Rose colored glasses

One of my favorite Kayla scenes of all time is during the poisoning storyline, after Steve rescues her and brings her to the cabin. She is unconscious, but when she wakes up, she tells Steve she doesn’t trust him anymore. (Mary Beth is so very pregnant here!)

(A note about my YouTube channel: my old one still hasn’t been taken down, but I decided to start a new one anyway. All the videos I post here will be unlisted, which I hope will allow them to sail under the radar of TPTB.)

Steve has to face that he destroyed something precious, something that he loved about her — her joyous optimism and boundless faith. Faith, that is, in him.

Steve makes a unilateral decision, keeping Kayla in the dark. He hurts her in the process — not only hurts her, but abandons her completely. At least this time his playing God was to protect her, and their children, instead of giving her up to help someone else. But the pattern of behavior is the same.

Kayla’s line at the very end, “I just can’t do this anymore,” sums up what she is feeling, again, now. I think we are essentially watching this scene, expanded into an entire storyline. She can’t take that leap of faith anymore, it hurts too much. He has to prove all over again that he is worthy of her faith and love.

(This reminds me of something Mary Beth said at the brunch, commenting on those who think she is “too mad” at Steve. “He LEFT me in AFRICA!” she said. She sounded so incredulous. I loved it.)

So, onto today’s scenes. I really enjoyed the dialogue. I thought it was so true to these characters, and their history. They addressed the trust issue when Kayla believed he set this up, and yelled at him for thinking he could win her over with manufactured romantic crap. (I have to say, I love that someone said that on a soap. Manufactured romantic crap is soap’s bread and butter!) Now, I’ve known Kayla to very happy with romantic gestures, but NOT – this is the key thing – as a substitute for real love and trust.

She made a good point when she told him that he’s told her not to worry before, when she actually had reason to worry. But Steve gets to play the optimist role this time, and he got her to admit that things generally worked out okay, and “it was never boring.”

In a similar vein, she told him she likes things safe and secure, “and everybody lives to be a hundred.” I don’t know if that has always been true, but I think it is true now. And he pointed out that there is no life without some risk. Again, it’s like the tables are turned from when she broke down his walls, encouraged him to take the risk of opening up and trusting someone.

And then the catch in his voice when he said she was the best thing that ever happened to him. And if he could just get her back …

… and then THIS:


I have to admit, I rewatched this scene several times. It’s like 1986 again!

Bo and Hope also connected today, with their love scene. The quickness of it all fits with how little time they have to work with Peter and Bo’s exit. I have said before that I like Bo and Hope best when they are happy, and this angst for Hope is almost too much for me. But I am hoping that they are setting this up so that Hope finding out the truth is a reason to find her strength again. What I mean is, as long as she feels uncertain about Bo and their relationship, she’ll be in this tailspin; but finding out the truth will (ironically) help her find her strength and trust in herself. And make her determined to enjoy the little time they do have.

I hope so, because I don’t think I could stand watching Hope suffer MORE than she is now.

Bo “willing” Hope to Rafe grated on me. But, it is truly a tradition on soaps. Jack did it once, with Frankie and Jennifer. Addie did it with Doug and Julie. (Thanks, Mom!) I also have a hard time believing that Bo would so quickly see and recognize that Rafe is madly in love with Hope. Maybe it’s because I just don’t see it myself! One thing it definitely won’t do is reconcile Bope fans to “Rope.” Nope.

Theo having a crush on Ciara: mildly intrigued. Lani being Abe’s daughter, and Theo’s sister:  still waiting for the conflict. And why wasn’t Hope invited to Bo’s surprise party?


17 thoughts on “Rose colored glasses

  1. That surprise party felt insane. Hope, Steve, and Kayla were all elsewhere. Is Caroline going to be like, “I invited Daniel, Lani, and Eve to welcome you home”? It was very odd. We’ll see how they magically populate the Pub tomorrow, though.

    I bumped on the same line from Kayla as you did — liking things safe and secure, and everybody lives to be 100 — but I also had the same internal debate. I do think Kayla inherently values those things, given her upbringing and what she tried to make Steve see was possible back when they got together, but it also felt antithetical to a lot of what brought them together. I dunno. The best way I can make sense of it is that she values those things so much that she will sometimes go to extremes to ensure them?

