I don’t know you at all

Abby had the Salem brain today!


I thought the developments in this story were really well done. I’ve been frustrated with Abby’s blindness, but in some ways that made today particularly good. I liked how they built up their fight very naturally. We could see that Ben’s gleefulness over the money rubbed Abby the wrong way, and that led to her admission that she feels guilty, because she believed so fervently in Chad’s innocence (and, though Ben doesn’t know this, helped him elude the police). That in turn led Ben to challenge her on that belief, and accuse her of still believing it. And he pointed out what I’ve been wanting her to realize … if Chad is innocent, then Ben is lying. She can’t believe in both of them.

But I loved that the clincher was not about Chad – it was when he talked about one of her relatives “finally” kicking the bucket and leaving them a fortune. It was so callous (especially after Will’s death) and hinted at a twisted morality and sociopathic selfishness. It was the perfect thing to send her out the door.

And then, of course, there was this:


Chad is awake! What a closing shot! I am so excited for their scenes tomorrow.

As for the rest of the show, of course I loved my Bo and Steve scenes.  They had some great banter today, but I am not satisfied with the way they are filling in the details of Bo’s disappearance – or rather, not filling them in. We still don’t know at what point Bo went from “choosing to leave his family” to being a fugitive and a captive. All those cancelled visits Hope keeps referring to, Bo hasn’t mentioned at all. Steve and Bo’s conversation centered on the faked letter, but from Hope’s point of view there was a quite a bit more to it than that. Steve’s apparent belief that Bo just needs to come back and all will be well with him and Hope seems naive to the extreme – but then again, Steve might have his own reasons for wanting to believe that.

I also am rolling my eyes a little at some of the contrivances that prevent them from calling home, but I’ll go with it. What I had a hard time with were the Hope/Aiden scenes. Everything about them screamed “Run away, run away! Do not marry this man!” even without a confession of his dastardly plans. The guy’s a mess! One thing I learned in my dating days is that when a guy tells you “I don’t deserve you” – believe him.


8 thoughts on “I don’t know you at all

  1. Abby is so intent on staying with Ben because she thinks she is carrying his child, so tends to ignore his actions. But now I think he has hopefully scared her.

    Bo rants on and on about getting back to Hope, while Steve barely mentions Kayla and Joey are back in Salem sort of waiting on his return. Steve still has not mentioned Caroline and the serum.

    My favorite two people on the soap are Steve and Kayla plus Joey, but when did Steve become so mechanical and technical that he can fix a plane and the telephone.

    • I guess he learned to fix planes in New York. 🙂

      I want to see a little more angst from Steve regarding Kayla. There have been moments, but he seems fairly lackadaisical about it all right now. I think we’ll get there. The focus is going to be on Bo/Aiden/Hope for the next few weeks, then we’ll see where we are.

  2. I love what you said about “when a guy says he doesn’t deserve you…” Did we date the same guys? LOL.

    I loved the stuff with Ben and Abby today. I’ve been waiting (and waiting) for this. Both actors did a fantastic job, and one again I cannot believe how much better RSW is playing psycho-Ben. You can feel the anger simmering underneath the surface. I’m really glad the writers let us in on the killers identity. It makes the tension so much stronger. I think Abby’s going to find out soon (well, soon in Salem time).

    The Bo and Steve stuff seemed like filler – it was nice to have them alone together just talking for a whole epiosde, but you’re right, they didn’t seem to talk about anything of real substance. I think Steve is a hopeless, hopeless romantic. He thinks all he has to do is plop Bo down in front of Hope and all will be well. Bo and Hope will reunite, and Kayla will forgive him and believe in him again. I don’t think so. My hope is that the conversations you referenced above ARE coming – that Bo and Hope will have that conversation, and that Steve’s reasons for leaving his family will be revealed to Kayla (and Joe).

    I feel like everything is very “plot-centric” this week. Getting everyone to their places, ready for the anniversary. I’m thinking the next two weeks is going to be fast and furious. After the anniversary is over, I’m hoping we get to the “meat.”

    Not really getting Justin and Eve, especially since Kassie is leaving he show. Why go there?

    I’m with you on Aiden. Everything about this guy screams run. He gave Hope and out today and she worked it to convince him to go through with the wedding! I’m actually really looking forward to this red herring, of Aiden being outed as the SK, mostly just for Hope’s reaction.

    Does anyone know when Steve and Bo actually end up back in Salem. I have my fingers crossed for Monday, but I wouldn’t be surprised if it was the following Monday, and that’s going to be TORTURE!

    • Well, they have to be back by “tomorrow.” Too bad tomorrow in Days time is two weeks!! I’m ready to get on with it- I sure hope we don’t have to wait another whole week for them to come back!! I have enjoyed their time together though.
      Steve IS a hopeless romantic and that’s what I love about him. Hopefully, Kayla will love it, too! Although he does need to work more for it and i do want to hear his big reason for leaving.
      I agree RSW is SO much better this way- who knew he had it in him?

    • Yeah, I think this “day” is going to play out over the next week, maybe even two, and it’s going to drive me craaaazy.

      You make a great point that Steve is being a hopeless romantic, and he thinks all will be well when he returns with Bo. He’s definitely put all his eggs in one basket, that he’ll save Bo and make a grand gesture that will win Kayla over.

      I’m looking forward to Hope finding out about Aiden, too. Well, finding out he’s plotting to kill her, and “finding out” he’s the murderer. I think it will be great turn in the story.

  3. I found it to be another entertaining show overall and I swear I could watch Bo and Steve doing just about anything together and enjoy it but yesterday it felt like whoever wrote their scripts has no idea what any other plot here is except they are trying to get back to stop that wedding. I kept thinking WTF…Steve is suddenly a one-eyed McGyver? Of course the plane is going to crash, Steve fixed it with a tampon and a paperclip… He did at least mention Kayla and Joey once but I didn’t like it that Steve referred to Kayla as his EX-wife. Let him call her his wife and have Bo remind him she is his EX. There were some nice touches…Steve telling Bo to keep his eyes open for the bad guys and reminding Bo once again that he only has one. Bo questioning Kayla judgment about men since she married Steve….those lines felt right for Bo and Steve so it’s nice to see that someone gets their relationship but I WANT MORE.

    I love that Abby finally seems to have taken off the blinders. And Ben sort of realized he has some issues…saying he is becoming Clyde and he hates himself. Finally something other than just blaming Chad for everything.

    Eve and Justin? I might care if I didn’t know she was leaving.

    Aiden and Hope? I don’t know how she could still even be thinking about marrying that train wreck after those scenes. And does Hope have a picture of herself on the mantle over the fireplace? Hopefully it was supposed to be the new Ciera but it looked like Hope.

    • There is a picture of Hope on the mantelpiece. Aiden picked it up a couple of times when he was plotting to kill her. And yes, I do think that’s strange. It’s not Aiden’s house, so Hope must have put it there.

      I agree the line about Steve’s “ex” wife would have been much better if he had said wife and Bo had corrected him. I said above I wanted more angst from Steve about Kayla. Let’s hope we get more going forward.

      I loved that scene with Ben when he said he hated himself. Great work by RSW.

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