Crash and burn

So, was anyone surprised when Bo and Steve’s plane went down? 🙂

I was a little underwhelmed by Friday’s episode. I could care less what Daniel and Brady wear to the gala. (Does anyone outside of Salem actually use the word “gala”?) And I have been expecting Theresa to turn the tables on Kate, but I thought she would do it by wowing the lead designer, or something else more concrete. Telling her she won’t get coffee wasn’t as satisfying. But, I did like Nicole’s reaction to it.

I’m ready for Aiden to stop agonizing and step up and execute his plan, because we all know he will. Of course he’s a fool if he thinks killing Hope will solve any of his problems, but that’s a separate issue.

I enjoyed the wordless montage of scenes near the end of the episode. This is a great image:


In Aiden’s fantasy of killing Hope, he gave her a much better wedding dress than the one she picked out:


He felt bad about strangling her before, but in that dress … hey, he’ll be doing her a favor.

Of course, anything is better than this monstrosity:


Caroline has had the cutest outfits lately. I would honestly say she is one of the best-dressed on the show. But this is a crime. She looks like she’s wearing a tea cozy.

I would say Julie’s (who looks great, by the way) appalled reaction is the only appropriate response:


In other news, we have a new Ciara.


I like that this team looks like they introduce new characters (or in this case, recasts) slowly.  I’ll be curious how they set up the relationships between Ciara, Chase, Joey, Claire, and Theo. Joey is related to Ciara and Claire, and it looks like they are going to treat Ciara and Chase and quasi-siblings. So as far as romantic pairings go, they don’t have a lot of choices. Ciara could be paired with Theo. Claire could be paired with either Theo or Chase (though it’s a little icky if her aunt Ciara treats him like a brother). Of course they could do a gay storyline, but that actually doesn’t open up the options that much. So at some point they will have to bring on some new characters for our teens.


14 thoughts on “Crash and burn

  1. First, everyone should say “gala” as much as possible.

    Second, I didn’t even realize that was Caroline’s dress at first. I was like, “What is that thing?”

    Third, yes, Aiden seems to have better taste in wedding attire than Hope. I despise that head dress she wore when she married Bo. Still, to be honest, though I loved Aiden’s imaginary dress, I kinda like this fun frilly one in a different way.

    Last, Chad. Ah, Chad. And if Marlena looks in someone’s eyes and says they didn’t try to kill her, what more evidence does anyone need? I want to look in Chad’s eyes.

    • And one more thing, am I to understand Bo and Steve were endangering not only themselves but other plans as well? Not cool, Bo and Steve. Not cool.

      • The plane thing was really dumb. Steve kept bringing up logical, sane points like you don’t fly into a storm without a radio, and Bo was just like “forget it.” Not so good. For planes or plans. 🙂

  2. I shrieked when Caroline walked out dressed in the Martin mansion’s old drapes. It… isn’t even dress-shaped. She’s just sort of surrounded in mounds of fabric. LOL about Hope’s actual wedding dress, too. I much preferred the one in Aiden’s vision.

    • I was reminded of Scarlett OHara making a dress from her old curtains. Ye Gods my eyes. Must be the same person who has been dressing Eric lately LOL. That was wayyyyy too much dress for such a little lady.

  3. I think Peggy wore that thing to the Emmy awards at some point in the last couple of years. I swear.

    I liked the jacket she was wearing earlier in the episode though.

  4. I told you that plane was going to crash but since Steve is now a one eyed McGyver I can’t wait to see how they manage to get home.

    I didn’t realize that was Caroline’s dress…I thought it was some kind of wrap but I am pretty much speechless.

    The ending with the flashes between Caroline and Bo and Steve in the plane was pretty intense. They did a nice job with that. Overall the episode was kind of disjointed with it going from brunch to evening in the blink of an eye.

  5. After a while I started ff’ing through Bo and Steve’s plane ride and I don’t usually ff through any Steve scenes. They could have boiled that down to less and it would have been more dramatic.

    i agree about Caroline’s dress 😮. .. she usually dresses really nice so this is off for her. I’ve seen some of the 60’s style clothes in pics for the “gala” 😀 and they have a cool Mad Men style to them. I had been worried they were going to be wearing some Victorian style clothes with parasols and the like but now I’m like oh yes the 60’s. There were some cool clothes back then and I’m looking forward to seeing how everyone looks. I bet Eric will look really good in that style! The show cracked me up when one day last week someone said something about Hopes wedding tomorrow but we know that doesn’t happen for like a week. It’s gonna but one long day. 😀

    I’d never seen Jason Cook until this week. I can see why he is/was such a popular character. I’d like to see him stay.

    I’m glad new Ciara looks more like a typical teen than the photos I’d seen online which had her looking more glamorous. The small introduction was nice, similar to Joeys. I’ll miss little Ciara though. She was the cutest and had a great personality.

    I wish Aiden would change his mind about killing Hope. I can get over Bo and Steve flying without a radio but a man feeling his best option is to kill his new wife to get out of debt and a threat to his son? Couldn’t he just leave town with Chase and start over somewhere or how about just come clean Bout the debt?! And he’d be a fool to believe the same people who ordered him to kill someone would consider the debt paid. I guess it’s all soap logic and I’m overthinking it right? I’ve liked him going over it in his head though. That’s been entertaining.

  6. As far as the Bo/Steve plane ride Bo is acting like there is nothing more important than him getting back to Hope before she marries Aiden, not thinking about if he and Steve die he won’t get there anyway. Bo doesn’t even know about the part where Aiden is going to kill Hope. Steve should also be thinking of his own loved ones. If he is dead Kayla and Joey are without him little own whether him finding Bo would impress Kayla. Bo has a one tracked mind and evidently Steve does too. And ohh, what about the poor pilot.

  7. And also, this is a soap. They are paying Steve and Bo big bucks to come back and help save DOOL, so we do know they are not going to die. It is just crazy (Kayla likes that word) how they throw these storylines in a big bowl and draw. Dont get me wrong I love this soap but it appears the writers are thinking ahead of their pencils and things get sort of jumbled and don’t always make sense.

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