Bo and Hope – oh my God.


The fight scenes were incredible, especially the way they crashed through the Bope house set, destroying all the furniture. Kristian was the star of these scenes, when she woke up, hallucinated Aiden, and then realized it was Bo. When Rafe arrived and she was sitting there with that dead look in her eyes, mascara streaking down her face. And when she turned to Bo and started hitting him, yelling that he wasn’t there when she needed him. Wonderful. And then those final shots in the hospital, Bo holding her in his arms. You’d have to have a heart of stone not to melt at that ending.


Sometimes I think the only thing grounding the serial killer story in reality is Rafe. I love his quiet, understated reaction to everything, even as he obviously takes the whole thing with deadly seriousness. When he turned to Bo, after they’d already been talking for several minutes, and said “Where the hell did you come from?” I had to laugh a little. And then pondering Aiden’s apparent guilt, saying, “How did I miss this?” It shows how heavily this is weighing on him.

I love this shot:


I’m glad to see Chad’s memories staring to come back. I really want Rafe and Chad to work together on this case!

Abby’s scenes with Ben were tense and creepy. I am so glad to see her being smart, working to placate him and maybe win his trust, so she can escape. But it obviously made her skin crawl, as mine did when I was watching, to have to return his kisses today. I’m glad she didn’t get hold of the poker. There is no way that would have worked, and I’m scared he would hit her with it. Eee, this is killing me.

Sami: all I got is WTF?

Now, Steve and Kayla.


With just a couple a quibbles, I thought today’s scenes were really good. We finally heard for certain that Steve’s ISA mission was explicitly about protecting Kayla and their children. But this plays right into his history of playing God and making unilateral decisions. The price of those decisions was summed up by Kayla’s line: “I divorced you because of this. I lost my trust in you.” He is not going to be able to win that trust back easily, even if he didn’t leave for “adventure.”

What I didn’t like was Steve’s line that he finally got the “respectable” job she always wanted him to have. Stephen played the line so well I almost wish it wasn’t so completely wrong. They could have kept it if Kayla had replied, “Do you really think I care about that?” Kayla never cared about his job – Steve did.

My other complaint is I thought her line about staying away from her and Joey was a little harsh. But it’s possible it was in reaction to his line that he shouldn’t have come back. I’m on the fence – I want a little bit of softness, something to encourage Steve, but I don’t want Kayla’s valid reasons to be angry to be swept aside. At any rate, I thought the scenes were very, very promising for where the storyline is headed. I’m glad Steve opened up enough to tell Kayla a little bit of what is going on. It’s all but certain that Ava is the threat Steve is talking about, and the worst thing would be for Steve to keep her a secret (again).

So, cautiously optimistic?

Loved Kayla and Bo’s hug! I want more, but at least they saw each other!

14 thoughts on “Dead

  1. Whew. Another great fight scene! I think whoever their stunt/fight choreographer is should get an Emmy. Kristian and Peter were both fantastic today. KA played Kristian’s anger and confusion perfectly. Bo is so SOLID. I love him. He’s like the perfect hero. The ending scene with him holding Hope to him was wonderful. Made my soapy heart swoon :).

    Ben and Abby also terrific today. Now Abby knows how we all felt watching them sex-up for the last few months. I wanted to throw up a little (and so did Abby. She’s never going to be able to overpower him, so she’s going to have to use her brain. He’s totally unraveling now, and I think she’s about to face the full-force of his anger. I feel labor pains!!! C’mon Chad – remember!

    More and more impressed with GG’s Rafe. I agree, he is the grounding force in this story. The dogged cop, who wants to get it right. I actually love this use of Aiden as a red herring. Do you think we’ll ever find out why Stefano and Andre were so hot to get rid of Hope and keep Bo away?

    Oh Steve and Kayla! While it’s hard to watch Kayla be so hard on Steve, I think we’re finally getting to the true jumping off point for their story. Everything up until now has really been about Bo, but now that he is rescued, we can finally start to unravel Steve’s story. I really kind of understood Kayla telling him to stay away from her and Joey. Of course that won’t last, but Kayla would in no way allow a threat to either of her kids. I think that was pretty in-character for her. I’m sure Ava is behind this (the skinny bitch LOL).

    Sami. Oh Sami. In a way, I hope this brief storyline does culminate in her finding EJ alive (it would be nice to see James Scott again even briefly). They need to close out her story. It doesn’t seem like her brand of mania fits in Salem anymore. Her scenes always stand out jarringly within the narrative (in my opinion). Give her a great send-off and let her go.

