Well, I was disappointed we didn’t get that moment, where Bo walked into the party on Caroline’s arm and everyone gasped. I’d say it was strange all around, how they handled it. Victor and Kayla both found out he was back, but neither one of them expressed a desire to see him. WTF?

I know they needed Bo to be running back to the house to see Hope, and maybe if he saw everyone else first, they’d all be trying to stop him from interrupting the newlyweds. But wouldn’t that make it even more tense and dramatic? I don’t know, I think they could have handled it better.

Putting that aside for the moment, the Hope/Aiden struggle, and Bo’s rush back to the house, was great drama. I was on the edge of my seat. I thought Aiden wouldn’t attack her until the end of the episode, so I was glad it happened a little earlier. The wordless moment, when Hope pulled off Aiden’s hood, was a great reveal.


I predict that on Monday, Bo will be fighting with Aiden, and just when it looks like he’s losing the fight, “dead” Hope will grab the gun and shoot Aiden.

Theresa and Brady had sex! Very surprising. I liked the scenes when they had a bit of a heart to heart and then Theresa “pushed too far” by saying she loved him. But I thought Victor’s insults were over the top, almost abusive. And when Theresa saw Brady in her room, I was almost positive it was a fantasy sequence. But it wasn’t. I liked the fact that Brady said it was a mistake, as he slipped into bed with her, which shows that not all is well. But overall, it seemed a bit too soon.

Then, a couple of new plots were introduced, which this team seems to like to do on Fridays. John has backed out of two assignments for the ISA, so I can understand them being a little ticked off. The veiled threats, though, I think (I hope!) will tie in to what happened with Steve, and maybe Bo too. It shows that the ISA is willing to resort to threats to get cooperation from our guys, which is the only thing that makes sense to explain Steve leaving the way he did. Linking that up into an umbrella story with John and Bo is a great idea.

Did Steve get a haircut on the way to the hospital?


I’m feeling a little grumpy about Steve and Kayla. As I said above, Kayla found out about Bo and didn’t ask if he’s all right, or say she wants to see him. She did give Steve this great smile, though:


And she said, “I owe Caroline an apology.” Mary Beth made the most of that line, showing with her eyes that she knows Steve was right too, but not able to say it. But then we go right into this new story with Joey and whether or not he took drugs. Again, they are at odds, and again Steve expresses belief and Kayla expresses skepticism. I suspect that Steve is going to be right this time too. So, no hash-it-out conversation from this story we’ve been watching, and now straight on to the next one? Days, you gotta give me something here!

And, it’s pretty obvious that note is from Ava, no? That dashes my hopes that Ava was being brought back only to have another 40-something woman on the canvas. Sigh.




34 thoughts on “Unmasked

  1. It seems like they are moving these stories so fast they are missing a lot of opportunities to make them meaningful. Steve coming back to Kayla at the hospital could have been a little sweeter after all he left her with this kiss and when he is back, it seemed like a handshake greeting. Like let’s get on with Joey. They could have taken a few minutes to make it sweeter. And Bo and Hope, my tv showed so dark to see hard to see what was actually was going on. I know we knew but again Bo charged In so fast and started fighting without knowing what was going on. Just seems like they are need to slow it down a little. I remember back when you could take each scene in a story and put it together and it was a complete story in itself. You cant do that any more? I guess they call that continuity.

    • I agree with that — I’m enjoying a lot of what’s onscreen, but I’m missing some of the “in-between” moments that often make stories and characters land for me.

  2. I had the same feeling about Bo’s entrance. It felt a little flat because the only person who saw him was the person who already knew (well, “knew”) that he was alive and headed home. I hadn’t figured out how to improve it, but yeah, Bo barging into the reception — after Hope had gone home with Aiden — would’ve worked. I thought it was sort of dopey how he was clearly on the verge of passing out but both Caroline and Steve were like, “Go run to Hope’s house!” Maybe get him to the hospital and call Hope? I would think she’d be pissed to have him storm in on her wedding night, whereas if she got a call that he was back and hospitalized, she’d actually be concerned.

    That’s the thing driving me nuts about this — everyone is acting like they KNOW Aiden is going to kill Hope.

