Saying goodbye

I’ve never really been a fan of funerals on soaps.


Every screenshot I grabbed, Roman had this expression. It was bizarre!

They are necessary and shouldn’t be skipped, but it’s usually a bit of a rehash of the grief we’ve already seen. I felt a little bit like a curmudgeon with a heart of stone, but I didn’t really cry much today.  I thought some of the speeches were sad, but the only one that made me cry was Sonny’s, because it is still killing me how much he is blaming himself for leaving. When he said “Don’t go to bed angry … look at me, you’ll know why” — I lost it.

The other moment that got me was when Sami said that too many people here know what it’s like to lose a child, and the camera went to Marlena, Hope, and Abe.

I must say, that was a strange picture to choose of Will.

I saw lots of complaints on Twitter today about who wasn’t there. Justin and Adrienne, Brady and Theresa, Maggie and Victor, Doug and Julie, plus mentions of Carrie and Austin and so on. Honestly, this doesn’t bother me. I actually was impressed at how many of the cast actually were there, most of them to say only a line or two. But, it was strange to me that Joey was at the funeral and Steve and Kayla weren’t, when they were actually in the episode. But this is the kind of thing where you just have to roll with it.

I loved the moment with Ben, when Abby asked him to get up and say a few words and he said he couldn’t, and flashed back to murdering Will. It was just a touch of drama in the middle of all the sadness.

I loved Andre today.


He had the line of the day, when he said he was insane, and Marlena said he was evil: “I’m much better now.”

Some of the dialogue at the pub was clunky, trying to explain Andre’s changing backstories. But even some of that was fun, like when he said they didn’t have time to enumerate all of this crimes, so a blanket apology would have to do. And the way Jen shushed JJ – “I’ll explain later” – when he asked her if Andre was the one who made her think Jack was dead. At any rate, I’m looking forward to seeing Andre interacting with everyone, instead of just hiding out at the mansion. Can’t wait to see what he’s up to.

Now, Steve and Kayla. I get that Kayla hasn’t exactly given him too many openings, but it struck me as a bit callous today how he 1) ignored her instructions about Caroline, 2) told Joey, but not Kayla, what he found in Cancun, and 3) was planning on leaving without saying goodbye. I appreciate Joey sticking up for his mom and convincing his dad to do the right thing (James Lastovic did great being the voice of reason), but not at the expense of seeing Steve look uncaring.

But, I am going to fanwank a little and say that he’s put all his eggs in one basket — he is going to bring Bo home and that will make everything right with Kayla. All of his energies are directed that way, on the grand gesture, and he feels it would be pointless to try too hard to get through to her before he’s proved himself that way. To Steve, actions always did speak louder than words.

Then, since Joey did convince him he shouldn’t leave without saying goodbye …


I thought this was really well done. I loved the dialogue, he’s saying goodbye but he doesn’t mean goodbye. What does he mean? This.

And Kayla kissed him back. That should tell him right there that he should try harder to break down the walls she’s put up. In the short term it might actually make her angrier, that he can still get to her this way. And I can understand that, and I agree he has a lot to make up for, and they have a lot of issues to work through.

But I have to admit, my shipper heart went pitter pat.



19 thoughts on “Saying goodbye

  1. Loved the delicate acting of Mary Beth and Stephen-Kayla kissed Steve but pushed away when he touched her arm. Layers upon layers there.
    I know we can’t have the whole cast at each funeral (and there have been several) so I will forgive the show but I really wanted to see the extended family at the funeral today. It jarred. BUT-I guess I need to remember it is just a TV show!

    • I almost expected Kayla to slap Steve after the kiss even though she kissed him back. Maybe that’s how she greets him when he returns with Bo. First the slap, then another kiss…lol.

  2. Funerals and weddings! There are always complaints, but I have to crack up that people take it SO seriously. On one board people were even complaining about where folks were sitting!

