Tell me you understand

This will be a quick post, because I’m leaving in the morning for a business trip. I’ll be back by Saturday and catching up on Days then. I’ll miss you guys!

Today was James Read’s last day, so I have to say goodbye to my dear, sweet, hillbilly drug lord. Sniff.

It was an interesting choice to have Ben confess to Clyde before he left.


The scenes were well shot and suspenseful. Sometimes, having a scene where someone Explains It All can come off as hokey, but I liked how it all came spilling out to the one person who Ben feels is in his corner – who he is now losing. And I had thought that Clyde knew or suspected the truth, but it seemed clear from his reactions today that he didn’t. But I liked how his shock quickly morphed into a fierce desire to protect his monster of a son. Chad will go down for this. If that’s what my boy wants, that’s what my boy gets.


And then I loved the little cliffhanger of Clyde running out of time to tell Ben the truth about the incident in Florida. Clearly, this is going to turn into something, probably through Lani, and (I hope) factor into Rafe putting the pieces together about Ben.

At the same time that Ben and Clyde were reassuring themselves that Chad will be charged, Aiden was inspired by Rafe’s doubts about Chad’s guilt – and attendant suspicion that the killer is still at large – to try to “copycat” kill Hope. This is the kind of intricate plotting that I love. What will Ben’s reaction be to hearing the Necktie Killer has struck while Chad is in a coma?

I can’t stand watching Hope with Aiden and seeing how clueless she is, but I enjoyed Aiden’s scenes with Andre. And Rafe! The whole idea of Rafe being Aiden’s best man is pretty stupid, and points out how isolated Aiden’s character has been even before he was evil. But Galen Gering totally sold me on those scenes, his fake surprise and “I’m honored” reaction were such a hoot.


So was that a chem test between Rafe and Lani? I might be able to get behind it, but she seems to young for him. And Hope seems too old. Isn’t there a happy medium somewhere?



20 thoughts on “Tell me you understand

  1. The scenes with Clyde and Ben seemed incredibly rushed to me. Like they just just threw it out there to tie up a loose end or something and it lacked the proper set up. It seems like they could have done something better with Clyde’s exit unless this wasn’t truly the last we see of him? I know if I was at the police station I would have assumed that anyone could have been listening in so it just felt weird to have him confess everything in that setting.

    • It did feel weird. It was like that day two weeks ago was supposed to be Clyde’s exit, and then they thought, oh, let’s bring him back for this one last thing, and they couldn’t set it up properly. If I were Ben there is no way I would be talking about all this at the police station, period.

  2. I will miss James Read so much! Great actor and a good eeeeevil character. I liked how he showed some shock and dismay today at what Ben confessed. If you can shock and dismay Clyde…! I enjoyed their scenes, though I agree with Shea that it seemed a rather quick exit for Clyde. I hope this means they will bring James Read back at some point. Otherwise, why have Ben confess to him at all? The very ending of that scene, where they were pulling Clyde away, and he reached out to hold his son and kiss him, kind of pulled at me LOL. Perhaps these scenes were simply designed so that the audience could understand the killings from Ben’s point of view. Everything is laid out pretty clearly now (though I think we got it without this).

    I loved Andre’s scenes with Aiden. Two snakes battling it out. Andre is the python, slowly squeezing the life out of that little garden snake Aiden. I love how Aiden keeps saying “the woman I love.” Uh huh. Right. I’m actually looking forward to this part of the story. I”m interested to see when this attack occurs, and if Hope actually marries him first! He put his name on the life insurance policy today, right? Does that mean he gets the money even if he and Hope aren’t actually married?

    I can’t get behind Rafe and Lani right now. Her character is too unformed, and she seems like a schoolgirl next to Rafe. I’ll try and keep an open mind :).

    • I love your image of the snakes. Yes, Aiden is a evil but weak, and Andre is playing him like a violin. I’m curious how all this will play out. I think it’s clear they will make it to the altar, just because the whole wedding is being set up to be big drama. So maybe he tries to kill her, fails, and then marries her anyway? That’s cold.

      I do think the confession was just for us to hear it, though I agree we pretty much knew his motivations. It would be much cooler if Clyde was sticking around, working to cover up for his son and make sure Chad goes down. He would be a powerful ally for Ben.