    • Aw, who doesn’t want their ex-husband barging in on their wedding night? ๐Ÿ™‚

      I’m mostly disappointed in the lack of the big reveal, seeing the reactions of everyone. But they were sloppy in how they moved the chess pieces around. It didn’t make sense for Bo and Steve to leave Caroline alone at the mansion either.

      • It’s the middle of the freaking night! The kisses in the park were at midnight so it must be 1 or 2 am at the very least. You find your mother/mother in law dressed like a lunatic all alone in what appears to be a deserted mansion. Of course you just leave her there. Why would you do anything else? LOL

  3. I did think the Aiden and Hope scenes were exceptionally well done, and have to give them credit for that. But I agree with Mykleraus about everyone acting like they think Hope is in great danger. It bothered me earlier when Caroline told Hope that marrying Aiden would be her greatest regret, like she had seen it in a vision. Sometimes it’s a bit like the writers on this show lack theory of mind… they can’t keep straight who is supposed to know what, and why.

    The Steve and Kayla stuff is just frustrating. The early shows were so promising, so I’m hopeful that they get their legs under them with this story at some point. But there have definitely been missed opportunities, and like Barb I would have liked to see the writers make more of that hospital reunion, and both characters open up a little more.

  4. I am Ok with the concept of setting up the next storylines as the current ones come to a close. They always did that in the 80s. But I will say that it was usually done much more subtly than what they seem to be doing right now. I am more interested in seeing some of the conversations we have been missing than I am seeing what the next plot is going to be so I was hoping we would get a bit of a breather after the Hopefest/Bicentennial stuff but it’s sweeps so away we go….

    As a Days fan I am very, very pleased with the show, but as a Steve and Kayla fan, not so much. The depth of these characters is completely lost right now. We have gotten hero Steve and bitter Kayla and not much else. I cen’t say they are written out of character but it just so one-dimensional that it is a little hard to watch. Not only is it hard for fans who already love them but it is impossible for new fans to care about them at all.

    So I didn’t get through the second run before all the Youtube stuff started disappearing so I would like to know if I am missing something about Ava. The backstory had “Patch” escaping at some point while being held by Stefano. He didn’t know who he was but he hooked up with her and they were going to get married. I guess Stefano found him and recaptured him on the eve of their wedding or something. I saw where the Brady clan were on the plane to leave Ireland and Steve saw her and knew something with wrong but couldn’t/wouldn’t do anything. Had he seen her before that moment or at least have any clue that someone was following him? Of course she had her people mess with the plane and so it crashed and Shawn Sr died. After the plane crash she was stalking Steve and eventually kidnapped Hope believing she was Steve’s wife and Hope and Steve were playing along. The next thing I saw was when Kayla caught Steve and Ava in bed together..(which apparently he was doing so she would release everyone else?) and then I saw some stuff in the hospital where Kayla had figured out it was that Ava’s medication was making her crazy and Ava was better. Then I saw a few scenes where Ava and John were dating and Ava and Nicole were becoming friends. I guess she fled town when she was going to be charged for causing the plane crash that killed Shawn.

    I know Tamara Braun won an Emmy and I know she is a talented actress mainly because I am quite familiar with her stint as Carly on GH. (I would say she is beautiful but she is one of those women that is so damn skinny that it doesn’t exactly look healthy to me.) But the character of Ava was just over the top cray cray and nothing but a nuisance from what I saw. Did I miss something? Is this a character that actually added anything to show? I know she was an effective obstacle for S&K….I won’t even complain about how unoriginal it was to have another women from Steve’s past come back and keep S&K apart or why it was so stupid to do that during both of her pregnancies. But why bring her back? She never paid for her crimes so she should be a fugitive but she is just going to stroll back into Salem to cause more trouble? Why should I want to see this storyline again?

    • Re: Ava storyline questions. Steve said he didn’t remember Ava or their relationship until he caught a glimpse of her before the doomed plane flight. Bo and Kayla came to rescue Steve and Hope from Ava unsuccessfully, and Steve did agree to stay/sleep with her in return for everyone else’s freedom. I don’t think she was an effective obstacle, because they never really got into the soapy conflict of it, just the shock moments. Ugh.