    Loved the kiss! But I agree that Steve is putting all his eggs in one basket. I’m not sure even rescuing Bo is going to cause Kayla to run to him with open arms. You know something is going to backfire on him. Steve and his good intentions! I think bringing Bo back (grand gesture!) will have to allow Kayla to soften a little. She’s going to owe Steve and Caroline a mea culpa! How funny was Caroline today “what are you doing about it?” Love Peggy. I actually liked that Steve was honest with Joey, but reverted to type when dealing with Kayla. It gave JL a nice little scene with his Dad, and highlighted that he knows his mom pretty well. It also allowed Steve to make him a promise that he could keep.

    I think we’ve maxed out on grief and funerals. The performances have been really really good, but I think they may have hit the audience threshold here. I think it’s time for a break from deaths for a bit.

    Andre was the hit of the day though (and again people will complain that it takes focus away from the grief – but what can you do?). Thaao is so much fun, and has a great deal of panache. This was the perfect opportunity to “out” himself. So true to character that he couldn’t resist!

    • Oh! One other quick thing: How did Tony Dimera die? Today when Marlena (hopefully) asked, “Tony?” I was thinking a cool twist would be if this WAS actually Tony pretending to be Andre for some reason (I loved Tony and Anna).

    • I actually get the complaints about the seating arrangements. But of course the way they did it made it all about Sami….she is front and center with Lucas and flocked by her mother (and John) and her brother Eric. This is Will’s funeral and HIS family should have been front and center. His husband and his daughter should have been on the front row flocked by Sami and Lucas. To people who already feel like there is anti-gay agenda it seems like a devaluing of a gay marriage that the husband was not treated as the primary focus. Perhaps the thinking is that they were separated at the time of his death but it seems like Sonny is less important by putting him on the second row.

      Is that Roman or Carl from Slingblade sitting there next to Kate?

      And Justin and Adrienne should have been there. There is no excuse for that…hell Justin was at Paige’s funeral just to comfort Eve and he wasn’t at Will’s funeral to comfort his own son who just lost his husband? Maybe it’s supposed to be too awkward for Lucas for them to be there so they were staying away?

      I can understand Kayla staying at the hospital with her mother and Steve’s never really been a funeral type of guy. I really enjoyed the Steve and Joey scenes. It’s nice to see Joey being the voice of reason and Steve listening. You are all right about Steve and the grand gestures. I think even after all of these years Steve still has some of his old insecurities and he doesn’t think he deserves to get his family back unless he pulls this off. Steve has always had great instincts but very twisted logic.

      • Carl from Slingblade made me spit my water :).
        I forgot to mention Justin and Adrienne being absent – you’re right. Absolutely no excuse. Their son’s husband!

        I didn’t even put it together about Sonny being in the second row. I attribute everything to “star” power. The bigger stars up front!

      • I don’t think Steve ever knew Will – he barely even knew Sami. Joey, however, was Will’s cousin, and just because we never saw them together didn’t mean they didn’t know each other.

  3. I agree about the funeral. Justin and Adrienne’s absence felt sort of glaring to me, just because Sonny was in the spotlight so much, but most of the others were ‘meh.’ Like, yeah, Maggie should be there, but I understand that they can’t have the entire cast in the episode. It was smart how they populated the whole funeral area with familiar faces, though — it sort of allowed you to believe that you might’ve just missed Theresa or Maggie or whoever sitting in the back, the way Jennifer and JJ were.

    • That’s a good point about how they filled the area and left you with that little illusion that perhaps more people were there. I know sometimes back in the day when there would be weddings or funerals there would be some people who you saw in scenes getting ready for the event that you never really saw at the event or they would have a scene afterward that made it appear they had been there even if you didn’t see them in attendance. I guess something like that is always possible.

      • They could definitely try a LITTLE harder, but it was an improvement from when Victor and Maggie got married in the living room and literally no one showed up.

  4. I too “fanwanked” Steve telling Joey and not Kayla the way you did. Steve knows Kayla – he sees her walls are up and that she’s not listening, and he understands why. That’s why he doesn’t push hard. Because there’s nothing he feels he can say right now that will get through to her other than actions. She wants to see him do what he says he’s going to do and be true to his word.

    The part I am missing here, and I think it’s what a lot of fans are missing, are the important personal connections/moments…Steve showing concern and asking Kayla how she is doing (after Will’s death, after almost losing her mother? These are not minor events). Steve visiting with his sister Adrienne and talking about their mother’s health & Adrienne’s. We have to pretend this all has happened offscreen, and it shouldn’t be that way. All of Steve’s airtime this past month has been focused on the search for Bo. Kayla should have factored in. Adrienne too. It was weeks in between seeing him with Joey.

