Why I watch

Today’s episode was EVERYTHING.

Let’s start with the woman of the hour, Kayla Brady.


Mary Beth was just incredible today. She even managed to pull a little bit of a performance out of Josh Taylor.

The dialogue in their scenes was spot on. Roman made some great points when he talked about Caroline and the way she and Shawn were risk takers, that they took a big risk when they opened the Brady pub. But his best line was when he pointed out that she might be trying to avoid the guilt that would come from a wrong call — but that very caution might make her make the wrong call. You can see her reaction to that above. But what a huge responsibility, to have to treat your own mother and be the one to make this decision. On soaps, experimental drugs always work, and I assume this one probably will too (eventually, I don’t expect it to happen overnight). But in real life, they often don’t help at all and sometimes do active harm. So Kayla is right to be concerned.

And then Caroline woke up and didn’t recognize Kayla, but talked about how her daughter, Dr. Brady, should be be involved in any medical decision. What a punch in the gut, and Mary Beth showed the pain of that moment perfectly — but also the realization that her mother trusted her. That’s what finally pushed Kayla over the edge to trying to drug. It was perfect.

What I really liked about this episode was the mix of different types of scenes and stories. Kayla’s scenes were serious family drama. Paige’s service, strangely enough, allowed for some lighter scenes. I loved the moment when  Eve and Eddy called a truce for a moment and Eve took a sip from Eddy’s beer, while Justin looked on. Later, Eddy accused Justin of having ulterior motives for going after Chad. (I love A Martinez’s smolder.) Justin played dumb, but glanced over at Eve — he clearly knew what Eddy was talking about.


Theresa apologized to Brady for kissing him, which was a nice character moment for her. I loved their discussion about Chad, Brady’s doubt about his guilt based on their encounter a few weeks (days?) ago, and Theresa admitting that sometimes things can look pretty black against you even when you’re innocent. It was nice to see them actually having a normal conversation, as equals. It was an odd decision to have Justin questioning Brady’s feelings for Theresa — but it gave him a chance to mention his son Alex, and “Alex’s mother”! An Anjelica mention, wow!

I also really enjoyed the scenes with Rafe and Hope, when Rafe told Hope about Eddy, that Paige was his sister and how he felt about it all. Galen Gering was really affecting. I am enjoying this Rafe/Paige connection a lot, how much it is adding to Rafe’s stake in solving the case. I love how protective he is of Gabi and I understand his reasons for not telling her — but I expect Gabi is going to be plenty angry when she finds out. As she should be. I love that I can see both sides. And I’m not into the idea of “Rope” as a romance, but I think I love their friendship.

And finally, we had our adventure story with Steve and Bo. Steve got some good fight scenes, but the best part was finding out that Bo’s captivity and torture might be connected to Dr. Salinas’s work. I’m all for this. It ties together the current story with Caroline with the reason Bo left in the first place. Not to mention, it’s a better reason for leaving than just going off on an undercover mission. And, it only took him three years to tell her, but it looks Victor finally pierced Hope’s certainty that Bo “chose his job over his family.” Fingers crossed!

Oh, and they finally gave Bo some dialogue: “foot fungus”! Ha! Great episode ender!


12 thoughts on “Why I watch

  1. I never thought Foot Fungus would be Bo’s first line LOL!

    Today was an example of a perfectly rounded episode. I hope this is a sign of how they are going to pace things out going forward. Three distinct storylines being followed, with a bit of overlapping. Even just the short moment of Kayla on the phone apologizing for not being able to go to Paige’s funeral was a good sign that they are TRYING to catch the little details.

    I loved Eve and Eduardo’s slight instance of bonding. That little shoulder push by A. was a great moment. A sign of affection, without being overtly affectionate, which wouldn’t have been welcome. I’m so excited that he’s joining the cast. I wish Kassie was staying, but A. can generate chemistry with anyone, and I’m sure his focus will be on the Hernandez family. I hope they can keep him out of Kate’s orbit. If Peter leaves, it might be fun to try him out with Hope. That would really cause tension with Rafe. Speaking of whom, I am enjoying this “new” Rafe so much (or new to me). I really disliked his character in the past, but the new writing for him is allowing him to show me something to grab onto. I’m looking forward to seeing where the story goes with him. I’d like them to bring on a new woman for him. I just don’t see anything but friendship between him and Hope, and I love male/female friendships. I’d like them to leave it at that. Those kind of relationships are important.

    MBE was today’s star. I really liked the moment at the end of the ep when she asked Dr. Salinas if she could inject the drug into Caroline’s IV. Her taking the final responsibility for the decision. Great building to that moment throughout the episode. I wonder if the drug will bring on more “visions” of Bo, and everyone will think she’s losing it.

    My big curiosity – what could it be about the drug/formula that had Bo captured and tortured? Does it have another use? Is it just about the money? I think it must be something more nefarious than that. Especially if the Dimeras are behind it. Dr. Salinas is just walking around Salem wielding his formula! I can’t believe Stefano wouldn’t know about him…

    • I feel like there must be more to the story of the formula. If it’s just money, I’m still fine with it, because I love how it ties two stories together. But I hope there’s more.