      Somehow I’m still hopeful that it’ll be better the second time around, lol. Fingers crossed. I hope she is still a fugitive, although they’ll have to explain why she’s crazy again.

      • Well i called her an effective obstacle simply because she managed to kidnap and hold all of them captive and prevented S&K from being happy together to bond during the pregnancy.

        Ok, so you are saying she just showed up at the airport in Ireland and when Steve saw her right before the flight he suddenly remembered her? I got the impression as soon he saw her that he knew something was wrong, like he already knew she was crazy? I didn’t even see the trip to Ireland before all the playlists started disappearing so I don’t really know how it unfolded.

        I just don’t think Ava added anything to the canvas except crazy so why go there again? I would rather see some ISA related threat as an obstacle for S&K than another rehashing of “the other woman” storyline. And if they intend to show us some nonsense like Steve hooked up with this woman again after he and Kayla got divorced, I may not stick around for that.

      • I’m honestly not holding my breath about Steve having been “faithful” (in quotes since they were divorced, although he’s hinted at having reasons). Stories like this usually turn out to be something of a rabbit hole, and if he left Kayla to protect her, I could easily see them writing him with Ava to keep her in check.

        TB had some entertaining scenes as Ava and I can’t take that away from her. In fact, they were so good that I think they covered how weak the writing was for a lot of folks. But she definitely didn’t contribute much at all to the show in the long term. For all of the awfulness, she didn’t even really have much impact with Steve and Kayla.

      • I also missed part of the 2nd run since you tube videos poofed. I did not realize Steve actually slept with Ava- I knew she was causing trouble for them and they had a past, but I’m glad I was not watching then because that is not ok with me no matter what the reason. I realize this is the soaps, but to me that is a sacred part of marriage vows and I really don’t think Steve would have actually done that. They were not estranged and he had his memory back. That would have been a deal breaker with me if I were Kayla no matter what the reason. Although, there is also Steve’s propensity to play “God.” I am fine with soapy misunderstandings like when Kayla thought Steve had slept with Marina, but he had not. I feel so disappointed now. ๐Ÿ˜ฆ
        I had not thought of him being hooked up with Ava after the divorce. I agree with Shea- PLEASE NO! I am sure Iska is right about Steve being “faithful,” but the romantic in me wants that to be the case. We know Kayla has not been with anyone else. These two have such a rich history and they deserve a story worthy of that history. No more “other woman” plots for them.
        I also think the Theresa/Brady scene is a dream on Brady’s part. Random question- Does Bo actually know that it is Aiden standing over Hope? I doubt he would have seen a pic of him so how would he know? I mean he obviously knows Hope is in trouble. I had also hoped for a much grander entrance for Bo with the others, but still it was dramatic and I can’t wait until Monday.

      • Cathie-I am not sure he actually slept with her since Kayla came in a “caught” them in bed together.

      • Cathie, Steve did NOT sleep with Ava, though it was close. He was going to do it to save the others, because he was the one she really wanted. But they were interrupted (by Kayla) before they could do the deed.

        She wasn’t obsessed with Steve anymore when she left, and she’d had a relationship with John as well. I would hope Steve would be too smart to get involved with her again, but …

        As for how well the story worked overall, it had its moments – but not really for S&K. Ava had some good scenes, and I actually did like some of the flashbacks of “Patch” and Ava. I thought it was a good twist that Ava thought Hope was Kayla, and kidnapped her instead.

        But it would just be the height of unoriginality to do the same plot AGAIN with the same people. I was hopeful that Ava was not going to brought on for Steve and Kayla at all, and it looks like I was wrong about that. Now I’ll hope that he was helping her or something, but they weren’t romantically involved. I am not interested in any triangle with Steve in the middle. Been there, done that.

        I could see what you’re saying, though, lska, that if the reason Steve was gone was to protect Kayla somehow, that Ava could have been involved in that, and he was with Ava to keep her away from Kayla. That’s kind of how soaps think, isn’t it? But I’m still not excited to see that.

      • I guess Bo wouldn’t know that is Aiden but remember that Bo was having visions about Hope being in trouble and trying to rescue her back when he was in the cell at the monastery. Everyone keeps saying that Bo and Steve have been acting like they knew Hope was in trouble well Bo did have those visions before he knew she was getting married.

