The adventure continues

Andre and Chad were the highlight for me today. Andre is so delightful.



“Oh dear, I didn’t realize you’d react this way.” “Eavesdroppers never hear good of themselves.”

And Chad: “So you’re my best friend. God help me.”

And apparently Andre is a Vulcan! Who knew?

I think it’s a great twist to have Andre tip Chad off that a murder is going to happen tonight. I loved the frustration and futility for Chad as he tried to tell his guard. It’s a great way to amp up the tension, and it’s a clue for later as well. After Aiden is “revealed” as the killer, Chad should be very suspicious about the fact that Andre knew about it.

Bo and Steve continue to be more plot driven than anything else. Bo’s fantasies were sweet. I liked how the first one turned out with Hope saying she was married to someone else, and Bo went back and edited it to be more to his liking. And I’m not – I’m not! – going to wonder where Steve got the gas can or the tube to siphon gas from the car at the (closed) station. Sigh.

I enjoyed the wedding more than I thought. I thought it was funny watching the guests. (Were Nicole and Daniel eating popcorn? It looked like it!) I liked Ciara telling Chase to “pay up” because no one gets married in Salem without some of kind of interruption or drama. Hope was funny when she said that continuing with the wedding is what Caroline would want. I think Caroline made it pretty clear what she wanted, Hope.

I really liked Aiden’s line that he wants everyone here to know that he loves Hope with all his heart. Daniel Cosgrove played it well, like Aiden truly believes that. Ironically, I think it’s helping him go through with his plan. Somehow, he’s using it to tell himself he’s not such a bad guy.


Kayla scolding Caroline was a little much at first, but Peggy and Mary Beth played off each other perfectly. I liked it when Kayla said “mea frickin’ culpa.” I liked how she was unconsciously treating Caroline as rational, as an equal, not an impaired woman, by haranguing her like she did. Roman grinning in the background added to the scene. But, again, I have to complain about the fact that everyone is so sure that Bo is fine and not in trouble. I get thinking he’s not coming back to Hope, and Hope should be able to get married, but a little worry about his well-being would be nice.

And poor pregnant Abby! I don’t know if I can stand watching this for too long!


She broke my heart trying to placate Ben and reassure him she loves him. She’s smart to see that she shouldn’t set him off. But Ben, in his paranoia, isn’t going to fall for that easily, especially after her attempted escape today. This is going to kill me.


15 thoughts on “The adventure continues

  1. Chad and Andre were a kick. Why does Chad remember Andre? I thought he was a blank from the evening with Serena on.

    Also, I wonder, did he hear Abby believing in him?

    Yeah, there are some issues with the Bo/Steve stuff, but they sure are cute.

    • I thought the same thing / if Chad didn’t remember anything before Serena he wouldn’t remember who Andre was. Enough people talked tobh about the murders when he was in a coma
      and Sammy and Eve tried to kill h bit he woke up with no idea of what happened – some continuity proems there but Chad and Andre are so good together I can forgive!!

    • That’s a good point! It did occur to me that it was strange he remembered what Andre said to him in his coma but nothing else – but I didn’t realize that he shouldn’t even know Andre!

      But, like Dawn, they are so good together I forgive it. 🙂

  2. Delightful is not the word I would use to describe Andre. Demented, diabolical, and deranged maybe…but not delightful. I am not sure I understand why he told Chad about the upcoming murder. It seems like it would play out better if Chad didn’t know.

    Why are you even questioning Steve ability to find a gas can and syphon fuel. He is a one eyed Mcgyver now.

    Ok I know I went on and on about how much I wanted a slow burn storyline again but I didn’t mean Bo and Steve. Seeing all the obstacles they keep running into is like watching Steve and Kayla get interrupted every time they tried to make love…ugh.

    When did Kayla become so bitchy? I understand she is frustrated but that is her mother she is berating. I think Kayla needs to get laid.

    I agree that the Abby and Ben scenes were difficult to watch but so we’re all those sex scenes I had to endure. At least now I am interested in their story and what will happen next.

    • Well, Andre delights me, anyway. 🙂

      One-eyed MacGyver, hee. I guess he made that gas can out of leaves and an old gum wrapper!

      I keep saying this, but I wish they would give Kayla some other emotions to play than irritation and anger. She has plenty of reason to be angry, but it doesn’t have to be so one-note. Getting her laid might help – let’s try it. 🙂

      • She had some really lovely things to play with her mother. I feel like the continuity hasn’t been strong, because they are giving us one thing one day, and something else another, but I’m just not seeing the writing bring those things together and give them layers. The writing for Caroline has been bothering me like that, too — she’ll have a beautiful moment with Kayla and then turn around and say “forget her” to Victor.

      • I guess I can see why they are writing Kayla that way but just two Days days ago she was worried about the unknown effects of this mystery drug and she was scared that her mother had this altered concept of reality. I understand that she could see through the fake heath crisis act as a ploy to try to stop the wedding but again if she think these Bo dreams are about her mother losing grip on reality then the anger seemed a bit cruel to me.

        I think eventually one-eyed McGyver will be able to fix everything for her. 😉

        I know I am “complaining” about the stalling and the contrived obstacles for Bo and Steve but I actually like it. It frustrates me in a good way…..if that makes sense. I am just glad that Days is actually making me feel some emotions again. I struggled with finding things to care about when I first tuned back in a couple of months ago so don’t let my snarky comments fool you….I am loving this show right now.

