Jesus. After that hour of television, this is what I feel like:


It was intense, with so many incredible moments. Mostly drama and intrigue, but with one great emotional scene, when Sami and Lucas stood by Will’s body. Sami talked about how much they screwed up as parents (all true), while Lucas pointed out the good times, and the fact that Will grew up into a good man (also true). It felt so real, and so true to the characters and their history.

It was a very visual episode.

Here are Hope and Rafe exchanging skeptical looks regarding Ben’s scenario of what happened between Chad and him. Please, please let them follow up!


Aiden, contemplating the unthinkable:


I kind of loved this twist. I know it turns Aiden back into Teh Big Bad Evil again, which I have been complaining is simplistic. But this somehow fits with the weaselly, weak villainy that I think Daniel Cosgrove plays really well. Aiden is contemplating murder, but because it seems expedient, the fastest way out of a jam. But maybe he’ll change his mind and go for evidence tampering instead. Also expedience! When I don’t have to watch Hope taken in by his pathetic lies, I do enjoy Aiden quite a bit.

Finally, I loved the way the episode ended, with no words, just these three shots:


Ben, contemplating the success of his plan.


Abby, pondering Chad’s possible guilt.


And Sami, the wild card.


21 thoughts on “Pulp

  1. Wow. Great episode today. The fight scene was terrific. Kudos to the actors (and stunt doubles if they used them). Good choreography. Brutal. Especially with Ben slamming Chad’s head against the bed. Ben is turning out to be a lot smarter than we thought. The fact that the ties are tied (hee) to a Dimera account is something I didn’t see coming. It also points to a great deal of premeditation. Unless the ties were for Andre (LOL – polyester, I think NOT).

    I think Daniel goes with the quick out. He’s not one to take the long, hard road. Maybe he tries to steal the evidence and fails. At least he’s showing some angst about the decision. If Hope does get attacked while Chad is in a coma, what does that do to the police’s case? Or, does inept Daniel get caught and everyone assumes he is the SK? Doesn’t make a lot of sense, but he has been proven a liar, and his first wife died under suspicious circumstances. Hope only has Aiden’s word that it was Chase that killed his wife – and she has reason to doubt him now.

    Rafe is definitely not sold on Ben’s version of events, and I think he will continue to investigate. Ben could get sloppy now that he thinks he’s “proven” Chad’s guilt. I want to see Rafe solve the case. Can’t believe how well GG has stepped up under better writing. I’m really rooting for Rafe (who now comes across as the voice of reason).

    Kudos to the writers for how they are handling Sami’s return (so far). We know it’s the calm before the storm, and that last shot of her was chilling. I liked that she (and Lucas) couldn’t believe that Chad would hurt Will. Why? That’s the question the police should be asking themselves. There is a motive (flimsy, but there) for Chad killing Serena, less of a motive for Paige (flimsy, but there), but there really is NO motive for him to kill Will. That could be the wild card in the investigation. Will’s murder is also plaguing Ben.

    Once again, it’s only Wednesday and I have been on the edge of my seat for two days. I can only hope that Ben’s injuries will keep him from sexing up Abby. It’s starting to get really gross – but maybe that’s the point. How sick is Abby going to be when she realizes she’s been sleeping with this guy (over and over and over) while all along he’s been murdering people.

    • I forgot to mention the red ties being ordered through a Dimera account. That definitely shows premeditation, that he had everything lined up just waiting for a victim.

      It makes me laugh to think Ben is capable of hacking into a presumably very well protected Dimera account, though. Maybe Ben guessed Stefano’s Amazon username, “DaPhoenixxx,” with password “BradysDrool”?

      Yeah, let’s do without the Ben/Abby sex scenes please. He was grossing me out yesterday when he kept kissing her with his mouth all bloody. Ew!

      I am getting into Rafe, too. He is really great in this role. We’ll see if I enjoy him in a romance – never thought much of any of his pairings on the show. I love his friendship with Hope but I don’t want them as a couple.

      • I know Ben worked at Club TBD back when Chad first came back. Maybe that is how he had access to a Dimera account? At my job I have access to my boss’ credit card to order supplies.

  2. That was a brutal fight! Chad needed to think it through before he confronted Ben all alone. I was also glad to see Hope and Rafe show some doubt about Ben’s version of events. I would think Chad’s injuries alone would be enough to discredit Ben. Especially the skull fracture- it should be clear that it was caused by blunt force trauma i.e. hitting someone’s head against a wooden bed frame! If I were Rafe I would be asking Ben why he didn’t call the police when Chad showed up- Ben could make a case he had to subdue him, but Chad’s injuries are far beyond that! It was a great episode and as much as I am not a Sami fan her scenes with Lucas yesterday were great.

