Does it get boring for me to keep saying, “Another good episode today”? Because it was another good episode today.

I was worried that today was James Read’s last day on the show, so I went searching around and found we get to keep him awhile longer. Whew! I am going to be very sad when I can’t see this little evil grin anymore:


The other highlight of today was Chad and Abby’s scene.



Chad was strangely flirtatious, given the situation he is in, but I loved it. I loved how he turned the tables on Abby, asking her why she keeps coming to see him, why she didn’t leave town when she said she was going to. And, also strangely (but again, loved it), Abby responded in kind, calling him egotistical to think he’s so irresistible. I loved his line after that, pointing out that she’s resisted him many times. Anyway, it was a fun break from all the angst.

As were my two new favorite brothers:


Just two bros, hangin’ on the couch.

I loved when Andre was telling him that Clyde was too smart to leave evidence lying around this apartment for people to find. He was exactly like the scolding older brother, calling his baby brother an idiot. And Chad was the snarky baby brother too, when he said “Just how long have you been here?” Hee!

Now, Will.

Stop reading if you are totally unspoiled, and haven’t watched Friday’s show yet.


I did get spoiled about Will’s death awhile back, and I have mixed feelings about it. I have never liked Guy Wilson’s portrayal, and his facial tics and mannerisms set my teeth on edge. But I am sad for the character, and sad that a groundbreaking storyline is ending this way.

But, I will say the Will/Sonny story was already ruined last year, by turning Will into a schemer — and such an inept one! — for so little reason. And I expect, given the quality of writing we are seeing from this team, that Will’s death will be written well and with many dramatic repercussions. But, somehow I’m still regretful.

I wish they had given him a little more airtime this past week or so, maybe another scene with Lucas (I liked the one from last week), or with Kate or Marlena. I am glad they gave him that final phone call to Sonny, taking responsibility for everything he did last year, and telling him he loved him. And this final scene, of him throwing papers in the trash can, actually made me start crying. It was so human and ordinary.

And then he found the red necktie in the trash can – that was an extremely boneheaded move by Ben, by the way. A red tie in a drawer is a red tie. A red tie buried in the trash can is EVIDENCE. Then the final shot of Ben coming in and the two men just looking at each other — fantastic.


4 thoughts on “Evidence

  1. Glad we don’t lose James yet! I will miss his slimeball charisma. What a good actor! The noose is tightening for him though. I wish we could keep him – I’d love to see the reaction to finding out his son is the SK (if he doesn’t know already).

    Chad and Abby were adorable today with their totally inappropriate and ill-timed flirting. That invitation to explore the Dimera tunnels is going to come back at some point, for escape or sexiness, we’ll see :).

    You know, I actually felt bad for Ben today. I mean, he had a point. If my BF kept bringing up an old girlfriend that he was so “concerned” about (and having been accused of murder!) it would drive me crazy (not SK crazy, but c’mon). One of the interesting things the writers are doing are showing that psycho Ben isn’t totally crazy. There is a reason for him to be jealous, it’s not “all in his head.” I like it. Makes the murders more diabolical if we can see that Ben is actually functioning on two levels. And through flashback, we now know it WAS him who attacked Marlena. I think the writers are doing a great job with this. I love that they let us in on it so early, so we can anticipate the repercussions and bite our nails at what Ben is going to do next.

    Speaking of…spoiler for Friday’s show below, though MP started it!

    I got spoiled too by accident about Will’s death (amazing how hard it is to stay spoiler free!). I didn’t watch any of the Sonny/Will romance, though I heard about it, and was happy that Days was committing to gay characters and romance. I know that many people will be angry about killing off Will, but if you are going to commit to a story like this, you can’t be a wussy (the writers I mean). I’d rather they do the unexpected. It would be no story at all if they just brought in a bunch of extra characters (like the guys in star trek with no lines) to just kill them. I think that the point of killing off Will is that it will resonate throughout the town in a horrible way. Will is connected to all the major families in some way. He’s the perfect victim to cause the most angst. I look forward to the aftermath and what will certainly be some great performances (unless they let Sami take over everything). I’m also selfishly glad that we’ll get to see Sonny again. He was one of my favorites for the short time I watched him. A very natural actor. Poor Guy Wilson – sounded like he had a really bad cold! Not one of my favorite actors on the show, however. I wish him well moving forward.

    I can’t wait for tonight. No plans. Going to come home from work, change into some anti-Theresa outfit, pour myself a glass of wine and watch the fun! I’m such a sicko. I love this dark stuff. People are complaining that the show is so dark lately, but it’s totally my cup of tea!

    • I agree with you about it being wussy to just bring on a bunch of unknowns and kill them off, a la Star Trek. This works really well to raise the stakes. I think I have mixed feelings because he’s Days’s first prominent gay character. It would be cool if Sonny came back because of Will’s phone call, before he knew he was dead. One last sweet WilSon moment.

      I like hearing what Ben is thinking too. He does have reason to be upset and suspicious with Abby, and in fact abusers use these kinds of justifications all the time. So it rings true.

      Anti-Theresa outfit — LOL! That’s what I wear all the time!

  2. The show is dark lately, but actually I like it better.

    I wish Clyde wasn’t so EVIL because I love James Read and have since “North and South” (RIP Patrick Swayze – sob). I also hope he finds out about Ben killing all these people before he leaves the show entirely.

    I’m not sure how I feel about Will being the next victim, but since he’s the first main character – and of course legacy character, his death will affect Salem completely differently than Serena or Paige’s death did. Since I had so many years away from DOOL, I don’t really have much of an opinion on Guy Wilson and Will. I did tear up at Will’s message to Sonny though, since we know what’s coming.

    Andre and Chad are wonderful. You can tell TP and BF enjoy working with each other and it’s great seeing that in person.

    Now to have more Steve and Kayla – and Bo finding his way home.

    • I’m really curious about Clyde’s reaction to Ben being the killer. I have been thinking he already knew, and he’s been helping Ben, or at least helping clean up after him. But I can’t wait to see, either way.

      Next week will be all about Will’s death, I suppose, so I don’t think Steve and Kayla will be on much. I really want Steve to find Bo soon, and come home for good.

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