows that’s not what he really wants, and she keeps pushing. Now it’s Steve’s turn to believe, to have faith, to win her trust, to break down her walls.


21 thoughts on “Hello Goodbye

  1. I knew Bo was going to die, but I was totally surprised at his death on Friday. I thought maybe the end of next week. But I have to admit some relief that they didn’t drag it out. I thought they did a nice job with the flashbacks and memories (as someone from Massachusetts, I love hearing how thick KA’s accent used to be!), and I’m actually glad we didn’t have to suffer through a death bed scene. I thought it was kind of perfect for him to slip away peacefully in Hope’s arms. Poor Hope.

    Steve and Kayla were wonderful this week. But MBE was the star. I think I have developed a Pavlovian response to Kayla’s tears. She starts crying, I start crying. I love that they are doing a role reversal with Steve and Kayla, and that MBE seems like the featured performer this time. The woman has a lot of talent, that hasn’t been showcased like this in a long long time. Not to negate the wonderfulness of Stephen Nichols, but the male performers always seem to get a lot of the credit in my opinion. Kayla is like the heart of the show, and I just love her. I love when she told Steve he was a hero for bringing Bo back home, and held his hand to her heart and thanked him so sincerely.

    Also loved the music at the end of the show, and making use of two of DOOLs biggest couples, one ending, one beginning again.

    • I have always wanted to talk about the music for the show. In my opinion back in the 80s’ the music I thought was fantastic. You would hear the themes periodically and know if it was something good or something bad and which couple it was about. Think a lot of the music was written by Corday and Marty Savich and they had beautiful tunes. Now I don’t really hear the music unless I try hard to make myself aware of it. There is nothing special about it and it doesn’t stay in my mind.

      • Barb, you are so right. I always say I never notice music much, but when I watch the 80’s stuff and I hear those themes it just pushes all my buttons. Bo’s theme. Steve and Kayla’s. The “something exciting is about to happen” theme. I’d love to hear those again on the show sometimes.

        I thought Ben’s “I’m crazy” theme was effective. It sounded like screeching violins. Reminded me of the music in “Psycho.”

      • Days used to use music so brilliantly! Both popular music (which alas they don’t have the budget for – though I wish they hadn’t wasted what they had on Daniel and Nicole, and maybe sprung for two minutes of Tonight I Celebrate my Love for You for Bo & Hope’s love scene) and general scoring of the show. i don’t think I’ve really HEARD much of it lately, which means it’s probably not that memorable. Those old themes really did add a lot to the tension, or drama, or romance!

  2. I can’t say I knew Bo would only be in Salem for one Salem day all along. But by last week, it was pretty apparent based on spoilers. I just decided to ignore the wonky timing and move on. 🙂

    I know Friday was all about Bo and Hope (as it should be) and I certainly had all the feels. But I’m focusing on Steve and Kayla because they did so much with just a few little moments.

    I loved that when Steve was clearly having a hard time dealing, Kayla reminded him that he brought Bo home and insisted he was a hero even when he deflected a little. People have commented that she hasn’t shown enough compassion for him, but that was a perfect example of her trying to comfort him even if it wasn’t an embrace or something.

    The push/pull of her denying it means anything and him insisting they still love each other was also great. I love the role reversal there. But my favorite part might have been when she told him she didn’t take anything for granted and she knew just how much they had to lose. It might have been my fanwank, but I really felt their history there – particularly the fact that she lost him once before.

    And then when they watched the sunset and she leaned into him. Just a great quite moment of reconnection. As others have said it was the perfect contrast of one great love ending as another begins again. So well done.

    • Yes, I agree. Nicely done. I remember one interview with both Mary Beth and Stephen where the question asked if they thought Steve would mature more. He said maybe a little bit but probably not much. At the moment it seems like he acts much more adult then years ago. Maybe that brushed off from Kayla. It will be interesting to see if it stays that way.

    • I really liked the moment when Kayla told Steve has was a hero for bringing Bo home. And it obviously meant a lot to Steve, even as he deflected it. And the line about not taking anything for granted was really great. I agree, it was very true to them.

      And I do think a lot of the reason for Kayla’s hesitation is how long she believed he left because he was bored and wanted excitement. Going way back, I remember Roman warning her that Steve might have feelings for her, but “with a guy like that, you don’t even know if he’s going to come home at night.” The last few years she was forced to believe that that assessment of Steve was right. (Not explicitly remembering that comment, of course, just in general.) Now, she knows he was just playing God again, and she certainly has a right to be pissed about that too, but at least it’s in character with the Steve she thought she knew.

      Barb, I like the idea that Steve has maybe matured a little. He’s less hotheaded, anyway. 🙂

    • In the scenes during and after Bo’s death Steve and Kayla showed how much support they were giving each other with gripping each other’s hand when they were having difficult hard times with Bo being Kayla’s baby brother that she was so close to and Steve and Bo being best friend. I think this shows them getting closer. I think this was about as sad a day as Friday. (You know I never knew Steve and Bo were that close of friends as portrayed in this story. I liked it though.)

      • At one time, Bo was the only family Steve had until Britta came between them. Even when Bo and Steve argued, Steve would still have Bo’s back—forklift storyline. This is why I always loved Steve, his ability to show how much he loves someone. I think I cried as much as I did on Friday. I’m going to miss you Bo Brady!

  3. Wow! this week was my favorite so far. I wasn’t expecting Bo to die so soon. 😢 I started trying to avoid spoilers a few weeks ago. I’m curious if Daytime Royalty readers knew that specifically about it being Friday. The preview they’ve been showing that has a lot of the cast, like Caroline around a table maybe? and talk of being thankful made me think he would be here until then at least. I was bawling my eyes out. Poor Hope! Last week she told him she didn’t know how she’d get past what happened with Aiden…now I don’t know how she’ll get past this. Except….

