I thought today’s episode was excellent.


I should have realized that Bo and Steve’s fight was fake from the beginning, but I have to admit they got me. So it was an extra treat when they both ganged up on the deputy and escaped.

And Steve played his harmonica!


Ten years ago, during the 40th anniversary, I got the chance to watch the very first episode of Days on Soapnet. I remembered that Julie (played by a different actress – but not for long! Susan Hayes has played the part since 1968) was featured prominently. She stole a stole (ha!) from a department store and had to be picked up from the police station. But you all know that, because she told the story today. I thought they did an excellent job incorporating that story naturally, first showing Ciara offering to steal a jacket for Chase, being caught (well, overheard) by Julie so Julie could tell this story, and then breaking down and admitting the jacket reminded her of her father. As her father, unbeknownst to her, is arriving in town! Perfect, seamless storytelling.

The flashback to Alice and Tom was lovely as well. So great to see them.


A little clunkier was the mention of Marie, when Julie said Marie mentioned 50 years ago she was planning her wedding. To me this doesn’t rise to the level of “Wow! What a coincidence!” since about a bazillion other weddings have happened in the meantime. Also, Marie never married Tony, the man she was engaged to in the debut episode (but she did marry his father, ew!) It would have been better, in this case, to have Marie herself pop in for a cameo. I know Maree Cheatham is still around, I follow her on Twitter!

I liked how they weaved in the new teen set. Today was the first day we really got to see them in action, and I think they all did pretty well. I can see they are going to continue to showcase Theo’s autism, which I think is great. I liked how Joey referred to the way Theo obsessively memorizes baseball statistics, and then when he had to tell him that when he said his mom would kill him, he didn’t mean literally.

And then Joey collapsed. As if Kayla doesn’t have enough to deal with!

Caroline and Kayla were really funny today.


I love this “I’ve got your number” expression.

And Caroline was so unrepentant, it cracked me up. I loved how she put her dress back on over her hospital gown (the huge dress is good for something!) and headed back to the mansion. Just in time to meet Bo and Steve – but no motorcycle entrance, alas! I cannot wait for everyone to see Bo, finally! The reactions are going to be epic.

I enjoyed the scenes in the garden, when everyone was waiting for the fireworks. They actually gave people meaningful dialogue. My favorite was Eric’s reaction to Daniel and Nicole’s cooing, and then Nicole talking about her sadness over her two lost babies. I have a feeling, based on this, that Nicole might finally get her baby. The only question is are they going to do a WTD story for her?

Is water wet?

Actually, they might not, so soon after Abby’s WTD story. But, a pregnancy +  triangle? How could they resist?

I loved seeing the wedding album, all the great supercouples, finishing with Tom and Alice. Seeing Jack’s photo, and Jen’s reaction to it, gave me hope that maybe, maybe Jack is going to come back. This is the second mention in two weeks! It was nice to hear Adrienne call him her brother too. And all the kisses were sweet. I especially liked this:


I love Gabi’s reaction.

And Eric kissed Jennifer!


Is this going somewhere? At this point I’d take almost anything that would give Eric more airtime, but I am not sure how I would feel about this. They are both at loose ends right now, so I could see the show going there, temporarily.

It totally grossed me out that there was a Hope/Aiden sex scene today, but what a great, suspenseful ending of him standing there holding the tie. I’m really looking forward to tomorrow. Will Aiden attack and Hope kills him? Or Bo?  But will Days show Aiden delay, and delay, and not attack until the end of the episode – so we have to wait til Monday to find out what happens?

Is water wet?


12 thoughts on “Fireworks

  1. Great thoughts as always! I loved the episode and can’t wait until today! I am especially looking forward to the look on everyone’s faces when they see Bo and realize both Steve and Caroline were right. I laughed when I saw Caroline in her hospital gown with the dress over it. PM is doing a fantastic job! Loved how the past was weaved in as well.
    Does everyone live next to a blinking red/green light you can see through the window? Does Hope live next to Abby and Ben and it’s the same light? Of course, there was also blue in Hope’s random lights. I think it is weird and distracting. I would not live in a place that lit up day and night like a red light district!
    I, too, had hoped Bo would get there before the marriage was consummated, but alas he did not. But he is finally in Salem. Yes!! Also, the Eric and Jennifer kiss shocked me. I did not see that coming and apparently neither did Jennifer! Not sure I like it though. Maybe Eric is drunk and it was spontaneous? I want Eric to have a great story and I would prefer not to go down the alcoholism path.

    • What a terrific episode today was. They managed to make me tear up. SSH and BH are just lovely together. It was the mention and flashback to Tom and Alice that got me (how lovely Francis Reid was!). They truly WERE the heart of the show, and it’s nice to see them honored and remembered. I hope SSH and BH continue on and take up that mantle. I cannot believe BH is 90!

      Nice call-backs to the history of the show. Loved Jen’s wedding album, and the mention of her kidnapping from her wedding on a fire-truck (one of my favorite, hilarious Jack moments). Oh how I wish this was a drop – having Jack back would be icing on the cake.