    • I see where Ben’s confession to Clyde would have given us insight if they had never shown the flashbacks and we hadn’t seem Ben kill Will. But since we already saw that stuff I think we had a clear picture of Ben’s motivation so it seems almost unnecessary. I guess we’ll have to wait and see if Clyde does anything to protect Ben at this point but given this was supposed to be the last time we see him and he is going to prison out of state it seems like a stretch. He was in custody when Will was murdered so it’s not like Clyde could confess to being the necktie killer to try to protect Ben and it really be believable, right?

      I guess we have to wait to see how it plays out to see if any of this had any relevance…maybe Clyde was able to slip Ben a note explaining more stuff? I don’t know….right now it feels weird and redundant. They could have used some of that time to show me some of the crap they keep skipping over.

      Rafe and Lani had just a tiny little spark the first time they were on screen together when she first came to the police station. But I didn’t see it yesterday. Were we supposed to think that Hope was a tiny bit jealous when she asked Rafe about it or are they going to have Hope playing matchmaker…kinda like what she did with Rafe and Aiden?

  3. I didn’t clearly hear what Ben asked Clyde before they were pulled apart and I don’t fully understand how Clyde’s crimes in Florida tie to Ben. Can someone fill me in?

    • Florida – Ben worked at a restaurant where there was illegal gambling. He was questioned by the FBI about it, but said he wasn’t involved. According to soap central, Clyde arranged to have one of the FBI witnesses killed. (Could that be the murder they are talking about?)
      More recently, Ben was asked to go in for more questions in Florida, and that’s when Aiden resigned as the Weston’s lawyer.
      Eve and Paige apparently recognized Ben from Florida, and of course Lani is from Florida too. So they have plenty of material to work with if they want to give Ben a shady past.

      • Thanks for the explainer. I actually watch pretty closely, but I was confused yesterday when Ben was so adamant about knowing the whole story. I couldn’t remember a previous conversation with the two of them about Florida and I also wasn’t clear on how much Ben knows or doesn’t know about how bad his dad is.

        I know that it’s a bit of a retcon to give Ben a criminal past, but as a Chabby fan, I like that it’s tied to when Abby started to question her feelings for Ben (after he lied to her about the gambling.)

    • Andrea, someone else may know more than I do but I will try to explain what I know. I don’t think you missed anything really in that dialogue. At the beginning Ben asked Clyde if he had someone kill that guy in Florida so he that he couldn’t say anything about Ben? Clyde said he would tell him if Ben was honest with him and of course Ben told him everything. Then when it was Clyde’s turn all he said was “I found out…” and that is when the cops came in and told them their time was up. All I know about Florida is that Ben worked at a bar that was a front for a gambling ring and Clyde did have a witness killed so that the investigation into that stopped. We know that Aiden is a compulsive gambler who had a lot of gambling debt and he found out information about Clyde that included his involvement in the murder of that witness and when the police had picked Clyde up after JJ’s sting operation, Aiden told the police what they needed to send Clyde to Florida to face charges. We don’t know if Aiden’s gambling is in anyway related to Clyde or Ben. We also know that Eve and Paige had lived in Florida and they recognized Ben as a waiter from their favorite restaurant down there. I think that is really all we know. Since we have had a writing change I am not sure what is and isn’t relevant or whether this is the last we hear of any of this. All I know is Clyde definitely intended to tell Ben something before Ben made that huge confession and he ran out of time. Right now it’s a puzzle but I am not sure if the pieces we have fit the same puzzle or not since the writer’s changed.

      • Thanks, Shea! I missed the beginning of the conversation when Ben asked about whether Clyde killed the guy or not. And I hadn’t even considered the Aiden gambling piece.

