Gala – day one

It’s November sweeps time! Whee, here we go! How many Salem days do you think we’ll have this month? Two? Three?

The gala outfits and hairstyles were mostly great fun, though some definitely worked better than others. I really loved Eve’s outfit:


Hope reminds of Elizabeth Taylor here:


One of the worst was Theresa. Her dress wasn’t so bad, but that hair. My God.


Unlike Theresa, they did great with Abby’s hair. This hairstyle really works on her:


The way things are looking, I’m not sure Abby is going to make it to the party. Which is too bad, because it looks like she would have rocked her early 60’s outfit. Oh … and of course also because it looks like Ben is going to attack her or kidnap her. Eek!

Those Ben and Abby scenes were good. Really tense and scary. I was yelling at her to run for it, but I thought it was believable that she stuck around to fight it out. Ben having all those pictures of Chad on his phone (he’s a Billy Flynn fan, clearly!) is just weird enough to be suspicious but not “run screaming from the room” suspicious. The line “these time stamps are all the dates of the murders” was kind of silly, but as a Chabby fan I was delighted that even in this situation, one of the first things Abby thought of was how the pictures might clear Chad. And of course that sends Ben around the bend.

And oh, Eric, Eric.


I really enjoyed the tense encounter with Daniel and Nicole, how he almost snapped at them before excusing himself and snatching that drink off the tray. What they missed, though, was showing him standing off to one side, staring at Nicole and Daniel while they danced together. And maybe Nicole glances at him and then looks away. I love scenes like that.

I’d say we’re about 50/50 on an alcoholism story for him. I can’t tell if they are setting up a drinking problem specifically, or just using it as a shorthand to show he’s depressed. Time (and more airtime — please?) will tell.

I recognized the garage Bo and Steve were in from this promotional picture:


In that article, Stephen said they filmed 7 episodes in two days — something like that. I hope that seven refers to all of their episodes outside of Salem, because we must be getting close to that now.ย  That means they will be back soon!

In this age of instant communication, it was always going to be difficult to show Bo and Steve not being able to get in touch with anyone. So I like the twist of Bo calling Caroline, who of course will not be believed. Is the surly guy who didn’t want them to use the phone going to attack them before Steve can call Kayla? Because if he doesn’t try after Bo gets off the phone with Caroline, I’m going to be really mad.




17 thoughts on “Gala – day one

  1. I have to say I wasn’t digging the gala and the outfits – why was everyone wearing a wig?

    And Adrienne’s wig made it look like she cut off a dolls hair and put it on her head. I just didn’t get why almost everyone had to wear a wig? I also didn’t really think they pulled off the 60″s Madmen vibe – for me it was a complete fail. Even without Teresa’s horrible hair, I didn’t see the point and don’t really think they pulled it off. Seems kind of silly to me.

    Although Eve who didn’t have a wig looked the best of everyone!

    Great scenes with Chad and Abby, can’t wait to see Ben totally snap and how that plays out. Glad they are finally showing Abby expressing that something is wrong and Ben is acting “weird”.

    Once again Ben is so much more interesting now and the actor playing him plays angry off the wall Ben so much better then nice guy normal Ben!

    • Yeah, they went overboard on the wigs! I thought Hope’s looked pretty good yesterday, but today it was terrible. I know it’s supposed to be the same, but I’m guessing yesterday and today were shot on different days.

      I totally agree about RSW! He’s doing great with this!

  2. The reaction here and on Twitter and FB seems to be in agreement about the 60’s styling. Some hits and some major misses. Theresa’s hair..what in the world were they thinking? It is way too big all over for her head and body size. I did think Gabi looks beautiful .. loved her dress.

    Continuing to love Ben. I wonder if today will be the day Abby realizes what she’s got on her hands.

    C’mon Steve and Bo! Get home! I can’t wait to see Hopes reaction.

    • Gabi did look great. That was a great color on her.

      Jen Lilley is really petite and her head is a tiny bit big for her body – not in a bad way, I think she’s gorgeous, but she is absolutely the wrong person to wear that huge wig. Not that I think anyone else could have pulled it off. That was a hairstyle that is better left in the 60’s.

