It’s only a (Salem) day away

I was shocked Aiden said he was going to kill Hope on their wedding night – shocked, that is, that he said it was tomorrow.  How the hell is their wedding “tomorrow”? Does that mean the Salem bicentennial is tomorrow too?

Hope you like the outfits everyone is wearing. I think we’ll be seeing them for a loooong time.

Steve and Bo are just too adorable, aren’t they?


Is this what you call a rescue?

Peter and Stephen play off of each other so well. I was happy that Steve explained Hope’s point of view to Bo. After he defended Bo back in Salem, it’s a nice move to have him turn around and defend Hope too. And I loved Bo teasing him about how Kayla obviously isn’t giving him the time of day.

I am disappointed, though, in  that the letter actually was a fake, that Bo hadn’t written it. I was happy with the theory commenter Erica put forward a few weeks ago, that Bo knew he was going on the run to an uncertain future, and had deliberately written the letter in order to free Hope to move on. I think that would be a clever way to semi-justify our Salemites lack of worry about Bo, to show that it was what Bo intended. Overall, the writing is extremely slanted toward Bo, which in some ways might be unavoidable. But the show doesn’t even seem aware of how it comes off for us to watch Bo being tortured and held captive, while Hope blames him and insists he abandoned his family, all the while planning to marry a murderer.

I was a little annoyed with the writing for Kayla today too. I think her (over)reaction to Joey’s prank was believable, and it’s very human for her to lash out at Joey and then apologize. But, they keep showing Kayla in pissed-off mode, and I’d like them to dial it back a little. It seems strange for her to refer to Steve’s rescue mission as “fun” – again, the fact that she doesn’t seem concerned that her brother might be in trouble seems a major oversight by the show. I have to keep reminding myself that Steve has kept her completely in the dark about what he’s found out. But I loved how the scene ended, with Joey admitting he’s worried Steve will never come home. It’s what Kayla is worried about too.


Andre, or Thaao really, was so funny today. I enjoyed him in the scene above, when he poked Chad in the chest to see if he was faking, and then said that he needed to make sure Daddy stopped worrying about Chad … soon. Or “seeeewn,” as he said it. Is he planning to kill Chad and Stefano and take over the Dimera empire? That was the impression I got! Whatever it is, it’s clear he has his own agenda, and I love it.

So I understand that Aiden’s character, and the Haiden relationship, was thrown under a bus and run over a couple of times, but I was bothered by Daniel Cosgrove’s performance today. In his scenes with Shawn D, he seemed utterly sweet and sincere as he made the case for Shawn to give him a chance. It seems to me that a shadow should have crossed his face, a consciousness of guilt or remorse about what he is actually planning to do.

And I appreciated this comedic moment, when Hope surprised Kayla and Julie getting ready for her bachelorette party:


Susan Seaforth Hayes was hilarious letting the air out of the balloon and saying “surprise.”

But the unintentional comedy award goes to Hope, for the scene when she ran sobbing through the park because her son didn’t immediately accept her fiance. What is she, ten? Not even Ciara would act like that.

17 thoughts on “It’s only a (Salem) day away

  1. Something was off about the whole show yesterday. Don’t you think Steve should have told Bo that the drug seems to have worked for Caroline? I mean the man has been held captive and tortured for a long time he deserves to know it wasn’t in vain. I have been underwhelmed (I refuse to say the word disappointed) by the storyline of Bo’s return but I am still holding out hope that there is more to it.

    Shawn Douglas….I just can’t seem to call him Shawn…comes in all upset and two seconds later he has a 180 and he is happy for his mother? I still wanted to see him showing that he distrusts Aiden and I wanted to see Aiden showing some signs of a conscience about planning to murder the woman he “loves” but neither seemed to be there.

    So Julie has dinner with Doug, Hope, and Aiden then runs home and changes clothes before meeting Kayla for the bachelorette party but Kayla is still wearing the same dress she had on when she was blathering on about Steve’s kiss? Oh and the wedding is tomorrow? They really need to stop referencing time because it just adds to my confusion.

    And Aiden is being kidnapped at the end? Is that Rafe’s idea of a surprise bachelor party?

    • I agree that Steve should have told Bo how Caroline was doing much better with this’s allied miracle drug. They leave out things that seem to be important at the time.

      I also loved how Joey thought about family, which makes you know he has a lot of love in his heart like his dad. But like Kayla I would be in a frenzy about Joey’s attitude. It is evidently supposed to have to do with how he was brought up without strong male presence. But he does show he is saveable and so much wants to love and thinks a lot of his dad.

    • I’m thinking bachelor party. Haven’t watched today yet, so don’t tell me if I’m wrong :).

      Today’s episode was again like a time warp. The days are sooooo long, but things seem to happen very quickly. I too think we’re in for a week’s worth of one day.

      I kind of wish we could just ffwd to Daniel trying to kill Hope and botching it (or being killed himself, which is I think where this is possibly headed). I’m done with the character, and right now the association isn’t doing Hope many favors. She comes across like a nutjob. Who would go through with marrying this guy? I would have been done after I had to write him the check. I don’t think Sean D. is done with his reservations. I just think he felt bad about making his Mom so upset.

