The girl who kicked the hornet’s nest

So much to catch up on! Where to start?

Let’s start with Chad and Rafe. Why? Because they’re awesome.


Chad was channeling “hotheaded Days hero worried about his woman” on Friday and Monday, and I must say, he wears it well. After asking Rafe’s help in finding Abby, he stomped out of the police station on Friday, yelling not to tell him to calm down, when the woman he loves is in trouble. Then on Monday he promised not to lose his temper again, but then again stomped out, yelling at Rafe to “do your job!” I think this partnership is going to be all I hoped it would be, and more.

In sadder news, we found out Bo is indeed dying. Of course his big sister Kayla is the one who has to tell him the news:


Even Kayla’s overcoat looks like a lab coat! Why, Days costume department, why?

I feel very, very bad for Bo, but I also am dying for Kayla here. She just finished dealing with her mother’s illness, and now she has to deal with her brother’s! When Kayla started crying with Bo, I started crying too. And then this happened:


I lost it. The way they held hands, and then hugged – oh my God.

I also loved Bo’s line in this scene: “Kay never could keep a secret.” I love that Bo calls her “Kay,” and that they’ve remembered that from the 80’s. And what he says is true – Kayla is not good at keeping secrets. I can’t tell you how happy it makes me to feel that these writers actually get Kayla’s character, because I never had that confidence in their last run.

And what about this scene?


I loved seeing Steve actually ask her what’s wrong (he didn’t do that when Caroline was sick), and be there for her as she talked about Bo. Also, Mary Beth adds a really nice touch to this scene. There is just the barest moment of hesitation before Kayla goes into his arms. She knows this is another crack in the wall she is keeping up between them.

Another great line from Bo was when he told Kayla she’s a fighter, even when the odds are impossible. It’s true, and it leads us nicely into Tuesday’s show, for some of my favorite scenes since Steve and Kayla have been back. First of all, I love that Steve is being open about what’s going on with these mysterious notes and texts (gotta be a first). He’s even telling Joey what’s happening! With Kayla, I like that he told her during a moment of softness from her, after she thanked him for rescuing Bo. He could have used that moment to press his advantage with her, and the fact that he didn’t shows he is taking this honesty (and partnership) thing seriously.

Kayla’s reply to the mysterious text, “we know who you are,” and the reason she gave for it — she wants this person out in the open, so they can fight it out — is perfectly Kayla.


I loved Steve’s line about admiring her “chutzpah,” but mostly I loved his smile. He is loving having Kayla the fighter by his side, even under the circumstances. And their final exchange, Steve asking her what’s next, and her saying she thought he would figure it out, was a welcome note of humor in all the doom and gloom.

I said earlier that I wasn’t a fan of this storyline about Sami and the safe deposit box, but I really enjoyed Andre’s scenes with her and Marlena. The dialogue was really fun. Sami says Andre wouldn’t go to “all this trouble” of kidnapping her without a reason, and he says, “Oh, it’s no trouble at all.” Later, Andre says he needs to talk to Marlena, and she says crisply, “You do need a therapist, no doubt. Let me give you a few names.” Hee! I also just really enjoyed seeing both Sami and Marlena being strong and standing up to him – and realizing he is running his own game against Stefano.

And finally, Blackpatch!


How cool is this going to be??

21 thoughts on “The girl who kicked the hornet’s nest

  1. MaryBeth, Stephen and Peter are killing me. Literally. Killing me. I know that this is probably the best (and only) way to send Peter off now, since I truly believe he has decided to retire, but it hurts. I think he has been absolutely wonderful during this brief return, and stepped right back into Bo’s shoes as if no time has passed at all. I’m kind of dreading the upcoming reveal to Hope – how much can the woman take? I usually NEVER cry at the sad stuff, but I have to admit they got me. Especially MBE. The scene at the end of Tuesday’s show, where she swept everything off her desk and screamed, hit me in the gut. The actors who portray the Brady kids have always had this remarkable sibling chemistry between them. I’m including Drake in this too, who was always my favorite Roman. I love that the new writers seem to get the Bo/Kayla relationship (or is it the actors?). The little touches, like Bo calling her “Kay” have been wonderful.

    More wonderful is the set up for Chad and Rafe (I love them madly right now). I did watch the DOD promo, so I know good stuff is coming up for Chad, Abby and Ben, and I’d like to see Rafe finally be the one who brings down the neck-tie killer – he deserves it!

    I’m also excited to see some movement in Steve and Kayla’s story. I laughed when Steve walked into the “romantic” room at the Salem in. What a set-up! I wonder how far they are going to go with S&K before she finds out about Ava, because I think that is going to REALLY piss her off.

