Brunch with Stephen and Mary Beth

Now onto Day 2 – the brunch!

My friend Erica got there early and saved seats for MamaPickford and me in the very front! Thank you, Erica!

Here again I got to meet more online friends, including the woman behind Daytime Royalty and another woman who used to post at Television without Pity back in the glory days (this led to much reminiscing). I also met more people from the S&K Twitter group. I have to say, one of the best things about this weekend was meeting people that I “know” online, who are as passionate and interested in this little corner of the world as I am!

Everything kicked off with Stephen and Mary Beth coming up onto the stage.


The first thing that struck me is how at ease they are with each other, how much they obviously like each other. The second is how much they wanted all of us, the fans, to have a good time. Mary Beth asked for stools to be brought out so they would be high enough for everyone in the audience to see. When she climbed up onto hers, she used Stephen’s thigh as a prop to help herself up, and she joked about letting her hand slip. Hee!


Mary Beth looked adorable, as you can see, in what she identified as an outfit from Reese Witherspoon’s clothing line. You can see it better here on her Instagram. Stephen was all in black, and was wearing the same jacket he wears on the show.

They started by answering questions from the audience. I don’t think there was a kibosh on revealing any of what they said, so here we go – I’ll remember as much as I can.

Stephen said he would love for them to be on the show as long as it airs, eventually aging into a Doug and Julie-type role. He said that would be in fifty years, then amended it to twenty. Mary Beth said, “Twenty for you, thirty for me.” Hee!

They said that the next few months are going to be a “roller coaster” of a story, that we won’t like everything that happens (Mary Beth made a face when she said that — I’m guessing this is Ava-related!) but hang in there, there are lots of twists and turns.

They talked about the drudgery of memorizing so much material, and how little rehearsal time there is. Mary Beth said she’s always running around to find people she has scenes with, to get them to rehearse with her. She said that when it’s time to tape a scene, she just has to let it all go, look into Stephen’s eyes, and she’s ready.

One fan asked who they would like to work with that they haven’t worked with much. Stephen mentioned Billy Flynn. Mary Beth mentioned how much she enjoyed working with Kate Mansi, and Stephen said he had filmed a scene with her recently. So at some point, we’ll get a Uncle Steve/Abby scene!

Another question was what happened to old sets. Mary Beth brought up the loft, how much she loved that sliding door. Stephen said, “The rooftop.” (Be still, my heart!) Stephen said that they haven’t used that set, but the spiral staircase from the loft will be featured in a few months, and to look for a shot of him descending it. They said that Steve and Kayla do get a place to live, and Mary Beth said that she loves the way it’s decorated – the colors, everything about it is what she would have picked out.

Someone asked if they ever had to act something that went against their morals or beliefs. I was bracing myself for a Shayla mention, but that didn’t come up. 🙂 Mary Beth said that recently Kayla had some dialogue she didn’t think Kayla would say, and she approached TPTB and was able to get it changed. They both said that collaboration is more possible now, and they can have input into their scenes. Mary Beth teased Stephen about how much he always marked up his scripts. They mentioned Shelley Curtis, a producer from 80’s Days, and how she told them that the dialogue doesn’t matter, to use it a vehicle to show the underlying connection of the characters, and they really took that to heart. They also said that in the end, they have a job to do, and they have to do their best with what they’re given.

Speaking of Shayla: they talked about how fans have named their children after these characters. (Stephen said he met a woman at a book signing recently who named her son “Patch”!) Mary Beth told a story of sledding with her kids, and overhearing a mother calling to hers: “Come on, Shane, come on, Kayla!” I wish I had a picture of the face she made!


Stephen had to leave the stage at one point to take out his contacts and put on his glasses. He said that he has a hard time seeing with his patch on, because his eyes have gotten worse over the years. Aw!

At one point, Mary Beth called herself a “talker” and Stephen said “No!” with mock surprise. Sometimes when there was a question for Stephen, Mary Beth would start to answer. Stephen would turn to her and say, “Can I talk?” Hee!

After the Q&A they drew tickets for prizes. We’d all been given a raffle ticket on the way in. Prizes were Steve and Kayla or Days of Our Lives merchandise: frames, mugs, pins, tote bag, and hats. One of the prizes was a Days of Our Lives coffee mug that Stephen had used. Mary Beth wiped it on her sweater, joking that she needed to wipe off Stephen’s lip prints. My mom called out, “Oh, you don’t need to do that!” and then Stephen read the winning number. My mom had won! Hee!

