Steve and Kayla’s scenes were perfection today.


When Kayla started off yelling at him, it felt like more of the same, but then it became clear that something has shifted, and I think I know what it is. Up until now, Kayla has had to struggle with the fact that Steve left her, that he was bored and craving adventure, and he deserted her. Not only is that painful, but it isn’t Steve. Did she even know him at all?

Now, she still has plenty of reasons to be angry, but she is back on familiar ground. This line summed it up for me:

Steve: You want me to be someone else.

Kayla: No, I just want to know what is going on.

This is perfectly in character for both of them. Steve was trying to do the right thing, and he has a tendency for self-sacrifice (just like Jo). I can see his reasoning perfectly: my family’s lives are more important than my happiness. Not seeing it’s not just his own happiness he’s sacrificing. And Kayla, the decision taken out of her hands, and forced to conclude that Steve didn’t love her the way she thought he did. It’s like the sacrifice for Jack all over again!

But I like that we can see Steve’s hurt too, hurt that he was trying to do the right thing and he’s getting nothing but grief for it. When Kayla got wound up at the end and said that they are a team and will deal with this together, I loved the expression on Steve’s face. He was so happy. “You want me back.” I loved when she threw the tissue box at him!


And I was so happy when she said, you’re not getting rid of me, so why don’t you tell me everything you know … and we’ll tackle it together. It was so very Kayla!

It all feels fair and evenhanded (finally), and I’m excited to see how it plays out.

I thought Bo, Hope, Ciara and Chase scenes were all very good. Vivian Jovanni (Ciara) did especially well today. I’m not that invested in Chase, but they have to deal with the fallout from Aiden’s demise, so they were necessary scenes. I liked that Hope said they had to take him in, and Bo agreed. I noticed they didn’t actually tell Chase his father was the necktie killer, but obviously he has to find out. I hope when it’s revealed to be Ben, Chase finds some comfort in the fact that his father “only” tried to kill Hope.

The Chad, Abby, and Ben story continues to be excellent. I loved watching Rob Wilson in the scene with Chad, the look on his face when Chad told him that Aiden was the necktie killer. Watching him try to process that actually made me laugh. I also loved how he stopped himself from mentioning Chad’s accusation, when he realized Chad didn’t remember their fight. He might hate Chad with the fire of a thousand suns, but it didn’t make him lose his head.

That led naturally into Ben forcing Abby (poor Abby!) into calling Chad.


This was such a tense, amazing scene. I loved the big soapy drama of Bo’s return and the big fight with Aiden. But I love this kind of soapy drama even more. I know it involves a serial killer and a kidnapping and a WTD story and all of that, but somehow it is more realistic, more grounded in emotion. Seeing Chad sense that Abby is in trouble, and quickly offer her a way to tell him that doesn’t put her into further danger, seeing her quickly take advantage of that chance – that’s true (soap) love.



11 thoughts on “We

  1. I loved this episode! Finally I feel like we’re seeing Steve and Kayla. This is the scene I needed to see, both of them perfectly in-character. I hoped this is what we would start getting to, after the Bo rescue was over, but I’m glad to get confirmation on screen. This IS the jumping off point for THEIR story. I love mature Kaya, not taking any shit from Steve. I think she’s going to be even more pissed when she finds out that Ava (most likely) is behind the threat, but I feel like she is sticking with him not matter what. Old school Kayla. Just tell me the truth. How many times have we been here?! I’m hoping this more mature Steve is going to let her come along for the ride (willingly this time). When he told her today “I was wrong,” Kayla’s reaction was so funny..”I’m sorry, I don’t think I heard you.” LOL.

    I thought new Ciara was really good today. Hard for a young actor to jump right into the middle of this story and do as well as she did. Her scenes with Peter, in particular, were very good. And Peter was just excellent all around. I loved when he focused Ciara on Chase’s situation, how she knew what it was like to lose a parent, and to put herself in Chase’s shoes and not blame him for what Aiden did. Lovely. I also loved Deirdre today, in her careful handing of Chase when they were attempting to explain to him what happened. Kristian played it just right too. Loving the boy, while hating what his Dad did, and wanting to take him in and make sure he’s not alone, despite what she just went through.