  2. I loved this episode! The fight scene was amazing- I was mesmerized. KA played Hope’s emotions perfectly- dealing with the trauma of what happened while trying to reconcile who tried to kill her. I imagine she will continue to struggle with how she could be so wrong about Aiden. Bo is still a hero- loved it and I think I can forgive missing his big entrance to a crowd. Did Bo drop an F bomb yesterday on daytime TV??? I was quite surprised- it was bleeped- sort of- but it was easy to hear exactly what he said. Of course, if any situation called for an F bomb this would be it!!
    Rafe was amazing! I am really liking him these days. Ben and Abby were also good today.
    Sami should have been more cautious. Did she really not think about the fact that the DiMeras would know she had been to Switzerland??
    Steve and Kayla- I agree with MP’s quibbles, but my biggest issue with them today is that they keep having these conversations in the middle of the damn hospital! Everyone else goes to the lounge with the coffee for conversation (have they gotten rid of this set??!) The lack of privacy really bugs me as does Steve’s propensity to play God and make unilateral decisions. This is definitely in line with his history, but I’m ready for him to grow up, get over it and stop keeping secrets- this ALWAYS backfires. The most successful S and K story lines are when they work together to handle a situation i.e. on the run, standing up to Jack, etc. He does need to work to earn back her trust, but I hope they will allow them to work together against this new threat(apparently Ava?) and stop allowing things like this to tear them apart. I realize this is the way of soaps, but it has happened too often and too long(years!!) for Steve and Kayla. It is telling when Kayla said “This is why I divorced you” because it is clear that she still and always has loves him. I think that will be the encouragement Steve will run with- that and her response to the kiss! I think Denise is right- we are finally getting to the real beginning of their story- please don’t mess it up, DOOL!!

  3. LOVE your Blog Mary always have keen insight..I thought Bo & Hope scenes were great..hope Rafe can keep his analytical perspective with the investigation in light of his closeness to Hope. and the upcoming “spoiled” hub bub around Bo’s exit..Exciting movement toward denouement!!!

  4. I think I would have enjoyed it a little more if Hope had killed Aiden herself instead of needing Bo to save her but I can live with it. Days is really nailing it when it come to the fights and action sequences so yes I think their stunt coordinator is doing an amazing job and deserves some recognition.

    I really love the tone of the show. I know a lot of people were complaining a couple of weeks ago about how dark it has been but it works for me. It is not just dark and depressing, it is edgy and intense.

    I guess technically I am not spoiler free right now since I broke down and bought a Soap Opera Digest but I couldn’t resist with Bo and Hope Reunited on the cover!

    I guess since we didn’t get a shot of Brady waking up on the sofa next to Teresa’s dress that the love scene was real. I’m a little disappointed by that. I want to like them. I like both actors so we’ll just have to see where it goes.

    I wish I could get rid of this sense of dread that I have about the direction of the Steve and Kayla storyline and just let it play out but it’s hard. If Steve knew Ava was the threat when he chose to keep it from Kayla and leave his family in Africa that is beyond dumb because Kayla was the one who realized why the woman was cray cray the first time around and fixed her. I am hoping that was truly some ISA related threat and he thinks it is back but this one just turns out to Ava. Although I really wish they were not going there again with Ava. (The only way I would ever truly accept another “other woman” from Steve past coming back as a threat storyline is if it was Britta.) And yes it is a shame that Steve and Kayla had to have this conversation at the hospital but there is son is there as a patient so I will allow it this time ;-)….still the woman works there so I think her office would have been a better place for this discussion.

    I still wish someone would examine Bo. Is he going to drop dead from some MRSA infection he got in that nasty cell or hospital. That’s no way for a hero to die.

    Lastly, Sami…it’s not so much WTF? but Who the F cares? I’m glad they didn’t somehow re-write the story and no one else in town gives a crap about whether EJ is alive. It would drive me nuts if everyone was cheering her on to go find him. Still this woman just lost a son and she has basically abandoned her other children to run around looking for a dead man. I suppose in her mind she is might be trying to bring their father back to them but I don’t think that has anything to do with it or she could have said that when Marlena asked if she wanted her children to be orphans. Personally I find it offensive they are giving her this much storyline during sweeps when there are other characters on the canvas I would much rather see.

  5. I had to watch the episode again, intrigued by Cathie’s mention of an f-bomb – I think I found it 🙂

    I think I know why they had Bo do this alone. Because anyone else – even that one-eyed tomcat Steve Earl Johnson, would have insisted on knocking on the door of Hope’s house rather than just barging right in for no reason on her wedding night. Bo did not know Hope was under attack – he didn’t see it through the window, justifying his rather abrupt entrance. He just came in! The fight scene was awesome. The actors seems committed to breaking every vase in the house! However, CPR requires more than just occasional chest compressions and declarations of love – I’m glad Hope survived. I hope Kayla can be her doctor – she is going to need lots of help.

    John’s facial expressions when Sami is going on about EJ are priceless. I hope she managed to hide or thought to make lots of copes of the flash drive before getting so easily snatched by the DiMeras.

    At least Steve and Kayla got some airtime, but I agree that they need more privacy. Kayla at least has an office with a door, even if she has no home set. Maybe she still lives above the pub with Caroline…who knows?

