LA bound

I was a little underwhelmed by the episode yesterday.

I’ll try to keep an open mind, but I wasn’t too impressed by the new Aussie doctor. Wally Kurth can pull off the womanizing playboy role, because he has an impish charm that stops him from seeming sleazy. This guy just put me off. And much as my “Ericole is endgame” heart didn’t want to see it, it was clear that Nicole was attracted to him too. Ugh.

The story for Theresa and Brady feels all off to me. She’s so eager to please, to “take what she can get,” as she said. And he seems utterly unaware of the unfairness of sending mixed signals. For all that, I’m starting to see some chemistry between them – they just really, really need to fix the power imbalance.


Theresa looks great, though. I love this red dress on her.

I’m glad they are showing the fallout for Bo and Hope, and Ciara and Chase, from Aiden’s death and attempted murder of Hope. It’s important not to skip those moments. But I’m not really looking forward to weeks of Hope blaming herself. And Bo’s collapse surely signals the way they are going to write him out … 😦

But no matter — in a few hours, I’ll be in LA, and from there I’ll take the wormhole to Salem. Whee! I’ll try to post some pictures on Twitter, so be sure to check in with me there — Saturday I’ll be at Day of Days, and Sunday I’ll be at the brunch with Stephen and Mary Beth. Of course, I’ll do a full report when I get home!


7 thoughts on “LA bound

  1. I honestly thought yesterday’s show was a total bore (maybe I’m just too used to all the excitement). Finn? No thanks. Wasn’t feeling the charm, but was feeling the ooze. OMG I hope they don’t put him with Jennifer.

    I really really like both Theresa and Brady, but I’ve decided I just don’t like them together. I don’t know what it is, they both have a lot of charm, but I’m just not feeling it. Maybe I’ll be pleasantly surprised.

    I don’t know, maybe it’s just PMS LOL. I didn’t really even like the scenes with Jen and Hope, which felt like filler.

    Or maybe I’m just jealous of MP! Have a wonderful time at DOD! I’ll be checking twitter. Cant’ wait to see you with a lap-full of SN :). And I hope your Mom enjoys meeting Drake!

  2. MP, Yup to your thoughts on the show. Have so much fun at DOD, friend!

    Denise, you just struck fear into my soul with that mention of Finn for Jennifer. If Jack’s not around, let’s just let her play mom, cousin, friend stuff. Sorry, I just can’t with yet another guy for her.

  3. I haven’t watched yesterday’s show yet so I can’t comment on that but I will comment on Teresa and Brady. I think Eric Martsolf is one of the most handsome men on the show…but maybe it’s that he is too handsome but honestly I don’t find him to be sexy and I don’t feel like he really has any real chemistry with anyone. Even when he is supposed to have family connections like with John, Marlena, or even Eric…I just don’t feel it.

    Jen Lilly is adorable and I like her a lot but the character of Teresa just comes off as spoiled and bratty to me. I need her character to show more growth and maturity before I really get behind her character so I am just indifferent right now. I do think it was too early for them to sleep together and wish that had been a fantasy but the writer’s didn’t ask for my opinion. 🙂

    I hope you have a great trip and I look forward to your updates and photos.

    • Shea: I wondered if, because I didn’t see the original Brady/Theresa romance that maybe I was missing something, but I don’t think that’s it. They just don’t seem to have that chemistry or spark. I wish they hadn’t slept together as well. Too soon. I’m thinking we need more of a bad boy for Theresa, or maybe someone younger (?). She seems very young compared to Brady to me. I too would like to see more character growth. Thrady is one of the pairings I think they should move away from. They seem to have some fans, but I don’t see it.

      Sorry Angie! It just seems like they waste Missy, who is still so lovely! I so wish they’d unbend and bring Matt back for her. He brought out something in her that no other leading man ever has. It was more that Finn is just the type of jackass that they’d stick her with! I hope the new writers are smarter than that! We DON’T need a new Daniel. I also don’t like “stunt” casting. Isn’t he the contest winner?

  4. Wonderful..Mary Pickford…take lots of pics..Get that special hug from Greg..and say hello to sweet Mary Beth..and Stephen..Give Greg an extra hug from donnamdome🌞💛💛. Have a special day!!

  5. Well, I suppose Steve is going to get yelled at again by Kayla. His statement to Joey who offered his help with the threat got turned down and Steve’s statement that Joey’s Mom offered her help but this was something he needed to take care of himself tells me that Kayla’s talk with Steve fell on deaf ears. If Joey and Kayla put there heads together they will come to the conclusion that Steve will try to handle it all the way he always has and of course will make more problems for them.

    Bo and Kayla play scenes so well together. You really feel they have a genuine sister and brother love. And when he referred to her as his beautiful sister and her having to tell him that he IS dying, I couldn’t help but shedd a tear. With that scene alone I find it difficult for Peter Reckell to want to leave the show and do away with Bo forever, but all good things must come to an end and he has the right to retire. I think Robert Keller Kelly would still be good replacement if they want to keep the Bo character kept alive once Peter is gone. I don’t want to just replace Bo. I want Peter Reckell to put Bo to rest since he initiated the character. The dying scenes will be hard to watch. I know Corday says he is not bringing back anyone from the dead, but that would be the only way they could bring back RKK if that were a possibility.

    • MP – what a fabulous weekend you must have had at Days of Days. I loved all your pictures and look forward to the details 🙂 I would love to attend Days of Days someday if SN and MBE were there!

      There is recent interview with PR – one of those 50th anniversary things – where it sure sounds like he wishes he could stay on the show.

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