    The Ben, Abby, Chad story continues to be excellent, though I felt bad for KM having to fake labor pains through the whole episode, while trying to take her cuffs off with a chopstick! Those scenes must be exhausting for an actor! The scene with Ben and Chad was kind of chilling. I kept wanting Chad to just get out of there before Ben flipped! The convenient use of amnesia here is really working for the story. The final shot of Chad, after the call with Abby was awesome, all Chad’s blue eyes! Hoping for some Chad and Rafe scenes, and Chad and Marlena scenes, where he tries to convince everyone Abby is in danger. Some Chad and JJ wouldn’t be bad either.

    All around stellar show today! And, again, only Wednesday! I love episodes like this when all the stories I care about are on together!

    • Now this is classic S&K. Steve always trying to protect her even sacrificing their happiness for that “safety ” and Kayla trying to show him they work better as a team to face that danger together. This episode reminded me of the scene when Kayla was on trial for Marina’s murder and Steve wanted them to “run” from that danger. She told him then they needed to stay and fight as a team. That’s what she is saying now. Also, she never denied his statement about wanting him back. After watching this episode I went and watched when he signed the The Rose to her. One of my favorites. It just showed how connected they are they didn’t even need words to communicate to each other. I’m ready for their new ride together.

    • I definitely loved-loved today’s S&K part of the show. Yes slowly but surely they are coming together. With these two and with Kayla’s more “make since guidance” she convinces Steve that it should be done differently than his way of handling these type problems. He is always using sacrificing himself to solve a problem. I hope that Kayla’s way of thinking sticks. His “You want me back” statement was something said in ” The Nanny ” and was so cute. I am so excited to see how they are able to work their problems out together.

  2. FINALLY! A real conversation between Steve and Kayla and it was in the privacy of her office! LOL! Hello, to the real Steve and Kayla. I agree this conversation was more classic S and K and I loved every minute of it- in fact I rewound and watched their scenes twice. I agree with Denise- I hope Steve has matured enough to see that his propensity to play God does not work and simply makes everyone miserable. I was glad he said he was wrong because as MP said Kayla has been struggling with Steve leaving her because he was “bored” and craved adventure. These two work best together as team- I also loved at the end when Steve said “You want me back!” The look on Kayla’s face was priceless because she really can’t deny that she does. I am anxious to hear more about where Steve has been and details about this “threat.” I hope I don’t have to wait until next week!
    I am so glad someone realizes Abby is in danger. The phone call with Chad was riveting and RW continues to impress as Ben becomes more and more unhinged.

    • I rewatched too! When she throws the tissue box at him and then says he’s not getting rid of her, my S&K heart went pitter pat. It would be such a great twist to this Ava return if Steve is open and honest with Kayla about it. Fingers crossed!

  3. Best line of the day comes from Ciara – “Julie confiscated our phones and made us play “I Spy” all the way here, which was like, surreal”. I liked the way she crawled onto Bo’s lap and hugged him tight.

    Chad stops by Abs apartment and finds Ben acting strange and packing stuff. Clearly Abs is missing – Jennifer has already told him so – so Chad heads over to Club TBD for some java rather than lurking around and following Ben to see where he might go. He needs to take some lessons from Steve about rescuing damsels in distress. At least he noticed she sounded strange on the phone. You would think that suspicious psycho Ben would have put it on speaker so he could hear what Chad was saying to Abs.

    The whole thing with notifying Chase was so awkward and weird. It should have been Rafe or Roman at the hospital, rather than Marlena, Hope and Bo, back at the scene of the crime. I did love the details at the house – the wreckage had been cleaned, but there was still evidence of a struggle, glass broken on the door and just a little blood.