    In their short but bittersweet history Steve’s need to fix things drives him and destroys him over and over again. As a 5 year old child, he tries to save his mother from his abusive father by setting him on fire. He fails when his mother puts out fire, and he and baby brother are then given up for adoption. He grows up in an orphanage feeling unwanted and abandoned, a man who never had or wanted a family. When Steve came to Salem he was a low-life, a henchmen of Victor’s and Emma Marshall. Meeting and connecting with Kayla changes him in ways that he never expected and never know how to handle. While in the middle of trying to start a relationship with Kayla, Steve’s family intrudes violently back into his life, stirring up long repressed memories and feelings and he melts down. And that his when his need to fix things revs up into high gear. He tries again to kill his father, only to be stopped by Kayla. He tries to fix the damage his father did to his sister by falsely confessing to murdering his father. He tries to save Kayla from herself every time he pushes her away from him because he feels unworthy of her. He tries to fix his dying brother by giving him the love of his life, and that turned out spectacularly badly for all involved. He tries to hide his past with Marina from Kayla, instead of opening up to her when Marina slithers back into his life. Why? To keep from hurting her, he ultimately destroys her trust in him, and in their relationship. It takes a long time to build it back, and you never get the sense that Kayla will ever truely trust him again, even if she still loves him. His misery over his inability to fix anything when Kayla was on trial and in prison, was painful to watch.

    Sometimes when Steve tries to fix things he has sucess, and maybe that is what keeps him going.
    He saves Kayla’s life when the lab exploded – he runs into a collapsing building because he knows she is there and in danger. He struggles to keep her alive until rescue comes and they both survive.
    His brother needs a kidney so he donates his kidney and almost dies in the process.
    After Kayla was raped, he encouraged her to go to counseling. He accepted the blame and anger that she had for him for his part of the whole stupid situation, and kept encouraging her to face it and him rather than turn away and shut down. He stayed with her instead of retreating from this painful situation. And they grew stronger, together.
    When he learned sign language, he fixed the problem of not being able to communicate with Kayla. When he found the Key he got to get Kayla back for a couple of days before she got arrested for Marina’s murder. I’m sure there are other examples, it’s just that the failures come to mind so easily. (I haven’t seen all of S&K in 2007 and 2008, so I can’t comment on what went on during that time period)

    • I can’t believe I forgot this one – when Kayla is in prison Steve is running around desperately looking for proof to clear Kayla. There is an incident at the prison and Kayla realizes that Stephanie is not safe there, and sends her back home with Steve. Steve makes the very stupid decision to hire a nanny so he can continue his activities. Why doesn’t he reach out to the many women in his life to help him when he needs to duck out for some sleuthing? Caroline, Jo, Adrienne, Hope and Kim would help in a heartbeat and are only a phone call away – not to mention uncles Jack, Marcus, Bo and Roman. Kayla has entrusted him with her precious baby and he is not even taking care of her? Some stranger is? Some whacked-out psycho? This is a betrayal that goes to Kayla core.

  6. Ok I was complaining last post about not caring about Bo and Hope, so let me chalk that up to a bad mood or ADD. Great scenes. I am even getting my 13 daughter to watch with me and she is loving the show, of course she wants to see what happens with JJ and Abby and had to cover her head with a pillow during the Hope Aiden wedding night sex scenes!

    Everyone as usual makes good points and is spot on.

    I am still holding out hope that the Brady/Teresa sleeping together was a dream. But since they didn’t show it probably not. Just too soon for her to be “redeemed”. Remember how long it too for Jack to have a full redemption?

    Rafe cracked me up and I rewound his reaction to his “where the hell have you been” , “I was kidnapped and help prisoner”, Rafe “really?” because seriously how is someone going to react to that.

    I also love that Hope’s first reaction to Bo was pure happiness and she hugged him and then her second was to get mad.

    I agree I think the Steve and Kayla storyline will start to take off now – I for one am looking forward to it. If the writing is there Steve and Marybeth will work their magic.


  7. and change Hope’s Clothes! She has to lay in a hospital bed covered in her blood soaked wedding night lingerie! Even Bo looked like he got a new tshirt. LOL

      • Make that me “3” for Rafe – let’s see who his love interest would be.

        Now I like this thought but doubt it would happen. But Chad, JJ & Rafe team up to save Abby.

        JJ then joins the Police with Rafe looking after him and he Jen is so appreciative, gets closer to him and the show sets him up with Jennifer (since obviously Jack is not coming back!) Doubt that will happen, I still feel like they want him with Hope even though Bo is now back.

  8. I forgot to mention the line about Steve getting a “respectable job.” Like MP my first reaction is that is was wrong. Steve has always been more concerned about his job than Kayla has UNLESS you go all the way back to the beginning when he was a criminal/thug for hire. Kayla was certainly after him to leave that line of work behind. I honestly didn’t see him with an actual job during the second run except helping out at the pub but I did like how he did some of the less than legal investigations that the police needed done but couldn’t exactly do themselves.

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