    Also have the same issue with “Rope” — or, uh, “Rape,” as I’m seeing them called. It feels forced in a way that is destined to turn people against them instead of get them rooting for them. If Bo dies and Aiden’s gone and Hope does her own thing for a bit and then Rafe is there for her, people would be like, “Oh, interesting!” If they’re TELLING us that they should be together while Bo is still trotting around, it’s biasing the viewers against them. I don’t get why soaps don’t get that.

    • I agree about TPTB forcing Rope down our necks! Why why why don’t they understand that romances at least need to SEEM like they are developing organically? If Rafe and Hope remained good friends then it turned into something else, okay, but the more they push it, especially with Bo still on the scene, the more it turns me off. I sort of feel the same way about Brady and Theresa. I feel like the writers are pushing me a bit there too. I feel like I’m SUPPOSED to be rooting for them, but I’m just not.

      I think they need to back off for a while, and maybe even chem test GG and KA with other folks first. It’s obvious that they are considered two of the major leads on the show (and I am LOVING Rafe), but maybe they should explore some other things first before trying to put them together.

      As for Steve and Kayla, I loved their scenes today. I’m glad that they are TALKING. I actually thought Kayla’s lines were perfectly in character (about wanting safety and people to live to be 100). I think Kayla was always trying to protect Steve from himself, to keep HIM safe (most of the time from himself), while he was trying to keep her out of “his world.” As much as Steve is an alpha male, Kayla is a healer and protector. If she loves you, she will go to any length to keep you safe. I love MBE in this storyline. She is absolutely shining in her performances. I hope she gets an Emmy nod for supporting actress. She’s killing me. And their kiss was so wonderful, especially Stephen repeating “if I could only have you back” Swoon!

      The “surprise” party for Bo was totally weird. I also thought Bo getting up out of bed and leaving Hope (without even a note!) was also bizarre. She already has abandonment issues. Way to go dude. I did like the fake flashback to the attack, and Hope’s panic attack. The woman has PTSD.

      • I feel the same way about Brady and Theresa. It’s like I’m being told to want them together. I don’t think that kind of forced storytelling ever gets the show what they want from it.

      • You know why I’m ok with Rafe and Hope? Because I look around and the only other age appropriate male that comes to mind is Steve – and I’m S&K all the way!

  2. I loved the Steve and Kayla scenes today and agree with your thoughts, MP! I also rewatched the last scene a few times. My only quibble, and it’s a small one, is when Steve says he doesn’t know why he was so stupid. Even though it is implied, I wanted him to elaborate on why he thought he was so stupid and say how it will be different from here on out. Is he going to be totally open with Kayla and not play god anymore? Something like that. Maybe that’s coming, but overall the scenes were truly beautiful. It was great to see them somewhere other than the hospital! The emotion between them both was palpable and the kiss was perfect- although the next scene of Hope’s attack was a littke jarring after being swept up with S and K!

  3. At the moment it really feels like the writers GET Steve and Kayla so I certainly appreciate that and I am optimistic for the future. A couple of weeks ago I was complaining about how they had been writing Kayla as purely bitter with very little hints to the other feelings she may be having but now it all feels much more fleshed out since we have actually gotten to see the two of them talk. Great scenes yesterday. I am also happy that this is more of our old Steve than we got in most of the second run. I know the second run was hard with the amnesia and stuff but something was missing. Maybe it was his humor but this version of Steve feels more true to the original so I am happy.

    Overall I hate this Bo storyline. But I will give them credit for giving me some great scenes but it’s mainly been Bo and Steve, Bo and Kayla and Steve and Kayla who have gotten those moments from this storyline. So I will watch and enjoy the scenes as they play out and try to keep it at that level. I can usually handle bad storylines that are full of holes as long as they give me some good powerful scenes.

    I am loving Rafe and I am not opposed to a Hope/Rafe pairing down the road but they took it way too far with that scene where Bo told Rafe that he knew Rafe loved Hope. That was just over the top and it’s only going to piss a lot of people off.

