Hulk smash

Here’s my best screenshot from today’s episode:


Turned out nice, didn’t it?

I am so happy Bo escaped! Steve finding evidence that Bo is dead, just as Bo escapes, is so soapy and angsty, I love it. Stephen and John Aniston were absolutely great in their scenes today, when Steve told him Bo was dead. Stephen broke my heart describing what he found on the computer, and trying to offer Victor some comfort. These men have come a long way together.


I also was tearing up during Kayla’s emotional story from her childhood, when Caroline pulled her off the roof. And the flashback to the Kayla/Caroline scene after Stephanie’s birth was so perfect. I don’t know who is choosing the flashbacks they show these days, but they are doing a bang-up job.

I was a little disappointed from a soap fan perspective, that the drug worked so quickly. I was was sure there was going to be a health crisis, leading to scenes of Kayla bitterly blaming Victor for the drug, and then breaking down and admitting it was her decision. But I do love the fact that she is having visions of Bo, which of course no one will believe. (Denise, you called it!) Does the drug give people clairvoyant powers? I have to think that she is the one who will prevail on Steve to go back and find Bo. I bet she will say something that jibes with some of the evidence he found, and that will be enough to send him back there.

The JJ/Clyde scenes were good too, though JJ’s phone peeking out of his pocket makes me despair for supervillains everywhere. Rookie mistake, Clyde! My favorite part of those scenes was the exchange of looks at the end, as Clyde was being hauled away.


Run, run for your life, JJ!

Finally, there were some stylish director’s touches today. The scenes in the “lab,” whatever you want to call it, with the flashing strobe-type lighting, were really gritty and realistic. I liked this overhead shot of Steve after he found the video of Bo on the computer:


The only thing missing from today was a lighter storyline to balance out the doom and gloom. Like, maybe the Basic Black story? Eric and Nicole talking about the photographer’s job? Just a suggestion. 🙂




13 thoughts on “Hulk smash

  1. OK, First of All: Lou Ferrigno scared the crap out of me when I was a kid and watched The Hulk. Once Bill Bixby’s eyes turned that funky light color, I DOVE under my blanket LOL Nice screen cap!

    Thanks for the call-out! There’s gotta be some weird side effect to the drug that makes it something to kill for. It can’t just be the money, though Victor did point out it would be worth a butt-load, so it’s an acceptable reason if they decide to leave it at that.

    Excellent performances today by everyone. Stephen, Mary Beth, John and Peggy continue to shine and shine! Kayla had me in tears a couple of times, and I felt myself choking up when Steve had to tell Victor that Bo was dead (NOT!). Loved the little scene in the park with Kayla and Maggie too. Maggie and Julie have sort of taken over as the ghosts of Mrs. H, and it’s nice to hear their practical, plain-spoken advice amidst the chaos and angst

    James Read’s angry leer at JJ gave me chills. Uh oh. I hope he doesn’t make bail. I think here is where Aiden must factor into the story. We still don’t know why he dropped Clyde and Ben as clients. I think that’s coming out soon.

    What a great return for super-Bo! Nice lighting and great fight scene with good choreography. Today I really really remembered how much I loved Bo, with Hope, without Hope, he’s just a great hero. I can’t wait for Steve to find him – I think you are right MP, something Caroline says must propel him back into action – I’ve longed for a Steve/Bo reunion almost as much as Steve and Kayla. I’m really glad to have Steve back in Salem though. It’s been hard watching Kayla go through so much without having Steve there!

    Only Wednesday and already three great shows! Can’t wait to see what’s in store for the rest of the week.

    • Once again, you called it, Denise! Aiden is the one who provided Roman with the evidence to have him sent to Florida. (Though as a criminal defense attorney, should he really get squeamish about someone being charged with murder? Well, maybe there’s more to it.)

      I like your point that Julie and Maggie are the ghosts of Mrs. H. I’ve definitely been feeling them as matriarchs.

      I was terrified of the Hulk too! I used to wonder why his shirts always ripped to shreds but his pants never did. Maybe I wanted to see if he was green all over, lol. 🙂

  2. I LOVE your first screen shot. Hilarious! I am SO glad Steve is back in Salem. At first it was bittersweet though since we know Bo is still alive and Steve would not be looking for him anymore. THEN the great escape! Go, Bo! Then it was a win all the way around. I hope we get to see some Steve/Kayla interaction today. I have missed that!
    James Read was great today. I have loved him since North and South- my favorite mini-series. I am scared for JJ now though. I am not sure this was the wisest course of action, but we will see how it pans out. I am SO loving this new writing. Sadly, I have been hanging in there watching Days over the last few years hoping things would turn around and had just decided to be done with it when I heard about new writers and Steve and Bo returning. I am glad I hung in there! I love your blog, MP. I read it every day. Keep it up!

    • Thank you. 🙂

      I loooooved North and South back in the day. I liked George but it was Orry who I loved most.

      Good for you for hanging in there! I started watching and keeping track of recaps soon after Steve and Kayla’s returns were announced. So April? And there were some really bad stories going on then! The show is so much better now, it’s amazing.

      I really want to see Steve and Kayla interact again. Their not-interaction in this episode – Steve standing right there, Kayla not seeing him – almost felt mean.

