I love that Chad starts out being a badass Dimera:


Using the power of his family to find Abigail, and then, by the end of the show, he has to betray his family — also to find Abigail!

I’m sure that there were people screaming about John and Marlena not being at Bo’s party (and I think it’s a little strange myself), but I really enjoyed their scenes with Chad. (Also, Marlena’s line, when she said they had to think like Sami: “God help us.” Hee!) I love that they picked up the thread of Marlena hypnotizing Chad and believing in him. And they are killing me — in a good way — drawing out Chad’s search for Abby! It’s such a perfect tease to have his memories trickling back. Today, he remembers their brutal fight, and hears himself say that Ben “should be in jail,” but doesn’t know the reason why.

I also like that Abby, even while in labor — poor Abby! — isn’t just helplessly sitting by. The drama with the phone today — picking it up, but not being able to call anyone — was another a perfect tease.

I don’t see how the midwife makes it out of there alive.

I knew that Kayla would pull away from Steve, and say “this was a mistake,” and she did. But she knows he has breached the wall she has put up, and she isn’t sure how she feels about that:


I love that they are giving us some happy moments for Bo, and I think the happiness-to-angst ratio at the party was well-balanced. But I have to say WTF? to whoever chose the flashbacks, one of them jumping the water during the Cruise of Deception and one of Bo rescuing Shawn? The dialogue was better, though — Roman’s speech, Shawn’s comment that when he was young he thought every kid has had his life saved by his father more than once. I also appreciated the phone call to Chelsea – that’s the kind of thing that often gets missed. What really melted my heart, though, was Bo’s speech about hearing their voices while he was being held captive, winding up with the “well named” Hope, and Hope coming in to hear him:


Kayla in the background, her heart breaking because she knows the truth … ANGST

And squee! at three of my favorite characters sharing the screen together. Eric might be a drunk (I’m not sure yet), but he found time between the wedding (which was LAST NIGHT) and today to get a haircut …


(Are we worried about Jeneric yet?)

And finally, I have to post this shot, of Steve announcing his vagabond days are over:


Their faces say it all. Love it!


8 thoughts on “Surprise

  1. TY Mary Pickford…Enjoyed seeing family together…especially Eric Brady brought into the fold..greeting his Uncle Bo…and looking fit and trim and handsome in his black T with new haircut.. Hope to see more and more interaction. Love your Blog. 🌹🌞

  2. Yeah, I think we have to worry about Jennifer/Eric. Whhhyyy? It is sad that we have to worry about romance whenever two characters of opposite gender who seldom interact start interacting. If that’s where they’re heading, weird. It seems like there is so much more there with Eric/Nicole. I am pretty sure I will hate whatever they do with Jennifer. I am just so sick of the many not Jack attempts they’ve made with her. I suppose my wish to keep her in the background just doing the mom/friend type thing ain’t gonna happen. I’m enjoying the show so much; I don’t want a cruddy Jennifer romance to kill my buzz. I suppose I can try to ignore her and enjoy the rest.

    This really shouldn’t be the day after the Hope/Aiden wedding. That’s all just moving too quickly. Oh well. It doesn’t feel like the next day to me.

    Chad not remembering is working well for the plot, but shouldn’t he be able to divine the same conclusion as he did last time, as he knows all of the same facts? I guess thinking Aiden is the killer is keeping him from again deducing that it’s Ben.

    John and Marlena must have gotten an invitation but were too worried about Sami to attend.

    • Well, I hope if Jennifer and Eric do get together it’s clear it’s no great love story but something else. Sigh. It just doesn’t make sense for the show not to go with Ericole, they have a strong fanbase and it seems like there is so much story potential there.

      I’ll keep an open mind. No spoilers, but I did see interviews from DoD with both AZ and GV (separately) where they said they were excited about the stories coming up for them. It sounds like they both get major stories. I’ll certainly be happy to see more of them on my screen, separately or together!

      That occurred to me too, that it seems like Chad should think of Ben being the kiler. But, with Aiden as the killer that does change things. And he doesn’t remember thinking Clyde was framing him either.

    • Maybe they will bring Jack back since evidently ? Bo will be gone and little more room in the budget, although I do wish they could have found a way of keeping Bo. The Bo storyline could have ended the week with him appearing to have died (and given very high rating) but just slipping into coma and next week finding him that way, but it doesn’t appear that is going to happen (from the looks of the spoilers).I did read on this blog somewhere I think were Peter had a change of mind and would have liked to stay because he was having so much fun. (I guess that tells us atmosphere had changed for the good behind the scenes. I didn’t see Peter at the anniversary party, but maybe that is not his thing.

  3. I’m not worried about Jeneric. I know I am not an Ericole fan so maybe that is part of it but even if they do decide to pair Jen and Eric I am kinda intrigued about how it might go. I don’t think it will be a great romance for them but there is nothing wrong with two characters who are a little lost finding some comfort and companionship with one another. Jen is going to need someone to lean on a bit. Abby’s going through hell and Jen will beat herself up for not realizing it. JJ is going to the police academy and we know that is freaking her out. Sorry if it is a spoiler but it looks like they going to kill off Daniel and so I would expect that will have some effect on Jennifer as well. We know Eric is lost right now and on the verge of some kind of self destruction so if a relationship with Jennifer helps him sort out a few things then I have no problem with that. I look at it kind of like the Adrienne/Lucas pairing. It doesn’t really work for me on a romantic level but on a human level it does. And Eric must have gotten that haircut after Marlena stood him up to deal with Andre and Stefano.

    Since I brought up Adrienne and Lucas, if you haven’t seen this interview they did from Day of Days check it out.
    They look like they have an absolute blast together and that kinda makes me want to see more of them onscreen together.

    As far as Thursdays show goes, I was not surprised that Kayla pulled away and said the kiss had been a mistake but I’m glad that they were obviously at the party together and it seemed like Kayla was leaning on him a little bit to keep herself together.

    Not only were John and Marlena missing from the surprise party but why didn’t Ciara invite Joey and Theo when she ran into them?

    I’m also glad they showed Bo calling Chelsea. Two months ago these beats would have been missing so that was nice to see.

    This Abby/Ben thing is just getting so hard to watch. Chad needs to hurry up and find her!

    • I’ll try to cultivate a similar attitude about Jeneric happening. I agree that they each will have reasons to be lost and upset. I don’t see them writing a big love story for them (but I didn’t think they were going to go with Rope either).

      I loved seeing Kayla leaning on Steve at the party. Bo’s return and his brain tumor have had one good effect — bringing Steve and Kayla closer. I like when storylines intersect like that. This whole week has been so good for Steve and Kayla.

      Chad has to find Abby next week, right? This is killing me too! But I suppose she’ll have the baby first, he probably won’t show up when she’s in labor. Maybe she has the baby next week, and he finds her the week after. Weeks for us, days for them. 🙂

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