We can’t complain that we didn’t get see X character reacting to Will’s death.

It was good drama and everyone did well, but I don’t have a lot to say about it. Galen Gering surprised me by being one of the standout performers.

The scene of Will’s phone call to Sonny, playing in voiceover, while we watched the paramedics and the cops come into Will’s apartment, was particularly well done. I started crying then, and then kept crying the rest of the episode as each new person found out. They twisted the knife (in a good way) by having Sonny decide to come back to Salem before he found out.


Ben’s dream was another great segment, very stylishly shot, especially Chad coming in at the end and taunting Ben. Ben’s scenes with Abby are getting so creepy I hardly bear to watch them – their love scene made my skin crawl, and then Ben “comforting” Abby about Will was so horrible. Rob Wilson is actually really, amazingly good at playing psycho Ben.

And then, in what was actually the “lighter” storyline, we had Steve, Kayla, and Caroline. Caroline laying it on the line to Kayla to “take a chance” with Steve was classic, that propping moment that it’s good they made us wait for. (Kayla made some good points in rebuttal, especially her poignant line that she’s spent half her life waiting for this man.)

And we were correct that Steve would be convinced by Caroline’s dreams that Bo might still be alive. I wish they had written Kayla’s lines, in that brief scene with Steve, a little bit differently today. Instead of only focusing on Steve’s broken promise, I’d like a little more from her regarding her brother and worrying whether he is still alive.

I thought Steve was looking particularly good today:


And I love this shot of Chad, contemplating who might be framing him:


His eyes are so blue it looks like he’s shooting laser beams from them.

I love that Chad is the first to put the pieces together about Ben! Tomorrow’s showdown between the two men should be epic. Can’t wait!


13 thoughts on “Mourning

  1. I wished Steve’s return from Mexico had played out different in a number of ways. Kayla didn’t show particular concern about Bo, but I saw no guilt or awareness from Steve about keeping the secret of his “death” from her, either. I don’t understand why the Bo issue is not really playing out between them to full potential, when it is resonating in Steve’s other scenes with John, Hope, Caroline, and Victor. It was the first show that really frustrated me since Steve came back.

    I did hear this was a Danielle Paige script, the new YA script writer. Hopefully she’ll get a better grasp on these characters soon, but this was a miss for me.

    • Very good point about Steve’s secret keeping, how we’re not seeing the beats that should play out with that. It feels like they wanted Steve back to have him hear about Caroline’s dreams, but it’s not really well thought out. We’re not hearing what his plan is, to keep this from Bo’s family forever? That doesn’t make sense. I could believe that he’s still holding onto hope that he’s alive, so he refuses to break the news because of that. But we should hear him say that.

  2. I can’t remember watching such a good episode of Days. The acting was, on the whole, great, the writing hit all the right notes, and the production had a prime time feel. I don’t favor killing Will (and I’m not sure this episode changed my mind on that,) but I have to admit that the fallout from his death created some engaging drama. I thought everyone stayed so true to character–Rafe as the cop who cared about the victim, but had a job to do, Victor calling Sonny and delivering the news so straightforwardly, Gabi consumed with grief, and Lucas in disbelief. Even Kayla’s subtle reaction seemed right.

    I’m having a hard time with the dueling major storylines. This isn’t a case of A/B stories, but of A/A stories that are fighting it out on a daily basis. And it’s not just the stories, but a conflict of genre as well. We have the hard-boiled serial killer playing out against Caroline’s kooky visions of Shawn and Bo, layered with some ISA spy stuff. I’m hoping that it all starts to pull together soon.

    Even though I read spoilers, that last scene with Chad and Ben took me by surprise. Such a great ending to the episode.

    • Interesting point about two A stories battling it out. These are certainly the two stories getting all the airtime, and anything else going on is down to C or D status. I expect after November the C and D stories will start to be seen more, and maybe things will even out a bit in general.

      And I agree they seem to be different genres. Maybe one is Josh Griffith and one is Dena Higley. 🙂

  3. I won’t say it’s a complete miss but I have been disappointed that something is off in Kayla’s feelings and reactions about the Bo issue. Maybe we needed a few more scenes between Steve and Kayla so they could have hashed some of this out a bit more to give us a little more insight. I just find it hard to buy that Kayla would let the problems she and Steve have cloud her judgment so badly when it comes to her own brother….especially when her mother is having visions and is obviously worried about Bo. I just don’t understand how she can just dismiss all of this as Steve craving an adventure when so much evidence seems to point to Bo being in trouble. I am not sure how I feel about Steve and Victor not telling everyone about what Steve did find but since no one else seems to care that Bo hasn’t been seen or heard from in a couple of years I guess it doesn’t matter to them anyway. And Kayla reminding her mother that she spent half of her life waiting for Steve is really over simplifying things.

    As far as Will’s death and the aftermath, I guess the only reactions missing were grandpa Roman, Grandma Kate, and Uncle Eric and I can handle waiting for those. There is definitely something weird about Ben and Abby’s apartment. I don’t know why WIll was at their apartment at night waiting on the cable guy and why Abby and Ben have such an early bedtime….even Ari was still up and those two had been in bed for quite a while. Maybe those weird flashing lights outside their window are messing with their sleep schedule…kinda like that Seinfeld episode where Kramer had to deal with the red neon Kenny Roger’s Roasters sign shining through his window.

