Today’s episode was all about Clyde, but that wasn’t a bad thing. It feels like they are setting up his death. (That’s not a spoiler, just speculation.) I enjoyed the movement in the JJ story very much. I am so glad he finally told Roman the truth, and I can’t wait to see what Roman does with his information about Eve. I thought it was only a matter of time before Eddy found out about Eve’s less admirable actions regarding Paige. This should be interesting.

One thing that struck me in his scenes today, especially the one with Roman, is that JJ is not acting like a insecure teen anymore. Yes, JJ did some boneheaded things in this undercover case, but being a little hotheaded is part of being a Days hero. 🙂 I liked the strength I saw in him today. I’m looking forward  to seeing JJ join the grownup set.

And squee! Chem testing with Gabi! I actually can’t believe how excited I was by this little scene.


I had Lani pinned as the one who JJ might be paired with, but I’m intrigued by Gabi too. She and JJ both have troubled pasts and brushes with the law. I like how they aren’t glossing over the fact that Gabi is an ex-con. It looks like they are going to play some story beats with it. This letter Gabi was delivering could possibly turn into something (maybe her friend is using her), and they are showing her struggle to get a job.

The pier seems a little more seedy than it used to. Which I guess is more realistic, but … sigh.

And we got a Chad and Abby scene — it’s been awhile! They’ve both been on a lot, but not interacting. This was a really good scene.


Those eyes, those eyes!

I’m glad someone warned Abby about Clyde. I think Jennifer and JJ were wrong to keep their knowledge of Clyde from Abby — she’s marrying into the family! (In fact, I’d say it was a pretty big plot hole. But oh well.) Of course, Chad’s knowledge of Clyde’s doings is vague and unsubstantiated, but I liked that Abby listened to him — and expressed skepticism in the right spots. And of course I loved the moment when she was upset he was almost caught, and the moment above when he declined her help because she’s pregnant.

(The Salem PD manhunt is pretty inept, I must say. Chad is walking around pretty freely. Maybe Eduardo’s reward will help.)

But goodness, I’m scared for Abby. Today she was caught between Mr. Ominous the Elder and Mr. Ominous the Younger. Yipes!

In between those two dark stories, Brady and Theresa’s battle with the colicky baby was cute. I especially liked the singing.


And I know that when my husband and I were taking care of crying babies, these are exactly the type of outfits we would wear. Really.


11 thoughts on “Clyde-o-rama

  1. JJ was awesome today! Paige’s death seems to have been the catalyst for the writers to propel him into a more mature place. I kept waiting for him to get interrupted and NOT tell Roman, but I was so glad he finally spit it out! I agree that it seems like they are setting up Clyde to be murdered 😦 I wish they would keep James Read, but I’ll totally understand it if they kill him off. I wonder if Ben does it though? Doesn’t seem like he would, so maybe Aiden on Stefano’s orders? It was weird today that Stefano was in the scenes but had no dialogue. I hope JM isn’t very ill.

    JJ belongs in the adult set, and he and Gabi make an attractive couple. I think that would work well, seeing as they both have troubled pasts, etc.

    I also wonder if the Chabby baby is destined to make it or not. I assume the baby will survive since there is a paternity question (at least to the viewers) and that has to come out at some point. I wonder if this crisis will somehow lead to the truth being revealed (at least to Abby).

    Theresa and Brady were really fun to watch today. LOL on their outfits. I don’t have kids, but I have one very memorable experience of babysitting my boyfriend’s oldest niece when she had colic. OMG!!! MY BF and I looked like we’d been in a hurricane by the end of the night. Hair standing up, covered in drool, and staggering on our feet, ears still buzzing. Brady and Theresa did it with much more panache! Very cure ending to the episode, with Theresa basically passing out on his shoulder. And I did like their discussion about being the children of ISA agents. I wish Days would bring Patsy back for a bit, we could see some Theresa/Kim interaction.

    • I’d say the baby having some kind of health scare is a given. That seems to be a rite of passage for babies on soaps, especially babies with paternity questions! Abby’s cramps will probably lead to her collapsing at some extremely key moment. Can’t wait to see what it is. It would be interesting if whatever health crisis she has leads to her finding out the baby isn’t Ben’s.

      I really like James Read, too. I’ve always liked him, but especially lately. Clyde is soooo scary and creepy. I kind of think it will be Ben who kills him (if he dies). I can see Clyde overstepping and being too controlling of Ben, and Ben rebelling.

      I loved that they referenced Jordan, and Clyde’s abusive past. That was great.

  2. If Abby is skeptical that Clyde is the killer, then what’s going to happen when she finds out that it’s Ben? I will be interested to see how they move forward with the reveal. Did you notice that there was a red tie in the dresser when she went to get the sweater? Will Abby start to discover the clues? Will Chad figure it out before everyone else? That could drive an interesting wedge into the Chad-Abby relationship.

    MP, you didn’t mention them, but we got more delightful scenes between Chad and Andre today. Thaao Penghlis and Billy Flynn have been teasing each other on Twitter for the past few days and it’s pretty obvious that they love working together. Chad mimicking Andre today made me snicker. I’m willing to set aside all of my questions about Andre’s parentage and return from the dead just to see the two brothers teaming up.

    • Oh, I should have mentioned the Chad/Andre scene. Billy Flynn and Thaao were so fantastic, especially that moment you mention, when Chad imitated Andre. I love them together. And yes, their twitter banter is hilarious.

      I did notice the red tie. I am disappointed in Ben — I thought he was much more organized than that. 🙂 I love the idea of Chad being convinced it’s Ben and Abby not believing it. Major angst!

