I was genuinely angry and upset by Days today — but in a good way!


What I mean is, I wasn’t upset by people being written out of character, or missed beats, or any of the other crimes against storytelling that have upset me in the past. No, today I was upset because Chad was being charged for a crime he didn’t commit. I was angry that it felt like he was being railroaded, yanked from his hospital bed and thrown into jail – even though I’ve known for weeks that this was going to happen! The show did a great job piling on – Justin was gleefully planning his “perp walk,” Rafe looked doubtful but declined to do anything about it, and the only person actively working on his side is a drunk would-be murderer. (Some of Justin’s lines were a little over the top, but it all worked to be as frustrating as possible.)

Kate Mansi did really well showing Abby’s love and worry for Chad — and being an audience surrogate in the process. But it killed me when he asked if she believed him and she didn’t say anything.

These are the things that are supposed to upset me, and keep me tuned in to see them resolved.

Having Chad not remember anything of the last month is brilliant, because it makes him totally helpless. He doesn’t even remember his suspicions of Clyde, let alone Ben.

I really liked the conversation between Ben and Abby as well. It shows their relationship completely coming apart, though Abby won’t admit it quite yet. It wasn’t very admirable, but it was believable, that Abby lied about going to the hospital for “papers” in the middle of the night, and Ben called her on that lie. And we could see Ben’s growing anger that Chad tried to KILL him (as far as she knows) and Abby still believes in his innocence. This is what is going to make him go completely around the bend.

In other good news, Days is up in the ratings, and has overtaken GH for the #3 spot for two weeks in a row! Hurray!



12 thoughts on “Charged

  1. It was a great episode. I was really feeling sorry for Chad when he heard that he was being charged with Will’s murder because he knew there was no way he could do that. He remembered the red-head, but didn’t know her know was Serena. Billy Flynn really knocked it out of the park. Rafe asking Chad that he knew he couldn’t hurt Marlena, but he couldn’t say the same thing for Ben made me smile.

    Justin made me mad. I missed quite a few years of DOOL. I’ve always known about the Brady/DiMera feud, but why Justin is so anti-Chad, Is there a DiMera/Kiriakis feud that happened during the years I missed? I’m wondering about the back story on that one.

    I enjoyed Ben getting mad at Abby for running to Chad and then lying about the papers. Ben is freaking me out, but in a good way. Ben’s slow decent is interesting to see. When I started watching again this summer, he didn’t really interest me in any way. Now, he has me watching his scenes just to see his craziness.

    I’m happy to hear DOOL is now #3 in the ratings. I’m hoping things continue being as good as they are right now.

    • We have all been trying to figure out what feud Justin has been ranting about and I don’t think anyone has a clue there was anything significant in the history.

      I was ready for Rafe or Daniel to slap him yesterday. I do not like this version of Justin at all.

      • The DiMera’s and Kirakis’ have had a feud for a long time, but I can’t remember how it started. I do remember a scene that happened when Maggie first married Victor. Stefano was in the hospital and Maggie brought Victor to his room. She then had them both agree to end the feud and they supposedly did. I had just started watching again though so i I didn’t see anything before that.
        OK so I looked it up- apparently they are business rivals, but also this: “A few years ago Stefano’s son Tony (who isn’t his biological son) died in an accident on the pier while fighting with Victor’s youngest son, Philip. Then Stefano got revenge by having Philip get shot, and he nearly died.”
        The scene with Maggie happened after all of that.

    • I am not completely happy with Justin the aggressive DA, but I kind of like how Wally plays it. I was hating him when he was planning his “perp walk” for the morning news, but Wally was so gleeful, I kind of got a kick out of it too.

      It’s not too much of a stretch to me that Victor and Stefano would be rivals, they have had some conflicts and would naturally dislike each other. It’s a stretch to say a “feud” but it’s acceptable to me.

  2. Flawless! Thank god Chad is awake because the show needs Billy Flynn’s presence. He, in particular, was perfection today, playing Chad’s confusion, sadness and disbelief. When he woke up and was struggling against his bonds I almost got choked up. Same with when they told him Will had been murdered. Great use of that old stand-by, amnesia, to extend the plot.

    KM and RSW also deserve kudos today. The close-ups on Kate’s face were particularly moving, with her eyes filled with tears basically the whole episode. RSW is playing Ben’s downward spiral perfectly. He is holding on by a thread, and I think that thread may have just snapped. I love how he keeps telling himself “I had to do it.” Psycho-logic, sure, but Abby does continue to lie and lie to him (and herself), which gives a different layer to his madness. You can almost feel sorry for him.