Stephen brought her the mug and hugged her, and just like with Drake, she kissed him on the cheek. MOM!

Next up was a Days of Our Lives baseball cap and keychain, and I won. Surprise! Stephen asked if we were mother and daughter, and when we said we were, he said, “Wow, lucky family. ” Yes, yes, we are, Stephen. Mary Beth brought me my prize, and gave me a hug.

After we ate, we lined up for autographs and pictures. When it was my turn, I was introduced as having a blog about Days of Our Lives. They asked me the name of it, and when I told them, Stephen said, “Oh, I’ve seen that.”




Thank you, Stephen and Mary Beth!

Now, off to catch up on Days!



20 thoughts on “Brunch with Stephen and Mary Beth

  1. Thank you so much for sharing. I loved that someone asked about a home. That gave me a little squeal. Sounds like a fab weekend and as much as I love your blog, this recap has given me great joy. It made me feel a part of it too. Thanks.

  2. It was so great to see you and hang out with you and MamaPickford on Saturday and Sunday. Just watching your mom have so much fun was probably the highlight for me. 🙂 Well, that and seeing the two of you win the raffle prizes.

    Hopefully we can all meet up again next year. 🙂

    • You ARE so lucky. How wonderful that you got to share that with your Mom (the little flirt!). You look adorable in the cap too. Nice to “see” you :). Thanks for this wonderful blog, and for sharing this with us all. Can’t wait to hear what you think about what has been going down in Salem!

    • Sounds like you all had a great time!

      So does your mother still think it’s a bit weird that you have this blog? It lets you meet cool people and even Stephen Nichols has checked it out!

      Now, get caught up on Days so we can talk about what’s happening!

      • What a wonderful experience! Thank you so much for sharing. It was fun to be there vicariously. How many people were at the brunch? Stephen and MB seem like fun, down to earth people.
        Now as Shea said, get caught up! I am in withdrawal since I have not read your insightful comments of the last few eppies! Lots of stuff happening!

    • Thanks, all! I am so glad that I went.

      It was great to see you too, Erica — and my mom liked all of you. She said several times how nice you all were!

      Next year would be awesome! We’ll have to see if it works out.

  3. Thanks MP for all the pictures and details of your trip. Hearing about you and your mom makes miss my mom even more. I learned my love of soaps from her. She use to talk about how she was watching As The World Turns when it was interrupted to say that JFK was shot. I’m glad you got to share such a great weekend together.

    I love the idea of S&K finally having a place to live. I’m a little leary to hear we won’t like all the stuff coming up. I just hope they don’t have Steve or Joey sleep with Ava!! Ugh, worst nightmare. I’m just going to try to be optimistic and enjoy them on my TV again. Thanks against. Also liked the picture of you. A face with the name now.

    • Oh, I’m sorry about your mom. 😦 You are right that it’s something to share and I love that we did this together.

      I didn’t think about Joey sleeping with Ava. That’s a possibility. She might enjoy doing that as kind of a twisted revenge, especially if she tries first to seduce Steve.

  4. Thank you Mary for sharing!!

    I’m so glad Kayla and Steve get a place. Finally they have another place to talk than the hospital! I wish it was the loft but I’ll take it.

    I wish I could have gone this weekend if for no reason than to meet you, Erica and the other Twitter ladies who post about S&K.

    • Meeting other fans that I “know” online was definitely one of the the best things about going. We all have to plan to go next year and we’ll have a Spoiler Free Days party! LOL!

      I want the loft too but I knew that was probably too much to hope for. Them having a real house is also a good sign they are here long term.

  5. Thank you for sharing about your awesome weekend – it sounds like it extra fun to meet in person so many online friends. And that Stephen has seen your blog – OMG! Could it get any better 🙂

  6. You are welcome, everyone! It was so much fun – I’m so glad that I went.

    And thanks for your comments about my picture. I know I’m always happy to put a face to a name at a blog I read regularly (like your photos from the party, mykleraus!), so I thought I’d throw it up there.

  7. Just found this post. I’ll get caught up someday! I really loved meeting all of the Days, and especially the spoilerfreedays, fans last weekend. Was it really just last weekend? Seems so long ago already. But what fun it was!

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