    Ive loved Rafe lately and the scenes with Hope. I thought they’ve have been subtle enough although still showing where they are going. I think a lot of fans are going to hate the pairing but I’m open to it. I loved when Bo asked Rafe to watch over her. I see and can understand why not everyone wanted it or thinks it’s too soon and I hope they go real slow with it. I kind of wish A Martinez was Rafe bc he is the type of person who I think she seems to go for and would be a good physical match with. I wish he’d get rid of his beard though.

    In Steve and Mary Beth’s lunch they said a couple who’s not yet a couple has a really good kiss coming up. Who in the world do y’all think this could be? Could it be JJ and Gabi? That’s the only pairing I see coming up except Jeneric…LOL (loved that Mary…about sums up what I think about that pairing too). I look forward to a couple with sparks. As much as I’m loving seeing these couples from the past, I’ve decided they can’t recreate for me what was on screen back then. That doesn’t mean I don’t think they can be romantic or even very romantic…Steve saying “you don’t have feelings for me” and that whole scene just made me melt! It was so tender and loving…but I’ve decided I don’t need to see them in bed. The words and meaningful moments like on Friday that move them closer works!

    I’m still kind of in shock over Bo!

    • There wasn’t a specific spoiler for Bo’s death on Friday, but some of the things coming up next week made it clear that he probably wasn’t going to be around then.

      I agree about not needing to go backward with S&K… I really appreciate most of the choices the writers have made so far. It’s not about fighting attraction (or like in 2006, finding it). It’s about two people who had a life together, and everything that goes with that. I love that that seems to be the story they’re telling (although this is a soap opera, so I’m ready for the ups and downs…).

      Bo and Hope were my first favorite couple on this show, and S&K my all-time favorites… I can hardly think about yesterday’s show without getting teary. LOL.

      • S&K are my favorite all time couple also. My kids got me hooked on this soap. They watched it while I was paying them to babysit themselves and they liked Steve and Kayla. I watch my first show when they made love the first time on the roof of the loft and became an addict. From that time on if they were on I watched. I just started watching again in August and I think most likely I would stop if they leave, but it sounds like possibly they will be on for some time. I have to admit, if I don’t like the story line of some of the others I am a fast forwarder.

    • Mary Beth has said that too, that she’s happy the show isn’t trying the pretend they are in the 20’s, or just do a redo of their original story. I agree, this is better.

      I am fine with Rafe and Hope as friends, in fact, I like them a lot. I just feel the show is forcing it a little, but if they back way off now and just let him be there for her as a friend at first, I might feel differently.

      I am a little grumpy about the romance angle. They are doing great with S&K (now, anyway – a month ago it was different). Chabby is great, with a few little caveats. But Thrady has been a big disappointment, and Ericole — well, I heard some interviews that suggest that they might not ever get together. (Sob.) Other couples aren’t on enough for me to have a strong opinion yet (JJabi, for instance). So to me the jury is very much out as to how well this team will do romance.

    • It really was. And I love that they didn’t feel the need to give us much in the way of plot. They had the confidence to know that we would tune in for talky, emotional scenes (my favorite!).

    • I agree in many ways I thought his dying scene was very touching, although I think it was a shock that it was so sudden especially with Hope just finding out and he was gone. Things never happen this fast on a soap. They put a lot of action into a very short time

  4. I wasn’t expecting Bo to die on Friday, I was hoping he might make it through the holidays at least. But I loved Friday with all the flashbacks. Bo and Hope were already a couple (not yet married) when I started watching Days, so it was interesting for me to see their first kiss

    MBE got to me this week. Any actor on Days who has trouble conjuring up the tears, needs to ask her for hints. She is fabulous. Her crying makes me cry. Seeing the crumpled up tissue looked so real. I’m glad Kayla isn’t giving in to Steve this early, but she is letting him know they are in everything together. And Steve is there for her. Watching the final scene in the musical montage when Steve and Kayla are holding hands gives me hope.

    I know a lot of people online are upset that Peter Reckell decided to leave and there are online petitions, etc. to get him to stay. I am grateful he agreed to return in order to finish up the Bo and Hope love story. Now on to see the fallout from Steve and Kayla knowing (and Rafe) but no one else (I haven’t read spoilers, I’m just speculating).

    • How much fallout can there be? It is not like they were keeping a secret for weeks…it’s only been a couple of hours by Days time.

      I figured Bo would die on Friday after seeing the preview where the Bradys were having such a somber looking Thanksgiving.

      I am sad that Peter has decided to retire. I find myself more upset that I won’t get to see him anymore than I am by the storyline of Bo dying. Honestly I feel like it all happened too quickly for me to have the full emotional response. I cried more earlier in the week (with the Bo/Kayla, Steve/Kayla and Steve/Bo scenes) than I did during Friday’s show. Maybe I am becoming a little numb or maybe I had already accepted what was happening but it didn’t get to me the way it did earlier in the week.

      If I think about the pacing and timing I just get irritated so i try my best to ignore it. I think the only reason all of that had to be one day is because of Abby. As I have said before they can change the characters clothes once in a while and stop making time references like “yesterday” or “tomorrow” and it would just seem like time was passing so I don’t why they are doing it this way. The entire month of November is like 4 days long in Salem and that is just insane.

      I did love Steve and Kayla’s scenes on Friday and I would be super excited if Ava weren’t coming back any day now.

  5. Apparently no one at the party other than Bo and Steve ever actually looks at Kayla, who is clearly upset and failing to hide it. Her worried eyes never lie. If I was one of the Brady clan, I would be very worried if I saw her looking like that! MBE rocked it all week long!

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