RIP Will

Those Ben/Will scenes were intense, weren’t they? Maybe a little too intense in spots, for daytime. But I’m coming down on the side of this being a good move. It’s a copout to have a serial killer story and only kill off characters people don’t care about. This raises the stakes, for everyone.

The best part, for me, was the conversation Ben and Will had, where we got to hear some of Ben’s twisted thought processes. I especially loved his reaction to Will saying Chad might not be guilty. Contemptuously – “you and Abby.” And then asking what it was going to take to make people believe in Chad’s guilt. Another bod

But it was all really well done, really horrifying. A moments stand out — the refrigerator door flying open. The overhead shot of Will’s body and Ben laying next to him, exhausted from strangling him. Ben’s phone constantly buzzing. Ben picking up the picture of Sonny and Will.


And I had to turn away when Ben come back from moving the body, and started kissing Abby. Shudder.

Clyde’s arrest, and JJ’s role in it, has apparently unhinged Ben a little further. I am liking all the references to Clyde’s abusive past, because it suggests a troubled childhood for Ben. I hope they don’t try to make that too pat and easy, and so far they haven’t. The fact that he made up with his abuser and is now his biggest defender is interesting psychologically, to say the least.

In lighter news, it looks like JJ and Gabi — JJabi! — is definitely a possibility. I really liked how JJ confided in her about Paige today. Now, when Gabi finally finds out about Eddy, it will affect her relationship with three people. Eddy, of course. Rafe, because she’ll be mad he kept it from her. And now JJ. She’ll find out she had a sister she never knew, and she might turn to JJ to find out what she was like. And I think it will complicate any attraction between them.


Does she like him? Or has she just been in an all-women’s prison for two years?

With Justin and Adrienne, I am getting whiplash. Let’s recap. She tells him she wants to give their marriage “one more chance.” He agrees. They go on one date, which doesn’t go so well. They go on another date, where she asks him if he ever just wants his freedom. He says, sometimes. She says, that’s it then. Huh? I would attribute this to awkward transitioning from the old writing team to the new, but in fact this was all written by Higriff. I don’t get it.

I’m glad, though. All summer I watched them trading barbs and not trusting each other, and it looked like they were setting up more of the same. I am ready for them to be apart for awhile, even permanently (love both characters, was never into them as a couple). Oh, and there was a great, casual reference to history in their conversation yesterday, when Adrienne said they met when he found her crying on a park bench and she was looking for somewhere to be safe. And then I loved her line when she said she didn’t need that anymore — telling him she is stronger now.


10 thoughts on “RIP Will

  1. The Justin/Adrienne thing is really weird. The only thing I can figure is that the writers decided that maybe they were more interesting apart than together. I think the plan was to reunited them, but the I think they saw something in the Justin/Eve friendship and maybe felt that the Lucas/Adrienne relationship was worth exploring a little more. So the story kind of changed midstream. It makes for a awkward transition.

    There is also the possibility that Adrienne is doing this because she’s afraid of the breast cancer issue and doesn’t want to tie Justin to her. We may see her pushing Lucas away too in that case. I’m curious to see where they decide to go with it all.

    The Ben/Will scenes were very intense. RSW is really running with this material and doing a great job. There is a lot of … controversy about killing off Will, but I do believe there was not another character that could have this same impact both on Salem and the audience. Through blood or marriage he’s tied to four major families (Horton, Brady, Kiriakis, and Johnson) and Chad’s existence as the main suspect obviously brings in the Dimeras. And since he did grow up onscreen and have a major storyline, he’s very connected to the audience. Also, it shows that nobody is safe in Salem because he had friendship ties with Ben.

    The key, of course, is the fallout. If they don’t play the beats out, then it loses the emotional impact it should have. But if they do, then I think this could really be the springboard for this story.

    • I agree his death should have a major impact, and I think it will. We know Sami and Sonny will be back so I predict a huge funeral and lots of fallout. It should be good soap.

      That occurred to me as well, that Adrienne was preemptively pushing him away so he didn’t feel obligated to stay if she gets sick. That would have made more sense to me if she had done that after finding out she’s a carrier of the gene. Oh well.

  2. I don’t really have mixed feelings about them killing Will because between the writing and Guy Wilson’s portrayal, he has become a horrible character and one that I don’t want on my screen. I don’t have any kind of attachment to Will…but I did like the geeky, curly haired teen version. I did watch a few episodes around the time of his coming out and I saw him crushing on EJ and EJ enjoying it and using it to manipulate Will a bit and I really didn’t like that. I do understand a lot people have strong feelings against killing him off, I am just not one of them.

    It was intense to actually watch the murder scene. I kinda liked it because I am enjoying knowing who the killer is and getting glimpses into him thoughts. However, I was screaming for Will to scratch Ben’s face just to see if the inept Salem PD could find Ben’s skin under Will’s nails or not. So now that Will is dead I have to say I am dreading the next couple of weeks of Sami. The show has just started to feel somewhat balanced to me and I don’t want that scene hog around.

    I hope we see just as much of Lucas’ reaction as we do Sami’s. Lucas has always been a bland character to me but I think he balanced Sami out a bit when they were together. (I tend to even forget Lucas is a Horton.) It’s weird when characters get pushed to the fringes and don’t interact with other people. Lucas has basically had scenes with Adrienne, Justin and Will in the time since I started watching. I guess by having Justin and Adrienne call off the reconciliation they open the door for her to be there for him in the aftermath of Will’s death. I haven’t like Justin lately and I guess Adrienne hasn’t either. I find myself feeling like this breast cancer storyline is rushed and unnecessary at this time. With so many dark storylines going on, couldn’t this one have waited?

    I think I like the JJ and Gabi chemistry but I refuse to call them JJabi….in fact I would like to declare this whole combined names thing OVER…LOL. But I hope they take it slow. I am not sure I have seen a lot from JJ that makes me think he is ready to move on, especially not with a young single mother.

    • I used to hate the combined name thing but then I decided to embrace it. 🙂 Some sound better than others. I don’t like the names Chabby or Bope but I use them. Lumi is pretty. Ericole rolls off the tongue nicely. Jjaige looks and sounds awful but I like JJabi. It sounds jaunty and fun. But “Stayla”? Ugh, never!

      The geeky teen with the fro was the Will I was most familiar with. I liked him and liked that they couldn’t SORAS him too much because his parents were young. But I really liked Chandler Massey too, what I saw of him. This Will is just not good.

      I always always forget about Lucas being a Horton too. But I think of Will as a Horton, no problem. It’s strange!

    • Shea, I loved your post and agree with everything you said. I have NEVER liked Guy Wilson as Will. He has always seemed smarmy to me so I am glad to see him gone. I liked Chandler Massey as Will. I feel the same way about Sami. She had her moments, but I also feel like she is going to be a “scene hog” as you put it and I am ready to see MORE of Steve and Kayla, Bo etc. not less. This week should be interesting!

      • I had said before that I thought the character of Will was salvageable with some time off screen and a good recast but with Sonny out of the picture I think it made their decision to kill him off a lot easier. After seeing how Paige’s murder was handled I am not sure I am going to enjoy the next few weeks at all. At first Paige’s death was barely mentioned…and almost strangely ignored by people who should have cared. Then it was almost too much grieving at once. Hopefully they will handle this one better and it won’t be all about Sami.

  3. I concur on you with Adrienne and Justin. She isn’t the little lost girl anymore needing to be rescued. I want to see her with Steve and a good recast for Jo. It would be great to have the Johnson family be viable again and see Adrienne and Steve be involved with JJ and Abby.

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