    • Yes, I hope there is some mention of the fact that Chad’s injuries were far worse than Ben’s. That moment when he was hitting his head against the bed frame, with those thuddy/splattery sound effects! It was horrible but very powerful. I bet Chad wishes he had hit the gym as much as Ben obviously does!

      I really, really want Rafe to keep questioning Ben’s version of events. Ben was really vague yesterday. Let’s hope Rafe keeps probing and reveals some inconsistencies.

  3. What a great episode this was! Just wanted to add that I loved when Rafe and Hope at the same time, said something about no tie being there. And then when Rafe was listening at the door when Ben was talking to Abby about Chad you can tell he’s starting to think about Ben. I wonder when he’ll put that suspicion out there for Hope and others to hear. Marlena bringing up that Chad saved her life and that everything he’s done has been the opposite of a serial killer- I didn’t know that! I thought the serial killer story was going to go on til 2016 but they seem to be getting close to figuring it out! I hope Chad isn’t in a coma for too long. How about Ben when Abby was concerned about Chad’s condition after the fight? No matter what he does-,killing people (!) he can’t stop her for caring for Chad. I wasn’t a big Lucas fan but yesterday I felt terrible for him. I was wondering if it was just me that was wondering why Sami wasn’t wailing so I liked that he asked what was wrong with her. I think she’s still in shock mode and getting through all the horrible parts of burying their son. I think she’s going to lose it at some point. It was a good choice to not have her chewing the scenery on her first day back. I’m loving the show right now!

    • I feel like that too, that they are getting close to figuring out it is Ben! Chad knows – of course he’s in a coma, and even when he wakes up probably no one will believe him. But Rafe being suspicious is huge. Given what just happened, if the killer isn’t Chad, it’s Ben. Because otherwise why would he lie?

      Maybe things will happen that throw them off track, though. Maybe when Chad wakes up he’ll have no memory of his realization. Or Rafe will think that Ben lied about Chad admitting guilt just to get him away from Abby. Or something. I have to think it will go on at least through November. We’ll see.

      I like how they are playing Sami, too, as numb, zombie-like. It makes her reaction different from everyone else, and creates a fear about what she might do when it all finally sinks in.

      • I’m wondering if Ben could be “outed” before November and go on the run, or into hiding, or even be presumed dead – maybe Clyde could play into that if he gets out of jail. Then when everyone thinks they are safe, he pops up again – I feel like they are so close right now, it’s hard to believe no one will figure it out before then. They could also throw in another red herring, like Hope being attacked. If that happens when Chad is still hospitalized, it ruins things for Ben because it takes suspicion off of Chad.

  4. If the show is this exciting right now, what’s it going to be like for November sweeps and the anniversary? I can only hope that they are able to translate some of the serial killer momentum to the other storylines. I’ll keep it spoiler-free here, but from what I’ve read, we have reason to hope. šŸ™‚

    I’ve never seen a fight like that on daytime, even the mob-heavy General Hospital. I can’t believe that Chad actually survived. Like Cathie, I wondered why Chad would confront Ben alone, but when he was desperately calling out for Abby, it made sense. I wish they had played up his worry for her a little more. He was also pretty clearly trying to avenge his friend’s death, which I also thought was a nice touch.

    • The mobsters on GH just shoot at each other and miss LOL.

      As soon as Chad said to Ben that he was going to tell Abby, I went Uh Oh. Wrong thing to say to this guy.

      I’m wondering when Ben is going to finally turn on Abby. It’s got to be coming. What is it going to take for him to show his true colors. If he somehow finds out the baby isn’t his, then all bets are off.

    • You’ve made me curious, but I won’t ask. šŸ™‚ Good to know they have big plans for November! It’s hard to know how they will top this!

      I wish they had shown Chad’s primary motivator was the protect Abby. It was there but I would have liked it to be the first thing he said. They did a great job with the Will aspect. Chad was saying “Will was your friend” to Ben, and then later Ben turned around and said the same thing when he was accusing Chad: “Will was his friend.” I’m glad Will’s death is haunting Ben. That was a great moment when he had to get up and leave the apartment, after flashing back to Will’s death.

      Denise – great point about Ben turning on Abby. That is definitely going to happen. He says he will never let her go, so if she does anything to pull away, or even expresses faith in Chad again – he will lose it.