    • Kayla saying that she spent half her life waiting for Steve may put too much on him, since he didn’t know who he was. But given everything she’s been through for him, I do think it’s more than fair for her to question whether she has anything more to give this relationship.

      I was disappointed that the show isn’t making more out of Steve’s choice to keep the developments from everyone. Whether it’s justified or not, it could have been a great opportunity to let SN show a lot of layers with other characters. It might have made something a little more interesting out of this lagging section of the Bo story.

      • I guess we can chalk a lot of it up to more missed beats in the story telling and really weird timing and pacing. Steve went to see John and says “remember when I came back from Mexico?” when clearly everything else going on in the show seems to indicate it is still the same day! I don’t have a clear picture of how this is playing out. As soon as Steve returned and told Victor what he knew then Caroline started having her visions so if it has truly only been a few hours I guess Steve hasn’t had time to fully process keeping the news from everyone. Then you throw in Will’s death and this is really no time to be telling the Brady’s and Horton’s that he thinks Bo is dead.

  4. I noticed the lights flickering blue and red in Abby and agents apt too. Maybe it triggers something in Ben to kill or think about killing (or he’s dying to eat some KR Roasters chicken but he doesn’t want to give up those rock hard abs and it’s driving him insane) 😄 I’ve been getting creeped out by those Abby and Ben love scenes too. She’s having sex with a serial killer. 😱😱 I was surprised Chad figured it out. I can’t wait to see what happens.

    I think they’re doing a better job with Wills death than they did with Paige which was a lot better than Serena’s. I’m still not sure if it was a good idea to kill Will. They need to make sure his character is given the respect he’s due as Samis child and Marlenas grandchild. It does bother me that he was the first gay character and he was killed. I tend to doubt it was for that reason as I’ve seen on Twitter but bc of his young age and potential future story, it seems short sighted. The guy playing him did nothing for me and from what I hear, the writers made him terribly unrootable after the previous actor but couldn’t they just usher him off the screen for a while and maybe kill an older character? Like Roman maybe.

    • Lol the KR chicken – I think you’re onto something!

      I second the suggestion of Roman. 🙂 I get them looking for a character whose death would impact a lot of people, and Will certainly fits that bill. And, with Freddie gone his story was played out for the present. But it bothers me too they are killing the first major gay character. I hope they bring someone on for Paul.

      • I really don’t feel like killing Will had anything to do with the character being gay – though I certainly understand why people are angry at TPTB for doing it. Will is related to both the Brady’s and the Horton’s, he’s married to a Kiriakis, and he is the step-son of a Dimera (I believe even Stefano was a bit fond of him). His death impacts on all the major families. Unfortunately, he’s the perfect victim to bring the most angst.

        I hope that Days will continue on with Paul and further a same-sex romantic storyline.

        I think Steve and Kayla were a bit off today, but I did like Caroline telling Kayla to go for it, and Steve’s scene with Caroline. Steve (and Caroline) will of course be proven correct, and then there will have to be some crow eaten LOL. Right now, I think the writers are focusing on the distance between the characters (S&K), and how far they have to go. I’m hoping they will take a slow, romantic path. I’m sure the catalyst for the start of reconciliation will be Bo’s return, but I hope they play it out.

        Nice job by the ensemble today, and the writers and crew, bringing a lot of impact in a short amount of time.

        I liked Ben’s dreams, and Chad’s reasoning out who is to blame (hallelujah finally! – I can’t believe he hasn’t thought of Ben before – perhaps he, too, thinks the guy is too dumb to pull it off). Ben is taking right after Papa afterall. I like him so much better Evil. He is losing it though. I don’t know how much longer he’s going to be able to hide.

        I was away for the weekend, so I haven’t watched Tuesday yet. Showdown!!!! And Sami. Here we go…

  5. I would have been surprised at Chad coming in at the end, but I was reading MP’s blog and the comments as I watched. My fault. But, dang, that’s some cliffhanger! I want to watch today’s show! They’ve probably already taken it down from Youtube, so I probably have to wait for tomorrow. Boo!

    Agreed that it’s weird Kayla doesn’t seem more concerned about Bo.

    I see both sides on the killing Will question. It seems like the serial killers generally kill off mainly throwaway characters (red shirts, Star Trek fans), but they try to throw in at least one or two deaths that hit a bit harder too. Well, at least it’s not Jack this time. Viewers wouldn’t miss fauxRoman, but there would be good fallout. However, Will, even with a less popular actor, is gonna hit the viewers harder. Dang, if I didn’t shed a tear watching this episode.

    Okay, clearly Abby won’t be choosing Chad without some shadow already falling on Ben. Poo! However, if she’s faced with “one of these guys is a killer; who is it?” and she believes Chad cannot be the killer, I guess that’s her choosing him. But what will be the angst for them after Ben is out?

    • I foresee plenty of angst still to come! Even after this is resolved, which I don’t think will be soon, we still have the baby — let’s not forget the paternity question still has to be resolved.

      I agree they had to kill at least one major character and not just the red shirts (hee), and I see why they chose Will. They are playing the angst for all its worth, so that’s good to see.

      Today’s episode was awesome. I was on the edge of my seat.

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