  3. Amy – Seriously Gabi did look beautiful. Never thought that before, pretty of course but she look amazing.

    Bo and Steve certainly are taking their time. Can’t wait til they make there appearance!

    I laughed when the Kansas guy said they couldn’t make a long distance call. Umm I know they were big in the 80’s when long distance was expensive but who charges separate for “long distance” anymore?

  4. Adrienne’s wig was AWFUL! She looked dumpy- not flattering at all. I thought Eve, Jennifer, Marlena and Gabby looked the best. Brady’s suit was sharp- liked it a lot- actually most of the guys looked good. Poor Abby!!! Yes, Steve and Bo need to get on with it! Where was Kayla? Why was she not at the Gala?

    • Kayla was probably at the hospital! Since Dan was at the party, she’s the only doctor in town. LOL. No, she did show up today finally. I wasn’t wild about her hair either. Agree most of the men looked good. It’s harder to go wrong with a suit. ๐Ÿ™‚

  5. I give a big thumbs down to the 60’s theme. Eve and Gabi looked great and Jennifer’s hair was nice (even though I didn’t like her dress and she looked like she had on WAY too much makeup). Marlena didn’t really look like she was wearing a 60s style dress but I hated that headband look on her. Julie’s outfit would have been nice if it had not had those horrible sleeve cuffs. The style of Hope’s dress was a good look but I think she would have looked better in a different color…and with smaller hair. Teresa’s dress looked cute but her wig was a train wreck. Adrienne had WAY too much cleavage and a very goofy looking wig. Nicole’s hair and glasses were not flattering, her dress was too tight and Kate does not look good as a blonde! Brady, Daniel, Aiden and Eric looked like they had on vintage suits but the rest of the guys looked like they had on regular suits with vintage tie tacks? I am almost glad Kayla wasn’t on because I almost dread seeing what they do to her but shouldn’t Hope or Julie have given her call about her mother’s behavior?

    Speaking of Caroline, why is Bo calling her? As far as we know he doesn’t even know that her dementia symptoms are better. Shouldn’t he have called Victor? I mean they did just crash in Victor’s plane and his pilot needs medical assistance and if anyone has the resources to help them get home it is Victor, not Caroline. And Steve needs to be calling Kayla too!

    • I actually liked Marlena’s hair in the headband. I thought it was 60’s inspired without going full out with the wigs like they did for so many others.

      I don’t know why Bo called Caroline of all people – obviously it makes sense from a storytelling perspective (the one person who won’t be believed), but not from a character perspective. I was just theorizing in my new post that Bo and Steve are each thinking a grand surprise entrance will be more impressive. But yeah, kind of a logical hole there. I really wanted Steve to try to call Kayla. Even if they have to do the “the ringer is off” thing for her too, it’s better than nothing.

  6. Jennifer’s lipstick. Whoa pink!

    The scenes were good, but I’m not sure I’m liking how the end of Abby/Ben is playing out in a philosophical sense.

  7. The hair situation at the gala is making me sad. With all the stops they’ve been pulling out for the 50th anniversary, I hoped the hair designers could brush up on how to do 60s hair in a more realistic way. In their wigs, Theresa and Hope looked like little girls playing dress-up–you know how when little girls put on a dress that’s too big for them, and a gigantic wig, and all the grown-ups chuckle at how adorable and goofy they are. That’s what Theresa and Hope looked like! For Hope I wish they’d pulled off a Jessica Pare from Mad Men look, and for Theresa maybe a Barbra Streisand at the 1969 Oscars look. Sigh.

    Anyway, I assumed Kayla wasn’t there because of budget, and she’ll appear (and others like Eve will disappear) when the wedding part of the festivities rolls around. The high point of the episode for me was the tense stuff between Eric, Nicole, and Daniel. Wasn’t sure what to think about Theresa and her wardrobe malfunction. I don’t like to see her get the scheming look on her face. Be good, Theresa!

    • I really liked that moment with Eric and Nicole, and Daniel. I liked how they built on that today with Eric seeing them together and turning away. Those are the moments I want to see – showing Eric longing for her, eating his heart out a little. We’ve seen him upset but it hasn’t been about losing Nicole per se – we’ve had to read that into his behavior.

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