Memory lane

I’m sure many of you were glued to Twitter all weekend like I was, looking at pictures and videos from the anniversary party this weekend. It was great to see everyone having such a good time. Wally Kurth singing “Superstition”! Billy Flynn photobombing Stephen and Mary Beth! Matt Ashford!

What really got me going, though, was seeing some actors and actresses from the late 70s and early 80s, starting with this guy:


Credit commenter Liz for the photo!

This is Quinn Redeker, aka Alex Marshall. As I have mentioned before, I loved him as a villain, and I especially loved his relationship with Sister Marie Horton.

But this is the picture that really got me going:


From Gloria Loring’s Instagram.

For those who don’t know, this is David Banning, Anna Dimera, Liz Chandler, Renee DuMonde (Dimera), and of course Tony/Andre Dimera.

I love all of these characters so much! David Banning (Gregg Marx) was the deeply troubled son of Julie, who she had given up for adoption. His father was David Martin, of Martin mansion fame! I tried to find a clip of him on YouTube, and I found his very first appearance. Check out this clip:

I was so startled by the outdoor shots, I thought maybe it was a commercial, LOL! Imagine the budget they had to work with. And Scotty, David’s son, did turn up on Salem again as a young adult. I wasn’t watching then, but I always thought Julie’s grandson would be another Horton to add back into the mix. In this clip, you can also see Alex, referring to “Sister Marie” (be still, my heart!), as well as Mickey and Don.

David was married to Renee, but she didn’t love him. She married him after she and Tony found out they were brother and sister. The best scene of Renee (Philece Sampler), is this famous monologue, when she tells off everyone in town:

This is EPIC.

“Alex, you are scum.”

(to Julie) “I wanted to tell David just how foolish and immature he is, but that shouldn’t surprise anyone, after all, he’s your son!”

(to Daphne Dimera) “Stop sniveling!”

“Anna, I think I hate you most of all.”

It’s so cool that of the people in this clip, Marlena, Tony, Doug, Julie, and Chris (as Roman) are currently on the show. And Anna has been on very recently. Also notice how Marie reacts when she hears Alex and Renee are married (be still, my heart!).

Thanks to Daytime Royalty, you can see Philece re-enacting a piece of this monologue!

AND here she is introducing herself to her little brother Chad:

Regarding Liz, I was a major shipper for her and Neil in 1983. He was married to Marie at the time, but he and Liz finally hooked up, only to have Liz shoot Marie right afterwards (she mistook her for a prowler). Liz’s trial had me on the edge of my seat, and when she was found guilty, I was so upset that I stopped watching the show. I tried to write a letter to Soap Opera Digest about the injustice of it all, but I was crying too hard to get through it. I assumed this meant Liz was leaving the show. She wasn’t – instead she and Neil tried to get married while she was in prison, but then Liz was shot.

I love Joe Gallison in this clip. It’s reminding me what I loved so much about them. I love his desperation at the fact Liz won’t wake up, and his line “When will this misery end?” is something all Salemites must ask themselves, isn’t it? You can also see Bo and Hope, Marlena the MD offering advice to Neil, and Chris talking about the “grand opening” coming up – for Shenanigans!

And then, Liz finally does wake up, and she has amnesia and she’s in love with Don, her ex-husand. Shot through the heart!


18 thoughts on “Memory lane

  1. I don’t really do twitter and Instagram so I missed a lot of this stuff. I did find the maximotv channel on Facebook that has red carpet arrivals for a lot of people and I saw some stuff on Facebook. There was a clip of Stephen Nichols singing Wild Thing and playing the harmonica. And SN posted a video of Bill Hayes on stage doing Addicted to Love that was entertaining. Looked like a fun night.

    Billy Flynn has such a crush on SN and seems to have a hard time keeping his lips off of the man. It is understandable but still funny.

    • Billy Flynn is so cute. He kissed Will on the cheek once during a scene, and I heard later it wasn’t in the script, and Guy Wilson was totally surprised by it.

      Yes, I loved all the performances! I’m still catching up on watching some of them. I haven’t seen the Bill Hayes one, I’ll have look for it.

  2. MP, you’re another Alex and Marie fan. I loved them back in the day. I don’t have a Twitter account so thank you for posting all these pictures. I too remember all the story lines you talked about. I forgot that Gregg Marx was David Banning back in the day. He’s one of the Marx brothers grandson, and I remember it being a big deal back then. I’m really dating myself. Hope others know who the Marx brothers are. Just wanted to say thanks for the post.