    I also have to give some props to SC, who was solid today as the caring, then disapproving, doctor. I would rather have had Kayla there, but hopefully she’s gone home to change her clothes.

    I’m glad John is going off on a “mission,” because that gives Marlena time to hypnotize Chad again, or provide some counseling, and I always love their scenes together.

    Billy hasn’t had any big, wailing, crying moments like actors usually use to submit for an Emmy, but he deserves one for his overall work as Chad. He underplays and comes across as realistic. He has great comic timing. He can be suave and romantic. I hope he gets some recognition for this storyline b/c I’ll take his acting style over any over-the-top performances that usually get that award. I also wouldn’t be surprised if RSW gets a supporting actor nom. He deserves a lot of credit for making this storyline as riveting as it is.

    Keep going Days! Wouldn’t it be exciting if they could get to #1?!

    • I am not sure that Days ever really spent any time at #1. At least not overall ratings. Back in the 80s and 90s I am pretty sure they consistently won the target demographic but not sure about the overall. The target demo is what they care about since it ties into advertising dollars. The improvement in the ratings has been slow and still has me very concerned. They need to keep improving or hold on from sweeps through probably February to insure survival.

  3. As I recall, sometimes Victor and the Pheonix would even join forces. Not much of a feud. The shocking thing to me is how peaceful Steve is with Victor – how many times did Victor try to kill S&K and kidnap Kayla? Victor was always showing so much concern for Caroline – and so little for her children. Steve HATED Victor – now he borrows his jet and pats him on the back.

  4. I see how they are dealing with the problem of Chad knowing it’s Ben. Indeed, the old amnesia trick. Excellent. I get that Abby loves Chad and has always loved Chad and has been a master of lying to herself, but I do want that realization to come based more on Chad’s merits than Ben’s faults, even if the faults she knows of aren’t murder. They are, without having Chad say Ben’s the killer, still having Abby be faced with believing Chad or Ben, and we can see where her heart is. But still hanging onto Ben is gonna get weird if it doesn’t end soon.

    Now that Cathie mentions it, I do remember the thing with Stefano blaming Philip for Tony’s death. Still, it doesn’t really explain Justin. I can see Justin being eager to take down a murderer. But his glee and unwillingness to consider other possibilities? Yeah, over the top. I think the show needed someone to be pushing to go after Chad, and it fell on Justin, so we are getting some out of character writing. It’s a flaw, but the show is mostly so good right now that I’ll just kinda let it go. If I were a huge Justin fan, I’d probably be ticked though.

    I guess it means he’ll be written off, but that might have been the case either way, so I would think RSW must be really enjoying getting to play this version of Ben.

    I can’t believe Aiden would actually even consider killing Hope. I just can’t buy that. Another flaw I have to let go.

    I am so glad Chad is back. He does energize the show.

    • I agree about Abby regarding Ben/Chad. I feel like things are finally coming to a head and Ben is going to snap. But it would be nice for both Abby’s character and the Chabby relationship if Abby chose Chad and fessed up to Ben about it. THEN he flips out.

      I think RSW is definitely enjoying playing psycho Ben and showing what he can do. I had no idea!

  5. Just thought I would check in even though most of my thought were already articulated by the great insightful posters MaryPickford has. Now as I have said before I really like Chad. Even though it is the old amnesia trick Billy Flynn played it wonderful and believable and after all that is what makes good soaps. The stories are always over the top and sometimes ridiculous but somehow the actors make us believe in their thoughts and reactions to whatever crazy circumstance they are in. Billy did that in spades. His confusion and vulnerability when he woke up and to just have him struggle with the handcuffs and question if Will was really dead made it believable! (Well soap believable!)

    I agree with everyone who posted this……..finally we are seeing Abby show some doubt about Ben. To have her continue to say she loves him and -yuck! roll in the hay was getting really annoying! She needs a sounding board to voice her confusion and feelings too. That would make her a bit more sympathetic because right now she is leading Ben on (yes I know I am defending a serial murderer!!) but he has a point that she continues to run to Chad even after Chad supposedly tried to kill Ben. This is really stretching the limits of how she is “torn”. If she believes Chad then Ben is lying and vice versa – makes no sense to still show her waffling and saying she loves and wants to marry Ben. We finaly she her starting to pull away from Ben and oh how fun that will be to see Ben continue to unravel as that happens!

    And yes Ben is so much more interesting now. Before he was a very plastic Ken doll!


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