    I actually loved the Sami/Andre/Marlena stuff too, mostly because of Thaao, but I thought Ally did a pretty good job Tuesday. Not so invested in that story, but the Dimeras vs the Bradys is always fun, and perhaps this is just a jumping off point for a bigger story coming up. I think proabably so.

    Glad to have you back blogging! I missed reading every day while you were off rubbing shoulders with the cast!

    • Even though it is hard to see Peter Reckell leaving. For ever ????? This is a powerful story and I would think draining for the actors, especially since many have known each other for so long. It’s going to get worse before it gets better. Seems like it makes a hard day of work and kind of depressing with all the crying and sadness they have to portray. Since PR has been gone 3 years already and wanted to come back to put his character to rest, his mindset is pretty positive he wants to retire. Best of luck to him

    • I am more invested in this story with Sami now that it isn’t just about EJ. I agree with you it is starting to look like a leaping off point to something bigger, involving Marlena and John and the Bradys. And Andre vs. Stefano. Should be good!

      I really hope Rafe finally brings Ben in. And Chad helps him. Love those two.

  2. THANK YOU Mary Pickford…I loved the scene with Steve & real..I lost it too..I tweeted both of them how very moving the scene was..don’t think they could top that…🌹

  3. i haven’t seen Tuesday’s show yet but I read the play by play on Daytime Royalty. I had a strange day yesterday and didn’t think it was a good idea to end my day by watching something that was going to get me that emotional right before bedtime. I think it cost me a couple of hours of sleep watching Monday’s show right before bed so I decided to wait. Even though I knew that Bo was dying I wasn’t prepared for the quickness of how this is playing out and it’s hard for me to watch right now. Those scenes on Monday were amazing and I was crying as hard as I did when Steve died.

    I am torn. I am in acceptance of the fact that Peter Reckell wants to retire and on one level I appreciate that the show values him enough to say that if he is done then the character is done. But on another level I almost would prefer they re-cast again. I actually like Robert Kelker Kelly who played Bo for a while in the 90s. I had been a fan of his on Another World and when my roommate read a soap opera digest blurb that hinted they were considering a re-cast for Bo, I told her immediately that I wanted RKK before we knew he was being considered. I think he had good chemistry with Billie and Carly but not so much with Hope. (I think RKK was not too popular with his co workers and the fact that he hooked up with a much younger cast member -maybe even before she turned 18 -was alarming but they eventually got married and they were married for 15 years.) I just love Bo and the thought of letting him go for good is hard for me right now.

    • I immediately thought of Robert Kelker Kelly as well. As anyone who watches GH knows, he still looks absolutely fantastic, in great shape and as handsome as ever, with a little distinguished grey! However, I think it’s obvious that DOOL is pretty invested in Hope/Rafe. They are practically shoving it down our throats at this point. I’m not sure if they aren’t between a rock and a hard place Bo-wise. If they kill him off, many of the fans will be upset, and if they recast there will be many fans who are upset. I think they finally decided to retire the character with Peter, feeling that it was the most respectful thing to do, as well as allowing Kristian’s character to finally move on. Haven’t watched Wednesday’s show yet, but I’m betting at some point Bo asks Rafe to look after Hope.

      In a way, it’s a blessing, because if Peter did stay on, or they recast, they’d have to keep coming up with more and more stupid reasons to keep Bo and Hope apart. After folks have been on the show for such a long time (cough…John and Marlena…cough) it starts to get a little ridiculous. We’re lucky in a way that Stephen and Mary Beth haven’t been on together in an extended way in quite some time, so they haven’t broken up and remarried a hundred times. Maybe it’s best to let go. All I know is that it’s killing me to watch this, so good drama, but hurtful nonetheless. This week and next is going to be heartbreaking.

      • Steve and Kayla have done stories such as when they found the book at the mansion where they read and acted out the romance of Emily and Gideon so well and was so different than the mystery type stories usually done. A little break from the normal with some humor. Stephen and Mary Beth do these things so well. Loved the scene way back when Mary Beth was pregnant and Steve was having the dream that Kayla was pregnant with his child and he would tease her that she was the size of a whale,and she says you promised no fat jokes. I like to see these little fantacys thrown in once in a while. Maybe they were between stories, I don’t know.

    • I think Kristian Alfonso refuses to work with RKK, so I’d say that’s a no-go. Hahaha. I feel like Reckell IS Bo at this point, but I sort of agree with you that the need for the character might trump the actor in this case. Robert Newman (who played Josh on Guiding Light for a long time) has always struck me as someone who might be able to play present-day, dad-type Bo.

    • Shea, sorry to hear about your strange day and I hope things get better. This brain tumor thing does feel like too much – angst piled on angst – and I’m hoping that after Hope finds out the truth that they decide to make the most of the time that’s left and give us a bit of a respite!

