The Hope/Aiden story has been the weakest of the new writers thus far, but today I was on the edge of my seat.


At first I thought the dueling bachelor/bachelorette parties were tonally off for a wedding where the groom is planning to kill the bride, but I really liked how it all unfolded. When Aiden started drinking heavily and flashing back to his “kill Hope” fantasy, and when he started stammering to Rafe about how Hope doesn’t deserve to be hurt, I actually felt sorry for him.

Having him holding a RED TIE was a little over the top, but man, his conversation with Rafe was a tense, amazing scene. Aiden is so going down for these murders. Fantastic red herring.

On the bachelorette side, I was enjoying the fact that the stripper was someone Abby knew through Cameron (nice callback), and that Caroline seemed to recognize him. Very cute. The plot point of him stealing Hope’s jewelry was a little silly (he’s a QVC watcher, apparently), but all in all, it was decent comic relief and well played by all the actresses. I laughed when Julie muttered to Hope, “Tone it down,” when she was pretending to be surprised. Hee!

When it really got good, though, was when Caroline mentioned Bo and her dreams, and how shaken Hope obviously was by that. That was a perfect lead-in to Kayla asking her if she was really ready to marry Aiden, and we finally saw that Hope isn’t as sure as she claims. Kristian played that scene really, really well.


I also liked the fact that Jennifer talked about Steve, and Jack, and how they might not feel worthy of their families, and that might be part of what makes them leave. I’m not sure if I believe it (early on, certainly, I’m just not sure about now), but I loved the reference to the “Johnson brothers.” It sent a shiver up my spine.

Bo and Steve’s scenes heavy on the plot today. It is all a little convenient that no one has a cell phone AND the plane’s radio is the only thing Steve couldn’t fix. We can’t let functioning communication technology mess up their dramatic entrance!


16 thoughts on “Bachelorette

  1. Fun show today, with good use of the supporting cast. And Eric finally looked HOT! LOL. Especially next to Daniel and his beard of death. I wish he’d stop being so understanding (Daniel) and just butt out.

    I felt kind of sorry for Aiden too, but I think the writing is on the wall. He’s going to try and go through with it anyway and screw it up. It might have been a better story for him if he DID confess all to Hope (which he won’t) and then try and convince her he fell in love with her after-all, despite the fact that the beginning of their relationship was a sham, but it doesn’t serve the overall story arcs, so let’s get to it!

    You know Steve and Bo’s plane is going down LOL. Love their relationship. It’s driving me nuts that it’s taking so long for them to get back to Salem, even though Steve got there in like 2 seconds last time!

    I loved Jen and Kayla’s little moment. Jack mention! I don’t think that Jack and Steve, in the end, necessarily felt un-worthy of their families, but there is something in both of them that made them continually feel they had to provide themselves over and over. They both had crappy fathers (to say the least) and I think there is something inside both of them that has to do things that say “I’m better than that.”

    The girls’ party was my favorite. As someone who has lived through a million showers and bachelorette parties, the mere mention of the lame “games” made me crack up. And can I say how much I love Julie?! SSH needs to be given more comedy because she is an Ace at it. Good to have a few laughs in the middle of all the angst.

    Kudos to Kayla for trying to talk some sense into Hope, but we all know it’s for naught. Hope’s line about everything being all set, and it wouldn’t be fair to Aiden to back out, was awfully telling. I kind of wish Kayla had pushed it a little more, but we all know nothing is talking Hope out of it, even with whatever gibberish drunk Aiden lays on her. She’s got blinders firmly on.

    I assume the wedding must happen, since we know from the 50th promo that Hope does get attacked. C’mon Bo and Steve!!! Hurry!!!

    • Jen being a geek about the games was really cute. I agree I have played those games at many bridal showers too. I loved Abby making fun of her about them.

      Eric did look hot. 🙂 I was glad there was that one line touching on his issues and continuing on the theme of his depression/meltdown. I see that coming to a head somehow, though I hope it’s not an alcoholism story.

      I think the wedding will happen, Hope will be attacked, and in whatever ensuing drama occurs Aiden will be exposed as the necktie killer and killed soon after (so he can’t deny it). That will free Chad and create an interesting conundrum for Ben. Aiden going down for it should be wonderful for Ben, but it will defeat the purpose of why he did it – to frame Chad.

