Gala – day two!


I enjoyed today’s episode, though I had to squelch some irritation at how idiotic our boys are being, when they called Caroline and then nobody else. But, to be fair, they don’t know that Aiden is planning to kill Hope, they think they are just interrupting a wedding. Maybe they are both secretly thinking a grand surprise entrance will play better with the women they want to impress. And I’m all for grand gestures (it is sweeps, after all!), but I’m more interested, for Steve and Kayla anyway, in having them sit down and actually talk. There has been too little of that.

Irritation aside, I got a big kick out of Caroline today. “Suckers.” Hee!


The other great moment was the arrival of the flowers saying “Rest in Peace.”


I loved Andre’s reaction when Aiden went to confront him. He was so gleeful about it.

I talked awhile back about my dissatisfaction with the way Abby and Hope have been written, in their relationships with Ben and Aiden. Well, I’d also like to register a complaint that Kayla, Hope, and Marlena are written as killjoys, preventing their men from having fun and running off on adventures. Marlena with John’s ISA job (if he ever actually takes an assignment!), Kayla lambasting Steve for going off to rescue Bo, and Hope insisting that Bo chose his job over his family. I think we’ve seen the reasons for their reactions, but it concerns me that I see a pattern here. Part of the fun of 80’s Days was how the women would always insist on following the men into danger – or going off themselves! I hope in the future things won’t be quite so one-sided.

(Side note – did anyone else notice that Kayla was wearing one 60’s-style dress and wig at Hope’s, and a different 60’s style wig and dress at the gala? So strange!)

So we saw today that Abe can use Google, and had found out that Lani is Tamara Price’s daughter. I’m glad to see movement in this plot, but I’m surprised they squeezed it in today, with so much else going on. I also would have liked to actually see Abe making that realization himself.

I liked the three speeches, and I thought Julie, Marlena, and Jennifer were good choices to deliver them. I particularly liked Julie’s speech, and how she talked about losing the people you love and how family and friends stick together. It was a great message for the 50th anniversary, and ties in with the current plot. I liked how they showed the reaction shots of people who were close to Paige and Will. (But not Serena – poor Serena!)

Speaking of the current plot, Abby and Ben were fantastic again today.


I love how Abby is suddenly like five months pregnant, when three Salem days ago, she wasn’t even showing!

Ben was so scary. I loved his dialogue about how the problem is OTHER PEOPLE and everything would be fine if they just went away somewhere together. It set up the kidnapping perfectly. They are doing a great job showing his reasoning. I also like how he talked about “his” baby, the possessiveness we saw there.

I wonder how long that text message is going to placate Jennifer and JJ. I’m guessing there are going to be a lot of events happening over the next few days (weeks for us!) that keep them from wondering too much – so I’m afraid Abby might be stuck in that cabin for awhile.




14 thoughts on “Suckers

  1. Fun episode and great speeches for Julie, Marlena and Jen.

    On mykleraus’ blog someone commented that Hope’s wig made her look like Eunice from Mama’s Family and I have been laughing about that for hours.

    I think Kayla’s wig was the same in the scene at Hope’s house and at the gala but they had restyled her a bit. I think the outfit she wore to Hope’s was just supposed to be her normal clothes but i could be wrong.

    If you blinked you missed the new SORAS version of Theo. He walked in with Abe said there is Ciera and ran off. I think they could have written a little better intro than that. Abe’s talk with Lani was odd and felt like it didn’t belong in this episode.

    I thought there was another odd moment when Rafe told Hope that he hoped Aiden knew how damn lucky he was and she turned around as Rafe exited the room. It almost seemed like Hope was realizing Rafe has feelings for her and that seemed misplaced in this episode too.

    It also strikes me as odd that JJ and Gabi seem like they are already on a date.

    By the way, Brady needs to grow up. Yes, Victor was very rude to Teresa but Brady’s little threat to move out of the mansion seemed childish.

    Ben is so intense and scary. It is hard to believe this is the same actor that seemed so wooden and boring a couple of months ago. I didn’t think I could feel sorry for Abby after all of her lying but I certainly feel sorry for her now.

    • Eunice from Mama’s Family – ha! I can’t unsee it now!

      I’m still not feeling Thrady, and I want to like them. As it is, it annoys me that it doesn’t feel that Theresa has earned Brady defending her – but I didn’t like it when he was judging her all the time either. So I’m not sure what to suggest.

      I missed that implication, of Hope realizing Rafe has feelings for her, but I can see how you could read the scene that way. I still am in denial about Rafe/Hope ever really happening.