      • Thanks for the clarification. I guess I feel better about Steve now, but I still hate that he would even consider such a thing even to save others. I agree, MP- I don’t want a triangle with Ava either. We need some originality.

      • >I could see what youโ€™re saying, though, lska, that if the reason Steve was gone was to protect Kayla somehow, that Ava could have been involved in that somehow, and he was with Ava to keep her away from Kayla. Thatโ€™s kind of how soaps think, isnโ€™t it? But Iโ€™m still not excited to see that.

        Me either… but it would be pretty typical soapy writing.

        Something that makes me think otherwise, is all of this stuff about Kayla not having enough faith in people. It wouldn’t make sense to keep beating her about the head about not having any faith, and then have a bunch of very negative revelations that test her faith even more. Right?

        Sorry for any ulcers… This is why I was trying to give up speculation this time around. LOL

      • No worries. ๐Ÿ™‚ Even spinning worst case scenarios can be fun in its way. So far Higley + Griffith is so much better than Higley alone that I have to believe it will be better than what we got the first time. Call me a cockeyed optimist, lol.

      • Iska- I am not really worried about Steve having been with other women since the divorce but I will have a huge problem if it is with THIS woman. She killed Shawn Brady (and could have killed most of the Brady family with that plane crash) and threatened to kill Kayla (who was pregnant with Joey), Bo and Hope. I think she tried to kidnap Stephanie somewhere along the way too. Regardless of WHY she was crazy that is not something to overlook and I am disgusted they let John date her after all of that so I certainly don’t want Steve to have hooked up with her again.

  5. And I am not exactly convinced that the Teresa/Brady hookup is real. I think we might get Brady waking up on the sofa next to Teresa’s dress and it was all a dream…..or something like that.

    If it is real, it is too soon. I prefer the idea of it being a dream or a fantasy. Maybe Teresa is in bed having the fantasy while Brady is downstairs having the same vision as a dream. Works for me.

  6. Shea, I’m with you. I barely could watch Ava the first time, especially when they had Steve in bed with her when Kayla was thrown in the room. Then, the show took two months before S&K even talked about it. I’m not a fan of Tamara Braun, so her coming back is no big thrill for me. They better not have had Steve hooked up with her while S&K were apart this time around . That would be just too much.

  7. I agree with Shea. I think the Theresa/Brady sex was a fantasy or a dream on Brady’s end. I liked it, but I am definitely fine with it being a fantasy for now. I think they need to slow that story down a bit so that it will be angsty.

    • I hope you all are right that it was a fantasy or dream. My impression is that they usually reveal dreams/fantasies within the same episode, instead of carrying it over to the next one. But I’d love to be wrong, because I think it’s too soon. Let the longing build up!

  8. I think it would have played better for Steve to make some snarky comment about Caroline’s outfit, and then insist on personally escorting her back to University Hospital, which must be across the street from the Martin Mansion. That way he could arrive with her, delivering her to Sweetness and then the scene with Victor and Maggie could have happened at the hospital instead of awkwardly at the deserted mansion. How any of them got through their scenes without cracking up when looking at Caroline escapes me!

    Sure – clearly Bo needed to go to the Hospital, too – but if he had gone there, then how could he struggled to get to Hope? Clearly the writers didn’t want to have Steve around to help Bo out in this particular situation. For one thing, Steve would have caught a cab or uber instead of running and passing out in the park for a while. So much less dramatic…

    The attack was truely epic, riveting to watch. Hope’s horror when she has unmasked her attacker only to find the man she has just married and eagerly made love to was painful and heartbreaking. The physicality of the scene was raw, and so well done. KA and DC were awesome. How long has it been since DAYS was so much fun to watch?

    I also thought that Steve did not look like a guy who had just been beaten/tortured/imprisoned/plane wrecked/motorcycled across country… He should have looked as bedraggled and battered as Bo. Perhaps THAT would have gained him a little sympathy from his Sweetness. She never could pass up a chance to check his vitals and wrap bandages around some portion of his body ๐Ÿ™‚

    The thing that bothers me the most is Kayla’s disbelief of both her son and Steve at every turn. It does not ring true with her fundamental character, and is damaging to the relationships around her. Her disbelief and general disapproval of Joey is especially troubling at this particular time of his life. Even if he was only 6 or 7 years old (which he would be before he caught SORAS) it would be painfull for him to constantly be mistrusted by his mother. I know we are supposed to see Kayla as hurt and defensive, but it is hard to buy Kayla as being this cold to her son.