  2. The bachelorette party was amazing. Julie grinding on the stripper had me rolling. It’s just so enjoyable to get to see these actors having FUN together. It was like a lesser (but still very good!) version of the Pot Donut Book Club.

    And I also appreciated how both parties took darker, dramatic turns, but in quiet, organic ways — nothing as silly as Andre trying to kidnap Hope or the Pub catching on fire or anything. Just the underlying issues about this wedding, contrived by the new writers as they might be, bubbling to the surface.

    • Julie/SSH is so awesome. I love that we are seeing more of her now. I loved Hope’s reaction to Julie grinding on the stripper, it looked like Kristian as well as Hope reacting!

      Agree the darker/serious notes were organic to the story and emerged naturally. As I said above, I haven’t been too happy with this story, but it’s getting good now.

  3. Let me be a little snarky first…

    So Caroline was wearing the outfit she was wearing when she left the hospital….so this very day she had a dose of Dr. Salina’s miracle drug and yet she is drinking champagne at the bachelorette party? I am starting to really question Kayla’s judgement as a doctor.

    So Rafe and Roman decided to throw a hood over a guys head and kidnap him to his own bachelor party when there has been a murderer running around town? Did that seem like a good idea to anyone? No wonder Aiden was white as a sheet when they took the hood off.

    Now that have those things off my chest…

    Fun episode especially for the girls. Abby’s hair and outfit are terrible but her face has been looking really nice to me…almost like the pregnant glow is there. I loved Julie and Caroline with the stripper. The whole jewelry thief thing was corny but it was still fun.

    Aiden really is a compulsive gambler…he couldn’t even play darts with Rafe without making a wager. The bachelor party was a bit awkward to watch but it was good to see Aiden having some doubts or cold feet about things…of course we know it’s about the murder and not the wedding but still.

    So Steve and Bo are going to be in another plane crash. At this point, if Bo died in the plane crash before ever even making it back to Salem I seriously wouldn’t even be surprised.

    Now I seriously hope that the writing improves for Steve and Kayla. I am hopeful considering JG says he has been a fan and watched them in the 80s but so far it hasn’t shown me much. Steve have been very one note…find Bo and get him back. Kayla’s been very bitter and it’s really bad that she is so callous to Joey (“You are a clone of your father”..) so I really need to see them work to reconnect and explain some of this stuff.

    You know the scene with Kayla and Jennifer talking really got me to thinking. I mean Steve and Kayla were together for like 4-5 years before he “died” and then how long before he supposedly left? Another 5 years- or are we supposed to think that was longer? I wish I had a better understanding of that so that I could better understand where we are really supposed to be in his relationships with Kayla and with Joey. I totally get what you are saying that Kayla has loved Steve for almost 30 years so it’s a little late to replay the fact that he thinks he isn’t worthy of that. But it does ring true to history….I remember the scene between Kimberly (who was counseling Adrienne after Duke raper her) and Kayla where Kim talked about how Steve didn’t know how to love her because no one ever taught him how….the one person who did love him (his mother) chose a drunk who beats and rapes women over him. If they want to show me that that little boy is still inside Steve and let me see him work to heal I will take it but I seriously doubt they are going there.

    • Oh Shea, your comments make me wish Matthew Ashford was back too. It would be nice to have all the Johnson siblings together. And, of course, I’d love to see more of Steve and Jack’s relationship played out (last time they saw each other I don’t think Steve had his memory back). The scenes with Jack and Steve were always so emotionally charged. They understood each other in a way no one else did, even when they weren’t friends, or even getting along. I think that dynamic could be really great right now.

      I did wonder if the Jack mention was a drop of some sort. What the heck else are they going to do with Jennifer? Bring him back!!!!

      I agree that the writer for Steve and Kayla needs to improve. The focus right now has really been on moving all the pieces toward the center of the board (which is the wedding/bicentennial). I think once that story finally comes to a head we’ll see where we are really at. They’ve actually been apart more than they’ve been together since Steve has been back. I hope all this trauma getting Bo back to Salem is going to be worth it.

