My Day of Days

I had an amazing weekend in Los Angeles at Day of Days. I promised a full report, so here we go!


My mom and I walked over to Universal Studios about 9:30, and lined up along the red carpet where the cast was due to walk out. We met up with commenter Erica, and she introduced me to some other folks I know from Twitter and various message boards (“This is Mary Pickford,” she said. Hee!). We got a good position along the red carpet, but there was a cute little kid standing along the other side who was a magnet for all the actors. (I kicked myself for not bringing my ten year old daughter along! That kid could have finally earned her keep!) So, I managed to mostly get pictures of people’s backs, though I did get a few good ones. You may have seen some of the pictures I posted on Twitter. This was the best one:


Note cute kid in the background.

The thoughts going through my head at this point are probably what you feel meeting any famous person. The actors are all so familiar to me, from seeing them five days a week on my screen. It was surreal to see them walking in front of me, in three dimensions, like dolls come to to life. This feeling never quite left me the whole weekend.

The emcee for the event announced that tables would be set up where the actors would assemble in groups of three and four. Half would appear in the morning, half in the afternoon. I was warned that you had to find your line early because they were closed after a certain number of people were in it. I knew I would be meeting Stephen and Mary Beth the next day, so I dragged my mom to Greg Vaughan’s line (She said, “Who does he play again?” MOM!) Susan and Bill Hayes were at the same table, so it was win-win.


Bill and Susan were so nice. They asked us where we were from and what else we planned to do in LA. Bill helped my mom with the camera on her phone when she was having trouble with it. Hee!

Then came this guy:


I was too shy to ask for a hug, which everyone told me afterward was a big mistake on my part. But it was ringing in my ears that the cast members must STAY SEATED and fans must STAY BACK. Later, I saw Greg standing up and giving hugs and taking selfies with everyone, so he’s clearly not a rule follower. My bad. Anyway, I stammered out that I was a huge fan, and he took my hand in both of his. Then we got this photo:


Mamma mia!

I got a message from commenter Liz, who was down in Stephen and Mary Beth’s line. She was with some other folks I know from Twitter. We went down there and all identified ourselves by our Twitter names (lol), and they very kindly let us in line with them so we could see Stephen and Mary Beth. Ari and Peggy were also at the same table.


I love Ari here!

I had recovered my powers of speech by this point, and actually managed to chat with Ari and Peggy a little. Ari was so talkative and friendly. I asked about Ericole, and Ari said “Ahhhh …. ” (meaning, I can’t say), and then said, “You know they love to torture you.” (I heard later that Greg was a little more frank in his Daytime Royalty interview. Follow the link if you want to be spoiled.) My mom told her she loved Nicole, whether she’s being good or evil. I said that she (Ari) always let us see Nicole’s motivation, so we sympathize with her even when she makes mistakes. Ari has probably heard this all a million times, but she seemed genuinely touched and glad to hear it. She said she loved playing Nicole and joked about not knowing if she was going to be good or bad from week to week.

With Peggy, I told her I loved her work in the Hope/Aiden wedding. She told me that was so much fun to do and she loved working with Peter and being the one to believe in Bo. She too seemed so happy to hear we liked her work.

Then came these two:


Such beautiful people!

I didn’t talk with them too much except to say I was so glad they were back, and I would see them at the brunch the next day.

Drake and Dee were appearing in the afternoon, and I wanted to make sure my mom would get to meet Drake. I was a little nervous because, I have to say, the John and Marlena fans there were a little bit insane. I saw a number of people wearing Days of Our Lives t-shirts (including this one!), but the John and Marlena fans were by far the most represented. Some said “Don’t Drake and Drive,” others “John loves Marlena,” still others “#Jarlena.” There were signs everywhere that you couldn’t start lining up for the afternoon autograph tables until 1:00, but a whole cadre of people were lingering around where the line was due to form. Security guards repeatedly told them to disperse, which made them shuffle their feet a few inches but otherwise had no effect. I wasn’t about to let them crowd out MamaPickford, though, so I camped out too. (See, I can break rules!)

We did manage to get in line, and ended up waiting about an hour or so. We chatted with two older ladies who have also (like my mom) been watching since the 60s, exchanging reminisces about storylines past and present. One of them said she went online sometimes to read spoilers, and made me laugh when she said she had to block some Haiden fans on Twitter. We got to the front, and my mom had a lot more chutzpah with Drake than I did with Greg. When he half stood up to greet her, she leaned over and kissed him on the cheek!

I have to post this photo of Dee. You might think that she glows onscreen only because of great lighting and soft focus, but you would be wrong:


Crazy, huh?