    Steve – “I was wrong”
    Kayla – “I’m sorry – I didn’t quite hear that?”
    Steve – “I was wrong”
    (I thought she was going to make him say it a few more times)

    Steve – “I’m happy baby – you want me back?!”
    Yes! They finally had a real conversation and Steve cracked a smile! Kayla is back to being direct about telling him the price of admission – honesty, trust, teamwork and family. Fangirl sigh 🙂

    • I loved it when Kayla said “I’m sorry, I didn’t quite hear that.” LOL! And Ciara telling Bo Julie took away their phones. I have a teenager and that’s exactly how she would react!

      I occurred to me too that as paranoid as Ben is, he would put Chad on the speakerphone so he could hear both sides of the conversation. But this was so awesome I am willing to go with it. Can’t wait to see this rescue!

  4. I loved the return to character for Kayla even if it was a total flip over the course of one conversation. She started out mad at Steve for visiting Joey, blaming him for bringing this threat to their family and then somewhere along the way…I think it was when she realized that Bo needed to there to protect Hope and she once again made the parallel between the two relationships….but she changed course and decided they should work together. I had a flashback to a time when she said something like I can handle anything as long as I know it’s the truth. I found myself rewinding each S&K segment yesterday just to watch it again and make sure I didn’t miss a word (just like i used to in the 80s!) Call me a glutton but when Steve smiled and said she wanted him back I still wanted her to stand her ground and make it clear that this was about their children getting their father back and not about their marriage because he still has a long way to go to prove himself trustworthy again.

    I hope the next time we see Chad he is talking to Rafe about the phone call because we know Rafe seemed to have some suspicions about Ben after those two had their fight. I really want Rafe and Chad to figure this whole thing out together.

    I am still up in the air about new Ciera. I think Chase is going to hold his own but I am still not sure about her. I did find it odd that Bo is the one going out to find Chase after he ran off. I think Bo would be the last person that could convince him to come back. I would have liked to have seen Rafe taking on that role but I am sure other would have had a fit thinking Rafe is taking Bo’s place before Bo is even gone so I will just let it go.

    I might have to wait until Saturday or Sunday to watch today and tomorrow’s shows and that makes me incredibly sad…I am not not sure how I will manage ;-). I had a mild panic attack last night when my DVR suddenly shut off and started re-booting but it appears that everything was still there after the re-boot….whew.

    • Shea! OMG that happened with my Tivo recently and I had an 80’s flashback to when my VCR would eat the tape for no reason but to thwart my Days of our Lives addiction LOL. Sending good thoughts toward your DVR :).

    • Oh, I remember Kayla’s line about being able to handle anything as long as it’s the truth. Now when did she say that? I can’t remember which storyline it was.

      I agree it was odd for Bo to be the one to go after Chase. The person least able to connect with him, I would think. But they wanted that line from Chase to set up the future conflict, no doubt.

      It’s a good thing we have backup now for DVR flubs – PopTV, NBC.com. Back in the day if your VCR ate the tape you were out of luck!

      • I want to say that the Kayla line I am thinking about was during the Marina storyline but I might be wrong about that. It seems like it could have been when Steve was keeping secrets about the fact that Adrienne was his sister too.

        Well the DVR did lose a couple of weeks of recordings. Strangely things I have been deleting over the last couple of weeks are still on there but all recordings from 10/27-11/12 seem to be gone. I haven’t seen yesterday’s Days yet but otherwise I am up to date on Days. I still had GH on there going back to the first part of October but I had almost decided to not even bother watching that anymore so losing that is not a big deal. I did have some Days episodes I had saved that are now gone but I didn’t plan on saving them forever anyway…just until I was sure I didn’t need to go back and watch a scene or two. I wish we got the PopTV channel but we don’t. the good news is that I usually do ok watching on nbc.com or I have the nbc downloaded so watching through the app is usually ok too.

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