  4. Sad to see Clyde go! He was interesting and so good a being the menacing bad guy playing nice.

    I actually liked the scenes between Ben and Clyde yesterday. Ben is so much more interesting now! Ha ha before he turned into a serial killer I was always so bored watching him be a Ken Doll. And yes I agree with everyone else that having him confess to Clyde was more for the audience to see his point of view, which we already knew. But it really did show how his thinking worked. At some point I assume he will turn the tables and get angry with Abby if she decides to leave him. I felt a hint of that, but maybe I am just looking to predict the future. (at one point I didn’t think Ben was the killer and the show was setting us up one way to surprise us another way then the next day he killed Will, so what the heck do I know! LOL)

    I am loving Rafe lately, as a new/old viewer I never knew this character, but watching him try and figure out the murder and still doubt Chad’s guilt is interesting. I too wonder if somehow he catches onto Aiden?? Time will tell. He comes across as smart and sweet, and a bit sarcastic which I like! Yes I thought they were chem testing Lani and him. We haven’t seen her enough for me to make an opinion, but her acting chops seem a bit week. .

    Would still love to hear Abby’s point of view on how she “loves” Ben, it is really a miss in my opinion to show her still wholeheartedly stating to Ben how she loves him when you know she is torn.

    And where is poor Bo? It is over a week since he escaped and we haven’t seen him?

    • I have been wanting an update on Bo too. I would assume he was recaptured or he probably would have contacted Victor to come get him. He is injured, he has no money or resources so he would have had to contact someone with enough connections and resources to help him get out of there and I assume that would be Victor (or maybe Steve).

  5. I love reading all of your comments! This is random, but did anyone notice when Hope was talking to Aiden in his office she was not wearing the tacky engagement ring? It was back on though when she was talking to Rafe supposedly a few minutes later. Seems like someine would have made sure she was wearing the ring when she was talking to her fiancé!

    • Cathie, I am not that observant. Maybe I should go back and look.

      Oh they are supposed to be playing a little game and the daytime Emmy award is supposed to be hidden in the sets somewhere each day. I think it started last Friday and goes through this week….I keep forgetting to look for that.

      • I’m normally not that observant either, but that ring is so big! Just thought it was hilarious. Maybe it’s a subtle clue to Hope to just say NO!

    • Cathie – I completely noticed she didn’t have her ring on in the office and then later had it on! OK so I watched today’s episode – yay! a Bo sighting of course he is half conscious and taken in in a shack by someone that doesn’t have a phone. Only on a soap! It was nice to see Nicole and Daniel dance, not because it was Nicole and Daniel but because they used a great pop song. Remember how good Days used to be with either popular songs or a special song for a couple? I haven’t noticed that since I started watching again. Steve and Kayla Lady in Red comes to mind they used that dance for them so many times! And Jack and Jenn used to dance all the time!

      I really liked when each couple had a background song they would play, kind of got you in the mood and all mushy for the romance 🙂

      and I guess Aiden’s son has SORAS? I assume Hope’s daughter will also?

  6. I was actually surprised to hear a modern pop song too! I never thought they’d have it in the budget again to do that.

    Bo! I almost think that that woman must be a ruse. We saw Steve get wacked in the head today, so I think whoever held Bo captive now has Steve. I think the woman is in on it. Steve and Bo have to meet up soon!

    I liked Kayla and Hope’s scenes today with Kayla blathering on about Steve kissing her, shaking up her life, etc., and Hope basically looking at her going “un hun.” Who knows better than Hope how much Steve and Kayla loved each other! Cannot wait for Steve and Bo to get back to Salem and shake things up. I hope it doesn’t take a month!

    I liked Aiden’s scenes too, with him imagining what he’s going to do to Hope, and how he’ll get away with it. You KNOW it’s not going to go down like that LOL. Hope is many things, but a fragile female she is not. I don’t see her lying on the bed in her wedding dress allowing someone to sneak up on her.

    NuChase showed up early didn’t he? I didn’t think the new kids were coming until the end of the month? NuCiara must be close behind!

  7. Denise, you’re not alone. I thought the scenes with Ben and Clyde were downright sweet. I know that’s wrong, and yet.

    Aiden killing Hope seems a major stretch.

    Lani and Rafe? Meh. She is too young also. Blah to that. I hope that’s not going somewhere. Maybe the secret to me liking Rafe so darn much is him not being in a lame romance.

  8. I loved yesterday’s scene with Kayla blathering on to Hope who seems pretty amused that one kiss from Steve could send Kayla into this kind into this kind of a tizzy.

    The dance at the end was just bizarre.

  9. I thought it was weird how tearful Nicole was. Aren’t they supposed to be the lame couple we’re NOT rooting for? Why waste the music budget on them?

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