After that the cast all assembled again onstage, and they took questions from fans. There were some bizarre questions. Reinforcing my feeling that John and Marlena fans are the most obsessive, one fan’s “question” was to ask Dee and Drake to sit next to each other, because it was wrong for John not to be next to Marlena. Dee and Drake have obviously heard it all a million times, and handled it like pros.


The best questions were from two little kids. The first one asked Stephen why Steve wore a patch, and Steve explained the fight between Bo and Steve. (When he mentioned Britta, Mary Beth turned away like she was giving him the cold shoulder. So cute.) The second one asked Kate Mansi if Chad was really the father of Abby’s baby. That got a big laugh from the cast (and the audience), and Kate’s shocked reaction was priceless. Of course, she told her that she’d have to wait and see.

The other noteworthy question was to Ari. Someone asked if after Daniel left, Nicole found comfort with the new doctor in town. Ari joked that she just wanted “doctor” in her name, anyone would do. Then she went and sat in Alexander Bruszt’s lap and said “Are you implying that I just move from man to man?” Ari was adorable, but you can imagine how my heart sank on hearing this.

Then they showed a promo for upcoming stories, which I won’t embed here because it has spoilers galore. But you can watch it over at Mykleraus’s blog, if you haven’t already. I have to say, it made me very excited for what’s coming!

I still have Stephen and Mary Beth’s brunch to talk about, but I’ll split that into other post later today. All in all, it was an amazing, amazing day. Whew!


12 thoughts on “My Day of Days

  1. Mary Pickford THANK YOU..I am so glad you enjoyed meeting the Days cast…especially my favorite sweetie..Greg. Love the photo🌞 You were very thoughtful to tweet & include us in the fun!!!

  2. Thanks for sharing!

    I’m so glad you were able to go and enjoy yourself. Didn’t realize you were getting to share it with your mom, or that she was such a longtime viewer, but that makes it even more special. That photo of Peggy IS great!

    I read the Daytime Royalty interviews, and the GV one was, uh, discouraging. I worry that he’s a little too honest sometimes, but I can’t blame him for being frustrated. He does genuinely seem to love the show and being a part of stuff like this. I’ve met Ari Zucker 2-3 times, and she’s wonderful. She’s SUCH a team player and brings her A-game to everything Days-related, onscreen and off.

    • Yes, my mom has watched since 1969, when my oldest brother was born. She gave it up for awhile in the 90’s (not a fan of JER), but not for long. We generally chat a little bit about Days every week. I’m so glad we were able to do this together.

      Air was so animated and looked like she was having the time of her life. Love her.

      • Your mom and me both regarding JER. I didn’t care for his style, and he didn’t handle my boy Jack properly. I’m not sure it’s all on JER, but he was the HW when the dreadful recast happened, but he didn’t write properly for Jack with Ashford in the role either.

        Facial hair suits GV.

  3. OMG! So excited for you. It looked light a blast. Thanks for including us! Greg Vaughn looks yummier in person :).

    Can’t wait to hear about the brunch with Stephen and Mary Beth, and your thoughts after you catch up on the show!

  4. Thanks for the recap and the pics!

    I read that DR interview with GV but others commented that he is a bit of a unique individual and everything from his twitter presence to interviews tend to switch from hot to cold. He has voiced displeasure with his stories in the past but in August he was happy for a contract extension. I am not invested in the Eric/Nicole relationship so that part of it doesn’t phase me but I don’t want them to waste a talented actor by not giving him any story.

    And I couldn’t resist watching the promo. :shame

    But I am excited for most of what I saw….I’m just not sure about Ava.

    • I’m am definitely not sure about Ava either, especially coupled with Mary Beth’s comment that we won’t like everything that happens.

      Greg does also say he’s excited about what he’s working on. I think he does have a story. Lysie from DR, who I talked to at the brunch, said that she thought his “I don’t know” (about the new writers) meant he was still in the middle of the story, so he can’t say yet whether it has a payoff.

  5. Thank you so much for your recap Mary! Your writing made me feel like I was there. Deidre Hall…wow she really does have a special glow about her. Maybe she has the secret to eternal youth bc that photo! And Stephen and Mary Beth… I’m just gonna go read your next entry. I’m dying to know if they gave any non spoilery (or spoilery lol) but fun anecdotes from the show. Thank you so much for the Twitter updates too. I’ve been following along. I’m so glad your mom went and got to meet Drake H! I love it! I also can’t wait to hear what u think of the last few shows!

    • She really looked amazing. I haven’t been a big Marlena fan since the 80’s, and I’m not a Jarlena shipper, but I am liking her and John a lot under the new writers. I like him as a man of action, and her as a strong professional. They’ve given them both some really good material.

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