      • Erm. I want Abby to decide Chad’s the one before Ben is ruled out for being a serial killer. That source of angst would be too close to Abby learning/suspecting it before deciding Chad’s her guy. But it’s probably what will happen. If so, I’ll have to try to enjoy it for what it is, because it’ll still be something.

      • Excellent point, Angie. The romantic angle kind of demands that she recognize she loves Chad before she realizes he’s bad. I also hope she realizes she loves Chad before she finds out he’s the father of her child.

  3. Ok I will be honest, I don’t know a lot about Teresa and her history. I wasn’t watching when she was introduced but I thought Shane and Kim were divorced for most of her childhood and she lived with Kim and a stepfather? So the stuff she said about Kim loving Shane more than she loved her and Kim getting depressed when he left on mission seemed weird. It felt true to character for Kimberly that that might have happened but I thought the history was different. And has she ever mentioned her brother Andrew? Seeing what Eve and Teresa turned into I imagine he is in prison somewhere…LOL.

    It seems weird to have Andre speaking for Stefano while Stefano is right there in the room. I love Thaao but I always preferred him as Tony. Andre has always been too diabolical for my taste. Stefano always pulled strings from behind the curtain until he was ready to be revealed….Andre just swings the curtain open and lets and carnage begin. It’s a little too “in your face” for me.

    And speaking of diabolical…Clyde is usually one step ahead of everyone so it seemed a little off yesterday to see him seemingly duped by both Chad and JJ. He actually looked worried when he got that text from Chad…I think normally that sort of thing would have just angered him. I could never get past Clyde’s history of child abuse so I will actually be glad to see him gone.

    • Andrew in prison … lol. Maybe. I’d like to see Andrew on the canvas. I could see him as the stable one of the family, the middle child between two crazy sisters. Maybe someday.

      I love Tony, but I like Andre too. I didn’t see him during his real cartoony phase, so that helps. Other than them making him Stefano’s son (totally unnecessary, I think), I have been enjoying him this time around. Especially the dynamic I’m starting to see with Chad.

  4. I also got a kick out of Brady and Theresa still in their nice clothes. At the beginning of the “colicky Tate” scene, even before he started screaming, I wondered to myself why Theresa was sitting there sketching while still in her dress from the funeral. The first thing I would’ve done when I walked in the door was change into sweats. I think they have to cut corners on the wardrobe budget wherever they can.

    I might turn into a full-blown Thrady shipper the way things are going. I was completely sold on their little heart-to-heart about the challenges of growing up as the children of popular globe-trotting ISA agents. However, I shared Shea’s doubts about the history–I could’ve sworn Kim and Shane weren’t even married by the time Theresa was 2 or 3. Theresa would’ve spent her childhood being raised by Kim and her husband, not watching her mom worry about Shane on missions. I’m willing to let it slide, though, because I like that they’re trying to dip into the family history to give Theresa some motivation.

    • I appreciated the effort to use history for Theresa, but it definitely was a little off. The best part was the reference to Kim’s deep depressions when Shane went away. It didn’t fit with the fact that Shane and Kim were split up for most of Theresa’s life, but it fits with Kim and her history of mental troubles. I’ve kind of been rooting for that to be the issue for Kim and Theresa, so I liked that.

      Totally agree about the sweats. But that’s not what our heroines do! They’re perfectly happy to lounge around the house in heels, full makeup, and formal wear. The only one who doesn’t is Abby, and she always looks like she just rolled out of bed. LOL.

  5. OK, so as most of you know I tuned in at the end of August after a 20 year absence. So much of the past characters backstories I only sort of know. With that said, I am really liking JJ, sure hot headed, young makes bad decisions but for what he thinks are the right reasons, well what good soap guy doesn’t? Plus he is cute, not in the Cougar Mom “isn’t Mr. Blue Eyed Chad so freaking sexy” way but in a if I was his Aunt I would take him out to lunch and give him $20 bucks for cab fare to be sure he got home safe kind of way! :). I think I will like his stories and seeing him get another love interest.

    Now onto Brady and Teresa – I like the actress who plays Teresa, she is interesting and entertaining. I think the turnaround that they are trying to do for her could be good and I don’t even mind if Brady and her get together at some point (although I think it should be a long way away and it would be nice if she stopped with the “I need to get Brady to love me”, that is getting annoying. It would be great to have her succeed, have Brady fall for her and then have her reject him after she gets succesful. Let him do the chasing once he realizes he cares for her.

    I find the reasons they are giving for her being “mean” a bit flimsy. Oh your Mom was distant and depressed the kids in High School were mean to you? From what I have heard she was truly horrible and the first scene I saw her in was when she was trying to hire a terrible Nanny to manipulate Brady, now she seem like the best Mother. They may be moving a bit too quick on how she is truly good inside.

    And yes I love Clyde, he is so passive at being mean with a smile you know is evil, but no-one knows it yet. Well I guess we know it, which is what makes it good fun to watch. And Shea I totally noticed Stefano just being rolled around in a wheel chair – is he really in hi 80’s? He looks amazing (as you know I am also a fan of looking at the facelifts on all the “old” characters, still can’t look at Roman what did he do? it distract me, well that and is monotone lack of real emotion delivery)

    I swear I am not convinced that Ben is the killer – I don’t know why, I just feel like there will be some type of twist. I know he is having his flashbacks, but could they only be what he imagines and maybe he was only setting up Chad? I don’t know why I can’t shake the feeling that is may not be Ben and the writers have some twist involved. Although I hope it is him for the story could be good.

    When the heck is Abby going to start showing, he is feeling the baby kick, give her a little baby bump for goodness sake.

    Another thought how good would it be if Abby let’s Chad hide out in her “new” home before they move in?

    Have I mentioned I love Billy Flynn? He is so good with anyone he has a scene with (and yes love the Andre scenes, keep it light and funny)

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