      • It did feel mean! I’m ready for some movement in the Steve/Kayla story. The last thing we saw was the phone call from the plane well over week ago.
        April was about the time I was giving to stop watching. I hated the Eve/JJ affair. I like Eve so much better now as a grieving Mom. That’s kind of sad! So glad the show is turning around.
        Oh, Orry was my favorite as well! Patrick Swayze was perfect for that role. I loved the friendship between George and Orry and thought PS and JR had great chemistry. I have the DVDs and still drag them out occasionally for a marathon on a snow day!

  3. So my husband came in while I was watching the last couple of scenes. He watched Bo’s great escape and he asked how old Bo was and commented how good he looked for his age. He also wanted to know why Steve was lying about Bo being dead. I was just surprised that my husband was paying that much attention. Normally he will catch a scene and ask me why someone did something and as soon as I open my mouth to answer he shakes his head and says “never mind, I don’t really want to know.” So yesterday was progress!

    I think Clyde has been out of sorts for a couple of days now. I commented earlier about how he was kinda duped by JJ and Chad in one episode and that felt weird. His response to Chad’s text was off to me since he looked worried rather than his usual pissed off expression. Now this stuff with JJ just made him come off like an amateur. But I get it, I guess Clyde is going to be in custody when the next person is murdered so Chad will see that he is wrong and it isn’t Clyde setting him up so it moves the story forward.

    Caroline was already having visions about Bo being imprisoned after her stroke so why are people going to pay attention to her now and not then? Steve’s return to Salem was a bit abrupt. I understand why he thought Bo was dead but wouldn’t he have tried to find out more about who was behind all of that because it seems like Dr Salinas and the rest of the family would be in danger now that the drug has been developed and given to Caroline.

    I will say that since Friday I felt like the show has been put together extremely well. There have been artistic improvements with the camera work you mentioned in the post. There were nuanced lighting tricks on Friday during Eve’s visions about Paige where the lights would dim when it changed back to reality. The shows seem to flow from scene to scene without the overused pregnant pauses and mini cliff hangers. I will say that every day it seems to be building momentum and I am fully enjoying the ride.

    • LOL at your husband, Shea. My husband recognizes “Mick and McKayla” but no one else.

      I agree Clyde was off his game. Very disappointed in him yesterday. But it looks like you are right that he will be in custody when the next person is murdered, so that will send Chad back to square one.

      I too love how things are flowing so well. This whole week has been so solid, different stories and characters interacting. Can’t wait for tomorrow!

      • My husband knows Bo, Hope (he even knows KA’s real name), Marlena (although he pronounces like Marleena), Stefano, Victor and “Patch”. He is starting to recognize Kayla because of all the YouTube clips I spent the summer watching and he recognizes Josh Taylor although he knew him as Chris Kositchek and my explaining that he was now playing Roman was one of those times when he cut me off and said “Nevermind, I don’t want to know.” His mother, stepfather and sisters were hooked in the very early 80s. He says his mother would watch it and record it and then his sisters would watch when they got home and his dad would watch it again that night so sometimes it was playing in the house 3 times a day. He talks like that was a bad thing.

      • “He talks like that was a bad thing” — hee! I had kind of the same thing for awhile, I would watch when I got home from school, and then I’d usually watch again with my mom after dinner. And if Steve and Kayla were on, there’s no telling how often I might watch it again!

  4. What did I miss during the past 20 some odd years that Steve and Victor are getting along so well? A comforting hand on Vic’s shoulder??? Victor tried at least twice to kill Steve in the 80s. I don’t know what happened in the 90s and beyond, but everything Vic did to Steve in the past is 100% unforgivable for my money. Vic once even was just fine with killing Kayla too, without a shred of worry of how Caroline might feel losing her daughter. Vic was a cold blooded killer in the day. Some one tell me, when and how was he rehabilitated? The last time he was responsible for an almost-death was the Marina story. Vic wanted Steve killed and thrown into the ocean to disappear forever when they were looking for some kind of jewel.

    • LOL…you just reminded of a line Steve used once back the 80s where he said something like -Victor would kill you without even moving a mustache hair.

      I guess it was the early 90s when Victor tried to clean up his act a bit to win over Bo and Isabella. I don’t think he is 100% legit but he has toned down on a lot of his mobster type of activities. Although I was watching 91-95 are kind of a blur. After Steve “died” I wasn’t exactly obsessed with the show quite the same way. Of course I was also in college and watching became less and less of a priority. I stopped watching in 95 about the time Marlena started levitating above the bed.

  5. I remember the mustache hair line! Well, I’d be surprised if I was the only one who thought that Steve and buddy Vic is not a very good continuation of their past. Its one thing that he tried to kill Steve several times, but he also had no problem at ALL in having Kayla killed too – the daughter of the woman he loves. Maybe that alone made me dislike Victor forever. He was NO good. To have Steve pat him on the back in comfort is simply beyond me. They just needed at least a few lines of explanation for this. Or am I supposed to believe that Steve never knew that Vic was behind the numerous times he tried to have him killed?

  6. Steve hated Victor, and I find it very hard to watch him being nice to him here in 2015. Steve knows that it was Victor that sent the police the recording of Kayla’s argument with Marina to take the suspicion off of the real killer, Isabella. That got Kayla sent to prison and separated from her newborn infant. That was unforgivable. How about when Victor kidnapped Kayla to make Steve find the stupid key? How about the whole “summer on the run” arc where he had a hitman assigned to kill both Steve and Kayla? Not to mention all the times he had Steve beaten up? Too bad current writers don’t know or care about their histories as well as their viewers.

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