    • Oh, I didn’t know Gregg was a grandson of the Marx Brothers! That is so cool! He is 60 – I can’t believe it. It looks like he’s sipping from the same fountain of youth as SN.

      I love Alex and Marie. Watching these clips has got me all nostalgic for them. My first angsty couple.

  3. Oh, this is so fun! I didn’t see (or notice) Philece Sampler, but the two Chads were chatting, which cracked me up. Maree Cheatham seemed thrilled to be there, so it’s a shame they haven’t had her back since Alice’s funeral. Between Nick’s arc and eventual death AND the 50th, you’d think they would have bothered.

  4. I love to watch their Kayla /Steve together scenes. I think I must be obsessed. I have gone back and watched all their old scenes which were so so good. What I miss now are scenes showing that undying feeling of love in their mannerisms even though they are at odds I don’t see that feeling/look. Kayla doesn’t even act like she ever loved him. That’s just not how it was years back.

    The Hope and Bo scenes were good today with the demise of Aiden. I think in itself that Aiden/Daniel I a good actor especially when he would make his statements that he really loved her, but of course his love wasnt strong enough o keep him from trying to kill her. Did he think he would then get the insurances etc. by being the surviving spouse.

    • Yes, that was his “plan” – not a very good one. He changed her life insurance so he was the beneficiary. That’s not suspicious at all!

      I agree that Kayla was a little harsh yesterday but I still got an underlying vibe from her that she was holding back. I’d like to see it a little more, though, and I think we will going forward.

  5. I love this post! I have watched Days on and off since 1980. I remember all of these people. When I started watching David Banning was with Trish Clayton. Anyone remember her? She was played by Patty Weaver. I also loved Gloria Loring as Liz Chandler and her beautiful singing voice. In fact, I have some of her songs on my i pod including “Friends and Lovers” which was Kimberly and Shane’s song. I loved it when she opened Blondie’s and sang on a more regular basis. I also liked her story with Neil. They were good together.
    I also LOVED Wayne Northrup as Roman- he was so awesome. JT needed to stay Chris Kosichek- he will never be Roman to me. I bought DH as Roman, but not JT. Thanks for the blast from the past! Good times!

    • I remember Trish! She was in that second clip, apparently. I didn’t recognize her (she is wearing a headscarf and sunglasses), but that’s what it says in the comments.

      I was just reading her character history – after killing her stepfather (who was trying to rape her), she developed a split personality, and one of the personalities was a BABY. That must have been so wacky!

      • Trish was definitely cray cray! Oh, I still have the 45 of “Friends and Lovers” as well. It had a big pic of Gloria Loring and Carl Anderson on the sleeve. I was a HUGE Shane and Kimberly fan at the time and also liked the original Roman and Marlena. At that time there was so much adventure in addition to the character development. Sigh. Then Steve and Kayla came along and thus began my 30 year crush on SN. I still love Shane and Kim, but S and K are my absolute favorite. I know I hide my love of their story well. NOT! I can’t wait to read your take on today’s episode!

  6. Haha! My husband introduced the kids to Duck Soup a couple of weekends ago. They were very entertained. I, however, find the Marx Brothers super creepy. I think that’s because of how they were portrayed on the Looney Tunes, though they’re pretty creepy on their own too. I told my husband that a Marx Brother grandson, Gregg Marx, had been on DAYS. He said, “What? Gregg? Not Greggo?”

    Looks like some pretty cool stuff happened before I started watching. I know Scott Banning, because he was around during JnJ’s heyday. He had a thing with the revivalist preacher’s daughter, Faith, but I don’t know what became of Scott and Faith.

    • I agree about the Marx brothers – I never really got the appeal. I generally don’t like the humor where people are running around being crazy.

      Faith! I remember her. I didn’t realize she stayed on the show that long. Melinda Clarke, who played her, is John Clarke’s daughter.

  7. You all have better memories than I do. I started watching in 1981 when Roman and Marlena were beginning their romance. I remember a lot of faces and most character names but not a lot of storylines prior to getting a vcr in 1986. It is hard to remember what I only watched in the summers for those years. I have some memories of early Bo and Hope but in 1986 when I got the vcr it was all about Shane and Kim until Steve and Kayla came along.

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