  4. Monday and Tuesday were so, so, so good. MBE/PR/SN are just doing absolutely stellar and heartbreaking work. Every time I thought I was going to make it through, they would just up the emotional ante a little more.

    I have to say that the little scream by MBE at the end of Tuesday’s show was killer. It’s just not something we see from Kayla very often and I loved seeing MBE go for the emotion like that. So great.

    And, on a shipper note, having Steve arrive at the bench just when Kayla really needed somebody was awesome. It’s tentative and it’s not a reconciliation, but it’s Kayla needing to feel able to break down and knowing that she could do that with Steve. It just shows that no matter how far apart they might be at the moment (particularly in the trust department) that innate connection still exists.

    This whole week is going to be an emotional beatdown, but honestly, it’s also the reason I watch soaps. If I can’t get emotionally invested enough to feel this pain and heartbreak, then what’s the point of going through all the other crap? And this is the first time in a very long time the show has made that investment pay off.

    • I can’t believe I forgot to mention Kayla’s scream at the end of Tuesday. It was, as you say, a killer.

      I’m just so happy to see Steve being there when she needed it, and that he could actually do something for her. She’s been a rock for everyone else, and it was nice to see her able to break down a little.

      I agree that it’s great that the show can break my heart by telling a good story and making me care, instead of breaking my heart by being so bad and ruining everyone. I’ll take it!

  5. The two things these writers are consistently and impressively getting right are Kayla’s characterization and the Chad/Abigail dynamic, especially Chad’s side of it. The fact that they have material of this quality in them makes me hopeful for what will come after some of the pileup re: anniversary stuff and the transition clears up.

    • Agree about Kayla and Chad/Abigail, especially Chad (I am a little upset that Abby didn’t choose Chad before finding out Ben was evil, but they definitely made it clear she had feelings for Chad all along. She just had feelings for Ben too, plus the baby).

      I am really curious if they will continue to feature two main stories, with everyone else backburnered – and just cycle which big story is being featured. Or if there will be a more balanced spread of airtime, which I am hoping for.

      • The balance is killing me. But I’ve had the same thought: is this sort of a telenovela-style thing, where we get two big stories for a few months, and then they trade off? Like will Nicole’s story be huge in January-March, with Hope on the backburner? I don’t necessarily hate that, but they haven’t figured out the pacing yet…

  6. Steve, Kayla, and Bo. Wow. Those were some of the best scenes this show has given us in ages. The Chad/Rafe stuff was also great, but it took the backseat Monday. (Note that in the midst of all that, MP didn’t even bother to mention Brady and Theresa.) If PR must go, I think Bo must go, and I think they are handling it well so far. I am not for recasts when an actor so fully is the character as PR is Bo. RKK was actually a great recast for Bo, yet he still never was Bo to me. No one else is Bo. Maybe PR will change his mind, and Bo will rise again, but for now, I think this is being played right. I did think it would have been funny if when Kayla told Steve that Bo was dying, Steve had said, “I’ve died before; it’s not necessarily fatal.”

    • LOL, I would love if Steve said that! It might undercut the seriousness and emotion of it all, but I would still love it.

      I am agnostic on whether a recast for Bo would work. I never saw RKK, so I can’t comment. I kind of think they are doing the right thing — retiring the character with the actor.

  7. Wow – what a ride this week has been – I have never cried on a daily basis with any soap. The big 4 are knocking it out of the park with moving and heartfelt performances and it seems everyone (except nuCiara) is doing their best. So many things are going right, still I find some things that bother me.

    There is a lack of sense of space and season in Salem lately. So much of the action and dialogue taking place in the (strangely green for mid November) park or town square. How much more authentic the scene would have felt if Bo had headed down to the riverfront after hearing the devastating news about his illness? That would tie into the history of the character. That’s where Steve would have found him, because he would know where Bo would go. And there would be a handy bench to sit on, rather than lounging on the ground. Remember how much of both the action and the conversation on Days used to go on down on the riverfront?

    It is mid November, but both Abs and Jennifer are wearing short sleeves. Now – that would be normal for where I live, in Austin, Texas, but not wherever Salem is supposed to be. That color blue does look great on MR.

    Perhaps I have been watching too much 80’s DAYS lately – it makes me notice the little things that they used to do so well. Like how they used to have weather in Salem. It used to rain and storm a lot, plus a great deal of fog, snow and the occasional heat wave. Not just when it was going to be significant to the storyline, sometimes kind of randomly. Like real life. When they were “outside” there were fans blowing so their hair moved, there were background noises based on location. At night it was dark.

    The other set I miss a lot is the loft – I hope someone moves back in there – who doesn’t love that spiral staircase? And the roof of the loft? So many possibilities…

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