    But I understand that this month was about the necktie killer and stalling until November sweeps (prime example- Last monday and yesterday/this Monday: Steve was in the exact same place with Caroline and Kayla about the visions/dreams. Had the same argument again). Right now, I am starting to get frustrated by what we haven’t seen, and I know I am not the only one. I can/will “forgive” it if it’s worth the payoff in the end and if they get back on track once Bo is back in town. I am also interested to know Steve’s “reason” for leaving his family…I think a lot of my “faith” in where this story is headed will hinge on that too.

    • BTW I meant to add the kiss was HOT HOT HOT. Loved it. Not sure I like what led to it, but the kiss was hot nonetheless.

      But you know what will make me REALLLY love that kiss on another level? IF Steve and Kayla obsess over it/dream about it when they are apart. Because that’s what we want to see/know. That when Steve is away, he longs for Kayla. And that Kayla still dreams of Steve.

      • In Steve and Kayla’s relationship in the 80s, they were always a part of each other as though one could not exist without the other. Steve always thought of Kayla as his connection to life and he would die without her. It now seems like the relationship is secondary. It seems like when they are apart they don’t even think of each other. I realize they have to find their way back to each other as stories go, but they could show that they are on each other’s mind with some of those flashbacks. Steve is back and Bo seems to be his primary concern. I know it’s just a soap but I want them to get back to the magic of Steve and Kayla.

    • I think in a way they have bitten off almost more than they could chew, story-wise. The shooting schedule for all of this must have been pretty ambitious, especially with all the “big” returns and brief appearances (with more to come) that they are fitting in. I think at this point they are painting with a pretty broad stroke. My guess it that we don’t get back to the smaller, more personal stuff that we all love until after November. I think until then we’re larger than life. I’m totally enjoying the ride right now, but I’d like to see more of those smaller moments mixed in as well.

  5. Re: the S&K scenes — I felt similarly. It seems so purposeful that all of Steve’s efforts are in one channel, that you have to wonder where it’s going. With Kayla saying that Steve is acting like nothing even happened, I could see her anger softening after Steve comes back with Bo, but saying nothing has really changed about the reasons they split. The way he’s handled this search for Bo seems like he’s doubled down on some of the issues that were causing them problems. But… who knows where this is really going!

    The moment that really got to me yesterday was Kayla worried that Caroline wouldn’t remember that Will was dead, and she would have to tell her again. After some of the soapy devices in Caroline’s story, it was a good jolt of reality, and so sad.

  6. If I truly step back and look at it I would probably say the writing for Steve has been horrible. Yes, he has said he wants his family back but he isn’t doing anything about it. He’s just obsessing over Bo. It is unbelievable that they still haven’t given us a Steve and Adrienne scene. I’m trying not to harp on all of the missed beats and just keep trying to tell myself that once they get past this bicentennial celebration that we will get some of the blanks filled in but I am starting to doubt it.

    I keep thinking a lot of it is a problem with the breakdown writing but I don’t know. The show is still so much better than it was a few months ago but think how incredible it could be if there were not this many gaps in the storytelling. Sometimes it is a script issue. With Adrienne’s breast cancer gene storyline, they have said twice that Jo has breast cancer without once mentioning that this is not the first time she has had it and that seems like a rookie mistake.

    Yesterday Andre said that Stefano being his biological father explains his similarity to Tony but I swear the story is that Stefano had Andre’s face changed to look like Tony. And Tony wasn’t supposed to be Stefano’s biological son anyway….he was the son of the gardener. And I wish Andre had mentioned Benji when he was naming Stefano’s dead children.

  7. You know, in the real world, no one would take Caroline’s visions seriously. So Kayla shouldn’t have to eat crow for that later. But she has lived a lot of her life in Salem, so maybe she should. Because obviously they are real in Salem.

    I thought it was weird that Caroline was all worked up about the Bo visions but didn’t say anything about Will in subsequent scenes after learning of Will’s demise.

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