      Hopefully the bachelorette party will be fun, but I’m basically just dying for Bo (and Steve) to get back at this point.

      Two fun moments today. Andre and Chad. I don’t know how Billy Flynn kept a straight face with Thaao poking him and raising and lowering the bed. And poor Steve setting lose the poisonous gas – oops my bad!

      I did like the Joey and Kayla scene. I think THIS Kayla is our jumping off point. She is so unlike her former self, so closed off and almost humorless. This is the woman she is now, after thinking she was betrayed and lost the man she loved. We can only go up from here. I really think some romance is coming our way. Bo being rescued will be a softening point, but if the writers are smart, they will go with the long play and torture us a bit.

      This week seems like it’s going to be mostly set-up and the next two weeks pay-off, so we’ll have to grit our teeth and bear it, like the old days.

    • Shawn D’s attitude could have been written better. I agree it was a total 180. Plus we’ve gone through the same conversation multiple times with Doug and Julie, mostly Doug. It gets old.

      I think Julie’s change of outfit must have been a continuity mistake. She really cracked me up, though. SSH is so good with comic stuff.

      Steve should definitely tell Bo the serum worked! I hope we’ll get some better, more in depth conversations with Steve and Bo on their way home.

  2. If I were Kayla I would agree about how Steve really doesn’t considers his immediate family first. It’s always someone else first. But I think that was the way he always treated himself back in old days. Someone else was always more important in his eyes than himself. I would have loved for them to have Hope and Kayla go help them if the plane crashes like they had done in past stories in the 1980s.

    • I would love it too if the ladies could join the adventure. That would definitely be like old times! 🙂

      Good point that Steve often puts other people in front of his own needs, and sometimes that spills over onto Kayla as well. I really want to hear more about what Steve is thinking and what happened to make him leave to begin with. There has to be more then what we’ve heard.

  3. I wish they would give Kayla something with a different tone to play, too, but it seems like the Steve and Kayla story is almost totally hanging on her pique right now — except for those two lines between Bo and Steve yesterday. But I wish the new writers would harp less on that same beat and give her a deeper POV.

    Both Hope and Shawn seemed off in their reactions yesterday to me. I would have liked to see Shawn try to support his mother at first and his objections develop over a few shows, but I guess there wasn’t time for that. It seemed kneejerk and immature, and of course Hope’s reaction was over the top.

    I’m really enjoying Andre right now, too. I’ve never been a huge fan of Thaao’s, but somehow right now it is exactly what the show needs. Very entertaining.

    • Yes, they need to go deeper with her hurt and mistrust, and less of her just sniping at him and Joey. It was nice to see Kayla smiling and having fun at the bachelorette party today, just giving MBE a chance to do something else. And of course I loved that conversation last week when she told Hope about the kiss.

      But I’d like to see some different interactions when she’s with Steve.

      I am loving Thaao, too. I’ve always liked Tony more than Andre but Andre makes a better foil for Chad.

  4. Really, this Bo situation is almost exactly the same as the situation with Jack before he returned. Seems the deck should have been stacked in Jack’s favor, but pretty much everyone acted like he was the big jerk and Jennifer was poor and picked on and so Jack should have to play silly games to try to win her back. Somehow I doubt Bo will be treated similarly though.

    • 😦 Very sad thinking about that story.

      I don’t think Bo will be treated that way, either. They seem to be giving him and Steve the straight-up hero treatment, which is great. I’m not as happy with how Hope and Kayla have been portrayed, but I know it could be much, much worse.

  5. I LOVED seeing Steve and Bo together yesterday. I agree they have a natural chemistry and such a great DOOL history. I miss the deep friendships that used to be developed so I’m glad we have Steve and Bo again.
    On another note, the outfit thing is really getting on my nerves. Stuff like this does not usually bother me, but this does. So we are supposed to believe that Steve kissed Kayla, she has the cute conversation with Hope, yells at Joey AND has a bachelorette party forHope and then Steve kissed kayla, made it to Mexico, has a run in with the bad guys AND rescued Bo-all in the same day?? And now the weddng is tomorrow?? This is the longest day of our life ever. I feel better now so I can go watch today’s episode with Kayla in that damn red dress!

    • OK, I have a slight retraction. I watched the Steve and Kayla kiss again and she is wearing a pink dress not the red one although her hair is exactly the same. So I guess the new day started with Kayla and Hope’s conversation. Still- that’s a LONG day!!!

      • It’s definitely a long day! We seem to be pretty late in the day as of today’s episode, so we’ll see how much longer it will last.

        And I bet “tomorrow” is going to be even longer! “Day” of our lives indeed! 🙂

  6. I have been watching clips of the Steve and Kayla return to DAYS back in 2006, and I am struck by how beautifully Kayla was dressed and styled. Her clothing looked expensive and beautiful, and in keeping with her character. Now they just put her in the unbecoming dress of the day, and leave it at that. She has joined the mass of female characters who are never shown in anything BUT a dress. Then again – at least she is getting some airtime. Maybe she will someday get a place to live.

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