  2. I’m at the point where I’m ready for the 50th to be over and for the new regime to focus on storytelling. Everyone with Bo/Steve and Hope/Aiden has been so plot-driven and I’m just not enjoying it. As you said, I’m the 80s, the women would have been right with the men. Also, the adventure stories would have been the culmination of months of buildup between couples as the writers angled to make sure just the right mix of people had to be involved with solving the mystery du jour.

    The Ben and Abby story is really working, but where is Chad?! i know the whole town is at Hope’s wedding while he is in jail, but I miss Billy Flynn. I would really love to see Chad team up with cop-in-waiting JJ to save her.

    Some of the spoilers for this week’s episodes referenced Ben taking Abby to the Horton cabin, but unless they have totally changed the set, that’s not the Horton cabin. It looked a little like the cabin where Jack and Jennifer used to go. Maybe Jack will come back to save her? ;).

    • JJ and Chad teaming up is something I’d like to see too!

      I think you are right that the adventure feels too plot driven because they didn’t have the time to build up the story the way they used to. Right now it’s depending on longtime fans to automatically root for Steve and Kayla and Bo and Hope, just because of their history. That’s fine for what it is, but they actually did have more time to build up Steve and Kayla and I think they dropped the ball a bit.

      This might sound contradictory, but I think it was a mistake to have Steve come back for that brief visit. They brought him back mostly so he could hear Caroline’s dreams, because he didn’t interact with Kayla much (other than the kiss! I’m not forgetting that!). I think it would have worked better if Steve had called Kayla from Cancun and heard about the dreams that way. Kayla could be telling him how worried she is about Caroline, and mention the dreams and how weirdly specific they are, including describing that sign. Steve could look up and see the sign just as Kayla describes it. That way they wouldn’t have this conflict over Caroline, Steve believing the dreams and Kayla being angry with him about it, which feels a little forced to me and makes Kayla look bad. (“No, I don’t want you to save my brother!”)

      In any case, I think they could have handled the dreams with more finesse. Kayla not believing them but acknowledging that Steve needs to check it out, or Steve trying to respect Kayla’s wishes but Caroline insisting on telling him. Something that complicates the conflict a bit.

  3. Andrea, I thought the same thing about the cabin – what cabin is it? and then thought of the cabin JnJ used to go to. Ahhh Jack!!!

    I have to admit the only story I care about is Abby, Chad, Ben. Sure I want to see Bo get back and break up the wedding, but I don’t see it as suspenseful. I agree with how they are showing the women, especially Hope and Kayla – I know it is tough to explain how their husbands have disappeared but to have them keep complaining how the men wanted to go on adventure and leave their family is annoying and not really (especially in S&K) consistent with how their relationships were. Why do all the men have to desert their families (Jack, Bo, Steve) can’t they just break up and then use a back story about how the kids would see them on holiday’s, phone calls etc. like a normal custody agreement?

    Do we really believe that Steve would leave Kayla and have Joey grow up without a Dad after his Daddy issues? It would have been better to just have them get a normal divorce and then just say Joey would visit him yada yada. Plus the Bo thing, no-one hears from him in 3 years (or whatever it is) and everyone just accepts that. I am not buying it.

    And I agree, Steve finds Bo but doesn’t call anyone else but Caroline? I know they need to big dramatic entrance so I am willing to suspend my disbelief that they can’t get a hold of anyone. Hey I bet if they called Victor he would get them home in no time, forget fixing a stupid motorcycle!

    Now back to Ben/Chad/Abby – I saw the kidnapping thing coming but great scenes with then and yes, Killer Ben is so much better then nice wooden guy Ben. But I can’t figure out how they are going to bring Chad back into the Abby/Ben story. I assume that Chad will have to try and “rescue” Abby, but how is he going to get out of jail and at what point will he get his memory back to figure this out? See that is suspense, I have questions and I am wondering what will happen AND can’t wait to find out. That is what is missing from Bo, Steve & Hope. We all know that Bo will break up the wedding (or post wedding at least since Hope is walking down the aisle), Hope will not die and Aiden will get caught. No suspense (or do I not really care that is driving my lack of suspense?)

    And although it breaks my heart to say this, I am even bored with Kayla and Steve – she will forgive him and they will get back together. I need some suspense in their story other then will Kayla take Steve back (umm we all know the answer is yes!)

    Or maybe I am just in a bad mood today! Sorry for the rant.

    • I totally get what you are saying but I wouldn’t say I am “bored” by the Bo/Steve story but I have not necessarily been impressed. It hasn’t excited me or challenged me a viewer so it is a bit flat. I also feel like they showed us Bo way too soon. If we had only seen Bo a couple of weeks ago it would be better instead we got two months of a story that should have been covered in 2 weeks.