      • Oh, I hope they don’t act like Kayla just needs to get laid. I hope they show that her frustrations are from having to deal with so much alone, and show Steve stepping up for her… but the writing has been so lacking for them this last month, I’m afraid to hope for much.

      • I certainly hope they don’t act like not getting laid is really her problem. Just joking. 🙂

        I hope that Steve actually has a reason that he left, and that there was a threat of some kind is the only one that makes sense to me. And when (if) that is revealed, I hope that doesn’t make it all magically go away. I too would like to see Steve stepping up for Kayla in a real way.

      • Oh I was totally joking about Kayla needing to get laid too. I mean I wouldn’t exactly object to her getting some action but let’s make Steve work for it for a while.

  3. Bo’s daydreams about Hope today helped a bit for me as a viewer. It’s been driving me nuts that he’s acting like he has to get back to “save” Hope. What he really wants to do is save his marriage, or at least the relationship.

    I might be in the minority, but I’m loving all the stalling and obstacles. They’re plotty, for sure, but there’s so much suspense right now. It isn’t like the JER Days when someone would just burst in and go, “I have something to say!” and then spend three episodes doing everything but spitting it out.

    • I’ve been away, so I binged watched Mon, Tues, Wedns. last night. Great way to watch. If I had more self-control, I’d save up the week and watch all at once (but I don’t!) I’m so glad Abby finally knows, though I’m with MP, watching this poor pregnant woman in captivity is hard. Great job by both KM and RSW though. The story with them is edge of your seat. RSW is playing Ben’s twisted logic perfectly, and KM’s dawning fear as she figured out the truth was horrorfying for me as a viewer. It was cool that it all came down to Ben’s phone! First the tracking device on Abby’s phone, now the damning evidence on HIS. Nice use of modern technology LOL. Also, so simple!

      I’m with mykeraus about all the delays. As frustrating as it is, the drama is really building, and I’m not bored! The episodes seem to fly by, and it seems like I blink and I’m at the end.

      I love the Steve as McGyver analogy LOL. Bo and Steve certainly are slow-burning. When they got thrown in jail, I literally groaned and wanted to throw my pillow at the screen – VERY reminiscent of the old days when Days frustrated you to the point of anger (but in a good way).

      Bo looks like he’s about to collapse. I assume he’s going to end up at the hospital? Boy will Kayla have to eat her words. I liked the scenes with Caroline and Kayla, because I think Kayla really knew Caroline was playing everyone all along, and just wanted to get her out of there! Peggy is doing a great job with this material (and they finally got her out of that horrible curtain-dress!).

      The “gala” has been really fun all around. It’s nice to have all the characters together, milling around, with little intrigues going on. Where the hell are they going with Justin and Adrienne? Eric drinking (again) and getting an apology from Nicole. Brady defending Theresa (her hair -OMG!). New Theo! Lani outed.

      Nice toasts to Tom and Alice as well. Great job by three of our long-standing leading ladies.

      I think it was smart for Andre to reveal to Chad about the new murder. Plot-wise it makes sense, because Chad will know it’s all a bunch of bull, and with Abby missing, it will hopefully trigger his memory about Ben, then (again hopefully) Chad is off to the rescue! Billy and Thaao continue to delight me in every scene. It’s obvious that they enjoy working together, and despite the seriousness of the situation, there is a bit of tongue-in-cheek to their interactions that I really enjoy.

      • I’ve actually been looking forward to watching every evening, which is a huge change from six months ago. I never would’ve expected that Abigail and Ben would be this interesting — of course, goes to show what happens when you actually give a character depth and a dynamic side (even if that side is being a serial killer). You can see RSW digging into this material and almost discovering a deeper level of acting as the scenes play out, which is interesting. I’m still a little stymied as to how Ben could be SO STUPID as to leave all those photos of Chad on his phone, but it doesn’t ruin the story for me or anything.

        The Kayla/Caroline stuff was a lot of fun. Kayla had Caroline’s number and wasn’t coddling her, which I thought was great. Like some others, I’d love to see at least a touch of concern about Bo. Kayla could be worried about her brother and also think it’s ridiculous for her mother to be trying to stop Hope’s wedding in Bo’s name. I have a feeling they’ll try to buy this back later by having her say that she was regarding Bo’s absence the same way she did Steve’s — that he walked out and didn’t care enough to look back.

    • mykleraus – you’re right, it’s suspenseful. Some of the obstacles are pretty contrived, but for the most part I’m going with it. I wish some of the dialogue was more layered. But it’s definitely keeping me hanging on, frustrating as it is!

      Denise – I love how they are giving Ben his twisted logic, and RSW plays it with conviction. One thing that Days is getting right is showing how even murderers think of themselves as “good” people, justified in what they are doing, or driven to it by others. It makes it all more real.

      I forgot to mention Bo’s arm, and how he seems injured somehow. It almost looks like an infection or something? Anyway, we’ll see what happens.

      I’m still shipping Eve/Justin, even though I know Kassie is leaving. I think they have great chemistry.

  4. Kayla has been so cranky lately but I thought yesterday when Roman was smiling back there in the background at the hospital I thought it was funny bc he knew as much as she did that Caroline was playing everyone with her antics at the wedding. Poor Kayla has had a hard time dealing with her supposedly mind addled momma. 😀 Hopefully Caroline gets a big ‘told you so’ moment.

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