  5. My husband walked in right after the fight when Ben was sitting there talking to Abby with that blood all over him and asked me “Good lord, what happened to that guy?” I told him that was the most intense fight I had ever seen on a soap opera with guys spitting blood and blood dripping off of them. I have seriously never seen anything close to that on a soap before. And I loved it.

    And I have been pretty neutral on Rafe up until now but I think I am getting a little crush on him now. I still am not sure about pairing him with Hope romantically but we’ll see. I love that he is figuring this case out piece by piece instead of looking at the whole picture and drawing the obvious conclusion.

    I am glad they didn’t have Sami steamrolling her way through all her scenes yet. So far she is tolerable and I am glad that she didn’t seem to just to the conclusion that Chad was definitely the killer but we will see what she does from here on.

    I am surprised that I am not at all emotional about any of this so far. I was at least teary eyed watching JJ find Paige’s body and during a few of KDP’s mourning scenes earlier but I haven’t felt anything about Will’s death. Don’t get me wrong, I am riveted by the show but I am not sad. ( Does that make me a monster? LOL)

    Now for the nitpicking…Kayla has been wearing the same dress since the October 5th episode which was right after Paige’s funeral and the day she decided to try the experimental drug on her mother. It’s still the same day? I know I need to let it go and just ride it out but it makes a big difference to me if Steve has been back from Mexico for weeks and withholding what he found out and it was really just a few hours ago. At the same time it also helps to explain why some storylines/characters seem to be shelved for a week or more at the time.

    • I just try to ignore the timeline stuff, because it makes my brain hurt. Kayla is in the same dress, but Ben and Abby went to sleep and got up again. Steve said “remember when I got back from Mexico …” like it was weeks ago, but that makes no sense with anything else.

      I like that Sami didn’t jump to believing Chad’s guilt too. She knew him well, so it was good she questioned that. But I think, based on that ominous shot at the end, that she is going to try to seek some revenge. That’s how her grief is going to come out.

      KDP could wring tears from a stone, I think. šŸ™‚ But you’re not a monster! Don’t go by my reaction, I tend to cry easily at TV shows and movies.

  6. I never cry at the sad stuff. The happy stuff gives me sappy tears though LOL.

    I actually said out loud to the TV yesterday “Kayla change your dress.” Apparently the poor woman has no home, one dress and is the only doctor in Salem. With Daniel leaving they better beef up the staff or Kayla will never leave the hospital again.

    I can’t be the same day, can it?

      • Maybe they should re-title the show The Longest Days of Our Lives LOL! I guess Kayla could have worked over-night, as many doctors do, so that’s why she was still there when Chad was brought in. It hurts my brain. Mary Beth keeps posting photos of herself on twitter wearing the same (very cute) black and white outfit, so I think we are in for more long days! I bet it gets confusing between shooting out of sequence and then re-editing things together, but it definitely feels like the Twilight Zone time-wise (or someone in Salem has a Tardis :)).

  7. Maybe Kayla wore other dresses in between, and we didn’t actually see her every day. But soap time is just its own reality, really.

    I suppose if police can use lethal force and claim it was necessary, Ben can too. I mean, Ben didn’t even shoot Chad.

    I did wonder what the heck Chad was thinking going to Ben like that, but I suppose he thought it was his only option to try to keep Abby safe. I guess Ben’s got more physical strength, but I so prefer Chad’s build to the beefcake thing. I’m just not into the beefcake, looks-like-all-this-guy-ever-does-is-go-to-the-gym look.

    Yeah, they have been being rather more graphic than I would expect. There was the fight. Also, my husband came in and watched Ben kill Will. He was rather shocked at DAYS showing Will dying that way.

    I, too, am glad Sami didn’t come in chewing scenery. Good way to play her grief and shock, in contrast to how Lucas is handling it. She will eventually explode, and it might even be good stuff, but I’m glad she didn’t come in exploding.

    • Me too Angie! I dreaded his scenes when I first tuned back in, and he was just basically mooning around after Hope. The new writers have really allowed him to shine. He’s central to the A story-line, and also has some interesting family stuff to play out. Shows you what a good story can do for a character! And of course a lot of the credit goes to GG too, who has really upped his game.

      • There’s the hint of a thing for Hope, but I think giving him some time with no love interest is really helping the character get some footing. His place in the murder story and how he’s doing his job are perfect to let the character shine on his own. I feel like I’m finally getting to know Rafe.

    • It’s actually allowing me to say OK, let’s see, about Hope and Rafe, where before I was like, No Way! I’d still prefer it if they kept their partner/friend relationship (I love the m/f friendships on Days), but now I’m willing to suspend my disbelief.

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