    I just have to ignore the fact that this is apparently still the day after the gala or my head will explode. I don’t understand why they can’t just let the characters change clothes once in a while, avoid time references, and pretend time is actually passing.

  4. I really like Rafe. I really like his friendship with Hope. Not sure about it transitioning into romance, but as everyone has said, the whole bestowing one’s beloved on another is weird. You know I love Jack, but this time I was thinking, “Bo, don’t pull a Jack!” At least he probably won’t fake his death to keep people from having to watch him die slowly. Yeah, I don’t think it makes the audience more accepting of the new pairing. But I’ll tell you this, I’d take Rafe/Hope over Rafe/Lani. Lani is doing zero for me. I am interested in Theo though.

  5. PR’s performance continues to make me cry, while the story makes me angry. So much of his time wasted in the prison/torture/rescue portion, and so little once returned to Salem. Even in the rescue, they wasted almost every opportunity to have really meaningful dialogue between Bo and Steve. There were some moments, but not near enough for the end of this bromance.

    The story beats are coming so quickly that it is awkward and off putting. Bo staggers out of bed after being intimate with a very disturbed Hope for the first time in many years so he can go talk to Rafe? Can’t we at least cuddle for a while? The last thing he knew about Rafe was that he was stupid enough to get involved with Sami – that should not be a mark in his favor. Now he knows how Rafe feels about Hope?

    Are we supposed to hate the new Ciara? She is so insensitive and annoying. She resists when her mother tries to run away from having to face the scene of the crime. Jennifer’s house would have been the perfect refuge to help give Hope a feeling of safety – because Jen lives in Tom and Alice’s house. While the party gives a great chance to use some flashbacks, it is still the next day after her mother was assaulted and someone was killed in her living room! Too soon! And then she doesn’t text or tell Joe and Theo about coming even though they should be there? Nice flashbacks with of a teenaged Jason Cook – perhaps that is the reason they wanted JC for this part, even if they couldn’t keep him for long 🙂

    The hotel scene was set so beautifully, but the conversation between Steve and Kayla was so wrong. Here are the top 3 worst days of Kayla’s life – the day Steve died, the day her father died right in front of her, and today, the day she had to tell her little brother that he was dying, and that there was nothing she could do to save him. Steve is also devastated at the news and knows how heartbroken Kayla is about Bo. So there is no way either would have set up this encounter, therefore the bickering and suspicions ring false and wasteful, when there could have been something more meaningful to talk about. Or more cuddling and more kissing. At least cuddling – Steve is a master cuddler. Perhaps he could have told her about his new business venture with John – BlackPatch Investigations (love the handle). John has been calling Steve “Deadeye” ever since he thought he was Roman, even when he was RoboJohn, and it always makes me laugh. SN and DH are great together, and I can see this being a good use of their history.

    • I am definitely still getting used to nuCiara but I do think she is being written in a realistic way. She’s a teenager who has had major things thrown at her – she’s trying but isn’t always going to do the perfect thing.

      I agree about Bo’s time spent away, and the lack of truly meaningful dialogue, until now. I know SN and PR filmed a lot of those rescue episodes over just two days, so (hoping against hope) maybe it didn’t take up a lot of PR’s allotted time.

      I liked the dialogue for Steve and Kayla in the hotel room. Lots of baggage for them to deal with but then the connection between them breaking through. But I agree Kayla has had waaaay too much to deal with lately.

  6. Let’s see – Eduardo has abandoned at least 2 families that we know of – and while I’m sure that makes him interesting to Kate, I don’t think Hope would be able to get past that particular issue. I forgot about Justin, who is of course Bo’s cousin – so there is that bit of ick factor. I can’t remember what kind of attitude Hope has regarding Justin.