      Steve could have spent a month or more working on his relationships with Kayla and Joey (and visiting his SISTER) before taking off to find Bo.

      My guess is that Aiden attacks Hope and she kills him. Everyone believes he was the killer all along and Chad get released. He know the truth and when he discovers Abby and Ben are gone he finds her and rescues her. Possibly just in time to deliver their baby. It makes perfect soapy sense.

      • Shea, that is a good guess, I can see Hope killing Aiden after he tries to kill her.
        Maybe the whole bachelorette scene where Hope grabbed the stripper and put him under arrest was to show us that she is no damsel in distress and can defend herself?

        If they assume Aiden was the killer and release Chad – That would also buy some time for Abby to be held hostage for awhile (they have to milk it after all, but I am enjoying it!) before they realize she is missing and in trouble.

        Not sure about her delivering the baby – although as MaryPickford said in a Salem 2 days ago she didn’t look pregnant and know she really is so who knows in real time when she will have that baby!

        MB and Steven keep raving about the story during interviews so I am sure when they have more scenes together I will get out of my boredom doldrums and start rooting for them. I did like some of the scenes before he went to rescue Bo.

    • I agree that Shea makes a good guess, that Aiden will attack Hope and she will kill him in self-defense.

      In that case, though, what does Bo’s big entrance look like? It would be strange if after all this buildup he didn’t have some kind of hero moment when he arrives.

      I don’t mind knowing where the story is going if they grab me emotionally. That’s what’s missing with Kayla/Steve and Bo/Hope, they are depending on viewers already being invested, we’re not seeing the slow breakdown of barriers between them. Instead, the tension comes from waiting for Kayla and Hope to realize they are wrong. And that’s kind of making me mad because they aren’t wrong, really. They are wrong about Bo being in trouble, but as things stand now Steve and Bo both did abandon their families and go off on missions. So it irks me a bit that the show is slanting our sympathy towards them. But other things have been good enough that I’m hoping these things will get ironed out.

      • Maybe Bo’s big return turns into him saving Caroline instead. The people who are after him find out that she was given the drug and they come after her? I’m grasping at straws but since they made his disappearance all about Caroline’s condition and that drug I could see a shift where the person he rescues is his mother, not Hope.

  4. I laughed out loud when Caroline said “Suckers.” Hilarious! I am tired of her being treated like she is an idiot though so the boys need to get home. It will be fun for everyone to eat crow when they realize Caroline is NOT crazy after all! I agree with Andrea- I am ready for some storytelling. I NEED some meaningful interaction between Steve and Kayla. I promise I do have a life outside of DOOL! LOL! I also agree the ladies need to be in on the adventures- it is hard to create UST when the characters are never even in the same room!
    They are doing the Ben and Abby story really well, but isn’t the Horton cabin where EJ and Abigail started their affair? That place is not a good place for Abby!
    I did notice the dress change for Kayla- weird. The wigs were even worse today and I swear Adrienne is about to have a wardrobe malfunction with her cleavage. Eww. The toasts were touching, but the Gala needs to be over.

    • Yes! We need that UST to build up and we can’t do it when they are never together. I really wonder how they are going to handle Bo and Hope. I think we’ll get a slow burn with Steve and Kayla, but if the rumors about PR not staying are true, they don’t have much time. Really curious how all this is going to shake out.

      • So now I think maybe Bo’s big entrance is saving Hope from Aiden, maybe no gets out of jail before morning or Aiden waits a day to try and murder Hope. But having Bo save Hope at theast minute and kill Aiden trying to do it would definately be a grand entrance! And really out in jail overnight for speeding – really? And now he says call Roman? For the love of soaps just get there already!

  5. I can’t fault Hope and Kayla and Marlena too much. My husband loves long distance running, but having him gone running like 2 hours daily and then 8+ on Saturdays seriously ticked me off. He is heavier and running less these days, partly because of his massive commute, but I just couldn’t take his running adventures at that rate. Maybe when our kids are older he can take it up again. πŸ™‚ Sorry, for the testimonial.

    Agreed, Bo and Steve need to get to Salem already. Though I can’t fault people for not believing Caroline’s visions (but they do live in Salem, so I can fault them more than regular people), the phone call is another matter. I do see why the show wants Bo to enter on a motorcycle.

    • My husband is a baseball nut, so he tends to disappear during the summer. We’ve had some talks about that. πŸ™‚

      I think it would help if people expressed some doubt, like “Could Caroline be onto something?” before saying it’s crazy. Or saying, like Roman did today, that they will find Bo if he’s in trouble, but that doesn’t affect Hope’s wedding. Just make it less simplistic.

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