    Steve, on the other hand, is clearly going to have to earn his way back to her good graces, and I look forward to watching Steve back in hopeless romantic mode once again. Is the Cheating Heart still open? Playing for kisses might be fun to try again ๐Ÿ™‚ That maybe hard to do with that bitch Ava sending notes again….and how is Andre involved? Tune in on Monday!

    • Maybe Steve wanted to look good for his sweetness and he stopped to freshen up a bit.

      I’m convinced that the writers think Steve is unable to multitask. It explains why he never visited Adrienne when he was worried about Bo. It’s why he never told Bo that the drug worked for his mother while they were trying to get Bo home to Hope. And it is why he didn’t tell Kayla that Bo is not healthy when he got to the hospital and discovered Joey was there..

    • Cyn, I didn’t realize that Andre might have been referring to Ava in his brief scene on Friday, but I bet he was. I forgot what he said exactly, but it was something about “she” being back, or being found, or something. I’ll have to look that up.

      Hee! About Steve calling Uber. All these modern conveniences make a soap writer’s job so much harder!

      Steve should totally have stumbled in limping and covered with blood. He sure got a bang on his head when the plane crashed, but he seems fine now. A scene where they banter as she bandages him up would make my inner fangirl very happy.

      I’m hoping we slow down a bit at some point and Steve and Kayla can actually talk. Now at least they are in the same town, so I can hope. It would help if they got a house set at some point, so we can stop having emotional scenes at the hospital.

      • Okay, just looked it up. Andre is on the phone and says “The bitch is back. Stay on her. I’ll make my move on her soon.”

        That would fit with Ava being back in Salem and being at odds with the Dimeras somehow.

        Didn’t we also see someone still following John AFTER he confronted the ISA guy? Ava could be targeting John too.

      • I just assumed Andre was referring to Sami but I guess it could be Ava. Like I said earlier I only saw a couple of scenes of Ava dating John and I guess that was when he thought he was a Dimera.

        On one hand I wish I had the chance to see more of S&K’s second run before the playlists all started disappearing but on the other hand I found the show annoyed me more than it entertained me at that point.

  9. I loved the Jack references Thursday. His picture, Jennifer’s reaction to it, and the mention of the firetruck were like the most exciting thing to happen on DAYS in, like, two decades. Good heavens if I didn’t love Jennifer again for a minute.

    It’s true that Bo’s entrance could have had more oomph, but it looks like this fight with Aiden will have some oomph. Poor Aiden. Though why anyone in his right mind would think going for Stefano’s plan was the best option is beyond me.

    I am hoping for more from Steve and Kayla too. I agree that the skepticism and lack of trust stuff doesn’t seem Kayla-ish. Still, friends, just think how much better S&K are being treated than J&J were, and be of good cheer. Blah to Ava though. I am really not interested in her.

      • Thanks, Shea! He looks so much better than they made him look on the show last time. Just let the man dress and style himself! I am glad he seems happy, but I am upset about him splitting with his wife and hooking up with someone younger. I know that’s psycho fan of me, but it bothers me.

  10. Where Steve and Kayla story lines go, I always thought they could be very entertaining on their own. Like the Gideon and Emily story or some of the cute little stories like when Kayla calls him to come home , because her temp is right and at her peak and others like that. They are good together with comedy scenes. Throw those in every once in a while. I get tired of them bringing in these women from his past all the time. I know he has memory problems so this gives the writers story opportunities. I am hoping with this note Steve got and surprisingly shared with Kayla would become a more sharing a problem instead of him keeping a big secret and making a mess of it. It could improve their trust issues, especially since he is wanting his family back. I did like when they were involved with other couples in the “good old days” on stories. I know we have Joey to consider but they don’t always have to be gone.

    I always thought Steve and Kayla would be good in a modern version of the Thin Man Series. Husband and wife detective team who were very much into each other.

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