    • Vincent Irrizary is coming on – he’s age appropriate for Hope! I’m not totally opposed to Hope/Rafe, I just don’t like when the writers TELL us who we are supposed to root for in such an obvious way. They’ve made me really love Rafe, but I can’t get into Rafe/Lani either. – the only romance I’ve seen him in was with Sami on youtube, and I hated that pairing, and felt GG didn’t really shine there. Jennifer is available? Though I’m fearful that they are going to try something with her and Eric. I don’t think I’ve ever seen them in a scene together, but now Eric is kissing her and they had that conversation in the pub yesterday. Hmmmm. It’s odd. I was sure with Daniel leaving that they would get back to Ericole, but now I’m not so sure. I feel like they really don’t know what to do with certain characters, like Jen or Eric, and even Lucas (not a big Lucas/Adrienne fan), but with other characters they seem too determined to pair them (like Hope/Rafe, who I’ve never thought had a ton of romantic chemistry, but I’m willing to see what happens, and Brady/Theresa).

      So far I’m very pleased with the new writers, and am truly enjoying the show every day. I feel like we’ve been in a bit of a holding pattern with the 50th Anniversary, and with closing out Bo’s story. I think within a few weeks we will have a clearer picture of what the new writers are thinking about going forward.

      I agree with Cyn that it seems like they wasted a lot of Peter’s time in the captivity/rescue portion of the story, but I’m beginning to think they only had Peter for like 2 days and had to cram everything in, then spread it out over a long period of time. I think Peter is killing it (no pun intended), but the last part of this story does seem very fast. The actors are playing it for every emotional beat possible (especially MBE, SN and PR), but it IS a bit of a whirlwind.

  7. I don’t know what to think of the entire Bo story – at first when I heard he was going to die on the show I thought “are you kidding” me, why bring him back just to kill him off? Seems like a big ratings grab!
    I did shed a tear or 2 I have to admit, when he was with Kayla and Steve. Now I am just watching with a “what the hell” might was well enjoy it feeling (which isn’t that bad, ha ha)

    I can see S&K story getting better, I think they are getting closer to the S&K we all want to see and remember. But I find myself waiting to see them together more and looking forward to seeing them on screen.

    Good point on who else are they going to put Hope with, there doesn’t seem to be any other age appropriate men. I was wondering how a Rafe Jen pairing would go – but are they maybe thinking of setting her up with Eric? I can’t quite tell yet.

    The new Ciarra is still a bit stiff and not such a strong actress, and yes I was also annoyed that Hope didn’t just stay with Jen (didn’t realize it was Tom & Alice’s house, I love that!), it would have been good for Hope. Was anyone else thinking it was too soon to have her sleep with Bo? I know he is the love of her life, but since it has only been ONE DAY since the wedding and she did sleep with Aiden the night before and then get strangled maybe she needs to relax. The thought of her sleeping with Aiden and the next day with Bo, just didn’t sit well with m.

    ok back to Ciarra, I just always think that for some reason soaps always have bad teen actors – not sure why with the great talent there is. I think she may get stronger, I see it sometimes in her scenes with Bo.

    I am interested in what they do with Theo.

    Is this the longest Day or what? Seriously how is this only one day they should have just made it multiply days because to the viewers it definately seems like longer then 1 day?

    • I told you guys they should rename the show The DAY of our Lives!

      It’s just ridiculous that this is still the day after the gala/Hopefest/attack/Bo’s return. When you look at it the entire month of November is going to be like 3 or 4 Salem days long. And it seem avoidable. Let characters change clothes and stop referencing time and it will just magically seem like time is passing.

      • Exactly Shea, until someone mentioned that the wedding was the day before, I seriously thought it was at least 4 or 5 days.

        And not to change stories but it would help with the Abby story, if she is only gone 1 day – it would not be that big a deal that no-one has heard from her, makes sense that a few days have passed and it works better with the Abby/Ben/Chad.

        Speaking of Chad, has anyone noticed that Hope’s, strangle marks on her neck are almost all gone, but Chad who got beat up I assume at least a week ago still looks fresh? He really heals slow! Must need some vitamins. Ha ha just nit picking!

      • Chad is a SLOW healer. Remember how long he had that busted lip after his run in with Serena. I think Stefano is diabetic and slow healing can be a sign of diabetes. Chad needs to see Kayla for a check-up. LOL

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