Let it out

Oh, you know what my lead is going to be today!


I’m glad that Nicole offered her sympathy as soon as she saw Eric, and apologized for bringing up business. These beats were missed in the aftermath of Serena and Paige’s death, especially with Eric regarding Serena. I wish Eric had been more disappointed to not get the job. I was hoping that he would want to fight for it, prove he was better than Mr. Giovanni. But, obviously Eric is going to work at Basic Black at some point, so I’ll just have to see how it unfolds.

Earlier, I loved what Marlena said to Eric about seeing the good in people, that that is something they have in common. I’ll be glad if they go back to that aspect of Eric’s character – the goodness and niceness that could border on naivete, that was a such a great contrast to Nicole’s brash worldliness.

Other than that, though admittedly it would be tough to top Monday and Tuesday, today was definitely a weaker episode overall.


I enjoyed Theresa and Anne. Some comic relief was very welcome! I loved Anne’s snarky non-sympathy over Will, and her advice was actually quite good – stay on the field, take your hits and look for your chance. I think Theresa scheming for something other than a man is perfect, a perfect transition for the character – but I love that she’s so out of her depth at present that she doesn’t exactly know what to do, scheming-wise. I think that is very believable, and endearing. I like Nicole as the semi-neutral bystander, teaming up with Kate for now. But, I see alliances shifting and changing as we go forward — Nicole and Theresa against Kate is what I’d like to see.

Daniel and Nicole – huh. Not sure what to make of his proposal to get married “tomorrow” (which, given the timeline this show, won’t happen until the middle of December). Nicole didn’t look too thrilled at the idea, but that’s probably me grasping at straws. I could actually see this happening, though of course I hope it doesn’t. With two “wrong guy” weddings coming up (if Abby and Ben make it that far, which I hope they won’t!), I can’t see them squeezing in a big wedding for Dan and Nicole too. But, I could see a quick elopement before all the drama starts up surrounding the other two. I hope that Nicole puts it off because she’s so busy with Basic Black. I’m still hoping that we get some indication that Nicole has feelings for Eric before Daniel leaves.

Now Sami, who was obviously the focus of this episode.


I love seeing her with Eric – I enjoy them together, the twins who are such opposites. But, I didn’t really enjoy the writing in the opening scenes at the townhouse. It felt simplistic. “Let it out, honey, and you’ll be fine.” Though it was a funny line when Sami said “Are all three of you going to keep staring at me until I start crying?”


Because yes, that looks like exactly what they are doing.

Then, I usually am willing to suspend all kinds of disbelief for this show, but it really bothered me that Sami was so thoughtlessly destroying the crime scene. I did love the flashbacks, especially of teenage Sami (again, whoever is choosing the flashbacks, kudos!), and the moment when she touched the floor made me tear up a bit. But the rest of the scene had me shouting at my TV, don’t touch that! No, don’t touch that, either! Stop! What are you doing, woman?

The anvils have been dropping about Sami trying to kill Chad, so I was expecting it. Great cliffhanger, but the guard outside Chad’s door should be fired. 🙂



12 thoughts on “Let it out

  1. First a little nitpicking: whoever is dressing Eric needs to be fired. What in holy heck was up with that throwback 80’s Members Only number he was wearing? It actually distracted me from the scene it was so awful.

    I think this was destined to feel like a let-down episode after the greatness of Monday and Tuesday. I agree that the initial scenes with Marlena, Brady, Eric and Sami felt weird, like they were bullying her into crying. Leave the woman alone! I know that we’re supposed to be concerned that Sami will blow, but OF COURSE she’s going to. It felt like a scene I didn’t really need to see. I think I would have rather seen a one-on-one with Eric, who is arguably the closest person in the world to her, being her twin. Give Greg Vaughn some more scenes dammit!

    I thought the highlight of the episode (believe it or not) was Kate and Lucas (two characters I don’t like). I thought they both did a good job with their scenes, and Lucas was breaking my cold little heart. I almost teared up. And also Anne, who is consistently, hilariously inappropriate.

    LOL about Sami destroying the crime scene. I thought the same thing. But I thought Ali did a decent job there. I KNEW she was going to head for Chad as soon as she pulled up his photo on the tablet. I’m sure someone will stop her. Shea, I fear this is where Sami may start chewing scenery – you might want to cover your eyes.