      I also loved that scene when Kayla took the syringe and injected Caroline herself. Another way of taking full responsibility for her choices. Great idea for the drug to bring on more visions, and no one takes her seriously but we know she’s onto something.

      I want them to bring on someone else for Rafe too, and above all take it slowly. I am enjoying him very much right now with his family and this case, and I’m happy to stay with that for awhile..

  2. Echoing both of you in liking the Hope/Rafe friendship. I wish they would allow male/female friendships a la Steve/Hope or Jack/Isabella, in which they don’t have to bring it around to romance, more often than they have been. I guess the problem has been that the show was just constantly slapping together and breaking apart couples, so they used up the characters and had to make everything into a new romance. Essentially, they were just burning through their characters (can I ever care about a Brady romance at this point?). I think things will be improving on that front. I wish they would allow the Hope/Rafe friendship without someone being in love, but I guess they aren’t doing that.

    • “Burning through characters” is a good way to put it, Angie! I’m so glad that they don’t seem to be doing the mix-n-match approach that Dena did last time. They seem to be letting character interact without rushing them into couple mode. Maybe that will also allow them to switch direction if they decide a paring works better as friends. I hope so.

  3. I agree with everything you said. It finally felt like a well-balanced and complete episodes with no missed beats or feelings that something had been edited out….well except for the fact that Kimberly should have been there…for Paige’s funeral and for the decisions about her mother’s care. I think they could have brought Kim back and just explained that Shane was so distraught that he threw himself into another ISA case and couldn’t be there for the funeral so they would have also had Kim there for this stuff with Caroline. But I did enjoy the Roman and Kayla scenes even though I had flashbacks to Kayla and her friendship with Chris Kositchek.

    The thing I don’t get is that Bo is being held captive and tortured simply because someone (presumably a Dimera) knows that Victor was funding research into a formula but they supposedly have no idea what the formula is even for? I just found that strange but it was nice to finally see some movement in this part of the storyline. I am just ready for Steve to rescue Bo and both of them to get back to Salem. I hope that doesn’t take the whole month.

    I am still neutral on Rafe overall but I have been enjoying him since he rejoined the police force. Justin on the other hand is about to get on my last nerve but I am glad Eduardo seems to have his number. I am still hoping we avoid the Eduardo/Kate pairing.

    • I’m with you on Justin. He still seems to be written kind of wildly out of character (though truthfully I only started watching again prior to Steve’s return). Justin always seemed to be the “anti” Kiriakis. A good, solid guy. So this vendetta against Chad doesn’t ring true. I suppose feelings for Eve could be clouding his judgment, but it started prior to that, didn’t it? Anyway, he is getting on my nerves too. I did love that Eddie had his number. I think I’d take 5 days a week of A. along with Steve and Kayla!

      I hope we get some more momentum on Bo’s story, and his escape is coming quickly. I can’t take another month of him being tortured! There must be something else up with the formula. I can’t see it being only about the money behind a new discovery. Not with the Dimera’s so interested. Mind control?

  4. Well said on all fronts. This was an amazingly strong episode, especially for one that wasn’t a Big Event. It was a normal episode of soap, but with high stakes and lots of meaningful interactions. My jaw was sort of on the floor at how solid it was!

    • Me too! We’re so not used to the show actually being good. LOL. It was the emotional beats that made all the difference — Rafe confiding in Hope, Eve and Eddy coming to a moment of peace, Theresa apologizing.

  5. Another vote for a Hope/Rafe friendship! I really, really enjoy watching them interact and they play well off each other, but they seem like siblings. There’s a lot of earnestness and caring and mutual respect between them, but it’s not romantic.

    Agree that it was really nice to see a normal conversation of equals between Theresa and Brady. I find myself very interested to see what happens next between them–they have a quality Steve and Kayla had for me in the old days, where I couldn’t wait because I was so curious to see what their next interaction would be. I’ve got my fingers crossed that the writers, if in fact they’re planning on reuniting Theresa and Brady, will let things happen SLOWLY–keep letting us watch her grow and maybe stumble but then get back on track, watch him doubt and fight his attraction to her, watch their relationship change, and do all this for months before anything gets romantic again. Do today’s writers have the patience??

    MBE was just phenomenal. She’s the heart of this show for me. I loved how she followed what’s sort of a familiar course for her: she starts out committed to doing things by the book, according to established processes, and then ends up following her heart. We get to see both these impulses in Kayla and it makes her so complex and real.

    • So far they do seem to be taking things very slowly with Theresa and Brady, so fingers crossed! I’m not sold on them yet, but I’ve been liking the past few days. I like both actors so I’d like to get into this pairing.

      Great point about Kayla’s first instinct is to go by the book, but she always is willing to listen to the other side and usually goes with her heart in the end. I think that’s very true.

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