Not giving up

This will be a quick post. I’m a little pressed for time these days, getting ready to go away for the weekend (to Day of Days — whoo hoo!)

The Abby/Ben scenes were really terrific. I love how Rob Wilson plays Ben’s craziness – he’s a murderer, sure, but he still think he’s a pretty good guy.  When he said he’s “not giving up on us,” he was obviously sincere. It’s just that, to him, “not giving up” means he’s willing to kidnap her and keep her tied up.


And he’ll even wrap a blanket around her shoulders. What a sweet boyfriend.

Ben feels like the wronged party, and everything flows from that. The cracks are starting to show for Abby, in her attempts to keep him placated and win his trust enough so that she can escape.  When he told her today that he knew about her night with Chad, I think it really sunk in how much trouble she is in. This has been going on a lot longer than she thought, and Ben actually hasn’t trusted her for a long time.

I liked how Aiden’s apparent guilt has rippled out to affect other people. I especially liked how they used it to get Gabi to talk to Eduardo, and having JJ encourage her was a nice touch (with another Jack reference!). I guess this means Ben won’t be getting that $100,000 now.

And, of course, Chad was set free. I liked the touch of selfishness in that he didn’t tell Rafe that Andre knew about Hope’s attack. He didn’t want anything to screw up his release, understandably so. But I think he will tell him eventually. And when he went over to Abby’s apartment, and Ben was there, I was cringing for him. Because he has no idea that Ben is the killer, he is like a lamb to the slaughter. And how will Ben react to finding out his plan to frame Chad has completely fallen apart? It’s going to drive him around the bend. I have no idea how this is going to play out, but I can’t wait to find out.

And then Abby going into labor! Ack!


12 thoughts on “Not giving up

  1. Have fun at Day of Days!

    I enjoyed this episode more than the actual 50th anniversary show (probably because Chad is finally up and about and free!)

    Although I was never a Haiden fan, I haven’t liked the rush to villain use Aiden as a way for Bo to come back in heroic fashion. But now that Aiden is fine, I’m really enjoying Bo and Hope. I loved his hug with Victor and Victor reminding him that Hope waited for him for a long time. I’m hopeful that they can rehabilitate Hope’s character after spending all this time making her look like a bad guy for giving up on Bo.

    Finally, it’s been said here before, but how great is Rafe? I liked his semi-apology to Chad today and I hope it sets up him ultimately helping Chad to get Ben. I also love how GG is showing that Rafe still can’t quite believe that Aiden was the necktie killer. And his scenes in Hope’s hospital room were fantastic–the guilt he felt, but also letting Hope know he was there for her. I think I’m buying into an eventual Rafe-Hope pairing (gasp!)

    • Hurray!! I’m going to Day of Days too!! Are you going to Stephen Nichols and Mary Beth Evans brunch? I love the new writing, so much better now! Yes,there’s been a couple of miss steps * I’m looking at you Steve! Kayla never cared about you job,she said so many times! But, given that Steve was the one who doubted himself, we’ll leave it be.*I’m enjoying your blog posts so much!!

      • Ok…remember that you guys have been challenged to try to get a pic with SN sitting in your lap! 🙂
        If I could remember how I got Matt Ashford to do it I would give you some pointers but I don’t so you are on your own. LOL

        Seriously have a great time but don’t forget to take lots of pictures. We want to see them all when you get back.

      • LOL, Shea, we’ll see if I’m brave enough to even mention it. 🙂

        I will definitely take lots of pictures! I’ll try to post some on Twitter before I get back.

    • Rafe has been so awesome. I too love that we can see he’s not satisfied with Aiden as the killer either. Justin has already floated the copycat idea so hopefully Rafe will run with that too.

      Aiden really did get thoroughly demonized and it’s too bad. DC did a great job with it, though. And I can’t argue with the denouement, fantastic soapy drama.

  2. My favorite moment of the episode yesterday was when Rafe told Chad he never thought he was guilty. I think I have a little crush on Rafe now :). It really was too bad about Aiden, but I love this red herring “attempted murder” which is working out brilliantly in the storyline! I can’t blame the Haiden fans for being upset, but GG has really really stepped up under the new writing, and they seem committed to him as one of the front burner leading men going forward. He and Hope seem to be an eventuality at this point.

    Oh and Kate is totally going to get her talons into Eddie. Oh well…

    • I loved that scene between Chad and Rafe. We could really see that he felt bad that Chad had ever been arrested, and that Chad appreciated it. I’m hoping that bond will carry through to them working together to figure out that Ben is the real killer. I agree that this Aiden red herring is great storytelling.

      Boo about Kate and Eddy. I know it was practically inevitable, but I’m still bummed.

      • Oh! and I am so vicariously excited for you, attending Day of Days! Please please take a lot of photos to share with us less fortunate fans :). Meeting Stephen and Mary Beth is going to be so exciting! Have a great time! Can’t wait for your blog when you return. Have a breakfast beer for us all!

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