    I actually liked that Eric wasn’t disappointed in not getting the Basic Black job. It felt really true to his character. After Will’s death he would want to be there for Sami and his family, and a job doesn’t seem that important. He’s so going to be working there though. Giovanni whatever is going to fall off a cliff, or turn out to be a drunken pervert or something, and that’s a fact!

    • Thanks for the warning! LOL

      It’s funny, I barely noticed Eric’s jacket but Nicole hair was horrible. I swear it seems like her hair is ALWAYS in that weird growing out stage…how is that possible? I seriously think Days needs some new hairstylists. Nicole and Abby always have terrible hair and lately Kayla’s is looking like she needs a good cut and style. Gabi had better hair when she got released from prison than half the women of Salem has had since I started watching again.

      I was bored during yesterday’s show but a good chunk of it felt like something I needed to see so I resisted the urge to FF. It’s funny but even when Sami is supposed to be numb and in shock it felt like AS overplayed it and it didn’t quite work for me. The scene in Will’s apartment was really hard for me not to FF through. That was a nice little flashback to teenage Sami talking to baby Will but it also reminded me how repulsive it was that she used that baby and pretty much raped Austin and all of that crap….UGH I really just can’t stand Sami.

      Kate and Lucas weren’t bad but it annoyed me that Kate just flips the switch and becomes all business a split second later.

      I do have a question though…what is Sami and Eric’s relationship really like? I know they are twins but I haven’t really seen them together on screen since Jenson Ackles was on so I really don’t know.

      • Nicole’s hair IS always horrible! I don’t get it. It’s been awkwardly growing out for like six months. Give the woman a weave and get on with it!

    • LOL on the jacket, Denise. That was a not a good look. But the all black outfit underneath was just fine.

      I agree about Nicole’s hair. It’s been looking better in the BTS scenes pics I’ve seen lately, so in five months or so it should be better. LOL.

      Regarding Eric and Sami’s relationship, I admit I haven’t seen a ton of it, just what was in the Ericole clips I watched (now gone from YouTube, sob!). They seemed to play up the contrast between them, of him being the quiet, stable one who she could always count on when she was going nuts about something, which was frequently.

      I actually liked that Kate had to work, and was able to be all business. Life does go on. Some people find they prefer to work when tragedies happen – it keeps their mind off of it. And I could see Kate being one of those people.

  2. Shea and MP

    I completely noticed Eric’s coat and Nicole’s’ hair and as much as I like Abby I want her to do something with her hair and wear a nice outfit! One of the things I thought was funny was when Brady said to Teresa he had to be with his family and her comment back was – they are my family too! I keep having to think of the family tree to remember who is cousins, aunts etc of everyone! I guess Marlena and John raised Brady so he considers Sami and Eric his brother and sister? That makes sense.

    One question what did Kate do to Lucas to cause a rift between them?

    • Yes! I wondered about the Kate/Lucas rift too. I have no idea. Someone enlighten us.

      You know it was kind of a boring day when we’re all talking about hair and clothing, LOL. I’m in agreement about the hairstyles on the women. Kayla and Jen’s hair lately has been this horrible half-curly thing I don’t like. I guess I just like a sleeker look, and everyone’s hair seems messy and all over the place. I really like to see the actors eyes, so maybe that’s what bugs me. Greg Vaughn is so totally hot, and they dress him in these horrible old guy outfits. I agree the all black was nice, but it reminded me too much of a priest’s outfit! Maybe he needs to join the brotherhood of the leather jacket.

      I always get a little confused with the relationships lately. I had to think about HOW Theresa was related to Will, and then how Brady was related to everyone without being actually related to Theresa. I sometimes forget that John is not Roman anymore. I also forget how Lucas is a Horton – was Mickey his Dad? or was it Jen’s father?

    • Theresa’s line was funny. Brady and Theresa do share a lot of relatives, and sometimes it’s fun when the show pokes fun at itself.

      I’ve been liking Jen’s hair lately, I think she looks good with that curly, disheveled look. But I don’t really like it on Kayla or Adrienne. And it’s certainly not necessary for so many of the women to have the same hairstyle.

      • That’s it! Everyone seems like they have the SAME hairstyle. That half curly do :). I want more of a commitment! Curly or not curly!

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