      I was fooled by Steve and Bo’s fight at first too LOL. Love tap! They work so well together. When Bo and Steve finally rushed in at the end, I was waiting for it to be another vision. Finally!!! PM is killing it, and making me LOL. That dress over the hospital gown was inspired!

      The teens all did a nice job today, and the stories fit in very organically. I’m liking young Chase a lot. He’s a very charming young man, with a cute different look. What the heck is wrong with Joey?? Of course that coincides with Steve finally getting his butt back to Salem.

      Nice shooting of the final scene with Aiden standing by the window getting ready. The pull back, then jumpy push in to close-up was nice camera work/editing. I actually got a little goose-bumpy.

      I have a feeling that this Friday is going to leave us hanging in a big way. Can’t wait! It’s so fun to be this excited about the show again!

    • The flashing lights at Hope’s house were just from the fireworks. I do like how they used that and the closeups of Aiden getting himself ready to kill Hope. I am now convinced Bo will find Aiden attacking Hope and I assume one of them dies….my guess is it is Aiden.

      Caroline and that hospital gown had me rolling. I wondered how Bo and Steve could find her like that and not laugh.

      • Duh!! The fireworks. I was just so caught up with the lights I did not think of that. I agree the Aiden scenes were shot well at the end. I don’t like Aident with Hope, but I did like him as a nice guy lawyer- he would have been a good supporting character. I can’t wait to watch today! I have said that several times in the last couple of months and I am glad I can say it!!

    • I am worried too that they are setting up an alcoholism story for Eric. I’m still holding out hope that the focus won’t be addiction but just unhappiness.

      SSH and BH were just wonderful. I love how they are using them more, making them the matriarch and patriarch, as they should be!

  2. You know it’s funny but when Joey passed out it hit me that Caroline should have recruited him as a co-conspirator to stop the wedding. She could have told him that Steve and Bo were on their way back and she needed to stop the wedding. Maybe he could have done one of his computer hacking tricks and shut off the power. Then Abe and Kayla figure it out and he gets into trouble. It would have been like Steve. Doing the wrong thing but for the right reason.

    It was funny that the deputy was reading a “playpen” magazine. The Bo and Steve fight had me laughing…I knew that it was fake and the love tap line was great. And then Caroline with her dress over that gown! Even John’s reaction in the background of Aiden and Hope’s kiss had me rolling. It seemed funnier since John and Hope have a history. And Justin looked like he was taking a nap in the very opening shot of the show.

    It’s funny but yesterday’s show had so many humorous bits that I almost wish they had just totally gone for it and let it be completely campy. When Julie mentioned 50 years ago that Marie was planning her own wedding, she should have thrown in a line like “And we all know how that one turned out” and give one of those Julie eye rolls. When Maggie, Adrienne and Jen were looking at those pictures and they came to the pic of S&K I wanted Adrienne to say “Where the hell is my brother? You know I haven’t seen him once since he moved back to Salem!” and then have her look at the camera. Then Jen looks longingly at her wedding photo to Jack and says “If only he hadn’t fallen down that elevator shaft!” I also wished they had given Jennifer some humorous response to Eric’s kiss but I couldn’t think of a funny line for that one. Not to mention they could have given Bo or Steve a funny line in reaction to finding Caroline dressed like she was. And Teresa’s wig could have jumped off of her head and scurried around the floor like a little puppy and I wouldn’t have been surprised.

    The kisses in the park were mostly cute. I loved that JJ kissed Gabi’s cheek and she seemed a bit giddy. It looked like Rafe watched and said something to JJ right after. I know it was hard to see and had to rewind to catch it but they had Shawn Douglas kiss Kate on the cheek. That was weird. They should have had Kate and Roman kiss instead since Roman was just standing back there reminding me of Carl from Sling Blade again.

    The Abe and Lani stuff could have waited. I am curious about why they threw out that reveal so quickly.

    I am not sure I really like the new Ciera yet mainly because there is something I find annoying about her voice. Theo and Chase seem to be ok so far. Does Ciera have a crush on Rafe? I know he had a closeness with little Ciera but the scene with the new Ciera felt kinda weird.

    I can’t wait to see today’s show!

    • I totally got the impression that Ciera is crushing on Rafe. If they go forward with a Rafe/Hope romance, that could play into it nicely. I also got the impression that Chase has more than brotherly feelings for Ciera.

      The Eric/Jen kiss was so random! Maybe he’s just into blondes? I think, unfortunately, that hey are going down the “drunk and disorderly” route with Eric. I hope I’m wrong, but I don’t think so.

      • I thought the Chase/Ciera thing was already showing a bit ever before the SORAS versions showed up.

        They were definitely playing Eric as being drunk. He looked annoyed that he had to put his drink down to take that Horton family photo that Julie requested. Which strangely included Maggie but not Hope’s children…and really came off as odd since Shawn Douglas was standing right there! Maybe Eric could have looked at Jen and said “Hey I am not related to you” and then planted that kiss on her! OR Maybe he should have kissed KATE and Nicole could have seen it and gotten some kind of WTF expression..LOL.

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