      • I would love for Matthew Ashford to be back, too! We still haven’t seen Steve and Adrienne connect which I think is really weird. It would be wonderful for the three siblings to be together. I also agree about the Steve and Kayla writer. Is Stephen Nichols back for the long haul or just temporarily? I forgot. What about Peter Reckell?

      • SN is definitely on contract and will be around for a while. We have no idea about Peter, and they seem to be playing it really close to the vest. I’ve heard conflicting things. Maybe Peter isn’t sure himself and wants to see how it goes. There’s definitely a big void with Jen. I didn’t see any of her romance with Daniel, so I can’t really judge, but it doesn’t seem to have been that popular. I’m holding out hope they are keeping Matt as a surprise. Fingers crossed!

    • Regarding Steve and Kayla, I was also struck by Kayla’s toast to Hope, that “most of us” feel we only fall in love once in a lifetime. I honestly think most people don’t feel that way, but it was telling for Kayla to say that.

      I really want to see Steve and Jack with Steve having his memory back. They were great even in that short time when Steve was “Nick.”

      All the casting I’ve heard lately is for new characters, not returns. I’m not one of those who says the show will surely fire all the (expensive) vets and bring in cheap newbies after the show gets renewed. But I am a little nervous.

      • It feels like the vets that they are invested in are Steve and Kayla (yay!). I wouldn’t be surprised (as I’ve said before) if Peter leaves very soon after the anniversary. They have a place to go with Hope (I’m assuming Rafe). I’m unsure about Wally and Judy. They don’t seem to know what to do about Justin and Adrienne. My only thought is that they are holding out for Vincent I., and are going to try him out with Judy to see if there is any magic there. They are also bringing in Jordi V. – maybe he could be for Jen? or is he too young? Perhaps a foil for Brady/Theresa.

        All the other vets must be on recurring, right? I hope they keep A. Martinez, though the only age-appropriate match for him seems to be Kate!

      • Ooh, the toast — I wasn’t sure if I was reading too much into it, but Kayla sounded almost wistful to me about falling in love again, and listing off all of the qualities that wonderful Aiden was supposed to have felt a little bit pointed.

        Shea, I thought it was interesting to hear Jennifer going back to that Johnson family story, too, but I’m not sure I want to see Steve’s childhood revisited again. That was one of the reasons SN’s role on Y&R didn’t work for me…at some point it’s just too late to be explaining your behavior based on your childhood, at least in a way that is sympathetic.

      • Iska, I get what you mean about not revisiting the childhood and continually using childhood wounds to justify adult actions but Steve didn’t stay around to raise Joey after missing Stephanie’s childhood. I can understand using some of his childhood scars as part of the reasoning. It is not that I want it but I can certainly accept it as part of the story.

  4. That’s what i thought about SN and PR. Since I am apparently a glutton for punishment, I did see the romance with Daniel. Meh. Remember spunky Jennifer? She wasn’t so spunky with Daniel. Boring. Yawn. That’s how I feel about Daniel anyway. So glad he is leaving. Jennifer NEEDS Jack back and so do we!

  5. I think Jennifer needs a new man – as much as I love MA, the character of Jack has died almost as many times as the Phoenix. The last time seemed pretty final. How about Eric? Sure, she is older but in the land of SORAS, what does it matter? Eric seriously needs a storyline! He is too cute for all the women in Salem to ignore him. Or Rafe? Other than the fact that he is probably twice her height…? Any other ideas?

    I have heard that the new writing team has a love for the eighties, but if so, they are not showing it as of yet. Poor Kayla is shown as a bitter, unapproachable shell of a woman, with little ability to tune into her son or to even try to give him a chance before berating him for being too much like his father. You know, the man she has loved for 30 years. I get that she is hurt, but I hate to see her almost spit on Steve every time she sees him. As a longtime Steve and Kayla fan, I hope that TPTB will give them a chance to show what made us love them way back when shoulder pads and hair were big.

    • Meh, I’d rather Jennifer’s butt stay on the backburner than deal with watching her and the umpteenth other guy. I don’t care how many times Jack has risen from the dead. I need him back if I’m ever going to like Jennifer again. She was so awful on his last return—I’ve got to see her be Miss Horton again, dangit!

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